Marriage Gems #05

Maryam Lemu


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The whole point that people fail to realize when you have a misunderstanding is that you are working to be understood. So you work on making sure that my concerns my worries, my feelings are properly communicated without insults without denigrating your spouse without condescension and contempt and contempt. And without using what you're told in confidence against your spouse, they confide in you in a problem they ever had with someone, when you get angry, you use it to hurt

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to poke at them. So I want couples to realize the whole purpose of being at home is to be at peace, and in love, not at war and in contempt. So this is important where you pick your words you know the words that have a tendency to annoy or upset or trigger or trigger and you avoid them Because ultimately, the objective The ultimate goal. Let me repeat this but our ultimate goal is peace and love.