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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah. mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the sliven Castilian casita from abajo

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runs just as we were talking about the way in which our son differentiated himself in terms of leadership, I am today in a place called cara cara, which is right down south. In Tamil Nadu we are as the crow flies, we are roughly maybe 25 miles from Sri Lanka, across the street. And as you can see, I'm standing by the by the seaside fishing boats, behind me, the lot of seafront houses in front of me, the photos of Allah subhanaw taala, if you just think and reflect on this water, this water is the same water that came to the earth. In the first massive storms that came when the planet was being formed, it is the very same water to think about that it's the same water which has

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been on this planet for Allah knows how many millions of billions of years. And water is the substance which is simultaneously which exists in his three states.

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liquid gas and and solid. And that's what we're standing. So when we look at things, we should reflect on them, just don't just don't just don't look at the view and say, Oh, nice water, nice, nice sand and so on. There's much more to it than that.

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We come to the last and final stage of rasulillah is our salon live? And when I think about that, and I reflect on it, and say how do you differentiate himself? The couple of things that stand out and come to mind. The first thing is that starting from the Thursday, before the Monday that he passed away, Rasulo Salaam appointed ochreous vellano as the Imam. Now this, many people say that Russell rahsaan did not appoint his successor. He did not name his successor, but because read history and when you read history, the most important thing to do in history is not apply your standard not apply your understanding standing wherever you are today in the 20th century or the

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10,000th century, but look at what was the understanding, what was the culture what was the

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the context in which the incident happened? The culture in the context of the Sahaba was that Salah was the head of the matter for everything they looked at Salah as the number one thing any example they made in life was based on the Salah

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Nebuchadnezzar also when he gave examples, you always give examples of the Salah for example, take the Hadees jabril for example, when I'm asked

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Melissa jasola what is Sal sola what example Did you give the example of Santiago de la Cana Katara. Now visualisierung could have given the example of Einstein in practically every single aspect of life because Einstein is not restricted to salah and sand is it everything that we could have given the example of Exxon in treating your family in,

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in your in your public space and so on and so what he did, he gives example of Salah because the the understanding of the Vla Salam and the Sahaba was that Salah is the essence of the matter and Salah encapsulates the entire life of the Muslim. So when we make such that Allah subhanho wa Taala in Salah, this is the physical sense that before Allah, but our mental says that our spiritual such that our such the in terms of our context, our life and so on, this is all all of that is pseudo because pseudo is to submit your will to the will of Allah. pseudo is to submit yourself to the hug of Allah. Allah rather the the, the moment the man says Allahu Akbar.

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Allah is the Greatest what do you do you bow whether it is in ruku or Salah, the moment the mumps Allahu Akbar, we fall into those. So when we look at the world, when we come to any decision in life, has a logical answer now, has Allah become now smaller than your then your will then you are enough? No, unless you like what? So if Allah Akbar, and when we say Allahu Akbar, the thing to do is to fall into Jude, then when we say Allahu Akbar, in any life decision, then the thing to do is to fall in sudo in that decision, meaning, do what Allah has ordered and do not do what Allah has not ordered, as simple as that. So the reason I'm giving this example now, He therefore appointed

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our city as the map. Now this is to me anyway.

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This is a clear indication that also dasara Sanam preferred and nominated a worker a civic as the Imam

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and not anybody else. further proof anybody wants one time in that period between the third

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And Monday, Obamacare was not their biller and recall the other then there was no demand because our city was not there the alano so bilello Delano said,

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Please read the Salah. So Mr. Delano let the salah and Rasulullah Serrano objected he said who told Omar to lead the Salah? He said Allah and His dummy and the Muslims do not accept anyone other than a worker as deema. Now, why does he say this? That says an hour got very upset with Bill Allison you made you put me in trouble will answer No I did not put you in trouble. I did what is accepted among all of us which is that after the NaVi is our worker and after a worker is you, so this also establishes the the lava and the Coronavirus eden in terms of who takes precedence over whom and the and both the companions of Rasul Allah, Allah May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with them and melas

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rata grant them the highest stations in Ghana, and May Allah grant them the Horeb and the Sahaba of the one they love the boss, which is Mohammed salatu salam, and May Allah include all of us among them. This proceedings was also established by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in his lifetime. Final the lead in this a woman came to his house, Allah asked a question. He said, Come tomorrow. She said yes. What if I come tomorrow and you are not there? Meaning you are not physically there. Maybe you passed away whatever she meant. He said, If I come tomorrow, if you are not there, what must I do? He said, asked aboubaker. He she said if our burger is not there, what must I do? He said as Omar

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Abelardo. So this is a this is a sequence and a procedures that is established by Ross Ross Ross. And so now to come back to our story. Now we Saracen have appointed our workers to do the law. No, he was the man of the Salah. And then in the Shah salatu salam came, he could not even think about his his Where is his house? His house is is right next not just next to the masjid. It has a common wall with the masjid his door opens into the masjid. Right, so close. Does he pray the first Salah in the house? No, he comes to the masjid does he pray the first Salah in the house when he is sick? No. He comes to the masjid even when he is unable to walk to people carry him and the Ravi have that

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he says we saw his feet dragging on the floor. He could not even support his own weight sallallahu sallam, he could not even support his own way. There were two people who are who are caring literally on either shoulder or carrying him yet he came into the masjid, to pray the Salah. Now over Garcinia delana was leading he suddenly heard some commotion behind him and he realized what must be happening. So he moved back Ross neurosurgeon and put his hand on his back and he pushed him forward. And he said lead and sat and he prayed, sitting next to

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And then we come to the last day when this hammer said

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that we

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were standing in Salah, our city of Allah is leading and disallowable fudger and they said suddenly it was like the masjid was illuminated by a new

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and that was when the sorceress alum moved aside the curtain from his house from his room and he looked at this one like Hollywood Bane, what were they doing? They were in Salah, and also resolution of smile, and the ravioli says it was like as if the sun was shining, it was so beautiful, that we saw this note from the NaVi la salon, spread in the whole machine. And lamesa salon was very happy, and his final wasa and I want to close with that. A person says at his time of death, there was he has with abortion gives the person gives the was here and that was here is

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to the worse yet is something which a person does on his deathbed and he says that which is the most important to him, and what what what is the source of some say he said a Salah, Salah Salah. He said God your Salah, pray make sure because the Salah is the head of the matter and the one who Salah is perfect inshallah, that person's life will be perfect because the Salah is something which must spread in our entire lives, the way we pray, the way we are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala the way we do only what Allah has ordered, we don't add anything in the Salah. We don't take out anything in the Salah. We don't change it because I don't like this or I don't like that. All of this is a

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marker for us about how we should lead our own life. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to learn from Rasul Allah is Allah salah and to learn from what he has taught us in his life and to make his life an example for our lives because this is the best example. Well Allah Allah will carry while he was happy when Veronica