Wisam Sharieff – You’re A (Hell) Fire Fighter- Hajj 2019 Vlog Day 7

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of individuals, including a firefighter and a woman, who are traveling to the HUD area and experiencing the heat of the sun. They discuss their experiences and how they are feeling fulfillment and joy after their time. They also mention a night of rest and a potential opportunity to spend more time together.
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Tao is better than wood. This is the fire station for Mina. You see it. Amazing fire trucks my love. These are the fire man sounds of muckety muck Kurama. They take care of all the luggage back here, and they take care of any fires that go on these buildings up here.

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You're a firefighter though. You save people from help you save people from the fire of *.

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Your firefighter my love

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Allahu Akbar and welcome as we move through the HUD vlog today you will see the exhaustion. As soon as the clip starts we're walking from the train station back to Mina. And by the evening we'll walk through the tunnel

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love bake

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these were some beautiful moments where our group was exhausted and everyone was motivated and caring each other. You see the whole group together. Everyone you see in this shot here knows each other. Our good doctor in the back is carrying the sign. You see the youngsters here this is as our youngest * nine years old completed everything along the way. Come on down friends most. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah yesterday was out. We go outside, you pray, you pray for world peace. You pray for all the things you need. You pray for forgiveness, but we got outside at one o'clock by 206. In our heart, I said, Man is really hot. Of course, it's the desert. And by 230, there was no

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chance of rain. By 245 the trickle started by 250. It was pouring guys, for one hour in our Ottawa area. ARVA split into Arvo one, two and three, it poured and as we read dua, the thunder answered our dua, and we we prayed to God. And then we were astonished. Not one drop of water in was Delica. And this morning, we found out it did not rain in Iraq, or two or three, just in our place. You imagine.

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I share this unbelievable story, a decade of traveling to the Holy Land to feeling fulfilled or fulfilling the rite of pilgrimage. And with God's mercy. This was an experience unlike I've never had before and experience of forgiveness, lightness and being considered to fully be accepted in Hutch. And I say that because what was the DUA that when I was take that I was making, oh, Allah helped me to have stillness, silence, acceptance, wholeness, and let me live with a sense of fulfillment. I had an experience like I've never had in my life. In on the day of Ottawa, salam Wa alaykum and from myself eight jewels down from the whole Quran revolution team, Eid Mubarak to you

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friends, a sense of peace and blessings be upon you and around you. And today I would like to serve as your first visualization your first manifestation if you want to be where I am right now use this moment to visualize and manifest yourself coming right through that yellow line right down the golden stripe cup paradise through the tunnel known as Napa in Arabic so we're gonna be living that Norfolk life in 60 minutes we'll be headed to muckety muck or Rama Eid Mubarak to you all friends. Thank you again. And I pray that you can use this moment to visualize yourself entering in the cities that you haven't visited yet.

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Okay, you know we got to do a fire man Sam, thank you fire man, Sam shout out environments and Monica. We are here. We're headed to the Laughlin Nevada. We are going to and it's just amazing. Everyone's like taking pictures with each other. Great, wonderful experience. It's time for us to go I'll see you all very soon. We're going to start Norfolk live for anyone who knows from last year is the Norfolk like we live in that tunnel live right now. You'll get to know that

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a lot alone took care of the prophets. I said his difficulties. And Allah Oh Allah help us in our own difficulties. This is like it's kind of like nostalgic, this is kind of almost your second to last moment to come here right

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So ask Allah always to put your name on the invite list. The last part and accept from all of us. Remember the first step since you're walking also hijaab Aleksa suffer normal kind of mimics that you're running between the difficulties of life, right? And then this is a place where Shanahan always says

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nothing is impossible water came from the desert. So this is a place where to house everything you may have forgotten in, in almost everything you may have forgotten to mention and in your thought, this is the time to shine a shelf that looks out from all of us

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exhausting begin to settle in. So I made sure to capture the moment I'm just working on carrying my body back to our tanks. It's the law it's the salary. And then it's the come down back to the channel

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should be provoking us to think how do we spend our days in our daily lives at home? Where does the lot in our lives? What role does that play?

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What role does Salah play in our life we concluded here and now there's a night of rest. Hope you all are growing through the process and becoming more patient with yourselves.

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