Mirza Yawar Baig – Ace the Test called Life

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to love and protect good deeds is emphasized, along with the importance of aligning one's desire to obey Allah. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning to love and protect deeds as it is crucial to achieving success in life. The segment also touches on the influence of Islam on behavior and culture, and the importance of recitation and being mindful of one's behavior and culture.
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filarmonica Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah filmbay will mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Stephen Covey and cathedra. From my brother and sisters,

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I remind myself I knew

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that life is a series of graduated tests

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leading to a final test, which is called death.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala taught us to ask for steadfastness on the path

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to this moment, haga the title of it is how to ace the test called life.

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The first thing, therefore, to do is to remember and remind ourselves and others that we are on a journey, the destination of which insha Allah will be gentle for those who Allah The reason we ask Allah subhanaw taala for this.

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So stop looking for endings and conclusions and closure.

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They lived happily ever after the line for fairytales

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inshallah We will live happily ever after in the afternoon

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if we pass the test called life.

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The good news is that Allah subhanaw taala told us how to pass the test. And he sent us a beautiful teacher to teach and demonstrate for us what we need to do

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about this. Allah subhanaw taala told us out we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In abraca Nicola Mina de la la rue de la cabeza home Hulu serrana upon Bula eco Humala Mosley Whoa.

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Mama UT La la la solo or yaksha la de la Vega ml Pfizer

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and so you have to know a lot Renata said the only thing that is the only thing that is acceptable as a statement from the believers when they are called to Allah subhanho wa Taala and Rasul Allah is Allah seldom to judge between them, which is when the word of Allah is brought before them or the ruling amongst ourselves brought before them. The only thing accepted and acceptable from them is that they says Amana Ravana we hear and we obey.

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And Allah said, these are the muffler own. I want you to think about these two words muffler home and fire ism fala and foes so Allah said these are the successful people in English we seem to have only the same word but the meaning Arabic is completely different. So mostly home, like a home of no then Allah said, And whosoever obeys Allah Almighty Allah Vassallo, whoever obeys Allah subhanho wa Taala and respirations Allah

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well, ye shall allow you to pee, who has the Hachette of Allah Who has the the all and majesty of align his heart and who has taqwa as his frame of reference with the key parola ego mufa his own. Now let's move on Allah, Allah now certifies will

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now follow his success in each test

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for his success, but in each test, which means that the tests of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala and Rasulullah Salah will not cease, they will come and each time the moment chooses to please Allah subhanaw taala over and above, trying to please anyone and anything else, including himself. He praises the will of Allah, over and above the desire his own desire as well as his desire to please anybody else. When he does that. He is mostly he is successful, she is successful in that test.

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But there will be another test and there will be another test. And there will be another test. As long as he or she is in this world, there will be tests. The final test is death.

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The final testator, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us in a state of evil, and Waqar and his and health and in

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keeping with his majesty and grace with all the blessings that he blessed us with until our last moment and give us that final test. With his greatness on our lips recite

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Is Karima in a state of sujood in the halogen or in the part of Allah subhanaw taala. We ask Allah to take us in a state where he's pleased with us inshallah. So, this final test is death and the one who passes that with Eman and Yaki is alpha is, he is not Mosley, he is alpha eyes. He is successful in the final test, after which there is no other test. So, fala is success in a test and follows is freedom from testing itself. Once a person has become Alvise after that there is no test for that individual We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this for all of us.

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Now on the authority of immuno Mara Villanueva, he said that Rosaura, seven took me by the shoulder, he put his hand on his shoulder is coming.

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And he said, Be in this world as though you are a stranger or a traveler, stranger or wayfarer, travel stranger or traveler. Even Mr. Abdullah have numerous melanoma added. When evening comes, do not expect to live to the morning. And when morning comes, do not expect to live till evening. Take from your health

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as a preparation for your illness, and take from your life as a preparation for your death. And this is the Saudis in Makati. Our goal therefore, is to live this life in a way that enables us to ace the test. And when Jonathan fellows every decision of ours Mustang this one criteria must stand his test of that question. The one question which is, does it please Allah subhanho data.

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In this context, I want to share with you three pieces of advice from one of our great classical scholars, and a contemporary of Imam Ahmed bin humble raha Talalay and a student of Chef shocky alburquerque Raja lolly, Hatem, Allison, I have done a whole series of classes lectures on the wisdom of heart medicine, this is the same person. Now he was a man known especially for historical and Allah subhanaw taala rewarded him in special ways. Now, how do I know three things? He said, number one, learn to love good deeds because only they will go with you.

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I repeat, learn to love good deeds, because only they will go with you.

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Second one, he said learn to align your desire to obey Allah.

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Learn to align our desire to obey Allah. And number three, he said learn to love giving more than keeping or receiving learn to learn love giving more than keeping or receiving.

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So let's look at the first one. Learn to love good deeds because only they will go with us. Our Delano reported that our soul as Adam said, when a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated, finished their stop, except for three types. And ongoing sadaqa jariya which we call ongoing charity. number one number two, knowledge from which others benefit between something that you have taught something that you have books you have written and so on, from which others benefit and third, a righteous child who makes dua for the person, child, maybe biological child, maybe a student who have righteous child who makes dua for that individual. And this is in Muslim and other

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books. These are mocha Dada vellano reported from Roseville Lazarus alum. That resources Adam said the best that a man can leave behind after his death are three things a righteous child who makes draft for him and ongoing saga whose rewards continue to reach him or her and knowledge that continues to be implemented after the person has passed away. And this isn't

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even Nevada. And Alvin de and Chef Alberni. I'm old I live in Maine, they have certified this as being so he had this

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report also

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in Hardee's again and in Romania, and again, certified as Hassan by laundry and Alberni remote line data. He said among the good deeds are continued to benefit a believer after death, our knowledge that he taught and disseminated which he passed on a righteous child who lived after him next door for him, a copy of the Quran or some book that he has written and has left as inheritance emerges that he built

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How's the rebuild for warefare has made me some kind of recommendation for travelers and so on and so forth. A stream that you ran meaning any water source stream, well, you name it, or a charity that he gave from his wealth during his healthy lifetime, so that it would reach him in rewards after death.

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My brothers and sisters, I remind myself, I knew everyone loves someone and something.

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And those people and things leave them when they go into their grace.

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We know that is also Salah, where he said that three things of a person, one leaves him in the house itself, the other one goes with him to the outer stand to the cemetery. And the third one goes with him in the grave. said what what leaves him in the house itself, a very dies is is worth

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than 200,000. What goes with him to the graveyard to the cemetery are his relatives and friends. But what goes with him in the cover is his deeds, only the deeds nothing else.

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So therefore,

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learn to love good deeds, because only they will go with us into our grades. The key is to love them.

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And to ensure that we love them. Now what is a sign that you love something? Right? Please reflect on this. What is the sign of something? Some of us love football, some of us love basketball, some of us love cricket, some of us love tennis. Some of us love all of them, some of us love none of them and they like to read instead. Right? They love reading. Now, what is it that shows us what we love? Or what is it that shows us what somebody loves? What are the signs

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we prefer to spend time prefer is the word right? What is forcing us we prefer we like to we spend time and energy and effort and expense and emotion on what we love.

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We don't do this because we feel we must do it. We don't do this because we are compelled to do it. We do it because we want to do it.

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And there's a world of difference between these two things, doing something because you are compelled and doing the same thing because you really want to do

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what we do are a compulsion. We'd wait half heartedly we take shortcuts. If we can, if he can do that we brush things under the carpet, we don't pay attention to detail. And we forget about for what we are not meticulous with it and forget it let alone doing more when even the basic things we do without any passion without an enthusiasm without any energy.

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But when we are doing what we love to do,

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we have passion, we have energy, we have enthusiasm, we have concentration we have focus. And we have we take joy in the activity we enjoy that activity.

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Nobody needs to force or tempt us. The doing itself is the reward

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right? I'm sure all of us have watched somebody watching football or basketball or something

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the totally concentrated on the television everything else is for what May Allah forgive us sometimes he was

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he was screaming from here as if they can hear the people playing as if they can hear you. And you're giving the advice and you're you're you trying to make your team win just by yelling.

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We've seen all of this right? What does it tell you? It tells you this intense passion. Sometimes I wish that so much emotional was used in something worthwhile.

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But you can see this very clearly there's no doubt in your mind that you're the person who loves that thing which is watching on the on the on the TV.

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So let us look at the issue of loving good deeds. Let's look at the first and foremost of good deeds and that is salah

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and see what applies to it. Do we love to do it? Or do we do it because we feel compelled to

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remember this Salah will go with us into our griefs.

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It will start as a shield for us against the punishment of the grave. It will be our witness on the day when we meet a loss manager

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Allison golden the Mr. hogen I said this is the key version.

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In this life, this Salah is our greatest asset. It's our shield, it's our weapon. It's our wealth.

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It's our weapon against and against all evil. It is our direct hotline to Allah subhanaw taala It is the only place where Allah subhanaw taala told us that he responds to us real time.

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That is concerning. The recitation of silver powder

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it's the only place

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When Allah told us he will respond to us,

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word for word,

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it is the greatest gift of Allah subhanaw taala given to us all as a seller above the seven heavens and through him to us

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and it is that which takes us into the Presence of Allah on demand, our demand,

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it is the evidence that we are Muslim.

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Now, please reflect on all these things and let us ask ourselves, whether we treat Salah with the importance that it deserves, in the right way. If not, then how do we expect our weak and broken and lame Salah six Allah to do all that it is supposed to do, whether it's in this dunya or whether it's

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my brother or sister they demand muscle renew, to learn about Salah to practice it to strengthen it and sharpen it so that it becomes strong enough to do what it is supposed to do, which is to save us from all evil in this life and the next.

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me there are two stories about those who understood this segment delarue was one spraying tattoo in his camp. his horse was tethered nearby and his little child was sleeping and his feet

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and inside the hotel was reciting Quran in surah. When you saw a cloud, come down descend at head level and this cloud lights in it flickering lights in it.

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Now suddenly delana was absolutely astonished.

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But he continued to reside his cloud was there and the lights but the brother was that his horse was getting spooked. And it started prancing and started putting the address together.

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So for a moment says

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he stopped presentation, the cloud Rosa the horse comes down

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which has now I will say tomorrow Delano Salah is not over, he starts reciting again. The cloud comes up.

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The cloud comes down and Oscar is directing more and more agitated getting more and more spooked. Now this happened a couple of times and then Santa Jose was a villain who was afraid that the horse might break its tether might injure the child or just run away or something. So he shortened his salah and he completed it. In the morning he went to his anniversary for the priest father with resources and integrated the story in his jasola this is what happened to me I was bringing the Agile then I was reciting Quran and this cloud cave. What was this restaurant observed that that cloud was the menarik it was the angels who came down to listen to your recitation. And he said that

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if you had continued to recite those Mallika, the people of Medina would have seen those Manik

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is also Salah

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there are sources have asked you what surah you reciting?

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who say Buddha? No There are no Sarah was reciting certain car.

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So think about that when you read social graph today in German.

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second story

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that I want to tell you

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I don't know the story of who's able to demo the lotto, which shows us a Salah which is so beautiful, they attracted the angels what what are some What are my cell I asked myself this question What about myself? My Salah seems to attract Chetan very much because, you know, you get all the service. But does it attract the angels?

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My brother sisters,

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my second story, Mr. amatola, he narrates in his Muslim. So before their arrival in Medina, as soon as Allah informed the people soon after, so before the arrival of a certain group of people. Now originalism informed people is that soon a group of people will come here who are very soft hearted and they cry for Allah sake.

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This news about the tribe and its impending arrival was brought to us by Jubilee, Salah, this drive from Yemen, they started out

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by ship and their ship got blown off course they ended up in SR and then driver sr, along with others who wanted to come to Medina. They all came Medina.

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There was a man in this tribe

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who was known on the Sabbath for his beautiful recitation of the Quran.

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He would recite Quran day and night.

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at every opportunity, anytime he was free, he would recite corner.

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Even the one upon whom the Quran was sent, would stand for long periods and listening and would listen to the savvy reciting Quran in the huddle.

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It happened one day they're late to the night or sort of a seller stood by the door of his house. And listen to this Abby who was in must in the was reciting Quran

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says I just did not have delana.

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So I'm just here. So what are you doing? He said, Come here.

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And she came. He said, Listen to this presentation.

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And she heard the beautiful recitation of the Quran. By the Sahabi. Say that Rama Moosa and Ashley Nadella.

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I can tell you many other stories of Sahaba who loved Salah who loved the Quran, and who Salah did wonders for them.

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These are stories of which are evidence

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about people who love salah

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and loved the Santa Clara.

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brothers sisters, what is our evidence to present before Allah subhanaw taala

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it may not be as good as theirs. But is it even there?

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There is great evidence so that we will record with them

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when we are when it's our time, meet us.

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So that we will be called with those who love the Quran. Loved Allah subhanaw taala who loved his ma is

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and who loved

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inshallah, we will talk more about the other two pieces of advice of how to

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lay this suffices for today inshallah. ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you or to be pleased with you and never be displeased. ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept your Salah to accept yourself, you accept all your good deeds and to reward you in keeping with his majesty and grace was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was happy again. Veronica Rami for me, Santa Monica De La Habra.

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