Yasir Qadhi – Islamic Etiquettes on the Death of a Non-Muslim

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the impact of Queen's death on society, particularly on women, children, and the political spectrum. They emphasize the importance of learning history and avoiding negative emotions, and stress the importance of finding one's own way to life. The speakers also address the topic of evil people and the importance of not dying regardless of one's religion. They stress the need for students to be clear about their actions and show proper respect for deceased's shrouds. The conversation ends with a call to action for everyone to raise awareness of theology and its negative consequences.
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So I had a different topic prepared today. But something interesting happened today that I believe we should derive some benefits from shallow to other. What happened today?

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The Queen died.

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I posted on Facebook and Twitter. And as I expected a whole slew of comments come forth. And I feel that it is beneficial, especially for our youth to have some very frank discussions about awkward topics. Honestly, I think that all too often, we have so much extremes in our home of both sides. And we are unbuttoned. basato. And we have a lot of people who are trigger happy.

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It's as if they're sitting on edge to wait to say something nasty or harsh to other people. Any type of deviation left to right, and Hollis immediately in any case, so what I'm going to do today Shala it's not about the Queen, it's about something much broader. It is about how we deal with such issues. And so it's not just about one specific incident because obviously that's not befitting of, you know, a masjid talk one person? No, it's about overall. Is there some few key rulings, theological issues that we need to be aware of? How do we navigate through these types of issues. So I'm going to begin in sha Allah seven points within right either first point, simply on a note of

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history, and I am a minor student of history. I love history, you've heard so many horror stories of history, I just find it very interesting that this particular Monarch was the longest running monarch of that dynasty over 70 years. And when she took, you know, the office when she became the queen until when she passed away, 70 plus years. What that means is that there's really nobody sitting here in this entire audience, who remembers a world pre Queen Elizabeth. I mean, that is to me, that's just amazing. pre World War Two, she was born, obviously, she became the queen after World War Two. But Winston Churchill was in office, Winston Churchill. I mean, to me, it's just

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bizarre that you know, somebody like this. And of course, her dynasty, her clan, her family, I mean, her grandfather, is the grandson of Queen Victoria, every Indian, Pakistani Bengali, Nepali, every one of you, your heritage is directly linked to Queen Victoria, whether you know it or not, the Empress of India, the Raj of India, Victoria was the one in whose reign India was conquered. And our history from that region is intertwined with the history of that country of that of that region. And Victoria herself, by the way, was the granddaughter of King George the Third, from whom this country broke away. I mean, that's the same dynasty. It's just to me very historic, whether you like it,

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whether you hate it, whether you just learn history, and learn what's going on this dynasty in particular, and this region in this country has had the most impact. I don't mean that in a positive way. I don't mean that in a negative way, probably more negative than positive. But in terms of recent dynasties, no dynasty for the last two or 300 years has had a more impact on our Ummah, than this one, in terms of what Queen Victoria has done, and India and in terms of the division of the snowman, World War One and the Sykes picot agreement and the Balfour Declaration and on and on, it's happened during the reign of this particular dynasty. So we should be aware and it is beneficial to

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learn history and we learned the good and the bad and the ugly, and England especially that country UK, under this dynasty, it achieved its superpower status. I mean when Victoria when India was conquered when the British I should say entered India was under the Shah Jahan Jehan Geeta forgot when the British first entered India and the East Trading Company was first founded,

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was under who are exempt. So, when when the East India Trading Company first opened up its office in India, India was meaning the Mughal Indian when we say India, women Mughal India was the number one GDP superpower in the globe. The Mughal dynasty in particular, was the most powerful dynasty. And on top of that, you had the Nova hubs as well then the Bobs of Lucknow and other places and Bhopal and other places. All of these were powerful, rich kingdoms. England was not even in the top 20. UK was not even in the top 20 And subhanAllah. What happened in 200 years. The Indian dynasties declined, because England and the East India trade company took it all. And from the riches of the Mughal

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dynasty, the United Kingdom and England rose up and even this country America, the riches of this country were founded on India, you know, the Boston Tea Party, not the modern tea

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Probably the original Boston Tea Party, the tea that they overthrew in the ports of Boston was from India and had on an Indian tea. Our was slim, Yanni and Indian Overall this is our heritage is linked directly here. So again, whether you like it or hate it, you want to learn history and learn how we are standing where we're standing today. And as a part of that history, I mean, again, to me, it's just fascinating, the legacy of this particular model. And again, by fascinating, I don't mean positive, I simply mean, it's interesting, we learn and we benefit from history. And as with all powerful dynasties, as with all powerful, you know, entities. The problem comes when you live within

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that powerful dynasty you benefit. And when you live outside of it, you don't benefit. So obviously those that lived within the United Kingdom and those that still live there, those that live within the borders of this country, which is now the modern superpower. And by the way, again, America, we should think of it as the I don't like using that harsh term, let's just say the broken away child of England, right? In reality, it is a continuation of England. What language do we speak it is the language of the Brits English, right? We broke away from them our heritage and by our I mean us Americans now because when I say our sometimes I mean US bases. And sometimes when I say I'm both

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I'm a Muslim on American, Indian origin, all of this these are all are multiple identities. As Americans, our heritage is uniquely British. We broke away from this dynasty literally, right. So anyway, all of this is to underscore the simple reality. There's nothing wrong with learning from history. That's point number one. Point number two, another thing that I think is worthy of benefit. And again, this is quite simple, we all know it, but Subhanallah, all the power and the wealth and the prestige and the money in the world is not going to save you from death or sickness or illness. You can be the king or the queen. And the angel of death has equal access to you. It doesn't matter

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who you are, you shall fall sick, and you shall die. And we know this, but it is able for all of us Kowloon of sin that cultural moats, and she lived to 90 What six, seven years old, her husband lived to 99, almost 100 Her husband almost 100 years because they have the best though, but they cannot escape death. So again, simple lesson number two, nobody can escape death regardless of who they are, and everyone shall return to their Lord. Point number three. This leads us to the more interesting and the controversial stuff. Again, we really do have, as I said, some emotional extremes when it comes to that every single time every time a non Muslim dies, a politician, an

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actor, actress and influential person whom the people overall loved. Every time we see the same, you know, spectrum of reactions, one group of people of our community, they don't care at all about the religion and they make dua and they consider Oh, he made people laugh. He's gonna go to Janna. Oh, she did this and that, you know, built a hospital and you know, may Allah forgive her and they make these types of dramas and whatnot. And then you have the exact opposite extreme in which you dare say anything of sadness or regret or remorse. You simply say, oh, is going to be a different world without this person, just something generic, you know, oh, I wrote on Facebook today. It's the

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nostalgic era I mean, the entire life that we've all lived has been under this queen we've known this one queen, whatever you think we're not it's the end of an era and you see some of the comments you know that come after this stuff but Allah How dare you say that? I didn't say anything except that it's nostalgia, the end of an era. So we have to think speak very frankly over here that what exactly should we do when it comes to the death of a non Muslim well against so this is point number three is going to be divided into subcategories. The first point three a if you like, very clearly we believe that only Allah decides individuals Heaven and *, this is a matter of our Abida okay,

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no one has the right even if a Muslim dies, you say so and so is in Jannah unless Allah has told you, we can say the Sahaba Walker is a difference in gender the process we can say that but if I'm a dies, if Zainab dies, if Mustafa dies, our friends and family died, we say in sha Allah, they're going to gender, we cannot say they are in Jannah. It's not allowed to. Similarly, the worst Kapha dies in our lifetime. We cannot categorically state he is in jahannam. We can say this evil tyrant has died. May he be punished the way he deserves? Okay, no problem. You're making dua against him no problem. But we do not state an individual is going to heaven or *, unless Allah has told us we

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may state flounders in jahannam. The Quran says so we may say Abuja *. Abu Lahab isn't Jahannam Tabata Billa have been water we

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They say Abu Lahab and his wife are in jahannam. No problem, but any evil person dies in our times you may make you know, but do as we say you may make dua against you may wish that evil tyrant is in jahannam. But you cannot say categorically, this is three a three b You cannot say categorically, however, you may speak in generalities and you should speak in generalities. This is where a lot of our youth get confused. If we say evil people are going to jahannam some of our youth say, oh, we should not be judging. I am not judging individuals. I am speaking in generic truths. I'm not judging individuals are speaking and generic truths, righteous people will go to Jannah. That's

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true, evil people will go to jahannam. That is true. So we speak in generalities. And this is what the Quran says in the Latina Ahmed huamu, in the Latina Cafaro is speaking in generalities. And we say the same thing. And one of the problems that we have in our times is that belief and emaan in theology has become something that people don't care about. And they say, a good person should only be defined by how he treated other people. And this is where we need to teach our community, our youth that a good person has two characteristics, good belief and good deeds in Alladhina amanu what I mean or saw their hat, a good person from our definition, is somebody who first and foremost

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corrects his attitude with Allah, and then secondly corrects his attitude with the people and correcting one's attitude with Allah is believing in Allah submitting to the prophets, this Adam, if somebody doesn't care about why they were created, if somebody lives an entire life, not thinking about what they're doing here, then they have wasted, the most important they have neglected the most important question of their existence, and they shall be held accountable, and they shall be held liable. How could you not think about why you're here? Why did you should research and think about who created you? What is the purpose of life? Now we all know, if somebody's never heard of

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the faith, if somebody's never exposed the message we all know there might be an excuse on that day of judgment, yes, but the obligation to search is upon every individual, every human being, must think about these questions. We as Muslims, we think about them. And from there we know the answers. The Quran is our hedaya. The process is our Prophet, Allah is our Rob, we believe in heaven and *, but we're still thinking of the questions. What is the purpose of life, the worship of Allah, what's going to happen after death, Allah is going to judge us, et cetera, et cetera. If we don't have the answers outside of Islam, we must search for them. And we firmly believe every sincere

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person, sincere person who hears of Islam will be guided to the truth. Now, what if they're not sincere? What if they don't hear of Islam? All of these things? We're not going to open their hearts. But we do speak in generics Do we not? We do say those who are sincere shall eventually be guided. Now, what if they never heard of Islam, perhaps in a pre modern world 100 years ago? What if we say Allah will judge them on the Day of Judgment we leave with we still don't make dua for or against them. So this is within point number three, we're talking about this rule as well. Now, we also talked about this, the issue? Well, let's move on to point number four. Okay, point number

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four. So we talked about the theology, that righteous people means those who believe and do good deeds. Point number four, the Quran is very clear. Those who die without believing in their Creator, without accepting their prophet, we are not allowed to specifically and by name, make dua for them. This is very clear. And there is actually no ambiguity from the Quran. And there's also no difference of opinion amongst all of the mainstream modahaus There is no afterlife in this issue because the Quran is so clear. In one verse McConnell in Nibi, will Latina Amanu it is not allowed for the Prophet system or for the believers, and yet so few ruling Mushrikeen that they ask Allah to

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forgive them, we should, even if they be close family members, it's very clear, even if it's your close family members don't say May Allah forgive you after they die. So this is very clear, and there is no controversy over this issue. Now this does raise questions amongst our youth but why why can we ask for forgiveness? And we say a number of points firstly, not asking for forgiveness doesn't mean that perhaps they might not have an excuse on the day of judgment that's between them and Allah Allah knows their situation. Allah knows whether they never heard of Islam, Allah knows if they were truly sincere and for example, no Joshi and a simple example now Joshi converted secretly

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and nobody knew. And that's why the Prophet system had to make the announcement your brother and the Joshy has died. Let's pray janazah for him, nobody pray Janaza over the Nigerian his palace, but in the Joshua was a secret Muslim, right. So what

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We say we don't make us the fall. Now, of course, in the Josh use case exception because the process of new God came and told him, when we say we don't make us therefore, this is not a ruling that he's going to join them. We already said rule number one who judge rule number two judges, Allah judges, we don't judge. So not making it. Step four is a FICKY. ruling, not a theological verdict, okay. Also, we need to understand this point as well, that when we say we're not going to ask forgiveness for them. This means after they pass away, in this lifetime, when they're alive, one may make dua for non Muslims who are still alive. May Allah bless you May Allah guide you, may Allah give you all

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of this is permissible. So we're only saying once they pass away, we cannot make it still far. And also, by the way, again, I don't understand personally, why some of our youth are troubled by this, this person did not believe in Allah. So why would you ask the God he didn't believe him to forgive him? It doesn't make sense to me. This person didn't believe in the God that you believe in. So why do you want to ask the God he didn't believe in to forgive him? Let it be. And if he truly believed in that, God, he shall be forgiven, simple as that. And if he didn't believe well, then that's between the heat. That's, that's the choice that he made. Now, next point, point number five, this

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is technical, I need you to pay attention. Some people who have converted to Islam, they feel that this is a very callous rule. And they say it's not fair. My mother passed away. And I didn't give her Dawa. You're saying I can't ask Allah to forgive her. My grandmother raised me and she was a loving woman and she died in the village back home. She never heard of Islam. You're saying I can't ask Allah to forgive her. So listen to me carefully. Now. Indeed, you cannot ask Allah to forgive. That's asking Allah to forgive. But if your relative who was a non Muslim and was righteous and never heard of Islam passes away. The Quran has a number of verses that indicate listen to this

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carefully. You may wish in your heart, Allah forgives, but you cannot ask from the tongue. Very technical point here. You may hope you may have good assumptions, but you are not allowed to verbalize. Now what is the evidence for this? A number of verses of them.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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When he makes dua to Allah to protect the people from worshipping idols, he says, Rob be in Hoonah Abuelita Kathira minuteness idols have misguided many people. Oh my lord, from Entebbe I need for inner harmony. Whoever follows me he's from me. Woman now Sani and whoever rejects me or rob

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what should you do? What did Ibrahim say? What's the ending of diverse for in Africa for all Raheem? Woman now Sani whoever disobeyed and does not follow me. If you don't follow Ibrahim in the life of Ibrahim, you're a Kaffir if you don't follow O'Brien malusare The lifetime Ibrahim you are a Kaffir Ibrahim did not say Oh ALLAH forgive them. What did he say? For in Nikka la foto Rahim you are afore and Rahim is this true?

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Yes. Did Ibrahim Ali Salam ask Allah to forgive them?

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No. So this is the technicality. Another example your isa either his Salam recited his Salam on the Day of Judgment. When Allah says Teresa, did you tell your followers to worship you on your mother? This is the ending of my ADA. He says says Subhanak I could never say this. Then he concludes by saying long paragraph read the end of the paragraph. Listen to this at the ending into a deep home for in the homoeopathic if you decide to punish these misguided people who worship me. This is shit. If you punish them, you're Rob they are you're out there or you're created servants. You have the right. And then what did he say?

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What Intel ferula home for Inaka Intel as he's attacking? And if you forgive, then you are the one full of power and the one full of wisdom. If you forgive, did he ask for forgiveness?

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But others did he ask? No. But did he hope that's the difference here? That is the difference here. Okay. You cannot ask. That's very clear, but a non Muslim, rather I mean a Muslim is non Muslim relatives or you give them a convert his not his his non Muslim brother, his mother his father would not we say to this person, take comfort in these verses.

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Take comfort in these verses and you may hope and you may aspire. And you may say Allah is lafora and Rahim Yes, but you cannot say yeah rob my grant

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Mother who passed away as a non Muslim, forgive her. No, that's a technical fifth key point. Don't do that. But theologically, after the wise in your heart, you can be generic sejarah por la foreign Rahim. And leave it at that. So there is a technical point over this point number five here, point number six. The other issue that came up again, and all the comments and whatnot. Again, we have these trigger happy youth that they just I mean, they live in a very difficult, I think cognitive dissonance, I don't know what to say they're full of anger. They're full of hate of everybody out there. Somebody who is beloved to millions of people passes away. And it is as if you cannot even

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express any generic sadness to do so. According to them, You have betrayed Allah and His Messenger SubhanAllah. To feel sad at a generic tragedy has nothing to do with al Qaeda. To feel sad, even at the death of a loved one who's a non Muslim has nothing to you. It's human emotion. Now, I'm not saying we must feel sad at the death of the individual who died today. No, I'm speaking generics here. I'm speaking generics to feel sad or happy is a human emotion. It has nothing to do with you loved, a non Muslim passes away. It's going to hurt you. There's nothing wrong with that you're not an evil, you know, deviant or somebody if a generic love of somebody makes you feel hurt. On the

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contrary, on the contrary, if a person's relationship with a non Muslim is one that is positive, that is overall good, and that non Muslim dies, what else do you expect, except that there's going to be pain, there's going to be an emptiness, this person out me this person did this. They're no longer there. Now, again, I'm not speaking of this particular individual. But some people's perceptions of this individual might be different than yours. For some people, this individual might personify certain positive characteristics, certain good qualities, and that person then feel sad, oh, she has died. Their sadness, don't bring in religion, say you're an evil Muslim. Let them feel

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sad. And for other people, this person might personify the evil empire, colonialism, imperialism, and so they're happy. Okay? Let them be. Don't bring religion into every single issue. A human emotion is a human emotion. So if somebody feels sad for a worldly reason, no problem. And if somebody feels happy for a worldly reason, no problem. Don't criminalize or heritor sighs, a Muslim for an average emotion, no problem in this. So my point being here that to feel happiness or sadness because of a worldly issue, it is human nature, nothing. And by the way from the Syrah, we learned that if lamb him honey butter room,

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the Romans and the Persians were fighting. They're both Kaffir countries. They're both Kaffir nations. And the Muslims at the time have nothing to do directly with either superpower, the Sassanids right and the Byzantines, the Byzantium, the must Muslims and Maccha have no direct contact with either the Byzantium Empire or the assassin the Empire. Yet that battle became a proxy war for the Quraysh and the Muslims, and the Quraysh considered the Sassanids to be their team. Because the Sassanids work fire worshippers or Austrians, so the Quraysh felt more sympathy to them. And the Muslims automatically took the Byzantium Empire The Byzantines to be their team, because the

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Byzantines were Christians and Christians are Allah kitab. And so when and these are both Catholic countries, when the Byzantium Empire the Byzantine Empire was defeated in that particular battle, was it 620 Something Heraclius was the emperor.

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The Quraysh gloated ah, your team lost I mean, we all know the cricket teams and the weather we all know how it feels we all know how it feels Been there done that. Well, not me personally, I don't watch the sports but you all you guys all know I'm talking about right? We all know how we feel when our team especially when the other team has a country we don't like right. Let's not get into too specifics here. But y'all get the point here. Okay, very recently as well. Anyway, so I do follow the news. I don't watch but I follow the news is better suited to the two. So we feel a sense of how Hamada TMG is going okay. Is that an Islamic guys please mate don't make the religion so difficult

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that you turn the average person away from being religious will lie this is my main problem with fanaticism. I'll be blunt here. It's not the fanatics themselves, let them do what they're doing. It's the bad name they give to the dean. It's that they make the Dean's so obscure, so impossible that the average Muslim says man if that's how religious folks are I don't want to be like that. This is the problem of fanaticism. It's nothing wrong somebody died that person was beloved your team one whatever you feel a generic happiness don't bring an Akita don't bring in Islam is just a generic happiness, no big deal or a generic sadness. So it

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If a famous person dies, who who impacted you? Right? And you feel a sadness, okay? That's it. Don't ask for instant fog. Don't bring in Allah Azza wa just say, May Allah forgive, but at the same time, don't let other people make you feel guilty if there's a generic sadness going on here and again,

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so many things can be said here.

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For example, the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, when the process was sitting and the famous as you all know, when did janazah of a Jewish person passed by now in those days, Jews dressed differently than the unsought and they had their clothes and whatnot, everybody could see is the janazah of a Jewish person. They're all dressed in their specific for uniforms and whatnot, and the profits are some stood up.

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Because that was the custom of the time just like in our culture, when the Hirth is driving by you pull your car aside and you let the earth go, is that not the case? Right? There is an adapt that is given to the deceased in their culture. In the time of Medina, the people would stand up and just you know, watch the person go by, okay, the prophet that hadith is anti Muslim, the process of them stood up, and the Sahaba were shocked yada suit Allah Can't you see it's your hoodie? Can't you see janazah? I mean, you could see but they're trying to make sense of this ya rasool Allah, this janazah of the Yahudi. And do you know what his response was? Was he not a human?

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Was he not a human? Now, our fuqaha say, the ruling of standing for the deceased is abrogated, okay, fine, let it be abrogated. But the job of showing it to ROM is not abrogated the adab of having some respect, that is not abrogated. That's an Akita issue here now. And actually, there's never abrogated the fact that the prophets have said, was he not a human? Wasn't he an insane, okay, he's not a Muslim, I'm not going to the cupboard and making dua for him. But there's an adage that is shown when somebody has died in our community, the community is mourning, they would stand up and show respect to that deceased person in our culture, we can do something similar. And we have

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examples when as I said, the earth is going by or you slow the car down or you allow the other cars to go whatever it might be, there is a level and decorum of respect that is given and our Shediac is not that, you know, mean or nasty or cruel that we are told to not even show the basics of humanity, in contrast to some groups who believe this, I strongly disagree and the Sierra is the best example for this. So point number six here nothing wrong with showing some sadness and giving the respect that is due and point number seven final point. How about offering constellations, when a non Muslim passes away? How about making statements of sympathy and what not? The majority of our fuqaha have

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said in an Islamic land, when we are the dominant and the 100 of them are the minority. The majority of scholars said that it is permissible, permissible to give words of comfort to the the mean.

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This is when we are endowed with Islam. What do you think when we are not endowed with Islam? And the mama know we says when the me his child dies or somebody dies of his, you should say to this person, may Allah give you more wealth and more children? May Allah did not show you any more loss. If no claim says this is the correct opinion. If no claim some people think these were the harsh but no actual orlimar are full of humanity and sympathy urban Albanian says that if a non Muslim suffers a tragedy, loses a child, you should give words of comfort and make generic dua generic da May Allah give you more children? What's wrong with that? May Allah grant you patients now May Allah bless you

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at this time, you may make dua for the living we said this will you make make dua for the living and even in one reporting my Muhammad was asked and he said this Mr. Oliver said this. So this is well made establish this is endowed with Islam, how much more so when we are not endowed with Islam and the world expects these words of sympathy and comfort and whatnot, we may make such generic, you know, praises and even honor the deceased in a manner that doesn't involve is still far again, this is a key point here. And the best example for this the best example, and I have given an entire analysis of this in a longer lecture online. Is that of multiman ID, the noble Kaffir the noble

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mushrik matambi have an idea. His story is amazing. Amazing. I have a whole hour lecture. I don't have time to summarize it. After the Battle of butter. When the Prophet system was surrounded by 70 prisoners of war

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70 of the Kurashiki were handcuffed I mean bound right. He stood up and he said a word.

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That word report in cyber hottie

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if most Ibn ID

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we're still alive right now, Paul

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As your multicam had just died one month ago, his death was fresh multicam had just died.

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If motorist even Addy were alive right now, and he said one word to me to release all of these 70

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I would have released it for release them for his sake.

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What is the process of doing here? By the way, what is moto Moto M do? Moto M has a whole long list of things he did to benefit the ummah. He was the one who fed the Muslims when they were under the boycott. He was the one who was instrumental in tearing the boycott up. He was the one who told his people to be good to the Muslims to not expel them. He has a long list of good things that he did, standing not for the sake of religion for the sake of justice. So what if they're worshipping another god, so whatever they have another faith, they're your brothers. Do your kith and kin, why are you mistreating them? He was an idol worshiper and he died an idol worshiper. And yet still, the

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prophet system bestowed upon him the Medal of Honor the equivalent, right there was no medal. They're the equivalent of the Medal of Honor these days, you dare invite a non Muslim to an Islamic conference and you say, Oh, we want to appreciate what you have done. You will find a whole bunch of these, you know, especially these, again, I don't want to use harsh words, but they're all young and under educated Allah has needs to be said Young and under educated, the harshness and the evil and look at the sellouts. They invited a Kaffir to the convention, what are you going to say to the prophets and praising multiman it after he was dead? This is the highest praise recorded inside

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Bahati, I would have given 70 prisoners of war just because of one word. If he said release, I would release for his sake. Why is he saying this? Why motorhomes dead? Why is he saying this? Because there is a debt that needs to be repaid. That debt is a dunya we debt. I can't repent in the acronym with me as a pagan. He's a he's an idol worshiper. But I need to repay that debt, I need to honor somebody who did so much for the OMA. And the only way to honor is by legacy and by name. So if somebody wants to praise a non Muslim for generic good, there is nothing wrong with this. If the person is worthy of praise, obviously, if the person is worthy, there's nothing wrong with this. So

00:32:11 --> 00:32:51

given all that has happened, and it is a tragedy of the highest magnitude for that nation, even the whole world is in sympathy and whatnot. If Muslim leaders were to make generic statements and follow the protocols of the faith, this is what we expect from them to do. And honestly, this needs to be said, I'm sorry, I get into a lot of trouble. Because sometimes I do get frustrated Subhanallah we need to raise the level of maturity of our communities Wallahi we are still, some of us, we're still not thinking 10 steps ahead. The amount the level of hatred that some of our community has against the broader community they live in. I don't understand how they expect to live here for the rest of

00:32:51 --> 00:33:27

their lives in their children's lives. You cannot live in a community that you're full of hatred for, it's not gonna it's not healthy for you, you can't be full of so much venom and so much hatred of everybody around you. It's gonna not be conducive. And also you're feeding into their worries that you guys are a fifth column. You guys, we cannot trust you. You guys. We've had a national tragedy. Our queen mother has died 90 year old lady, and all you can do is give vile insults, curses, you look at some of the stuff with a biller. I mean, even if you have nothing good to say, Can't you stay quiet? I'm not saying you have to say good. If you read and I'm being very frank

00:33:27 --> 00:34:07

here, if you feel in her your analysis that she was evil, okay. It's not a matter of theology. It's not a matter of theology to say she's good or bad. You have an analysis, she's bad, no problem be that way. But be wise, be wise. Is it wise to provoke an entire nation against you? Is it wise to you know, especially once sensitivities are so you know, right now emotional, and people are so sad. Now you want to provoke and you want to pretend you are the hero here Subhan. Allah, again, the Sierra, you know, one of the leaders of the Quraysh asked the Prophet system, is it really the proper names? I think it's really I'm not sure. What do you think? Ask the Prophet system. He said,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:35

Let me reason with you. You're and he was older, and then the process and by like, 20 years, 1520 years. So he says to him, you've grown up in front of us, you're our nephew, what not? What are you doing? You're breaking our community. Then he asked a series of questions. One of the questions he asked him, yeah, Mohamed, obviously speaking to him with his first name. Yeah, Mohammed was salam. Think what you are doing, who are you? You are going against your grandfather, Abdul Muttalib. Who was better you are Abdul Muttalib.

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

Now in this pagans mind who knew Abdulmutallab, he was a minister under other mortality, he was in Dodona dua, right. In this senior members mind, this is a no brainer. Who's better you are Abdulmutallab, you understand from his paradigm right? And of course, in our minds, it's a no brainer who is better, there is no way to ask the question is go for you get my point here. The problem

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

So some was asked this question bluntly. What did he say?

00:35:04 --> 00:35:52

Nothing? He did not respond. Why? Because do you really think this pagan would understand if the problem is that I am better? Do you think this is the Wisdom, the wise thing to do? You choose your battles, and you choose which questions to answer and how to answer them. And you choose what to say and when to say it. Don't act foolish and cause your own community to be hurt, which is what we see amongst a large segment of you know, these, again, my anger gets the better of me, don't do this, use your wisdom. And honestly, I keep on saying this. With age, and with experience, you learn what you will not learn from books. And there is a reason why most of these youngsters are youngsters,

00:35:52 --> 00:36:30

you generally don't find somebody in their 50s 60s 70s acting in this foolish manner. And there's a reason for this. It's not because they're sellouts or youngsters. It's not because they don't have enough knowledge than you. It's because they have more knowledge than you not just book knowledge, knowledge of life, knowledge of experiences, knowledge of living in communities knowledge of seeing what happens when you're impetuous when you're rash when you're foolhardy. They've lived through life, double triple your age, so give them some credit. And if you strongly disagree with one group of elders, go to another group of elders and bounce your ideas off of them. See, maybe you might not

00:36:30 --> 00:36:55

have the best idea in any case, bottom line, brothers and sisters there's nothing wrong with generic grief. There's nothing wrong with the generic aspects of expressing comfort and what not the theology is very clear and there's no need to make dua there's no need to pronounce judgments, but at the end of the day, there is much to benefit from historically and even insha Allah through this lecture for future incidents as well as akmola who was set on what he can refer to Allah he'll Baraka

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long our Mala who use one Luna Allah I'm Abby.

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water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Nalina you know, no one wants to

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do Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother movie in

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what levena You do? Meanie no means to be a while at MCC that several phone calls

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