Maryam The Chosen 07 – How Do You Become A Friend Of Allah

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highly demanded really the sort of Allah was given poisoned to drink, he said Bismillah and he drank it called llama they'll find

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is call God

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in the law halos Oh poor me.

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We believe in miracles the promise on the light is and I'm sad that every prophet was given a miracle through which people believed in him. But it wasn't just the prophets were able to experience an event that's outside natural or scientific loss, but the rightness as well we have a concept called Quran math and odia. This is well established in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, something like this. And in fact, in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah tells us with the story of Medea Kula Medaka it has a Korean Maha boys at the end the hardest part every time that Korea entered into the chamber of Medina, he found that she had provision and you would ask her and say

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medium where did you get this from machu sates from ALLAH SubhanA wa Jaya, she would get grapes when they were out of season, she would have fruits that Khadija didn't bring to her and there was nobody else who was accessing her. So she was she was getting these gifts. She was getting divinely sustained by Allah subhanaw taala. And this didn't just happen to Medea 600 years later, 1000 miles away.

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Hey, David, ID is a companion of the province level, it has ended up and the Muslims had won the battle of budget, and it was an incredible successful event. And the machine of muck of course, we're still incredibly obsessed. How are they ever going to get paid back for this whole baby man idea sent as a scout by the province level lightest and I'm on a mission. And him and a number of his companions are all captured by an enemy tribe. So Dave is taken prisoner, he is sold to the Mexicans. And the family that actually purchased him was the family of had had been one of the people that who they've had actually killed at the Battle of it. And so they are incredibly

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vindictive, they want his blood, but the people of Makara like, listen, we all agree, we're going to execute him. But we have to wait for the sacred months to be over. And to live until then, is a prisoner in their house. Now one of the daughters of inherited, she's asked by Habib who's a prisoner in her house for a razor to groom himself. And so she gets him the razor. And while she's unaware, one of her own sons, a little kid happens to walk over to her bed and sit on his lap and hold babies literally. He's chained in irons in their house somewhere. And she sees her son sitting on the lap of her baby, her prisoner, and he's got a razor in his hand. So she is terrified. He sees

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the fear on her face. And he says to her, she's the one recounting the story. He says to her, Do you think that I'm going to kill him? No, I'm never going to do that in sha Allah. She says by Allah. I never saw a prisoner who was better than Hotep I would see grapes in his hands while he was chained, and they weren't grapes in the entire city of Mecca. She said it was a this that ALLAH SubhanA data provided him eventually we'll be able to deliver and who would be executed he would actually be crucified in Mecca, outside of the city of Mecca, of course because they didn't do it inside the hub. But while the Allahu Allah He was the first person to start the practice of praying to rock as

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before being killed or being executed. In any case, Allah subhanaw taala provided that risk to her baby been ID and over 10 years later, in the city of a theatre in Iraq. Haile didn't Lolita, Lottie, Allah and who is the general of the Khalifa Abu Bakr, and he's brought some poison by one of the messengers of the enemy. So one of the one of the and this man was an old man, and he comes and Haydn Rooney sees this poison in his hand, and he says, What is this, he said, This is poison that kills within an hour. It's deadly. If y'all meaning the Muslims have come with good news, and that's what I'm here for. But if you have come with bad news, you and your armor, you're gonna bring harm

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to my people. He's and then I'm just going to, I've lived long enough, I'm just gonna drink this and I'm gonna, I'm gonna call it it, call it a lifetime. Hi, the noise has given over here he takes the poison, says Bismillah alongside the mention of his name, no harm can come in the heavens and the earth. And he kicked it back. He drank it and had had a little bit of a kick and He sweat a bit and then he was fine. So that man witnesses hired them to read the general of the Muslims drink and he's already gotten a reputation of being the sort of Allah like, is it a sword that came from heaven and all that type of stuff. So there's already this incredible revelry around Hadid minuites persona.

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And so this man sees how to drink poison in front of his eyes and go back to his people. He goes back and he says Opie

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People, I have come to you from a shade pod from a devil who just consumed poison that kills within an hour and is fine. surrender to Him. surrender to him. Even Taymiyah Rahim Allah He said, speaking about that incident, he said this was because there were those who would experience those miracles to showcase the truth of Islam and the truthfulness of the messenger. How do you even read a little on it in that moment? What's his motivation, he wants to show the truth of what they came with him that Allah Subhana Allah dad is the only one who benefits and harms. And in fact, when it came to the Companions, it was said that every miracle and not just the Companions, but those who came after

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the home of Muhammad, Salah ladies ended up every miracle that was experienced by a prophet of Allah was also experienced by a member of the home of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to honor this ummah. So you have someone like a Muslim, and Howard and who saw and so they've been placed, who's that? So in the case, he was one of the people who claimed to be a false prophet after the Prophet civil rights. And as you know, after the province, the last set of night, everybody claimed, or many people claimed to be prophets, copycats. And so one of them was in Yemen, and he was named was asked what they have in place, and Abu Muslim found himself face to face with Him. And so that's what said to

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him, do you bear witness that I am the messenger of Allah and a Muslim said I can't hear you. Sorry, I don't understand. And he said do you testify them Hamas? The lightest animism messenger baloney said yes. Oh, it's like okay, so you're playing this game. And so what he did was he built a fire.

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And he had a whole Muslim cast into it. And Abu Muslim why he was being cast into it. He said what Ibrahim? It said, I've said when he was being cast into the fire, he said has to be Allah when Amador kid, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada sufficient for me, and he's the best Disposer of affairs and the fire ended up being cool and peaceful for Abu Muslim, just like it was cool and peaceful for me, but I hate when he made his way back to Medina, no matter how tall but I'll be live who welcomed him. And he said, Welcome to the one from the home of Muhammad Salah Leidos. And what Allah made similar to Ibrahim the Helene of Allah, the friend of Allah.

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So the question that comes to mind is, Who are these people that this happens to these miracles? If they happen to the OH Lea, the willie who is already of Allah subhanaw taala this this title of a sage who does this happen to? And number two, what does it prove? Number one, the idea of Allah subhanaw taala have two ingredients. They're mentioned in the Quran for a person to be aware of Allah, there's two pillars. Number one, Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah in Olia, Allah, La often either himolla homea has no, Verily, verily, the Olia the winners of Allah, those who are protected the friends of Allah. There is no fear upon them, nor shall they agree. Who are they? Two

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ingredients are right here. Alladhina amanu what kind of tacos those who believe and have Taqwa of Allah.

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It's that simple. Everyone who has EMA and has Taqwa is already of Allah. The more EMA and the more Taqwa someone has, the more they are close to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the more they have of Allah Subhana Allah is love. And Allah subhanho data's protection. It's as simple as that. And so there's no distinguishing characteristic that you see in a person. It's not necessarily knowledge. A scholar can be aware of Allah for sure. But someone who doesn't know much knowledge of the Quran or the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu is someone you know who is not necessarily educated, but loves Allah and loves His messenger and stays away from the hilltop, that person can be a weenie of Allah.

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It can be some of the most inconspicuous unassuming people that any community might be the people who nobody pays attention to in the masjid. Nobody notices them when they're walking by nobody's response to their set out when they walk in. The province of Allah, Allah sent him said that there are some people

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who are repelled from DOORS, nobody lets them in, they don't get invited to any clubs. They don't get invited into any memberships. Nobody cares for their participation. But if they made if they swear an oath by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will fulfill that oath for them. They have a direct connection, their prayers get answered, okay. And so it is to have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala and to have EMA, unfortunately, throughout the Muslim world, we have people who claim miracles, and people who have believed in them hook line and sinker. Why do you have Allah isn't going around saying Guys look what I can do, and mostly because they don't have control over this. These things

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are things that they experience. They're not things that they control. Anybody who walks around saying, I can control this, that person is a liar. When that happens, you go from righteousness to deception, and from Wilaya to Dejan, especially if a person has no evidence of them actually fulfilling the requirements of the Quran and Sunnah. You might go to a village somewhere in the Muslim world and they'll say this ship can do this and this Yeah, I can do that. And you never see this chef go to the masjid ever, ever. And I've seen this with my own two eyes. And people will say this chef does this and this gentle is that and this person is so beloved by Allah

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If this person is so beloved by Allah, why does he ever go to the masjid then pray. I've even been told of people who womanizer and people see that as an indication of them being saints or fantastical narrations such as Chef so and so was born with his clothes on even when the prophets like everyone else were born nude, and that's why my machete he said, If I saw a person flying in the air, I would not believe them until I presented their actions and their stick to the Quran and Sunnah. And so the yardstick isn't a supernatural event. The yardstick is does this person follow the Quran and Sunnah? That is the true miracle, the true miracle and the greatest cutomer is that a

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person is able to follow and stick to the principles of the Quran and Sunnah until the day that they meet Allah. Now there's a beautiful Hadith that the Prophet cellulitis and dimensions with regards to how to become a wedding, the Promise of Allah Allah says, quote Allah and Hadith Bootsy and he says, that Allah says, Minaya Li Wei Li and whoever shows enmity to a weenie of mine, if you go against a Willie of Allah, for them to get help. Allah says, I am declaring war on them. And then he says, and my servant doesn't come closer to me with anything more beloved to me than what I've obligated on them. So if you want to get close to Allah, you want to be aware of Allah, the number

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one thing is to focus on the obligations. And then he says, and then my server continues to come close to me with voluntary actions until I love them. And then if I love them, what happens, I become the hearing with which they hear and the seeing with which they see and the hand with which they strike and the feet with which they walk. So Allah subhanaw taala then guides you you only hear what Allah loves for you to hear you only see what Allah allows for you to see you only do what Allah has for you to do you end up becoming in that state of being protected by Allah subhanho data. So the question that I have for you, and I want to see your comments, I want to solve inshallah data

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to help each other out. What are the obligations because that's the first thing that's the first major step towards we live to ALLAH SubhanA data, what are the obligations that you found to be difficult, and how are you able to overcome it?