Marriage Gems #04

Maryam Lemu


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The fights were very unusual. Yeah, they were. A lot of it. A lot of it was driven by ego, by pride, by stubbornness, by a lack of willingness to be considered of the other person.

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We both had very strong personalities. And we didn't understand at the time that when one is high, the other should be low.

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We lost sight of the objective, the big picture, which is a home is supposed to be a place of comfort, a place of solace.

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It got worse, even though we were still strangely madly in love. Marian was, I think, the most cheekiest of brides one could ever imagine. Within the first week, I had a closet where I hand my gowns when I'm ready to pray. And I left her in the living room and I just did my Voodoo and I reached into the closet to get my gown to pray and a hand grabbed me. And I made a god awful sound, you know, the kind of sound a man doesn't want a woman to hear him make, you know, because I was so scared I didn't imagine should be there. I thought that was it. And then one time, I piled a bunch of clothes that I was going to do laundry. And unbeknownst to me, Marian went and laid on the floor

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and put all the laundry on top of herself. And imagine walking by a pile of clothing and something grabs your foot. You know, again, I was going through these externals, like what did I go marry for goodness sake is this prankster that was always just putting me on edge. And as I can remember about this one, because I didn't quite like the sound I was making. They were like very awful, cowardly famines. And here I am trying to be the match your husband. Anyway, we were going through that as we were having challenges in the marriage. So it wasn't that every single moment of those six years were bad. No, that wasn't the case. We had some wonderful experiences. We had wonderful times but it

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just that I realized she had as bad a temper as I did kiss was worse than mine. We can argue about that another time. But you know, no, like literally he he literally is a ticking time bomb. I call him silent killer under the radar because you see I used to be here. He has improved a lot. Thank you very much.