Virtues of The Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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Abdul Wahab Saleem discusses the virtues of the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah. He also shares some of the ways one can spend his/her time during these blessed days.

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Send them an equal or document Allahu wa barakato this is your brother Abdul Wahab setting and this is the first of the 10 podcasts for the hedgehog, the first 10 days of the hedgehog brought to you by Sonic Academy. These are absolutely beautiful, tremendous states these are days in which a lot of people in the world their hearts are in one place and their bodies are in another. And for some people, their hearts and their bodies are in another place and that is the place which is dear to all of us and that is mocha and mocha Mama, and that is the sacred lands such as in Medina that is the sacred areas insights such as autofill and other places. These are days which are extremely

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Beloved, not only to the hearts of the believers, but there are days that are extremely beloved to Allah subhana wa tada himself. In fact, a loss of Hannah Montana takes an oath by a number of aspects of these few days. Allah subhana wa tada takes an oath by the Federal of this day by saying well fidgety while they are in Russia, by the Federal by the morning time when they add in Russia and also by the 10 nights. Some of the scholars such as the Hawk, the famous scholar of the hockey said, the Federal by which Allah subhana wa Dyna takes an oath over here in this particular surah. In this particular ayah is the federal of the first day of the hijab. So the day that we're in

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today, Allah Subhana, Allah is taking an oath by the Federal of this day. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala continues, and he says whether you add in Russia, and also by the 10 knights, so Allah is taking another oath, and this oath is by the 10 knights, ie the 10 Knights of the ledger, and then Allah subhana wa Tada. He says, We're Schaeffer, and also the even day, well, what, and also the odd day, and the scholars explaining this, they said, A Scheffer over here is referring to the day of read because the day of read isn't even day which is day number 10. of the caja, and a letter over here is referring to an odd day and that particular audit is you'll modify because the day of alpha

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occurs on an odd day from the day that is the ninth day of the project. So in these verses, a loss of Pantone with Allah is taking an oath by so many aspects of these days. Allah is taking an oath by the Federal of the day that we're in today. Allah is taking an oath by the Knights themselves. A lot is for panel data is taking an oath by your motto for the day or offer a lot is taking an oath by Yeoman. Now, how are Yeoman read the read that we will be celebrating soon enough. So these are beautiful, tremendous days. And the reason why I emphasize in the beginning, upon the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is taking all these promises and all these Oates's because whenever a lot

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takes an oath by something, a lot, some kind of data is trying to magnify that particular concept within the minds of the people. Because a lot of data is permitted to take an oath by anything and we, as human beings, when we take an oath by something, we're trying to glorify that. So people when they go to the court, they take an oath by a certain book, their religious scripture, they're trying to glorify this scripture and saying that on the authority of this, I wouldn't be lying. Allah Subhana, Allah is permitted to take an oath by anything that is of his creation, which is everything besides themselves. I like to take an oath, but any of those things, and he chooses specifically to

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take oaths by things that are extremely magnified, and he wishes to magnify. He wishes to glorify these concepts within the minds of people. So he wants to mention the virtue of these particular concepts by taking an oath by them. So reminding you of the virtue virtue of the time in general, and specifically the time of fudger in the day that we're in today. Number two, the 10 days large number three, a Scheffer, the odd the even day, which is the day of receipt and the odd day, which is the day of offer. And some people said, however, that these 10 nights are not actually the 10 nights of the day, they're in fact, the 10 nights of Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan, because

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those are also very famous and virtuous nights, right? But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, as found in the Hadith, he said that I should, I should have heard that the 10 referred to over here is the 10 days of it.

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And the what are referred to over here is the day of autophagy. And the Scheffer referred to over here is the day of a knockout or the day of a read. So this is the explanation that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had submitted as well. So one may ask Now which one of these 210 nights are better? Or the 10 nights of Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan better, or the 10 nights that we are in now? Are they better? The scholars responding to this they said that in general, as a as a season, the 10 nights that we're in now are the best nights and there's nothing comparable to these nights, but in specific when it comes to the

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A Night of Power specifically Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran Lila to the contrary, Hiram and fish out the night of power is better than 1000 months at three years in a few months. So these nights are in general better, but the night of power within the 10 nights of Ramadan, the last 10 nights of Ramadan is the best night period. But in addition to the fact that these nights as a season are the best nights period, and these days as a season are the best days period. There's also another specific concept within the these days within the season. And that is that the best day, the best morning time within the entire year lies within these 10 days. And that is the day of alpha,

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according to Mr. manoli according to an Habiba should Vini according to many, many other scholars, such as in Managua, who actually said that this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars that the day of alpha is the best day of the year. This is the day in which Allah will forgive the maximum amount of people that he forgives in any other day, compared to any other day during the entire year. This is the day about which there's a lot of details in it. In the subsequent podcast, we'll talk more about the date of alpha. But it's sufficient for us to know right now that this particular set of days are not only the best days, as a collection of days as a season of days, but

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they also have the single best day within the entire entire year. And this is the opinion of the majority of law he has another opinion he has the opinion that the day of the day I will read is the best day in either case, you will notice in both opinions that opinion that says Yamanaka is the best and the opinion that says human read is the best in both scenarios. We have the best day of the year within these 10 days and we have the best days with an S at the end of the year that we are in right now. I asked a lot of panel data to give us strength amongst the virtues of these particular days that we're in is the fact that these are the days which are known as the days that Allah

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subhana wa Donna had promised to Moosa it Sarah as found out off also in sort of the Bekaa loss of Hannah with Allah says well I did not Moosa Salafi in LA let in Atlanta hobby Asha Fatima, me or Toby alberi nelida Allah subhana wa tada had told Mousavi ceram to go into seclusion with Allah subhana wa tada for 30 days, essentially. And after the 30 days, I'm also panda with data increased that time of seclusion between Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Musa alayhis salam for another 10 days. So it became 40 days then. So the promise was 30 days. And then Allah subhana wa Taala says what x Manohar, the actual, we completed the 30 with another 10. So it became 40 days and then Allah says

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for them to be that completed the promise that completed the appointment that Musa alayhis salam had with a loss of Hannah without other 40 days, these 40 days according to the scholars of the seat, are the days of the garden, the 30 days of the bladder, and the 10 days of the project. So they are the last 10 days, they are the most significant of the 10 days or the or the 40 days that Musashi ceram spent in seclusion with Allah subhanaw taala, the last 10 days of those 40. So Allah makes mention of these days in that particular scenario. And imagine Allah subhana wa Taala asks Moosa to go into seclusion, and he specifies these days, because these are really, really honorable days.

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Furthermore, Allah subhanho wa Taala he calls these days as asuran manual, Matt, Allah says, and I do not omit that had or days that are absolutely known and recognizable to people. Everybody knows what these days are. The Arabs knew prior to Islam prior to the advent of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Islam at large. They knew what a hedge was, they knew that it was the days of chawan it was the days of the bada and it was the first 10 days of that as well. So Allah subhana wa tada because of how popular these days are because of how recognize they are because of the fact that people know the virtuous nature of these days already before and after Islam. Allah subhanho wa

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Taala doesn't even list them within the Quran simply says that hedge is already known to people those days are known. These are the days that we're in right now. And the fact that you're one little guy at the end, and attendees of the agenda are these days that Allah subhana wa tada makes reference to in the Quran by calling the Malou Matt is an opinion that is pretty much agreed upon between the scholars. Some scholars, they say that the days of Hajj are not only the days of chawan kada and the 10 days of the hedgerow

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Rather there the whole month of the project as well so they're three months show why God doesn't project nonetheless we are within that time. In any case whether we say that it is the first 10 days of the project alone, or we say that it is the the days of Hajj include all the way till the end of the year either way we are in height, we are in a very very blessed time. And Allah makes another reference to these days Allah says well as infinity Bill had to get the job done. Well Allah Cooley Law meeting Tina and Cooley fujinami Leah shadow mana Fiona home and proclaim

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within the people that claim of hedge make the call of hedge they will come to you walking they will come to you upon mounts, they will come to you in many ways, men coolly fetching me from the furthest parts of this earth. So that they may end up witnessing the benefits that I have placed for them within this land. And also so that they may remember when Guru smella fee a young man oh man so that they may remember the name of Allah subhana wa tada upon the sacrificial animals that they bring, they may mention that name during a days that are absolutely known as well during a group of days during a set of days during a selection of days. During a beautiful Group, a beautiful you know

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time season of the year a young man lumads days that are known to people and recognizable to people yet again, so Allah subhana wa tada calls these days Malou most recognizable known noteworthy to people in both scenarios, in the reference to the month itself, the months of hedge, as in Chicago, tada and the 10 days of the project, and these specific 10 days as well. So these are absolutely beautiful days that we're in a lot took an oath by them the federal of the first day of this, a lot took an oath by the 10 days I'm not took an oath by the day of alpha, I took an oath by the date of Allah subhanaw taala made reference to them, calling them neck, recognizable notable months, Allah

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subhanaw taala made reference to these 10 days and Allah Subhana Allah did all of this so that we may recognize the virtue of these days, these days are absolutely virtuous, so much so that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and this is the Hadith that I really want to emphasize on after looking at the Quran, and how Allah subhana wa tada beautifully mentioned the virtuous nature of these days, a lost Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in a yummy, I'm a little slightly goofy in a Habu ilahi min Heidi and a Yama national, there are no days within the entire year, that the good deeds are more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala then these 10 days that we are

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in now so the oath was taken by the Knights isn't the Knights are very virtuous as well. So if anybody wants to wait wake up for the PM, and over here the word yom is used, which also includes the night but also so you recognize that the virtue is within the day and within the night All of it is virtuous, there is no day, no group of days, that are more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala for a person to do good deeds within. Then these 10 days, the Sahaba, shocked, perplexed they said oh prophet of Allah, even if a person was to go out and fight for the sake of Allah, the prophets or send them replied back, even the fighting for the sake of Allah would not equate to these days. And

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the goodness that a person can do within these days by worshipping Allah Subhana. Allah, he said, with one exception, if a man was to go out in the way of a loss of Hannah Montana, spend all of his way, all of his money in the way of a loss of Hannah Montana, and then not returned back as well IE be a martyr in the way of Allah as though again, that one person may be doing something better than the people that are worshipping within these days, I ask Allah Subhana Allah, through His grace and mercy to give us that though, feel to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala within these days, these days are not just days that are specific to people that are going to make 100 By the way, okay? Some

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people have this notion people are going to make hygiene hamdulillah if you're not gone for Hajj, you still have an opportunity to make the art to allow you still have an opportunity to show servitude to Allah, you still have an opportunity to get closer to Allah, you still have an opportunity to do so much that even the littlest of your actions will be counted as great great deeds, because these are the best days of the year. As I said, these days have a number of acts of worship which are popular within them. I'll just mention one. If you haven't already started, you start but in Atlanta in the subsequent podcast, we'll talk more about some of the acts of worship.

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And some of the lessons that we can take from these days. One act of worship that you should get down to right away is fasting within these days. Fasting is a beautiful thing throughout the year, but it is even more beautiful. In these particular days. These particular days, the prophets of Sutherland had a habit of fasting and be in the light Allah will dedicate a lesson to fasting as well just below him for listening. I asked him lots of panel data to accept the hedge of those that are gone for hedge. I asked him

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panel data to accept the needs of those people that wished to have one for hedge I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to accept us as people that are slaves of his that worship Him alone. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to accept the deeds that we do. And I asked Allah subhana wa tada to forgive our actions that we have done throughout the year within these days because these are the days of mercy. These are the days of forgiveness, while some of the law CDM hamedan are early he will be here tonight.