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Marriage Gems #12

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Maryam Lemu

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Another code of conduct that I want to share is this feeding of the Spirit making sure you validate your spouse you make them feel they matter they want their wanted now a lot of people would say for men, intimacy is number one, it's the most important thing in the relationship. But over the years and more and more when I study about the things that men actually see, they see they want the most and what pushes them out what makes them go to the extent of committing Zina against the so with the with somebody else is the lack of appreciation, lack of validation, lack of feeling, honored, affirmation, and things like that. So just as much as we women See, we make love emotionally whereas

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men make love physically. It actually we're all As humans, we all have that intrinsic need to feel appreciated, to feel respected to feel wanted that we matter.