Ali Hammuda – Poking Fun in Marriage – It’s just a harmless joke

Ali Hammuda
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satire, mockery, poking fun at marriage joking about it. Yeah And subhanAllah. More often than not, the husband will mock his wife wife will mock her husband, people will mock the institution of marriage. They say it's a light hearted joke. Take it easy to the level where now the comedic trope of marriage is a couple who absolutely hate each other. Right? And subhanAllah we wonder why children will say, I'm never gonna get married. Have you? Have you heard a child who says that before? I never gonna get married? How come? Why? Why are you? Why are you doing? Why do you want to get married? Why do you feel the need to announce to the world your intention that you don't want to

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get married? How come? I mean? What is it? Has this child studied the first, second, third, fourth waves of feminism and the philosophy and now No, no, you understand? Maybe the child has studied the governing laws of marriage. Now the child hasn't done that. So why is the child saying I'm never gonna get married? How come simple reason. They've just made a quick observation. And all of the people who are married seem to absolutely hate one another. And all of the jokes about marriage is about hating your spouse. So why would the child want to get married? Why would the child want to do that? So joking brothers, sisters, please take this seriously. So much garbage and nonsense is

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normalized via the vehicle of satire or mockery. Husband is mocking his wife. He's joking about her. You know, my wife is so stupid. She doesn't understand algebra. She's so boring. She never wants to watch cricket with my wife, mocking her husband. You know, he's not the alpha male that I was expecting. Right? Ever since he got married. His his side handles are now flowing all over his waist and his love handles before that tough man with marriage. It makes him a big fat softy. And then her then husband is mocking his wife as well in public gatherings. My wife, you're always nagging. They're never happy. They always want more, what can I do? You can keep up with them. And and then

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husbands are also mocking their wife speaking about how boring his wife is. She's always on her phone. You know, God is what marriage does. We were always speaking to another. We got married. She's now working on her phone. What message are you sending out to the kids when they hear that? Right? And then the classic joke right? Of a husband and wife planning an outing that does not include their spouse because the spouse is so boring, can't wait to get away, right to do something adventurous and exciting as my spouse is so boring. What message are you sending to your children when they're here? They're really, and by the way, these jokes are far more offensive to women than

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they are to men, especially in our society, because of the amount of bombardment that our women are receiving that you as a homemaker, you've had to sacrifice all of your dreams and ambitions. That's what society is sending that she gets home. And we are adding and compounding to that. You're just a homemaker, what do you know at the end of the day, it's hurtful, it's damaging. It has real consequences, brothers. So watch what you say. And what upsets me more is when you see our practicing brothers, sometimes our Messiah teachers who are circulating some of these jokes about marriage, my brother who's going to explain to us the three rings of marriage, have you seen this

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one, right, the three rings of marriage, and he's writing on the whiteboard, the first string of marriage, this is the engagement ring, and then the second ring of marriage, this is the wedding ring, and then the third ring of marriage and this is suffering. What that really honestly, what, what message aren't you sending? Why would I want to be part of that. And what is sad is that this is happening at a time when the opposite of marriage is being glorified and enshrined within law, homosexuality, lesbianism, promiscuity, sexual experimentation is glorified, magnified, encouraged, enshrined within law and then the only Halal outlet that we have to release ourselves emotionally,

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physically, it's marriage, that only door that we have, we're knocking it down through our jokes. And then you wonder why my kids don't want to get married. Delaying, delaying, delaying, delaying. Why? Because it's not appealing to them. It's not exciting anymore to get married. Why? So brothers and sisters, why is marriage sacred? Why is marriage sacred? Because Allah has made it sacred because Allah told us that it's sacred. So when you joke about it, what message are you saying about yourself, you know that Allah has made it sacred, you still find it easy to joke about something that Allah deems solemn, and then you will always get the exact same response yaki we're just being

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light hearted while you take everything so seriously, it's just a joke. I get that. But you're still wrong. I honestly, I really get it. But it's wrong. Because as Muslims we don't believe like we do here in the West that comedy enjoys certain privileges. That other type of discourse doesn't enjoy. You know, with comedy you can, it's a little bit more of a free for all. As Muslims, we don't believe that comedy is also within the parameters of religion, like every other type of discourse. And even if we were to say that comedy has certain special privileges, those privileges do not extend to those things that Allah has made sacred and marriage is one of those things and Allah

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Jalla Jalla who has what has made sacred or joke about it and don't mock it?

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