Mirza Yawar Baig – Allah will not punish those with whom is Rasoolullah

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah al Amin

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salatu salam ala Shafi lumpia Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam the Steven cathedra

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my brothers and sisters Allah subhanaw taala and zeroes are on file

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a loss around the desert of America and Allah Who knew of zebra whom want to feed him.

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America and Allah who is zebra whom were whom your stuff wrote,

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Allah subhanaw taala said which means that Allah will not punish them or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam

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as long as you are with them

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and Allah will not forgive will not punish them as long as they seek forgiveness from your stuff.

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As long as they seek forgiveness.

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I remind myself when you obviously our Aqeedah about the Quran Al Karim, is that the IRS have

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their as Bob on Mizzou,

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the IRS have the circumstances of Revelation,

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the reasons why something was revealed,

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but the IRA itself the meaning of the IRA, the purpose of the IR extends for all time,

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it is not restricted to that time of Newzoo of the eye. So, here the IR refers to the time omnibus or Sallam when he was alive and when he was with the, with the Sahaba with one image by but the meaning of the

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continues till the end of time. Now you might say

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Allah is one of the things one of him when you are among them. So now he is not among us, because he has passed away. So how does this I apply to us? The way this it applies to us is as long as the Sunnah of Mohammed Salah Salem is among us is with us.

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The Sunnah wa sallam in our times has the same position as the person of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam

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and that is the the Kurama that is the blessing that is the the asana, the greatness of the Sunnah of Rasulullah, Hades,

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that even though he is not physically present among us, as long as we follow His ways,

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it is as if he is with us and among us. Right. So this is a very important thing to understand. The people who understood this, for example, one of the finest examples is that of Malik, when another VLAN, or artillery,

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the village had this writer of the water, and the great teacher of Hadees

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Imam Malik artillery,

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before he gave the Sadducees to give us all these every day between mother and mother, even Malaysia,

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he would he would make Ghosal and then he would pray, to recap and he will make dua and then he would come and he would sit and he would give the dose of Hadith you might say,

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if you ask somebody the issue, we also have the hara and so on, is it necessary to take azul where husen is not required or insensitive? He's not a user of Java. He's taking muscle just for the sense of you know, purity and, and then the other office was a seller. So,

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technically speaking, according to the Sharia, is it necessary to of course no, not necessary? But why do you do that? This shows the love and the, the the s and the and Azama. And the the, you know, the importance of Rasulullah Salah in his heart. And there's a very famous many, many stories but very famous story. Once when he was

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giving this of Hadith that he was speaking, suddenly the students they noticed his face became white as if all the blood has gone from his body. And he looked as if he was in great pain, but he didn't say anything. And you know, the hamdulillah those days people had this other person No, you did not interrupt the speaker, the star, the chef, the teacher. So this waiter to finish. When he finished he collapsed.

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So then the rush to see what happened to him and there was a scar

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Beer, which had gone up the back of his shirt, and that Scorpion had beaten him 30 times

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stung him 30 times.

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So because of the pain, imagine 1,000,030 to one is rough 30 times on his back and he so because of the pain and the, in the toxin of the of the of the of the insect, you know, he collapsed now. So they asked him, you know, why did you? Why didn't? Why didn't you stop? Why didn't you tell us something? He said no, this is the

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I'm speaking about the

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of the heavy sources.

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So I cannot stop that in the middle recover. This is the other of Rasulillah.

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So really, I mean, the reason for telling these stories is not because you know, to freak you out, but But because so at least this is the standard, okay, we don't where we may not get there, but at least some in our hearts. These are the people these were the people who, who understood the greatness of resources, right to Allah subhanaw taala say, I will not punish them and as long as you are with them, even if if there is a guarantee that Allah subhanaw taala will not punish us.

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That guarantees the presence of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam among us. Right. So think about that, when you may Allah may Allah, you know, keep us safe. The importance of sunnah. Now, in this context, I want to say two other things. One is,

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it was the way of Rasulullah Salem to explain everything in intricate and minut detail.

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And there are many, many, many Hadees about this, for example, the Sahaba at one time, they were coming back from Gaza, they were making wudu on your stream or something. And there was another observed save your heels from the fire say you're healed from the fire because they were watching the feet and maybe some he saw he noticed some people were not watching properly the the foot has to be washed up to the above the ankle. So they will not so easily save your heat like imagine, here are people they are praying hamdulillah they are doing although and so on so forth. You might say what is it about the heat? No, very, very important. People who learn from him say that our little

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Katara villa, he has been stabbed.

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The stab wound is so deep that if they gave him water, water would come out of his out of the wound from his belly. He's dying. He's lying there.

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One of the anzar young men from the answer, he came to see him as he was going to call him

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so they called him he said raise your trouser above the ankle.

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The man is dying right? He is dying he's laying there he has been stabbed he's obviously in pain.

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But he is doing the is law of another young person What is he saying? isn't going to shave with no no raise your trouser above the ankle. He said that is better for your browser and it is better for your Dakwah.

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So today we might say that what is small thing minor thing no no minor thing. Nothing is minor everything is important.

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From the smallest to the largest. The Sooners are seldom used to teach the Sahaba the principles of and the way to do is to injure to how to clean yourself after you learned how to clean yourself after you do the big job after you defecate. Some of them will have again they actually laughed and they and they objected and they said what is your soul teaches you such by the minute things Salman Farsi Nadella report he

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replied to that he responded to that. He said yes, he teaches us the smallest things.

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Because this was the this was the work of the hour. This was the responsibility of our sources. Because of our data, you are also building our own Zilla Ilica mirror robic

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while I'm Devin phenomen, aka hustler. So it is our Akita and please understand this very, very clearly. That's why I keep saying, study the deen systematically number one. Number two, don't just talk.

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Because one sentence gets you into Islam. One sentence can take you out of Islam.

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So don't just talk.

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If somebody says if a Muslim says that Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam did not explain something completely, or he did, or he left out something he did not, you know, totally explain something. That person has left Islam. He has both of these gone out of Islam, because he is criticizing the VRA surah. Allah subhanaw taala is witness that he completely

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did his job and he completed and this was the this was the Allah subhanaw taala. Like in another place, Allah said, don't recite the Quran, quickly, do it peacefully, Allah will protect you and he will consolidate the Quran and He will protect the Quran, and he will make it for you. So this was the responsibility a lot smarter that he gave him the the, and Allah gave him the ability, the memory, the recall, and all that Allah helped him.

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So if if somebody says nimbyism did not explain this, then that person is first of all going against the Quran itself. He this person is blaming Allah. And this person is blaming resources. So this person is out of Islam.

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What does that mean? It means that if a person is out of Islam, and that person dies, and you cannot pray janazah for him, you cannot bury him in the hours, none of the Muslims, that person if he is married, his marriage is

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null and void broken.

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If he dies, then his children cannot inherit from him because he has died as a non Muslim.

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It's not simple, it's a very, very serious thing.

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So if that happened, what must you do immediately makes the foreign Toba and reenters

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if you did that deliberately, then you actually have to go and repeat your Nikka and everything else. But inshallah not deliberately, you know, just lose track. So please be very careful, no loose talk, there is no loose talk answer is this tongue. Now, another beautiful, he said, truth two places. He said guarantee me two things that I will guarantee, Jonathan, what is that? What is between your jaws and what is between your legs?

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Purity of character, and this truck control on this truck.

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In other words, he held his tent like this.

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And he said, this will take more people into Jahannam than anything else.

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You said you also love this tongue. He said yesterday

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because we say anything.

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So my advice to myself and you my brothers and sisters, please

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don't just That's why learn the deed. So you know. And again, remember one thing, if somebody else is saying these kinds of stuff? If you sit there, then you are with them.

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So don't say no, I didn't say it but I was there and no, no. Either you stop them. Or if you cannot stop them leave.

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I'd much rather read the Quran with this. Allah's rather I said, You are making fun of Allah and Russell. And Allah says, Then you

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if you are sitting with them, unless they leave them until the talk is changed, otherwise, if you're sitting with them, then you are with them.

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So please, let us guard our human, the human is a very precious thing. Imagine just think what is

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in the Hadees about marriage,

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as well as as Adam said, he's describing the size of things. So he says,

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the first heaven compared to the second heaven is like a ring, you know, ring on your finger, like a ring in a desert.

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First heaven compared to second have like a ring in a desert, second compared to third like wearing it and he went all the way to so then is it over all that is was hiya Kuru see you who somehow

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we are not talking about the or the kursi

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right above the cushy and big in the sense we cannot understand is our sha Allah, I think about this under the Shah Allah Who will get shade

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this earth this whole planet is less than one grain of sand on a beach

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astronomically speaking right actually astronomically speaking less than one grain of sand on a beach on this earth. How many human beings on

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this earth so Allah is so it's impossible we cannot think how big

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but under the earth, the only people who will get shade are the people who say Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul anybody that you are is not enough to give you shed if you leave the Dena Muhammad Salah isn't

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is not a matter of the size of the hash is the matter of being permitted to be under the hash.

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That is the value of la ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah the value of this one caliber

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is that inshallah we ask Allah for this it will give us the shade of the earth on the day when there is no shade except Allahumma Zelena Tata Arshak Lhomme yo Mala Zilla Illa Villa look

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While I give us a share of your hours on the day when there is no execution

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that is the value of don't lose it. Don't lose it by lose stock.

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And if somebody else is talking either stop them, tell them sorry, excuse me, this talk is over, or get up and go away. If you can't tell them whatever reason, why don't

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you ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us and to be to be obedient to Him and to help us to do what is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is not beneficial for us and which is not pleasing to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will pay while he was happening in Africa.

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