Marriage Gems #06

Maryam Lemu


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We promised we would never fight in front of our kids. Now. I remember one day I was brooding and I was sitting in another room. My husband, it was in one room and we've always had the habit. If we're in the house, we're always in the same room, and the kids grow up. See, I grew up seeing that. But the youngest came and said, mama, why are you in this room? And why is Baba in that room? I was like, Oh, I wanted to watch something else. I didn't. I was actually upset with her that. So he's like, but you should be watching what he's watching. And I was like, I didn't feel like it. He said, so you're fighting. I was like, no, we're not fighting. And he's like, prove it. Then he went and

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got his brother. Yeah, he got back up. So he went and called his brother. His brother came and stood over me and said, Mama, I hear you on Baba fighting. I was like, we're not fighting. So he they both dragged us.

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Yeah, they dragged me to come and meet their dad. And as I entered the room, I had to quickly make sure I sent him a coded message. I said, Can you imagine these monkeys think we are fighting? They went on to say, if you're not fighting, prove it. Prove it. So my husband stood up, and he gave me a hug the kiss after the boys said better and they left Guess what? I was so quick to wipe him off. I was so upset. But you know, it made us laugh. And this silliness of the whole thing, that physical contact again, douse the fire, and we realize we're just being so silly and we sat down, he said, Maryam Come, sit down. Let's talk we sorted it out.