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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Philippi wilmuth Serene. Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He while he was ever send them to Stephen Pythian cathedra Hamato

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Hadith and Muslim Sharif on the authority of a Bora Delano, who said that also Eliza LaSalle have said Allah subhanaw taala is good and accepts only that which is good.

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In Allah the Yivo la Jakob Balu Illa. Allah Yep, Allah is good and he does not accept anything except that we just pure lies pure and he accepts only that which is pure.

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And Verily Allah has commanded the believers to do that we she commanded the messengers

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are in the law. Amara, we Nina be ma Amara be Hill mursaleen call it our Allah. Yeah, you are a solo Colome in the EBA de Varma Lu salejaw. Color data you Alina Armano Kulu Minto Eva de Matos, Conoco

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Allah said

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or you messengers eat of the thought you bet the pure things and perform righteous deeds. And he said oh, you will believe it of lawful things that we have provided.

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Then is Allah Salam mentioned a man who having journeyed far is disabled dirt dusty, and he raises his head to the size egg era era in his making that while his food is haram, his drink is haram, his clothing is haram and he has been nourished with haram. So, How can his dua be answered

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and this isn't Muslim. The problem is that today, we have become so used to popular cultures to simply basically following our knifes following our desires,

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that we do not even stop to think of what we might be violating, while following our desires,

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we have become so used to

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earning haram eating haram that when somebody says

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that something is you know, impure or or doubtful, we resent the person who is trying to warn us

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means both that it should be

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there are three really three aspects of it one is that what we eat must be that which is permitted. And and then we have to understand what is it that makes it permissible.

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So those conditions have to be satisfied. And third thing is that it should be something which is pure in a physical sense, which means it's not full of chemicals and is not dirty, physically dirty as one

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basic principle as far as eating is concerned is that all vegetables and fruits are halal.

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Nothing to be done about that.

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All seafood is Herat. There is a difference of opinion. Among their half mo Hanifah Rahmatullah he considered shellfish to be macro the honeybee, but not haram but definitely monotherapy mama Shaffir others have said that Allah subhanaw taala,

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vomited, whatever comes from the SI SE the bar and therefore

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everything is Hara is halal. You can follow whichever Muslim you follow. But as far as meat is concerned, which means both animal and bird, so, whether it is cattle or sheep, and so on, and birds now

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all vegetables are halal. All seafood is halal, except as I mentioned, what is macro but with meat, which is animals and birds. The rule is the opposite which is everything is haram except that which is permitted.

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Now what makes meat or bird permitted number one is the species itself for example porque pig is haram no matter what there is no there is nothing that will make pork or pork products or pork derivatives Halal under any circumstances.

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Donkey meat is haram. Again, there's nothing that will make it halal

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meat of cattle of sheep and goats. All of this is halal and

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Hamdulillah I won't make a long list of you know whether crocodiles are halal where tigers are halal because we don't eat crocodiles and tigers and bears. So those who eat Please all of these basically carnivorous animals are all haram. Similarly, carnivores birds are haram for example, eagles and owls and

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birds of prey. These are haram but other birds. And in this case when we say birds, we don't mean birds, birds, but wild bird but we mean really poultry, those of the days of hunting where you know used to shoot ducks and so on, so that would be halal. But basically chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and so on. These are hard. So one is to see whether the animal a bird that you're eating is itself permissible or not. Now, second question is

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something which is halal, something which is by itself permissible in Islam must be slaughtered in a particular way. If it is not slaughtered in that way, then it is it becomes haram even though

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feed of sea by itself. It is halal. So for example, if a sheep

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which is halal,

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instead of being slaughtered in the Islamic way, which is called zabiha,

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which is where a Muslim slaughters that sheep, cutting its throat cutting the characters at the jugular vein, and the use of figures

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using a sharp knife saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar, this is the matter of Zambia. Instead of that, if that sheep is just knocked on the head with a hammer, and the sheep dies, or the sheep, somebody shoots a bullet in its head, and the sheep dies. This is Rob even though the ship itself is Allah. But if it is killed in this way, or you're driving on the road ship runs into the road, you hit the ship with your car, the ship is dead, you can't pick it up and eat it because it is haram. It has not been slaughtered in the way of Zambia. Even if for example, as you'll see, as soon as you see the sheep in the road, you realize that this sheep you cannot stop the car going too fast. So you

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simply say Bismillah Allahu Akbar and you slam the sheep and the sheep is dead. It is still haram even though you tried some game.

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You might say well, you know Zabi completely drains the blood and therefore it is it becomes halal. No Zabihullah is halal because Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to slaughter the animal like that. The fact that it drains all the blood is by the way for exam saying that specifically because it is possible to drain all the blood in different ways. For example, one of the ways is if you stab the sheep in the heart, which is what they do, believe me I'm not making up this stuff. If they just open the chest establish sheep in the heart, all the blood will be drained. There won't be any blood in the in the body but the neck has not been touched the throat has not been slit the sheep has been

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killed by by by stabbing into the heart that sheep and that meat will be haram. So eating Halal means to eat only meat which is zabiha in America they have invented this this haram concept of non zabiha Halal that is like saying Halal pork, there is no such thing. If anyone gives you this thing and say this is machine slaughter, but it is halal. No machine slaughter is haram. There is no concept of machine slaughter in Islam. Zabihullah means it has to be slaughtered by a human being by a man or woman who is Muslim who does it in the prescribed way. The only concession is that if that slaughter is done by a practicing Jew, or a practicing Christian, who says in effect in the name of

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God Almighty, the creator of the universe, which which is which amounts to Bismillahi Allahu Akbar or Bismillah Wisbech Allahumma or something like this, then this is considered to be halal, but

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simply saying that kosher meat is halal No, it is not go read up what is kosher meat. So as far as we are concerned, we will eat and we should eat only that which has been slaughtered by a Muslim by hand, who said Bismillah Allahu Akbar and slaughtered the animal by cutting its throat, carotenoids and jugular and the esophagus. Make no mistake about this anything else is haram. You're eating dead and Rasul Allah, Allah Allah with this case, mentioned the

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person and he said that this person

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is asking for da and he's traveling and he is his clothing is haram. His food is haram. He was nourished on her arm. His

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Income is haram, How can his dua be answered? Please my brothers and sisters, let us not play games with our deed, this deed Allah subhanaw taala does not accept which is that which is impure. So if if our income is haram believe me our charity is not accepted Zakat is not accepted. If we eat haram, our ABA our worship is not accepted or otherwise not accepted. Believe me there is nothing is going to happen to you here in this world. You may not even see the effect of that, but you don't want to be on the Day of Judgment standing before Allah subhanaw taala imagining that you have done so many hedges so many overall. And you did this charity and that charity, you build this budget

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that budget and you donate it to this and that and then you find it's all blank because none of that has been accepted because it was done with haram wealth. And you feel that you have eaten here eat there and oh what you see there was a halal stamp. It is our responsibility. Please understand this very clearly it is in Islam. You cannot blame it on the Mufti. You cannot blame it on the halal certifying organization. It is our personal responsibility to ensure that what goes into my mouth is Hallett. My mouth is my property. And I am responsible for what goes into my mouth. The King is not responsible. The queen is not responsible. The government is not responsible. Nobody is responsible.

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And if I move to give you a fatwa that moved is not responsible. You are responsible for accepting a fatwa without checking that I'm telling you very clearly, no fatwa is acceptable. If you are eating Haram

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is very, very important. The fatwa does not go with us into our cover. Even if it went it would be of no use to us because we are responsible. The easiest way to understand that is if somebody said that the food that you're eating has a for example people are

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they have nut allergies, very severe allergies, which can result in death. And if somebody says no, no, this food is fine. And you accept the person's word and you eat the food and there are nuts in it, you will die, he won't die. That's exactly the way it is. If you have a severe nut allergy, no matter who says what you will be, you will make sure that you are absolutely certain that there are no nuts that food you're eating, because you know that in the end it is your neck it is not other the other person's neck while you are die, you can't say it his fault. No, the point is that you make sure and if you're not sure you want it, do that for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I

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always tell people have some shame. The vegans have have created a completely new cuisine for vegans because they refuse to break their principles which are purely enough still based on their desire. There's nothing divine about that. So also if you take the the vegetarian parameters on Hindu people, that they are vegetarian all their lives, yet

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you know they are not worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Now if Muslims cannot even hold ourselves back from one meal for this, they rely on what kind of Islam it is what kind of Muslim or Muslims are we let us not fool ourselves, follow the deen of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because that is the only thing which will stand with us on the Day of Judgment to Salah Nana will carry him while Ali he was a bit of a tickle for life.