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And he was on the edge Marine. Allahu Malissa Illa Masha Allah Who Salah into Jianjun Husna either she Tessa or BSC to Allah to assess water mean Bill higher will be canister in we thank Allah who believes that you will JLL for having gathered us here once again and we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to surround us with the mullah ICA and to cause his mercy and his Sakeena to descend upon us and to raise us with the MBR Allahi wa Salatu was Salam and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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in the story of use of filing your salat wa salam, O Allah subhanho wa taala. He tells us that it is either use of or it is the lady who attempted to seduce him that says Daddy Kelly Yara, Lemma and Neelam a phone who believe Awa and Allah Allah de que de l'homme in Him. That is, so Allah Aziz will know that I did not betray him in his absence, and that Allah does not guide the plan of the betrayers. So now, the thing is, there's a dispute amongst them of Assyrian as to who is the person that is speaking here. And the more popular view is that it is the lady in volatilizes. It is the wife of a disease that is speaking here. But the opinion that we went with last week was that it is

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useful for other use salatu salam speaking. Now, if you take a look at the eye, afterwards, you will come to realize that it is most likely it is most likely the wife of Aziz that is speaking. And this is because you see that she says Walmart will better be on FC, and I do not acquit myself. I'm blaming myself, I'm saying that I am to blame. Walmart will better UFC in the NITSA let Amara tune be Sue. Indeed the knifes is constantly commanding a person to commit evil

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illa ma Hemara be except for that which my Lord has had mercy upon.

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In our beautiful Rahim indeed my Lord is Most Merciful, the Most Forgiving and most Merciful.

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You see, the use of Aditya salatu salam had no need to acquit himself of evil or wrongdoing or to blame his soul etc. Yes, of course. All human beings are prone to mistakes. The MBR alayhi wa Salatu was Salam never committed sins, but when they made a mistake, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave them, but here in this context, one that will better be one FC. He has, he was actually seeking to clear his name. So why would he then go out and say, I am not, you know free of blame as well. I am not free of blame as well. The context doesn't suit it to be the speech of use of others salat wa salam and Allah subhanahu wa to Allah knows best. But regardless, we'll not worry you will never see in

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enough Salah Amara tune be true. Indeed the nafs is constantly commanding a person to do evil in llama Rahim Allah be except for that which my Lord has had mercy upon. Now, you see, this is a lesson to all of us, your neffs is not free of evil, universe is also blameworthy universe can actually do something against you, without your knowledge Did you realize Do you realize that sometimes your knifes lies to you, your nafs lies to you. So it tells you that you are doing this for this sincere cause. But in reality, you are doing it for your ego. And this is the knifes of a human being. Secondly, we you know, we realize that if in the case that this was useful for Iranian

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salatu salam, and he's actually saying of himself, that woman who bet of UFC I do not declare myself free. I do not acquit myself.

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Then this is a newbie of Allah subhanahu wa taala telling us that he does not acquit himself. So who are we to acquit ourselves? Who are we to say we are free of sin, we are not evil intended, we will never have any evil intention. You see a person who constantly checks his heart and checks his intention is the one who most likely will be sincere. And this is why

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we have to

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constantly renew that intention in our Malou beneath yet indeed actions are judged by their intentions. It is very easy for many of us to do good deeds. But how many of us will come on the day of am with those good deeds preserved intact? Mangia Bill has sanity fella who are short on 30 am the one who comes with a good deed on the day of piano, he will have 10 fold of that good deed 10 fold, but it is the one who comes with it preserved intact on the day of piano. So, it is important for us to realize and understand that the intention is the most important thing in an act of worship to begin with. And then and then the correctness in which that action is performed. Because you can

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have a sincere person constantly doing something wrong. That means that that person would have not rendered an act of worship in the first place. May Allah subhanahu wata Allah protect us from this. And this is why you hear people saying, Sheikh be the sheikh with why why do they focus on these, we don't even like to come close to these words today, because people have got a negative attitude towards them. But the reason is simple. The reason is that number one, be sincere with Allah subhanahu Attallah ensure that that is only for a bull is that you will Gelatt shaitan wants to keep you away from Allah subhanahu Attallah altogether and in totality, he wants to keep you on the path

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of misguidance he wants to keep you not remembering rock bullets that you will Jellal at all. But if he can achieve this, and he's seen you are going to Allah, He will come on the path. And he will tell you, you know, in this direction for a short while, or go through this path to Allah subhanho wa Taala yet that diversion doesn't lead to Allah at all. And this is the danger of what we term schicke and Vidin because he is actually averting you away from the pot path to begin with. And if he can't achieve this, then what he will do is

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he'll say, Look, you are sincere. I want you to perform something extraordinary, something that other people don't do something that nobody has ever done, do something special for your Maker. So he comes to you from that door. Yet we know that there is nothing better that that we can perform than that which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did so go to the Sunnah, go to the Quran, see, check your actions are correct. Ensure that what you are doing is right and ensure that your heart is sincerely four bullets that you will learn. Today it is very easy for us to actually get onto the wrong path especially when we have access to the world in our mobile phones. So you find

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the person at the cab and what they're doing Hey, look at where I am. Hey, come on guys. Here I am. Here's the selfie ego a check. I met the Kaabah Allahu Akbar SubhanAllah. Are you really decree declaring that for Melissa Tian Jalon? What are you declaring it for Instagram, and Facebook? Are you declaring it for the various social media apps out there? This is a question we've got to ask. Because a person's intention is of utmost importance when it comes to calling out to a place that you are jealous when it comes to calling out to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. I'm not saying everybody that goes out there and puts a picture of muckety muck aroma of Madina Munawwara of the industry and

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sending it to the family is insincere. I'm not saying that at all. But check your intention. And perhaps if you do have a few moments where you've put your visit

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out in the public high, and then take some moments, to sneak out of your hotel room and to leave when nobody knows that you're leaving, and to go to Allah subhanho wa Taala and to worship Him and to sincerely seek forgiveness from him and to pour your heart out to him. You know, when you're in these places, it's very important for you to ensure that you're sincere. Nevermind that wherever you are. It's important but it's of utmost importance when you there. Why? Because you are at the gushing point of the way with the way he actually sprang forth from so you're at a place where your heart is softened. Your eyes to yo your hands tremble your hair stands on the on end. This is a

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days in which you've got to really meet you make a you've got to really attend to him. So don't declare your soul free of sin don't declare your soul free of evil intention. Don't ever think that, you know, I'm just talking about her. But you know what? I want goodness for her? Or I want goodness for him. Think about why you're saying it. Are you really saying it because you want reform? Are you really saying it because you want to hide that? Which is good? Or are you saying it because you're knifes finds that juicy? And you know, if you really get down to the bottom of it and ask yourself, why you enjoy it so much. There is really no logical explanation. There is no logical explanation,

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the only logical explanation that you can come up with is this is shaper.

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This is shapen. Because what do you achieve from it, it doesn't benefit you dunya it doesn't benefit you akhira. In fact, it will most likely cause you harm in this world and in the earth here. So be very, very careful of your neffs have this constant dialogue with yourself. You know, it's not wrong for you to sometimes sit and talk to yourself. Just make sure nobody sees you doing it. You know, because the last thing you want is them to think you're gone mental, but sit and talk to yourself and tell yourself that Hey, am I really sincere with Allah? Am I really Are you are you really sincere? Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself Who are you? And oftentimes you'll tell

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yourself that you're a hypocrite man. This is what you do behind closed doors. And this is how you face the people. So ask yourself these yourself these questions and there is no examiner for yourself better than yourself.

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So ask yourself, yourselves these questions it is absolutely important, important and you will benefit from it a lot

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in llama Rahima rugby except for that which my Lord has mercy upon. Now, you see how he attributes in Amara Hemara except for that which my Lord has mercy upon. He attributes the goodness to Allah subhanho wa Taala or she attributes the goodness to Allah subhanahu Uttara Illa na Rahim Allah except for that which my Lord has mercy upon. So when it comes to the evil, he attributes it to himself, when it comes to the goodness, he attributes it to his makeup, he attributes it to Rob will is that you will Jalil and this is something that we can take lesson from, we never ever attribute goodness to ourselves, we should attribute it to our maker because ultimately had he not made us we

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wouldn't have had that opportunity to perform that good deed had he not had had mercy upon us. Then we would have not been able to do that while metal fealty lab Allah Allah He tell Cal to

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Why don't you fail yet? What can you limit our karoun that mitofit My ability is not from anyone except from Allah subhanho wa Taala it is only from Allah subhanaw taala Amato Via de La Villa, or they eat our country upon him. I place my trust in him, I will pray place my trust and upon him should those who trust placed they trust. So always trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and know that any goodness that comes to you is from Rubble is that you will Gela any goodness that comes to you attribute it to rubble is that you Angela? Subhan Allah Masha Allah Al Hamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah, we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala for Baraka in this, we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to bless

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it. We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for what He has given us. These are statements of a believer, whereas the person who doesn't have much trust in Rubble is that you will gel much belief in Rubble is that you will general Hey, look at what I did, guys. Hey, look at what I'm doing. Look at what I've achieved. Look at how far I've gone in life. That is not the attitude of a believer, that is the attitude of those who are weak of faith, or those who are disbelievers in their makeup. In not beautiful Rahim despite all of this, my Lord is Most forgiving, Most Merciful. I know that yes, my soul will sometimes command me to do wrong but when I turned to him, I know he's most forgiving. I

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know he is most Merciful. And this is one of the things that one of the greatest aspects that we can focus on about Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the greatest and all of his qualities are great, but you find this recurring throughout the Quran in all

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On behalf of Rahim Ye, you find this recurring throughout the Quran because Allah subhanho wa Taala is emphasizing to us how merciful he is and how forgiving he is. And in this context, you notice that Allah subhanahu wa taala says it upon the tongue of use of Allah in salatu salam or the wife of Allah disease, and he says he constantly uses the word or be my rob my maker, he will fashion me, He who brought me into existence from nothing. I have this intimate relationship with him. You know, I'm very, very close to him in the sense that he made me He fashioned me, he made this heart of mine. My heart is in his control. I asked him to forgive me, I asked him to have mercy upon me. And

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he's telling you that I am most merciful, I am most forgiving. So you've got to actually turn to that make a you've got to raise your hands. And never lose hope never lose hope. In that mercy of rubble is that your Jalon shape one wants to get you the shape. One wants you to think that your Lord won't forgive you and he won't have mercy upon you. But he is telling you otherwise he's telling you I will forgive you. I will have mercy upon you. But turned to me. All you've got to do is ask of me all you've got to do is beg of me and do be sincere and do that which is correct and right. What Carl medical Tony be stuck LIS only enough. See, the Kingdom said that bring this man to

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me. I want him to be exclusively for me. Allama Kalama, who Allah in Oklahoma lead, amen are keen on Amin. And when he spoke to him, he said, Indeed, today, you are established and trusted with us. You are established and trusted with us. Now, there are some profound lessons that we can learn.

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While Carl, many could only be as Douglasville enough, see, the king saw that this man was hard working trustworthy. This man was an honest man, first and foremost, very, very honest. As for hard working, we can see in the sense that he actually helped his partners in the prison. And he helped the people even though he didn't have to, even though he could have used it as leverage, he was extremely sincere. So what did the king do, he immediately says, Bring him here, I want to keeping it keep him exclusively for myself. And the lesson that we learned is that when you see a sincere person, when you've noticed a sincere person,

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if you can keep that person in your life, do as much as you can, whatever you can to keep that person. And this when it comes to business is of utmost importance, because it is very difficult today, and especially in today's times to find those who are trustworthy. When you find a person who's trustworthy, hold him close, hold him close, draw him even closer look after him, hold her close look after her why? Because he or she, whoever it may be, has got a quality that is extremely rare to find today. You know, we always give the example of the diamond who found a diamond,

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pick it up, polish it, look after it, nobody needs to tell you that these people are more rare than diamonds, just mean diamonds are not even that array. So they pick that person, hold them close to you keep them ensure you look after them. Because you will not find a person like that in a rush. And the value that person provides to you or provides you with you cannot compare with anything else. What kind of medical Dooney be aesthetically schooling I've seen, especially when you are in a position of leadership. You see,

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many of us sit and think that well. I'm not in a position of leadership. I don't have much I don't have

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much power much say but each one of us Allah subhanahu wa taala has accorded to us some form of leadership. And we've got to understand that we ever we put in this situation. We need to remember these principles. People who are honest, sincere, and you've seen their track record for years. Look at use of Alayhi Salatu wa sallam he was in the prison for how long? You've got witness from so many people that are honest people to say that this is an honest man. He's now been declared free of any wrongdoing for the crime that he was placed in prison for. So it doesn't matter what that person

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Since past maybe, because so long as he has been declared clear of wrongdoing in the past, and he is good today you have good witnesses with regards to what he has done. He has service to community for free, that he has done for the people for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa taala or perhaps he has sincerely worked for somebody else. didn't hire such a person and hold them close. Furama Kalama Karla inner Cal Yahoomail Adelina MacKinnon. I mean, so when he spoke to him,

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he said, Indeed you today are with us established and trusted. You see, he took time to talk to him. He took time to discuss with him. And Allah subhanahu Attallah says that when he spoke to him, when the King spoke to him, he said, In Kaleo mela de Namur Keenum I mean, perhaps, perhaps, and this is just in furtherance, that perhaps we can, you know, infer from this, that a person should still talk to, the person that they want to engage with, they should interact with them, they should see for themselves, don't just base on what others have said. But see for yourself, try to understand who this person is, talk to them see from what is apparent. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the king

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then told him today you with us are established and in a trusted position in a trusted position. Now, when he was placed in this position, and you can only place a trustworthy person in a trust, trusted position, you know,

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a person who's running a business, a person who's in a position of leadership, a person who will understand this very, very clearly. In fact, even those of us who are leaders of our families, will understand that some of your children you can trust, and you can actually hold them close to you and say, you know, This child of mine will look after the rest of them, This child of mine will ensure that everything's taken care of, we all No, have children that are such. So this is amazing. Allah subhanahu wa dialysis in Nikoli, OMA la Dana McKinnon, I mean, you can only put a trustworthy person in a trusted position. Never put someone who's untrustworthy, or who has shown you and display to

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you that they are not to be trusted, don't put them in a trusted position. Because they will destroy things. They will destroy things in a kolomela Dana McKinnon, I mean, other John Niada in in, in the Harvey von Halleen. He said, position me place me upon the treasures of the land, the store houses of the land. Indeed, I am knowing and a guardian meaning I have Hatfield means not only will I look after it, Hatfield means from HIV, the word HIV, which means to look after, not only look after it, but I'm also knowledgeable about it. So I will look after it. And I know about it, I'm a good guardian. And I know about it. Now, only a person who has knowledge. Only a person who has knowledge

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about something can look after. If a person doesn't have knowledge of something, he will run it into the ground. He may be sincere, he may be good. But if he has no knowledge, he'll run it into the ground because he doesn't know what he's doing. And this is why

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coming back to the scenario or the example of our families, when you

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when you look after, when you look after your family, you've got to know what you're doing. You've got to learn and you've got to understand nobody's saying you're insincere. But you've got to understand how to bring up that family read a lot. Try to understand what you should do what you shouldn't do, and you will inevitably go wrong. There's nothing wrong with that. You need to learn from your mistakes from the past, and then move into tread into the future carefully. And you know, someone may say that, hey, hold on. You're so young talking about this. Who are you to talk to us about this. I'm not saying it from a position of experience, but I'm saying it from the position of

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what Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the heavy humulene Yusuf Alayhi Salatu was Salam is saying I'm knowledgeable about about it, so I will look after it.

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And I'm sincere you've already said I'm sincere. So put me in this position. And they actually thrive done the use of Allah His salatu salam they did so well, there was prosperity. So this is the value of those who know what they are doing and untrustworthy. Now, use of Iranian Salatu was Salam actually mentioned this of himself. But if you notice, this is in the context where he is trying to get to something. And that is a position of trustworthiness. He's already been declared trustworthy by others by a person that is not him, you know, the king. So he's been declared trustworthy.

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And why raises this is because we can't go around saying, Hey, I'm trustworthy, a I'm like this, Hey, I'm like that we never blow our own trumpet. So to say, we always ensure that we stay humble, but in a position placed in a position where you have to speak for example, in a job interview, or for example, at a place where you are about to be placed in leadership and you know, you write for it, deep down in your heart of hearts, you know, between you and Allah subhanho wa taala, that this position is for me, you are allowed to speak in praise of yourself. In New Zealand, Eileen, indeed, I am a guardian and I am all knowing not all knowing sorry, that is only for Allah subhanahu wa

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taala. But I lean in this case means I know I have knowledge. So you are allowed to speak in praise of yourself in certain situations. But don't blow your trumpet in front of everyone all the time. That is just being you know, just bragging about yourself and this there is no goodness in that. You actually take a knock. When you do that your ego is puffed up Shaban gets happy Allah subhanahu Attallah displeased with you, and you take a knock when you do something like that. What Can daddy can can tell us have a feel upbeat about what will mean hi to Yeshua. And in this manner, we established use of Alia salatu, Salam on earth, He to settle there in wherever he willed, no sleep

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will be rotten, and now shall we touch with our Mercy who we will. And while I know the euro and Euro martini, and we do not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good. You see, use of alcohol Salatu was Salam was given authority over the land, to take possession of what he wanted to do what he wanted to, he was allowed free rein, and this is the value of being trustworthy, people will trust you. And they will extend to you that which they would not extend to others. And we say this, to the youth especially today, you know, we find that the the older generation, the middle aged and the elderly, they have absolutely or most of the time, they don't usually have this problem

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of trustworthiness. They trusted each other, you know, previously back in the day, and I'm sure most of us resonate with this.

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When you went for Hajj, you left your business to the people, you left your house to the people, you left your belonging belongings to somebody that you trusted. And it was so easy to trust someone, it was also easy to know that when you come back,

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everything will be exactly where it should be. Meaning this person wouldn't have done anything bad to you today, it's very, very difficult to trust someone, it's very, very difficult to say, here are my keys. I'm leaving them with you. It's only of the older generation that we find this quality of trustworthiness. The youngsters today don't seem to understand this. They don't seem to value this. And

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it's of utmost value. Even in business Subhanallah, you find I have a friend that was actually telling me that we went under at one stage we went under. And we used to extend credit to people with a million dollars, we give them a million dollars of credit because we got credit. So we got credit from our creditors. And we extended this to our the people whom We gave the goods to as well. And we gave them 30 days to pay. And it's so happened that the Zim dollar was devaluing again and again, every now and then it devalued and it devalued. So by the time we got back credit, we didn't realize that we were making a big loss. And we cut this short say, three, four months down the line.

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We stopped it and we said hold on, let's get everything that we were owed, and pay everybody that we owe. And we were left with very little for ourselves. And we paid everybody every single penny that we owed them

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And he says that Allah subhanahu Attallah. So great. You know, when I went back to those people, they realized what I had done, they realized that I had taken the knock. So Allah put within the hearts, for them to extend me credit with 5 million, no longer a million, but I'm not sitting with 5 million with credit, says, that's the value of trustworthiness and SubhanAllah. It resonates with this idea. You see how Allah subhanahu wa taala gave Yusuf alayhi salatu salam establishment on the land, how he preferred him over his brothers, how he helped him how the plot of those who are planning and plotting against him was destroyed, and how he was raised up to a position of in

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society what Catholica can use to fulfill and in this manner, we established use of upon the land. Now, when you look at the prison, and when you look at the well and when you look at how he was punished, you know, apparently it was punishment, but use of alayhi salatu salam, Allah subhanahu Attallah had planned for him or all along and whilst he was going through that, of course, he wouldn't have understood exactly what Allah subhanho wa Taala was planning for him because he didn't know the unseen he didn't know the future. But he realized that Allah has some sort of plan for him, and he placed his trust in Allah subhanahu wa taala waited for it to come to fruition. And Allah

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subhanahu wa taala granted him at the end what karate can and cannot use of having a boa minha hydrea SHA Nazim will be Rama Tina Manisha Allah subhanho wa Taala repeats this that we grant our iman to whomsoever we wish, so constantly ask Allah for this. It is only Allah's wish and will that will actually help you his well. There's Allah subhanahu wa taala does not wish so to say whatever He wills comes to fruition whatever He wills come in, comes into existence. So

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it is only by the mercy of Allah subhanahu wa taala that we are granted Hidayat that we enter into Jana Wallen Who do you agilely Marcin and we will never ever waste the reward of the good do as well as you will hear it. Hallo Linda, Dina Amen. What can we own and the Agile of the Akira is better for those who believe and those who are fearing of Allah subhanahu wa taala. You see the Agile of the akhira is better. Even though in this world, Allah subhanahu wa taala has given you Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed you Allah subhana wa Taala will help you but the ADGER of the euro is better for those who believe what can we attack goon and they were God fearing those who are

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conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala those who aren't actually end up you know, focusing on this dunya focusing on that which they will receive from Allah subhanahu wa taala here and now, but Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the earthhero being better for those who believe so they keep the focus on that and that keeps them motivated that keeps them going no matter what happens. They constantly think of Allah subhanahu wa taala His pleasure and the pleasure and the reward that is awaiting them in the akhira May Allah subhanahu wa taala bless us with understanding and may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to practice practice upon that which he finds pleasing. Amin

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, what are the the he wants to be a Jemaine