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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled Happy Marriage by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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The solution for humanity,

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it says,

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a way of life in Alhamdulillah Hina Madhu when a Stein who took a few nouns below him He surely and fusina was a marina de la la, la la, la la la, de la

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la la la was hola sharika now Muhammad Abdul who were a pseudo Baba Hello brother and sister in Islam assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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May Allah blessing and Peace and mercy be upon us all men now 111 Today we are going to get into a topic about happy marriage. Now when you talk about marriage, Allah subhanho wa Taala remind us in the ayah owns belemnite shaytani r rajim. Woman i t and Holla Holla comin unfussy calm as word. It has kuno ha ha, what Jalla bien Akuma Don't worry, enough Exotica comida Tarun in slaughter room en la si, and with the sign of a mouse, Hannah wattana, the creator, he created for within ourselves

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a means a partner, a wife, so that we will find happiness and tranquility within ourselves. And this is the sign for those who reflect. Now Allah is telling us, it is so important to understand the nature of our creation, that Allah prepares everything there is a path that may allow us to be together.

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Now, even the profit Some of us have remind us an incident at Furman sumati, Felisa Meeny nica is one of my way my teaching who ever go against maker or np marish He is not one of my mama anymore. So, Nika is something very natural. Everyone isn't Is it a thing that been done by everybody before the religion exists, every know that they need a family. The Commons is a person that who are prepared to sacrifice his own lifestyle or her own lifestyle and get into a situation they are sharing all their life together, they are no more as an individual or just a man or woman, but both of them are going to merge together and become a family. Now, the reason they allow one is to go to

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a proper marriage halaal marriage to make sure that we have righteous offspring, it is very important because all that we see today it because on the relation between a man and a woman, whether you do it in the Halloween or Halloween, then you experience offspring, children coming out and it will help the nation will grow because of the is very important to make sure that the institution of marriage is healthy, so that he will develop a healthy society again the profit So, Muslim is telling us the most important thing in a happy marriage is both parties must understand the rights and duties

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evoke party the male the husband know his right and also his duty as a husband and the wife on her right and her responsibility as a wife, there will be peace, harmony, love and happy family inshallah.

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I will start by giving example, the Prophet somasole his best example. He is a man of God. Allah has chosen him to be his messenger. And in the same time he is a very successful businessman. He never lie. He never cheat while doing business. And he is a very successful house. He married

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he is the messenger and he also married and he is the best example for all fathers. The his very successful husband and the Prophet said hi eurocom Mankato calmly.

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Lee, the best among you

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person who is tired and loving to his family, to your own wife, your children, because very sad, begin at home.

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Don't show your kindness outside and you forget to show your kindness to your immediate family, to wife, yet the children that you have with you. So it's now obvious begin from inside before you go outside. So the prophecy, the best among you are those who are best to his family, the wife and the children, because I the prophecy, and very kind and very good to my own family. So this is the value in marriage. Now without understanding the reason you want to get married the purpose of marriage, then it's not easy to achieve happiness, your happiness does not just come with ease, but you could work for it. Everybody must know what is their responsibility, the duty and they are right, then you

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are sure to have a happy marriage. Now fellow brothers and sisters Islam, why Islam emphasized the importance of a man and woman legally marriage to develop a very healthy family lifestyle, and also a healthy society. Because if you do not marry in the Islamic way, in the way that allow one you to get married, you just have free sex example. Everything go free, then all the AIDS disease also come very freely. So everything is free. So what is going to happen to the coming generation, when they see that their family

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is so unhappy? They there is no family value. So that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam remind us about these habits that I've said earlier. Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

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Cuckoo. Dr. Lee is going to show you his best example. When you talk about family talk about children, because what the prophet love is Omar to get married because he won his coma to have a lot of children so that he have more followers in a day of judgment. This is good, but there is no good nurse, if you have a lot of children, but you cannot take care of them, you can bring them up as a righteous student. Now what is important, now we try to ask ourselves, now I want to get married.

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So you must know the do's and don'ts, who you can marry, who you can marry, there are people you cannot get married, if you love them, this is something that you must learn it is written in the book of the book of Hades talk about what I how can you get married and who you can get married. And in the same time, the prophecy if you want to marry somebody, the profits that you can look at four things, you can look at her beauty, her well, and her lineage, her family background.

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And also the last one is the prophecy. You look at his or her religion.

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And the Prophet recommend us highly value her religion, don't value her beauty, or who were colonized because this will change easily. But if you put the value into the religion, then the religion will develop happiness because value of religion always last longer than other things. The beauty of a person won't last long. The property of us also is not going to be there for us every time. There are three other users if you have a lot of money, you got to take care of the money, but you have knowledge should take care of you. So this is very important Muslim oz value, knowledge and value, the character of a person, the religious background of a person more than the ability to wear

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or their language this is very important. Not say you cannot have beauty. Beautiful, why you can no problem. But don't just focus on that. The beauty of it come from the religion from inside. From the heart, we talk about spiritual thing you talk about belief you talk about religion. Then after when you want to get married. That's what you see in the earliest the beginning of marriage. Allah has put a condition through his prophets almost dead. No marriage can be conducted without number one.

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While he lanica intellectually, meaning Allah is teaching children to honor the right of the parent, especially the Father. You want to get married with one you must seek the permission

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For her father, this is a very healthy

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sign and healthy

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society if elbulli know how to respect the elders. Today you have hardly people respect the elders and the prophets on Sunday mentioned, ladies Amina Malanga Kabira Allah Mira from Saudi Rana, you are not one of us, if you don't know how to show respect to the elders, everybody must learn how to show respect to their father. So all the girls remember when they get married, don't forget, you got to get the consent from your father, or whoever, from your father, my image because it is what the proper command so that your marriage will be blessed inshallah, don't do things by yourself, do it in the way that Allah and the Prophet want us to do so that we will have a happy marriage insha

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Allah. Now, after doing that, I'm just going to remind the husband, now happiness of the family rely on the men more than a woman, because a woman by nature, they are very obedient, they are very faithful to their husband, and by nature, but the man is the one who always create a lot of problem at home, because they want to show the authority, there is been a man we know No, we are not going to deny that we have the eagerness I am the boss. The boss is always right is what we see what Allah see.

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Now you must remember that a woman, once she got married, she is prepared to sacrifice everything for the husband.

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There is nature of the woman.

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But we are different. We have our own nature. But what is important you must remember if you want your wife to respect you, and listen and obey you, you must remember what happened in a time of the Prophet. There was a man who came and complained to the Prophet that his wife is lousy, his wife is very this obedient.

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Give on comprehend so the prophets Allah Salaam say to this man? Do you obey Allah and the Prophet?

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He just kept quiet. If you want your wife to obey you, first you must learn how to obey Allah. And so when you obey Allah and obey the Prophet, you'll be very kind and loving to your wife. Even though Prophet, he liked to play with the wife. He's not very serious. He like to call the wife beautiful name. He used to call Ayesha example. Yeah, humara Oh, my wife was there. Right? This chick? He, he liked to joke with him. Now when we got married, we are very seriously our wife, and we are not helpful. Everything at home, we just leave it to the one prophet Masha Allah, she is the best example. He's not a good leader only by his a good husband, he always help in the domestic

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work. He is not a big boss at home. He used to help the wife to do all the domestic work. But nowadays, a lot of men are not doing anything. Even they don't have a job to do. They just don't care. Anything to do with domestic work is a delivery to the wife, and is ready.

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Now for the woman. Of course, you must obey your husband. But remember, the prophets of Muslim have said last

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few months.

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You cannot obey even your husband in doing something against a mass command and the saying of Prophet Muhammad, Islam. That means obeying someone, even your own husband does not absolutely obey Allah is absolutely is the husband wanting to do something against Islam, against the teacher and a prophet. You have all the right to dis obey Him. I'm telling the woman about her right. And also reminding fellow brothers, also myself in a man to be just to myself, and so that we can be just to our family. If not, then Allah is going to question you about your family. The prophesy lucam ra in loco loco must own at every one of you is a leader and you will be questioned by Allah about your

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leadership in the house, the house when he is the leader. He obviously has a boss. Good enough, we accept it. So you must be responsible to us your leadership. Show them good example show them that you are a good boss, not just boss, a good boss. So the Prophet somehow Salam always remind us that the duty of the husband is to make sure that he he protection,

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calm comfort. He dressed up the wife with the best dress, but the thing that do not burden him and fit her to the best foot

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Give her a good shelter. There is the response of men, not just getting married, and then after that is finished.

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This is not the way the Prophet have taught us. The Islamic family is a very, very happy family. Islamic marriage is always a happy marriage, if everybody know their rights, and the duty and also able to know the limit, what is the limit if your wife is not faithful to you, or these obey you, there are ways for us to talk to the wife. And if you fail, Islam gives us a better way. You can even call in your in laws, your parent, and their and her parent to discuss and see what is the best way to solve the problem. But you must remember you must learn how to respect your wife respect her and who she is, because she has the hot aroma, he has the basic right that is not

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the right to be owner, as a human, as your wife. To the extent that Prophet did sit in the bath, the worst character of a man is a man who have a good time with the wife at night. The next day, he talks bad about the wife

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in front of the party in front of his friend and about the secret that he has with the wife. This is not the right thing for us to do to our our own dignity she wants she has the right to be respect. So if you want to have a happy family, if you want to be happy, you want your wife to make you happy, you make sure you make your wife happy.

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And the best way is that I said earlier that if there's any disagreement dispute among yourself, you must sit down together you must remember you have agreed to share your life together no more personnel, everything must be a company you must share we will discuss refer, inshallah Allah we believe in the spirit of Mashallah the spirit of meeting discussion, because Allah one has to keep on discussing among yourself to show that the wife knew that, you know, he she's been honored. And then she has certain like, so that inshallah one she, the wife love you. You don't have to worry, you can be sure you have a happy marriage. Because whatever is at home, she will take care of it.

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When you are back, she will honor you, respect you and love you and comfort you. And when you are absent, she will make sure she will take care of your children. And whatever property you left behind, because normally, the wife is more faithful to Allah subhanho wa Taala than the men. I don't say that. always like that majority is like that. Because we got to accept the fact they sacrifice more than they could bear with children. They got to be at home all the time. Now we we work as a man you find money and provision. But how many hours you work outside, eight hours, 10 hours, how many hours our wife worked at home, and non stop work. He works from early in the morning until late

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night. While we fall asleep, he's still doing something before we wake up. She woke up earlier than to prepare breakfast for us. See, the sacrifice is so great. Please honor them, respect and love them, you will never regret. The best man is a man who follow the character of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who love his family and who always protect the family and who always sit down and discuss with the family. Whenever he thing is good for the family. He didn't use his his veto but he like to share and get lost in the system of Mashallah that mean discussion? May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to develop the love within ourselves. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala open

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the heart, our family, especially a husband and wife, and we hope that all of us will know how to honor and respect each other and be kind to each other. That is the purpose of our marriage. We want to get a family who is happy, happy family always come from people who have the same faith in Allah subhanho wa Taala people who do things together as a group as a German fellow brother and sister in Islam. Please take care of our family. Take care of your wife, take care of the children because they are your asset.

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A very important asset because the profit they say you're a person

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Die, nothing can help you except treating. And among the tree is Walden solid. He had all the righteous children, who will always ask Allah to forgive you.

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I remember one important had this the Prophet that said that Allah subhana wa Taala, in the day of judgment will call one man. This is the heydays of one man who this man know that he is not a good man when he was alive in this world. He had been commenting a lot of sin. He know that he'll go to Ghana, you go to him. So what happened is that in the Day of Judgment, I will not call this man and say to him, enter My Paradise.

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This man was shocked. He taught me a mystic. Are you sure that I can go to Paradise? Because he know how bad he is? Then? Allah subhana wa danesi? Yes. Do you know why I forgive you is because of the prayer from your righteous children, that you left behind the I'm praying for you. They ask Allah to forgive, they asked me to forgive you Allah. That's why I have forgiven you, because of them. So you can go to Paradise. You see how important for us to bring up our children in a happy environment. So they comprise children, they like to be at home. Because at home, there's always a lot of fun, a lot of happiness. But if you don't create the environment, we are worried you will regret. Because if

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you fail to save your children, your children, your wife is going to bring you to Alaska, the day of judgment, they will summon you. So we hope that you will not be summoned by your family. Hello, brother and sister in Islam, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala. To help us we know we are weak. But we know that we can do a lot of thing. The last thing that I like to remind the husband you remember when you get married,

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the first thing that you must do is to honor the right of your wife, you must pay her a dowry, even a small amount. Now dowry did not mean that you must spend 1000s or millions of rupees on on herbal, at least Islam is telling you she have right.

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And she has a right to be paid Hakuna casa, in Islam is a casa, do we have the right to own something, and to be paid. Like if she had property you must remember, her property belongs to her, you marry her, you don't marry her property, because she has the right public, the right to own certain property that she inherit from her family. So please remember this. No, I've seen a lot of family sometime. They are always very unjust to their wife. They want the best of themselves, that treat their wife is like the the wife is her her servant.

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Treat the world like a prisoner is very bad. You know, you must remember your children is very close to the mother. If you feel to make her happy, then it is not easy for her to make the children happy.

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If you feel to respect your wife, then it's not easy for your wife to teach the children to respect and love their father.

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It links with each other. So if you want to have a happy marriage, happy family, you will do it together. And you're going to ask a lot help. At the end of the day, we can try our best but Allah subhanho wa Taala give guidance to whom he please and whom asked for it. And we believe all of us one good family, all of us want to be blessed by Allah subhanho wa Taala and all of us want Allah's forgiveness. And if you want to do that, let us work together closely and show our kindness to our family. And please remember coloca murrah in walk will look

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at every one of us is a leader, at least to ourself, and then to our immediate family. And every leader will be questioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala in Yama, Yama, about the leadership and no one can escape. And please remember brother and sister, the best Keef

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that you can have from your wife is to have the righteous children. And if you want to have a righteous children, don't forget to follow what Allah want you to do, and what the prophet have taught us by doing that, we believe Allah

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Anahata Anna will shower His mercy on us on our family on our children and protect us and our children from all the fitna that we are going to expose to in this world. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from the jahannam and the zap of cobalt grave and also the fitness world My man and I must say that Subhana Allah Hu Ma, sha Allah insha Allah and as the filter wa to LA assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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is a way of life a complete way.

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says it says they live the greatness test. It says there live Subbu roofspace returned upon

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a way of life a way of life, a way of life a way of life. Islam is a way of life knife, a complete