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recording any recording and Allah has those recorded no I'm sorry I'm gonna since this is all over the world I forgot to press the ON button. So anyways, so what we're doing today here's the Jim Jim number one. Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number 17 Will Amy Scott What am Cisco mobilebet little later? Guys do find out who

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if ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was to affect you by any vote by any heart, there is no one who can alleviate the part except Allah.

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Such a favorite part from Allah who would never have thought subhanho wa Taala he is the one who gave harm and he's the one who can remove his Panelo Italia well you have Cisco even the help comes from Him as well some happened with time that everything comes from ALLAH SubhanA who was and then another and first time before you another beautiful weather Jim Come on, in

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availa heater

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available he

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talks about, do they not see if the punishment of Allah is inflicted upon them? Or suddenly the hour comes? Would they not call anyone other than Allah? You see, Allah is saying here whenever people are being affected with some harm, even non believers, did they turn out Allah azza wa jal and they invoke Allah thing we say oh God, even not even the atheists when something happens to them, like some harm or some efficients being affected by them, they would say oh god, so you have as we've seen, if

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available, are you gonna call anyone other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And here this reminds me of the hand of the Prophet Muhammad I you know, Sudan, the Hadith, which is, in fact reported by Edna Bess and recorded by the Mojave, when the Prophet Muhammad and as was noted in that first year, for the learning product, even to that target of our plan, he frees up your honest broker to ship the outcome of it so to sell power of Allah he says, Go for efficient. The Prophet told the best he says this amazing beautiful advice he says, The patronize and acknowledge Allah and clams have difficulties with recognize and acknowledge ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada There you go Kula Allah, at times

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of times of prosperity and at times of ease. You shall find him at times of adversity. Sometimes people know Allah azza wa jal, or they maybe they come to the masjid. Only when they go to problems and having problems and difficulties that they want Allah as usual eleviate their problems love and forget about Allah.

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Doesn't that happen?

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It happens a lot. So here to have our five Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Heafy T of Africa.

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And then another beautiful gem here first, I'm sad for Caterpillar book America, this

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is like

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one of the chef he was here behind zanla here you know, he this is where he, he helped us remember the ad that says Catarratto command LFC.

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And console and mutuality took method and he was in the hands of Allah has decreed upon him Allah has prescribed upon himself on the mercy of Allah told himself

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a duo.

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Allah loves to forgive Allah loves Muhammad comes from Him Subhana wa Tada so much so that the Prophet Muhammad says that Allah subhanho wa Taala created manager types of manager only He has sent down one in this verse, and then he has kept 99 for his panel what to use at the end of judgments, the end of it managing that we're all living with one on one versus so much so that even the animals are using the notion of Allah subhanaw taala Allah is our handsome animal what was what was your own McFly fly and then another gym. Very very powerful a homeless panel. This is where

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we feel we want what matters to me in

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one hour to be in one area we see in CDkey OB here and they say you can run but you cannot hide. We're in the Houma 30 foot

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level and he has the peace to the NC no one knows about him accept about them accept him somehow in the hotel.

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And he knows that which is in the air and ignored us which is in the ocean. You cannot run away from Allah Subhana Allah Tala some people

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because they hide and they do things privately but they cannot do the same things publicly. Why don't you know don't they know? Don't I know that Allah is watching everywhere? So why would you hide to do certain things? Aren't you ashamed of Allah assumption who's watching you was ALLAH p s Shahid Asendia of Buslines

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Allah azza wa jal talks about the study by him and he said them and, and he's that, you know that about his dad used to craft not only used to worship idols, he was the one who used to practice I was used to make these idols. So while he was able to use that, and last but not least, another gem, another powerful idea at the very end, verse number 162. So what Allah subhanaw taala says all

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when Allah says

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told me say, say to whom, who was talking to here, Paul?

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Collier, Mohamed, say oh Mohamed

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Mohamed in Asana it was also key what Masha yeah well Matty Lin

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any left for him

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because I'm nice I mean

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I've been luxury. What is Annika

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mostly mean say tell them in us all attic my salah. In solidarity will also be my sacrifice. Why am I here? My life when my death what my mother did He mean the law here of

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all my life everything I belong to Allah. This is why you and I are in bed don't love it look when you used to say couldn't watch it we will end with this inshallah to Allah used to say couldn't

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be one for one on one. He's amazing. He says be one. For one on one couldn't

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be one be yourself you have to be the slave of Allah has to be one on one on one path. What is that path? What path is only one path, the path of Prophet Muhammad Allah so then the path of

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B one foot one on one, b one b one be yourself for one for a one on one on that path of Allah subhanho wa Taala the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. This is why you and I declare there is no God worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad is

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is the messenger of

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a nice woman and the message is

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message this prophet

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what are the three competitions we're having quickly?

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Three competitions coverage number one.

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And then

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the 99 names of Allah decision please let us making Charlotte's intention to make this Ramadan special May Allah bless you may Allah reward you are the glory comes that will block out was salam ala compromise the iRobot of Casper