Maryam Lemu – Marriage Gems #15

Maryam Lemu
AI: Summary © The customer describes a strange behavior from their wedding to their stepmother, where the step admit they didn't cook during the marriage, but the step admit they did. The step admit they didn't owe them their rights, but the customer says they didn't want them to cook. The customer also talks about a subtle reminder from the step admit they didn't want to be called "reminder" and mentions a message from the step admit.
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So I think one of the things that he did to deposit in my emotional bank account, it seems strange, of course for many to hear him say he was doing about 70% of the cooking. But before we got married when it was telling me my rights under Sharia, the first thing I always remember that stood out was, he said, you do not need to cook in the marriage. And I didn't know this, even though I didn't see my mother cooking, except when she wanted to cook for fun or something, an English dish and so on. But he said, you do not owe me to cook, you're not going to be a glorified housewife. What your obligations are, are here and he gave me a book and Funny enough, it was a book written by my mum.

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And he said, read it. These are your rights, but these are your obligations to me. And we discovered that as the marriage started, even though he knew I could cook over 200 French and Italian dishes and my stepmother may Allah have mercy on her taught me up local dishes, and I learned from other friends. I could cook extremely well, but he was the one who was doing the cooking around the house, cooking in the house. He was doing the chores. He was helping clean up the house, he would be vacuuming. He would take my laundry and go and wash and just the ironing I remember one day he gave me his clothes and told me to iron out like running late for work. And I just absent mind he said

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Marian, can you please add the shirt for me? Because I'm running late. She just stood there and this hand was not born with an iron in it. Yes. So behind Allah Don't worry. I didn't want him to treat me like a house.

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I'll do my I know it sounds so terrible was it was a joke. Yeah, I wanted to send the message.

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It's just a subtle reminder. Yeah, of what I told

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