Nouman Ali Khan – Not Despite Opposition, Because of It

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history and culture of Islam have been devalued, including manhood devaluation and devaluation of manhood. The devaluation of manhood and devaluation of manhood has led to conflict and the need to put experiences in perspective. The speaker emphasizes the importance of putting these experiences in perspective and how they affect one's life and future. The speaker also discusses the potential for conflict between the people of the region and the people of the world, and the need for individuals to call their beliefs and see what they mean. The importance of standing up for one's beliefs and bringing others to bear is emphasized, along with the need for people to call their beliefs and see what they mean.
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Al Hamdulillah Harlequin Buju demeanor Adam Illumina cola mostly just subliminal alum from October to Allah and Adam furnish guru and masa AB Manish guru who Alinea one Salli ala rasulillah. Quran the shot of Xiaomi when you wake it up in Markham, camelina been our haltom city dweller the other lady Mashallah here recently Maria de Oliveira Assa t Ibrahim alayhis salam Hina canny offer rucola a debate in La Habra for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he hated Oman and Latina barakallahu li him catheter nurse a lot of them in Oman.

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But hamdulillah la de la mia touches rather than Allah Mia Bella, who shall confirm work with me Aquila. What do you mean actually, what a beautiful tequila well hamdulillah Allah The Angela Allah Abdi Haiti taba, willamina Allah whatever but hamdulillah and let the neck Meadowhall when you know when to stop fiddle when we know we want to talk casually when Ruby let him and surely unforeseen a woman say Molina man yeah to Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla when a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah surely color when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he rasuluh Holla Holla sallallahu taala to Huda Beauty and Nutella who allatheena equally Waka fabula he shahida for some of our

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family, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira and kathira I'm not bad, but in our stock of Hadith double la vida de hadoo Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the shot on Omar the martyrs have to have but in Napa llamada setting with our local habitat Impala wakulla Allah

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Karim Banda Nakula Aruba Billahi min ash shaytani R. rajim. Felice Erlich, ephedra was in coma omit Allah, who

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are meant to be under the law and determine what omya to the need of a narco Allah or a boon our book on Luna Luna welcome Armando. LaHood Jetta Marina Nabina Allah we are Jamal Bane and that was received from Misha he suddenly were silly Emily rock that a melissani of Coco De La Hoya Tabitha and multiple la la lala la mujer anomala Latina, Amina Mohammed had what was what would have been what are sub sub sub anatomy

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into this football. I'm hoping to conclude a series of hottap that I started some time ago, I was traveling in between I was in New York and New Jersey for some time. So I didn't continue that series. But I wanted to bring that to a conclusion. Hopefully today, if not, then by next week. And so I want to give because it's been a while, give a little bit of a recap, and then inshallah get to the subject matter that I hope to address today. So I spoke about a couple of months ago, maybe over a month ago, I spoke about how Allah describes that when there are people who believe, and those who came before us they believed and they were knowledgeable in their religion, when they started

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falling into lots of disagreements with each other a lot commented on why did they do that? Why were knowledgeable people fighting each other? Why would people have knowledge of the previous scripture, falling into disagreements, factions groups, and are at odds against each other. Then he described one of the core reasons for which that happened. And I talked then about the difference between legitimate differences because you and I can interpret something differently. We can analyze something differently we have without having our our religion, we have schools of thought and our religion based on different kinds of thought processes, right. So you can look at the same thing and

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analyze it in different ways. But that did not mean that they were divided among each other. That just meant they had healthy disagreements among each other. And they had intellectual debates and discussions among each other. That's not the subject of the left talking about what he's talking about is when people were so divided, that because of some intellectual disagreement, some just, you know, change an interpretation or some varying interpretation, people started hating each other people started calling each other disbelievers people started basically going at ideological or even in some cases, physical war against each other, because of their religious perspectives, because of

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their differences of opinion among themselves. And this was being done by by people that were supposedly, you know, carriers, torchbearers of the religion, they're knowledgeable, and yet they became warmongers in the name of religion within the oma within what was given to them. And Allah describes that they did this wilhemina home because of an urge they had inside of themselves to dominate and overcome each other, because they weren't satisfied with the growth that they had, because they wanted more control and more more of the population following them instead of somebody else. You can think of it because I come from Business School, you can think of it in terms of

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market share. They were they were, you know, afraid that their market share is being taken away by the competition. So let's annihilate the competition by going after them. Right. So they turned the religious, the deen of Allah and the discourse about the religion of Allah into basically a business and into a means of getting political, social and economic power. So that's what we've talked about before, and then we talked about a consequence of that in that I have because it's just

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One IRA, in sort of shorter, but it describes a lot of history and a lot of principles of history that still they're still alive today. And that what that principle was when people have knowledge that know the dean do this, when enough of them do this, then the next generation that inherits the religion from them, and inherits the book from them, Allah says Luffy Shakyamuni humare were in Medina, Oracle Kitab. I mean, by the him Luffy Shakyamuni marieb, that those who inherited the book much after them, that they fell into doubt about it a disturbing doubt, how can this religion be true when these people are always fighting? They're always arguing with each other. I'm not, you

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know, my, this just seems like a bunch of angry people that hate each other. And this is just a means of creating war in the world and crisis and conflict in the world religion is they say the religion is about peace, but look at the reality all it is is about fighting. That's all they ever do. So the next generation started doubting whether the religion itself is valid or not. And then the doubt became so severe that marieb that it not only was a doubt, they were in disturbing doubt themselves. They started putting others in doubt. They started putting moody was actually with their ID so they so they put it be when people would talk to them, others would talk to them, others that

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don't have a crisis of faith would now get a crisis of faith just by talking to them. So the next generation was having more and more and more towards what we call nowadays agnosticism right I'm not sure what it is and what isn't right. I'm not sure about anything since the religion itself becomes doubt. And it's not just that you're in doubt yourself, you love spreading that doubt to others you you become that and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam was told that this is what happened before you this is what happened before you and then that in that encapsulating I will not refer Rocco Lombardi my job but he had been at home whether luckily metal sobre la gente Muslim ma la

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cobia by now we're in the Latina all this will get up I'm inviting him left a check him in Hungary. So

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despite all of this, what are we learning from that while the elder generation the knowledgeable generation is too busy fighting for power, and the younger generation is in doubt about the religion altogether. floss costs.

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Now in despite all of that you would imagine the profits lesson was being told you have a pretty tough job ahead of you. And I want to put that in perspective today. That's probably the most important part of today's discussion is putting this in perspective. Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is first center maka. And then when things get too intense, and basically his life is threatened, then Allah opens the door for him to go to Medina. in Makkah, he is at odds against them shikun idol worshippers and the Musha goon are not going to let the majority of them especially the powerful among them, even though secretly they know Islam is true. They're not going to accept it. And the

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reason they won't expect accepted Allah also describes in the Quran in a previous football New York I mentioned it, I'm referring to it quickly. It's not just that they love the idols or the the really convinced of their religion, or they really want to hold on to their ancestral legacy. It's none of these things. Actually, these are all secondary things, the primary objective they have is because they control the Kaaba, and because the idols are being kept at the Kaaba, all the tribes in the region, respect them, because all of their tribes are over here, all of their idols are over here. And so nobody attacks them, because they are custodians of everybody else's false god. So when

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they traveled out in the desert, they don't get robbed. Why? Because they have insurance, what's their insurance, all these other tribes, their gods are being held at the collar. So when the prophet SAW Selim comes and says, Let's do away with chetek

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What do you mean to her chick? If we destroy these idols, we're gonna make enemies with every tribe. And we're fair game, then they're gonna attack us on the road, all the security, prosperity, all the tourism industry, the ship tourism industry that we enjoy. You're trying to destroy that entire industry with just like, Hi, Lola, who are you? There's no way we're giving that up. And you and I know that politicians can talk about what's best for the country, or our history, or our nation, or patriotism, and all that stuff. They all say the same things. But at the end of the day, behind the scenes, the only thing they're trying to hold on to is money and power. That's it. That's all it is.

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That's actually their real God. Right? So the true God of the leaders of Quraysh is the same, that their actual God is the same as the God of corrupt policy, politicians and people who use anything in the name of nation. It's the same old gods money and power. And if you want to add another one, status, money, power and status, that's it. There's nothing there's no that's the actual idols. Right. For common people. They might think the idols are these statues in front of them. They don't care about those statues, even when they were much recall Allah says a Latina on your own, they show off when they pray. They're not even sincere in their ship.

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Right? They're not even sincere in that. So what what

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Am I getting it? Let's get to the point. The profit section I miss being told the machinery qunar not going to let go of their abramo number bremont have they made up their minds? They're too adamant and two thirds of the Quran the powerful word of Allah has been revealed to them over a decade they've heard the word of Allah, every reason they had to be convinced has already been given. And yet despite being convinced they will not accept, then Allah opens the door to Medina. Now when Allah opens the door to Medina, in Medina, there's a contingency of Jews and there's also some influence on the Christians and we're going to start interacting the prophets I said I'm in the

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Muslims are going to come into contact with Jews and Christians and these people are not like to Michigan. There's more potential here because they know of the same people the Quran is talking about. They know what Ibrahim they know about know halation and they know about other malasana they know about Mousavi Salaam they have respect for them. They revere them, right so we have differences but among we have a lot more in common between them. Then the people who worship Larchmont and Ursa have a lot more in common with them. There's that's why less has Diallo, Illa Kalimantan Salah in vain and our benaco come to a common word between you and ourselves. So the even the Sahaba started,

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the Muslims started thinking, we have a better chance of them accepting this call, because they're going to see that it's a confirmation of their own scripture. It's already mentioned in their own books. They're not going to reject us outright that like them we should go and it's, it's it's hard for them. It's harder for them. Computer either machine Akina method rumalaya This is the I have a for God Buddha, Allah Krishna kena matter aroma, it's really hard for the mystic you mushrikeen what you're calling them to really tough for them. But on the other side, for the for the people of the book, there's a better chance and in bucket Allah said for Dr. Barbuda, and you know the con, Are

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you hopeful that they're just going to accept what you're saying? Well, can you comment on this barrel economic law from your heavenly Father who's been begging

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us to hear the word of Allah. And they changed it deliberately even after they understood it. So now Allah is pointing out their corruption now in this in these couple of output is Allah done in the first of these, I thought, this is iron Number Number 12. He told the profit slicer now that the machine again or a hard sell, they're not going to accept what you're saying, majority of them will accept.

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Then the next day, he says the knowledgeable of the people of the book that you're hoping because they know their scripture, they'll find the common ground between you and the Quran, and they'll accept the message of Allah. No, because they were knowledgeable, they use their knowledge as a means of what what, again, money and power, the same thing we should all we're doing. They're doing the same thing. They're just as corrupt No matter how much I don't even really know. It's actually at the core of the same problem. And then the next generation is about doubt about religion altogether. When the Latina mom invited him the future can be no worry. Now obstacle after obstacle

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after obstacle, and then the profitsystem. So now what should you do? Now that you've been made aware of all these obstacles? Now, put this in perspective, what is the profit slice I'm actually being told, he's being told, see the profit social was sent to the children of Ibrahim and he said, he was sent on the one hand to the mushroom school where the children of Ibrahim Ali said I'm from that line is maryalice. And on the other hand, of course, when even goes to Medina, there is interaction with the Jews and the Christians, you can attribute that to the children of Israel. And that line all the way ending with a Siamese cat, right? So it's basically his entire audience is

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either the one who is smiling in one sense, or blue slightly in the other sense, right? So those are the children of Abraham, that he's dealing with either the Mr. Kuhn are the people of the book. And what did Allah say in these two IOD, the Mr. Kuhn, for the most part, don't want to hear what you're saying, because you're threatening their power and money and status.

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And on the other side, the People of the Book don't want to hear what you're saying, because you're threatening their power and money and status.

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So here, you have Allah's Messenger who has been sent to these two audiences, because Allah wants them to be guided, and then Allah sent him here. And then Allah is telling him by the way, this is an impossible sell. And that's an impossible sell. They're not interested, most of them are not interested. And they know and they still won't listen to you. And that's one thing that maybe if I can convince them, they will accept, right? So my hope is I can what convinced them, Allah says, No, no, no, they're already convinced they still want to exert.

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Now, what do I do? What's my mission? Now? If you Allah Himself is revealed that the audiences for the most part are impossible. Now what to do? And so, we typically we think about this, we think about when you've been given a job, you've been given a mission, there are obstacles in front of you. There are challenges. And you've been given a motivational speech and the motivational speeches. Why, despite all of these challenges, march forward, despite all of these challenges, meaning, even though there are obstacles in your path, plow through them, go through the you know, go through these obstacles overcome. Allah doesn't say that

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This is what I really wanted to talk to you about today, probably continuing to the next week. Allah doesn't say that. He says Felisa Anika for the room not for Allah danika for Allah meaning that you can know despite all of that note, he didn't say that he said, Elisa like a llama suburbia. Dahlia. This means and because of these obstacles, you must call because of them.

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The title of this webinar was not despite, but because but because of this is how I think of it. What is what Allah telling his messengers like you were sent, you were given this task, because no one else can face these challenges. And because these challenges are so massive, only you are qualified to stand against these challenges. And it is because of that you have to invite anyone else, when you give them the list of obstacles, they'll say, these are the reasons for me to quit. Allah, His Messenger is being told so a lot more than he was alone. Because of these obstacles, you must stand an invite because of them. In fact, you've been given these list of problems because no

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one else could have done this job except you.

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and by extension, by extension, because we are the ambassadors of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, we were supposed to understand this obstacle, and understand what Allah told his messenger. So we will understand that not this, we don't look at these challenges and say, because of them, we can't move forward. Actually, because of these challenges. We were chosen to be the oma, because of these challenges. I was chosen to be Muslim. And because of these challenges, and because of my loyalty to my messenger sallallahu sallam, I must invite further, hopefully danika federal because of that invite. Now, let's be realistic about that. And now at least I'll give you some

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nuggets today for what does this mean to invite what is the province I'm inviting them to the province socialism is by inviting them to the word of Allah. He's inviting them to the Quran, the Quran is coming to him. And he's inviting them to listen to what Allah is saying. That's basically what it is. He's inviting them to listen to what Allah is saying. And I told you already, these corrupt politicians in Makkah, they're listening in one ear out the other, they don't want to hear it. The knowledgeable among the People of the Book are hearing it and making sure that others don't hear it, because if they hear it, they might gain influence. He's meeting, you know, objection and

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criticism at every step of the way, because of what he's calling them to. And Allah says, No, because of this, you still keep on inviting. Why? Why? Because something will emerge eventually. You see, there's a, the analogy I'd like to give you is that, you know, people that don't have a deep root, deeply rooted values. And their only objective is something weak, that will disappear, like money, and power will come in money and power will eventually go, right. If that's their objective, then where they stand today is not where they will be standing tomorrow.

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And if you look at their track record 20 years ago, that we're not standing in the same place, you go from there back there were somewhere else now there's somewhere else now there's someone else there, their definition of right and wrong, their definition of how to move forward, their definition for what they're calling their nation to all of it keeps changing, because their objectives are always moving. Their targets are always moving. Those who lost a limb is being told to anchor himself in the Word of Allah, that doesn't change because of the political climate. It doesn't change because of economic conditions. It doesn't change because of social conditions. It is

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a constant, it stays in place. It's a human loon Robertson shalida Milano in total cap, it stands up, right? It stays in place. So these people are going to move this way that way, the other way, and you're going to stand tall exactly where you were. And then the climate will change. And it will be harder for you to say what you're saying. And you will still say exactly what you were saying before you will stay consistent on message, you're not going to budge from your position. And when that happens, believe it or not, eventually, people that are looking for guidance here, they're there. There's always some people, maybe not the most powerful people, maybe people that nobody

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knows about, that are looking for the truth. And every time they look for the truth here, it keeps moving. And they look for the truth there and it keeps moving. But the one that's calling to the same thing consistently. And he's he hasn't budged his values. And when you listen to his call, then it makes complete sense through all of the noise, it still makes sense. Allah will decide that some people will somehow come through the most corrupt society and they will start accepting this message. Even though they don't look like millionaires to you. They don't look like celebrities to you, but they will start accepting this message only because you're calling. We don't measure the

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power of the invitation to Allah's word. We don't measure it by how many

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influential people became Muslim. You know, Muslims get really excited. They're like, Oh, you know who is Muslim? Muhammad, Muhammad Ali is Muslim. And you know who else might be Muslim? I think Michael Jackson took Shahada before he died. And you know who else is? Obama might be a Muslim? I mean, we got like a list of celebrities that are Muslim like, Yeah. Because when celebrities become Muslim, then somehow Islam will become powerful. Because without the celebrity of the llama, and who was he was, you know, the Sahaba that we talked about? And even I'm not

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an influential person, was he a leader of the pradesh? Was he in charge? No, no, he wasn't. The most powerful people in Quraysh actually didn't accept and you know, what, what did Allah do, Allah took people that you would never imagine to be the pillars of history, and he made them today we celebrate their names because they they made a mark on this earth like nobody else. kings have come and gone and we don't remember their names. empires have come and gone and nobody cares, or knows about them. palaces have been built in You don't even know who built it. You know, those people come and go. And then you have these followers of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who did not build

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palaces, who did not have mentioned who did who didn't, you know, people remembered them as the governor of this city or the president of that nation or the kingdom. But what they did, what they did still left a mark on people till till this day, till this day, we don't know who is going to change history.

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We don't know. We don't know which child that's sitting around playing in Russia today is going to be a leader going to be an influencer, that is going to change the course of history for millions of people in 10 years from now, we don't know that. There's no way for us to know that. Well Did Allah tell his prophets I sent him he told us he told him further ado, just keep calling. You just keep calling. These obstacles will be there. It will look like the art because we go by trends now right? Everything is trending this way or trending that way. Look at the trend Look at all these people are saying Look at all these influencers are doing look at what's happening in this country. Look at the

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policies that are changing. Look at how many millions of views on this video that when you all we look at is trends and numbers and numbers and numbers. That's all we gauge power on influence on and a lot of shattering that and telling us messengers

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you know, just in the mutton guru, Manitoba crop, Ohashi ohana, believe you're just here to warn somebody who will follow the reminder and end up being fearful a lot of man in the hidden meaning you people like might not never even know who that is. And they end up following our plan. They end up following him. So for that reason, just keep on calling, stay consistent, stay on message, don't let your this this word, something else super impose itself on the word of Allah, the word of Allah can speak for itself, nothing else gets to impose impose itself on the word of Allah. And that's the first solution. The prophet SAW shalom was given you were chosen, because you'll keep on inviting

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and calling out. And what that teaches us as I leave you for today's clip, but is that we have to be vocal about what our book says. We have to be vocal about it. We have to call people to it because the book is being misrepresented all the time. If you're if your mother was being misrepresented, you'd say something about it. If your father was being misrepresented, you'd say something about him. If your child was being misrepresented, you'd say something about if you were being misrepresented, then you'd say something about it. No, that's not what I said. I never did that. You'd speak about what you really are. And here we have our dearest book, The Quran being

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misrepresented every single day. And we're not calling people to what it actually says there's enough of us on this earth, to spend a little bit of time spend a little bit of energy and understanding what Allah is actually saying, even a lot of the prophets I said, but liverani will communicate on my behalf, even if it's a single I speak up for what Allah says, speak up for what it says. And how can you speak up for what it says if you aren't, and I'm not spending any time trying to understand what it says. If we don't have the time, or energy or enthusiasm, enthusiasm to acquire, what am I saying? How are we going to carry on that legacy of the prophecies I'm fed

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through? So what is that telling us? Look at all those challenges that were there? And they those challenges sound exactly like today's challenges, don't they people who already know better and are still corrupt, religious groups that are fighting among each other for power and dominance. Others that the only god they truly worship that are in political positions of power, the only thing they're interested in is money, status and power. That's it. These are the same obstacles from before and then the solution of them as a solution for them. Allah sent this Omar lesson you Allah said me, he chose us in this oma to be the followers of Muhammad Rasulullah saw someone so we could

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be could be carrying funny danika federal and because of that, you must invite you must speak up. You must represent your book. You know

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Everybody else is worried about this rights or that rights or those rights. We're worried about the rights of Allah's book. Allah's book has rights over us, right? It has rights over us and we have to stand up for that. So finally Danica further ado we'll we'll pause here and shut down and we'll go through this a little by little so we understand how and we get to really stop and think about what is it that Allah is telling his messenger sallallahu Sallam in desire and through him, What is he telling the rest of us barakallahu li walakum wa for unpacking, when in fact anyone can beat it.

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Up salat wa salam O Allah Latino stuff. Also Santa's after him behind him in the beginning Mohammed. I mean, while early he was a marine Kala who has over 10 feet that we can carry, but an aqua Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim in Allahumma eketahuna NaVi you hola Xena Amano solo AlLahi wa sallam notice Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Muhammad can masala and have Rahim Allah Anika Haemophilia Allah meet in the middle Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohamed chama Barak Thailand are him early for hemophilia alameen in the Gambia Majid about Allah, Allah, Allah and Allah yet what will be the annual lesson where he won't have an infection you will win cup

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political laka Allah yeah animal matter stone alchemy Salah in a Salah tekanan Molina kita Makita


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