Ibrahim Hindy – The Story of A Verse #07 – Between Parents and God

Ibrahim Hindy
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So I didn't have your cost from the alarm who was one of the first people to accept Islam. He was someone whom the Prophet sallallahu and you sent him gave good news of being in Jeddah while he was still walking the Spirit. He was someone that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved so dearly. Sadly along the line was extremely beautiful to his mother. He loved his mother so much, he would take care of her. He respected her, he honored her. But when he became a Muslim, his mother couldn't bear it. She hated the fact that he accepted Islam. And so she tried everything at her disposal to get him to leave Islam. She begged him she guilt tripped him, she did everything that

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she could to try to get him to leave Islam. Finally, she took an oath, she swore to sad, unless you leave this religion, I will neither eat food, nor will I drink water, nor will I even take shade from the sun. And she did. She sat outside in the heat, no food, no water, and sourdough the Allahu and didn't know what to do. He kept begging his mother, please go inside, please drink some water, please eat some food. And she refuse. I won't stop unless you leave this religion. But sad little the long line loved this religion, loved a loss of Hamlet's either there was no way he was going to leave this religion. Eventually he turned to his mother with a face of determination. And he said to

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his mother, oh, my mother, if I had 1000 lives, and I had to watch you dying 1000 times I would do it. And I would never leave this religion. When she saw that the determination in the face of sad or the long run, and how passionate his words were. And because she knew how much he loved his mother, how much he loved her. That for him to say I would watch you die 1000 times rather than leave this religion. She realized he was serious. And she went back inside and she ate some food and drink some water because of sad or the Alolan Allah revealed these verses.

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While while flying as an IV when he died, he

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Gabby here are you going

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to play or Huma? Well fahima who Murphy do

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that lie, Doom, ina Yamaguchi Oh como una Bianco beam

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dome Danilo.

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Allah Subhana. Allah begins by mentioning the virtue of the mother, that she carries the baby in her womb for nine months. And then even after that for years, she is weaning the baby. She's taking care of the baby nursing the baby protecting the baby Allah's parents out of talks about the esteem position of the mother. And Allah Subhana. Allah says Additionally, what he widely take, to be grateful to a lot and to be grateful to your parents, even our best said because of this verse, if we are grateful to Allah, but not grateful to our parents, that our gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala is not complete, that our gratitude to Allah is tied to our gratitude towards our parents. And

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Allah Subhana Allah mentions in this verse, to honor our parents to take care of them to be kind to them. We're in jahad act, but if they strive to get you to worship other than a law, if they're striving as hard as they can, in the way that sads mother was striving as hard as she could to get him to leave this religion. Allah says, if they're striving to get you to worship other than Allah, which is the worst possible sin that a Muslim can do, if they are doing their best to get you to do the worst thing possible? What does Allah tell us for that so that when I don't obey them, will slow to go home for dunya Mahadeva but be kind to them in this world, accompany them, be their friend, be

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in their company with kindness in this world? Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala instructs us even in some of the most difficult circumstances, to continue to be kind and dutiful to our parents. And this verse is revealed about Sandra the loved one but how many sides are there today? How many converts are there to this religion whose parents are ardently hating of Islam and try their hardest to pull their children away from Islam, but our religion lifts us to higher principles to higher morals, Allah subhana wa tada says, don't obey them when they ask you to do so. But still accompany them. still be good to them, still show respect to them and honor to them still show piety in your

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dutifulness towards them. Even if our parents are disbelievers. They still have rights. Oh,

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For us, and we as children have to fulfill those rights to them with our respect and with our beautifulness

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