Dividing the Ummah in the Name of the Sunnah

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signal, you have a question too. So just keep pausing there. You know, I have a question for the chef on that on that because it's a good follow up for Mufti. And also, Chef, if you want to add to it, please as well, you know, there's this, there's this notion nowadays that you can only take knowledge from a certain class band of scholars say for example, and this is not specific to any, any particular group in this land. And this is a notion that people have. And what I found really interesting was the, you know, the hadith of Avalon.

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when when when the devil came to him visit, and then he taught them here's, of course, the and the problem, as I said, was that in South Africa, you know, he, he spoke the truth, and he's a liar.

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Is it Danny, when it comes to taking knowledge, or taking even some aspects of the deen, I'm going to be straightforward. There is a stake in some aspects of the deal. I will find, and this is more your future, we'll find some.

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Always in Bahati the art lacks if it was on holiday, or something like this? Or maybe she out of the out of the layout or something like that.

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To what extent, bear in all of this in mind, is it allowable in Islam? To take knowledge from someone who's not from? Let's say, Elsa, nojima?

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time? Question. Very important question. I think it's similar to what you mentioned it in debate yesterday, on the atheist saying that I have no faith, everything is scientific, everything is empirical, so on and so on, and so forth. And you said, That's not true. But you do have faith in many things, many views and opinions and principles you've accepted without doing your own specific research. So I think the same rationale has to be used against these people who say you can't take from this one because he has a heart. It's like mathematics. And you mentioned that as well. One plus one, two plus two, so on and so forth. Okay, the solid, this is their this, would they say

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totally unanimously agreed that nothing is taken from anyone who is a material type. Is that absolutely true? We're not going to get into that right now. Is that true? Fill Joomla castle k theory as a theory, okay, say it is. Next step, you've made a mistake, not a bit. You made a hapa. But we translate the copper into data. Step number three is, what is kenema? We can't hear half of what you're saying. Plug the ears. So therefore, you made a mistake. You don't sit with these brothers, you don't like the scholar, this got a one from you. And that equals we avoid ANOVA n equals Kevin, Kevin Kevin, I'm sorry. No problem. All right, no problem. But that's not absolutely

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true. Rather, there are many people that you do take from and learn from that had innovations rather we'll move Teddy Ah, we're innovators. longkou far. Okay. Some years ago, they were saying and I want to mention no names, but they were saying you can take from an unknown translator or his be translator and there's a difference between a movie Teddy and a saw COVID I saw had this and there are these exotic terms to play games with people. But what about the dictionary that you read? Webster Merriam dictionary? Is that who wrote that dictionary? What about the Congress? What about the almanac? What about this bullying and Islamic books yet how many things we use on a daily basis

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that were written my profile that determines when you pray that determines what direction in which you pray? that determines so many other things when your child reaches puberty?

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What is the rule you don't take it from those people you go in at without any discernment you take it why because the information is clearly sound so that's the sort of Kaffir from Ballack we Muslim What do they matter Muslim? So so so regardless of getting into the details in a fight with them, because they want to bring this the sheriff and blah, blah, blah, let's just be realistic. How many people do you take from that said, all types of horrendous things about the laws, the attributes, his name's Sahaba and and this goes on, whether it's, and this goes on, and this goes on. Okay, so I think that, um, the people have to be stopped in their hypocrisy, and don't get into the game of the

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proof and evidence because they want to have they have a bag full of tricks. They bring them all types of thought you bring a thought that's not what's meant you bring a statement of a scholar, we only take Korean or Santa, you bring Korean or Santa, we only take what scholars say you can't win. You can't win and if you beat them intellectually with delille then they'll just call you a bad name. As a chef as core to have said man never to alleman 11 up to I never debated what a scholarship but I beat him without any pride. I just I was undefeated well man every woman ever ninja hit on a lava Bunny and I never debated with a fool except that the fool beat me and that's

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because fools don't take science but they take they get into so you beat the debate you defeat me to his beat and your motor cabin here motor low when and motor sector and all the words and exotic terms. So you have no official you cannot beat them at that game. You quote Quran Sunnah, they bring scholar, you quote scholar, Quran, Sunnah, you can create a central scholar, oh, he's not the biggest scholar. You can't win. So just stop them in their hypocrisy. You

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Guys cut it out. If we can't take nothing from an innovator, then get rid of this book and get over that book, and don't take from this person, and this mistake and that mistake, and so on and so forth. Once you burn half of the Islamic library, then let's sit down and talk about taking from us horrible data and so on and so forth, then we can talk, you have to purge your system of hypocrisy. You're not keeping it real. You take for many people that are clear innovators, or innovations. And there's no difference between a book between nollie Bay hockey even 100 is no difference. Whether they're dead or alive. We're not supposed to take anything unless it's 100% dead alive in a book or

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not. Period. So stop.

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Stop. Let's stop. Once you get rid of the hypocrisy, then let's sit down. Lena teknaf Gosh, let's debate on halia Jews. Is it permissible to take from an innovator? Not a ton of them who made a mistake? a shaker made a mistake. No, I'm moving Teddy. Let's look at the hard core deleted from the Quran. Sunnah, from Bihari like you mentioned from Eman Muslims book MMR has was lucky to the hardcore Abdullah and we did this some months back we read from immunogens canal and shot edited MIDI about him Mr. Ma taken from the country taken from the Moto G take from this person and they gave no response. They give no response. We mentioned our proves our massage did it was a Muslim

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that would old narrate it. And she rejected this one and that we mentioned all the names and it gave no response because they can't give a response because they hypocritical. They're immature knowledge. They're hasty. If there's a reputation everyone will come and listen. You open up say Bacardi and read only a few people will come. So So my advice and of course me from Philadelphia, Yanni they're the cronies of the people from the UK, that is

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the reality of the ship. Most of these people who engage in this, you find that they have not exceeded the elementary level of No, no never got past edumedia sort of fenetre they haven't got passed by konia. These are the people who are either, like I said either saying from phenylacetic del Melaka is wrong. I was wrong until today. Mufti is wrong. He's a moped, he's an innovator. It's the same methodology among peoples that you start learning a few letters. And now you are the Imam of Jakarta, Dean, everyone's wrong, you are right. And in reality, they have not passed the elementary level of knowledge. And I give them an excuse in that we actually all kind of went

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through that these type of phases were in the beginning, we thought we knew for sure. And then the more you learn, the more you realize how flexible stem is, and the rich tradition that we have. And the various legal and theological and, you know, various opinions, logical opinions and various sciences that are just as valid, just as strong and everyone has their position and their evidences for their position. And you get to respect that and you become much more laid back much more mellow and you realize that I'm not going to speak because I don't have no money.