Seeking the gems of Ramadan

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Friday Sermon (6-19-2015) Shaikh Abdullah Hakim Quick – Seeking the gems of Ramadan

Islamic Institute of Toronto

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The Muslims face various challenges, including social and political pressures, economic struggles, and struggles. The holy Bible is viewed as a powerful tool for achieving success and reforming one's religion. Fasting is key to achieving success and finding one's strength in learning to be true. Leading off with the holy Bible, one is encouraged to study and learn to repair oneself and be true.

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Alhamdulillah Hera below the mean? velocity but a little more shocking. Without with one Illa Allah alameen wa sallahu wa la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika Allah, wa shadow, Mohammed Abdullah, who were a solo, solo la, la, la La he was happy woman da da da when he was standing beside knotty elomi Dean was salam, Sleeman. kathira Ahmedabad for SQL woolnough cb taqwa Allah azzawajal or semi wa. While you're cool Alex suparna Yeah, are you hella Deena Armando? taco, LA, Webb taco la Hill wartsila. with Jackie do fiza de la la comme tuifly.

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All praise the due to Allah Lord of the worlds.

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And surely the best reward ultimately, is for those who have Taqwa.

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And surely there is no animosity or ill feeling except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that Allah is one that has no partners. And that Mohammed, son of Abdullah, servant and his last messenger, and mail are always and constantly send peace and blessings to Mohammed, to his family, to his companions, and to all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows. I begin by reminding myself again and you that we need to develop taqwa. We need to develop the consciousness of Allah.

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We need to develop that feeling that understanding that will guide us as a light in everything that we do, not only around Muslims, but even around people of other faiths, not only on special occasions and special months, but in every day of the year.

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The time that we are living in now is very crucial one for Muslims on all different levels.

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It is a time where we feel in some sense that we are set back. And so it is a time for repair for Islam.

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Because it was the way of the prophet SAW Selim and his companions, when the times became difficult, that they would renew their relationship with Allah azza wa jal, they would repair themselves, and they would go forward in order to face the challenges that were in front of them.

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We are challenged as a nation, all over the world. We are challenged just by the identity of being a Muslim.

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In some cases, it puts us in a war torn war torn situation. And other cases we find social pressure, psychological pressure.

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We are challenged as communities. At this point in our history, tribalism and nationalism, has reared their heads again.

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And many of the communities base themselves more on their tribe than they do on the Brotherhood of Islam. This is a challenge. The same challenge the Prophet Sal Selden and his companions faced, who came out of a tribal based society, but overcame their national, linguistic racial difficulties. And they bonded themselves together to be the Brotherhood of Islam that set the foundation for Muslims to the Day of Resurrection.

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We are challenged also individually.

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Many are challenged physically with health problems, we are challenged economically.

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We are challenged socially. Some feel they are not accepted.

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But this challenge is really a hidden blessing from Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because it is historically in the time of difficulty that Allah azza wa jal enabled the Muslims

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and we made the right choice and we revived Islam.

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And so in these times, these critical times now, we turn back to the book of Allah azza wa jal.

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And we find insert and ma EDA, in verse number 35, Allah azza wa jal gives us a divine formula for success. How to make it

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how to make repair in order to gain financially

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smart, little fella.

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How can we repair ourselves in order to gain success in this life in the hereafter?

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In this mighty verse, Allah azza wa jal tells us for you who believe, yeah, you have Latina Armand a tequila, water vous la hiwassee Allah.

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Allah begins by saying, have the consciousness of consciousness of the Creator. Have the consciousness of Allah Don't forget Allah, anything that you do

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and seek a what sila seek a means of coming closer to Allah.

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And that was sila is a crucial issue for us, especially in the time of darkness.

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But the verse ends by saying what jahi do fi Sabine de la la come to flee home and strive and struggle in his path, in order that you would make success. And so the divine formula taqwa

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the consciousness of Allah,

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seeking a was sila, a means of coming close to Allah. What is a means of coming close to Allah seek it. And then when you get it, that's not the end, strive, strive and struggle face the challenge, face the difficulty, and then there is Fallout.

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And so in this light, Allah azza wa jal in this critical time has blessed us with the coming of the month of Ramadan

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and siyam Ramadan is one of the best

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of these were some of these means of coming close to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Abu huraira de la Juan reports

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that an obeah Salah Salaam call the Maha Ramadan caja accom Sharon Mubarak, if cara de la la comme si Amma.

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The prophet SAW Selim when the month of Ramadan now came in. It was in now on his companions. He said a blessing month has come upon you.

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That also Potala has made compulsory that you fast that you engage in siyam m sack during this month. And then the prophets of Salaam said the doors of Paradise will be opened

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and the doors of Hellfire will be closed

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and the evil jinn, the evil demons whispering in our minds,

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destroying our thinking,

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making us feel we are inferior. We cannot go forward. We don't have a future. They're locked up. So this is Buttercup. This is a true blessing

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that the doors of Jenna are opened Hellfire is closed, the spiritual ear is clear. And then the prophets are seldom said to his companions. fee Laila tone Haldeman elfi shaha madhurima Fado, half a cardholder, he said in it, there is a month better than 1000 months, whoever is deprived of its blessings is truly deprived.

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And so we thank Allah subhanaw taala for the coming up this month.

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And this might sound strange to people outside of our faith, to our colleagues and friends, at school and on the job and our neighbors. Looking at the time of year, these are the longest days in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Looking at the temperature, summer is about to come in.

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This is strange to them.

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And one would think if we wanted to reform the religion, if we wanted to come up to modern times, and to reform it and take control of our religion, why don't we just switch it to December,

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switch it into the coldest time of the year with the shortest days in order to facilitate ourselves.

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But the thinking of Muslims is the opposite. The thinking of Muslims is submission to the will of Allah first.

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And then our own minds and thoughts.

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And amongst the companions of the Prophet so seldom there were a few of them. One, in particular Alia tala brother alone, we used to say amongst the most favorite things that he loved to do. And you may ask yourself, what is the what do I love the most in this world? Most people would stop talking about food. or they'd start talking about getting a new car, or taking a trip

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or a new pair of shoes. What did Ali rhodiola one say? He said, I love most too fast. On a hot day.

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That's what I love the most.

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Did I will hold myself back in the heat.

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Because in his mind,

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his m sack is for Allah subhanaw taala. And knowing that the agenda the reward from Allah azza wa jal is greater during that time, then he wants to please Allah, that's the most important thing to him in his life. And so that is the thinking of the Muslims.

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And again, it is strange for those on the outside, because those of us who fast realize that theoretically, it seems difficult, but once we come into it, it is a Baraka. It is a true blessing that allows the Potala enables us to control ourselves and to put off normal hungers that people have during this time.

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But some might look from the outside and say, No, I think you people, you must be fasting for political reasons. It's a hunger strike. Because you're angry now. Because the world is talking against you. So you're going to do a hunger strike.

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All the people, all the Muslims everywhere, just stop eating until people leave us alone. That's not the reason. Other people might say, well, it's the summer season. And if you don't eat food during the day, for 29 to 30 days, then for social reasons, you'll be able to wear the tightest clothes possible.

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There will be no jeans that you can't fit into.

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You will look good physically, but that's not the reason.

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Other people might say you want to make repentance. You want to harm yourself.

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punish yourself in order to gain forgiveness.

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If you beat your body as in some religions, if you punish yourself, kill your desires, then you get closer to the creative spirit. That's not the reason why we are fasting.

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It is not social reasons, not political reasons, not medical reasons. But Allah azza wa jal has told us yeah, are you hella Xena amanu coochie bow Lake Como siyam kamar kuchibhotla Latina men publikum la la, la choco Oh, you who believe fasting has been prescribed on you, as it was prescribed on those who came before you. In order that you would have Taqwa? There it is again.

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In order that you would have the consciousness of God,

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to fear or not to hope in the mercy of Allah.

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To keep your duty to Allah, the soul, so many meanings in this beautiful word taqwa. And so, that is the essence of the fast itself.

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And that is the gem.

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That is the gem that we are seeking in this month.

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Because in gaining this gem, we will actually gain the ability

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to resist what is happening around us. We will actually gain the ability to understand things in a better way.

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What is the fruit of the taqwa?

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Allah azza wa jal tells us in Surah An unfiled verse 29.

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It was a Billahi min ash shaytani regime. Yeah, are you hella Dena amanu in taco la ha, Yala. Come for a cannon when you cut fer uncom say article Murphy Lacan, wala holdo fidelity. Allah tells us if you are you who believe. If you have Taqwa.

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If you have the consciousness of Allah, then Allah would make a criterion for you for fun,

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and he would wipe away your sins forgive you and Allah is the possessor of grace.

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And so this beautiful verse again

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shows us the power of the end to reveal information

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which can be understood in special times and in special circumstances.

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And so as we seek the taqwa in this month, as we seek the gym of the month of Ramadan, Allah tells us if you get this gem, you will gain a number of things. Number one, you gain a photon.

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Number two, you will gain a cafaro

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your CV at your minor sins will be forgiven

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and you will also gain maga Fira and the scholars tell us here, mug Farah means your major sins will be forgiven. So when the same verse Allah tells us he will forgive a Sahaba. Well Kabbalah is

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the minor sins. And the major sense

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when a person truly develops taqwa. And this is a great bounty for the believers. But the but the beautiful gem of the word Allah farrakhan.

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Allah will give a criterion

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to separate truth from falsehood.

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To separate darkness from light,

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we will be able to see properly what is happening around us. It's like a person in a dark cave, and somebody gives them a light. And they are now moving in the cave. And they can see what is happening in front of them. They can make the right decisions. And imaam show Kenny rahima Hola. In discussing alpha con, showed us that not only will that give us the criteria, but the criteria that itself will give us the battle kulu workqueue was held by Satya Nadella

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this will give us a strengthening of the hearts tobacco loop

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that our hearts become strong and solid.

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And that is crucial today in the situation that we are living in

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cohorts of Messiah

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the ability

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to see inside of things a basura a type of insight. So we can look through the issues and if something happens to us, we don't react to it.

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They curse the Prophet Muhammad so seldom, we don't react to this. This is ignorance and it has been it has been done before and the prophet SAW Selim is protected by Allah subhanaw taala. So with basura we look into the situation and realize that what is happening to us is for a reason is because who we represent, and we should be proud of who we represent. And finally postnl hedaya the best of guidance and we dearly need this at this critical point.

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But the man Rahim Allah added on something as well he said, these qualities will give you a najat it will give you an escape man, Colima Takapuna,

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you will be able to escape from your fears, to escape fears.

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And so by holding ourselves in this month,

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by truly carrying out siyam in its proper way, inshallah we can gain strengthen hearts, good understanding of what is happening around us. And our fear can be taken away.

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The fear of the dunya the fear of the system,

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the fear of money,

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the fear of death, that inshallah can be taken away from us. But we have to do this properly.

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We need to look into ourselves. Our fast is not only a physical fast,

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it is not just staying away from food and drink.

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And the prophet SAW Selim said Rupa saiyaman, Lisa lumen CRP, il job

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woto, baka mnla, Salah, humann, PME Lhasa, there are some who fast and get nothing from their fast but hunger.

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And there are others who sleep who get up in the night and they gain nothing but sleeplessness. So What was he saying? He was saying there's something else other than hunger. It's so

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thing else again it's law

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repair ourselves repair

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the profit sell sell them in speaking about this month and the beauty beauties of Islam told us a salata humps while jumuah to lol Juma What about Donna Illa Ramadan mocha Fira to Nabina hoonah is at Tony Basilica in Rome Muslim. The Prophet peace be upon him said your prayers, your five prayers one to another, your Juma to another Juma? A Ramadan to a Ramadan can wipe away the since in between those time periods if

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you stay away from major since it's D NAB l kabaya.

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So there's something else to this staying away from major since and we need to study Alibaba. We need to study it and start to reform ourselves is law repair ourselves not to fall into these major sins

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from amongst them

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in general categories because elec Kabira is described by the old oma as being something prohibited by Allah azza wa jal or through the words of the Prophet Muhammad, sell, sell them something which has a ye God that has a terrible promise. It has punishment in the next life. This is the Kabira middle kabaya major sins.

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And yet Eman Hamas radula on reports. The message messenger of Allah so seldom said during a lengthy hookah, he was making a long football

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and inside of this football, this is the gym we take from out of it. He said the translation of

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the people of hell There are five

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mentioned five categories of people. The weak people being weak minded, weak, psychologically weak people who lack the power to avoid evil.

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So they just follow anything.

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Take them to the right, take them to the left, just do it. They will follow society when in Rome, do like Romans do weak people. These are some of the companions of Hellfire will Iago Dunlap. Number two, the carefree who pursue everything, irrespective of whether it is good or evil, and who have no concern for their families or their wealth.

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The carefree person just do it. They do anything.

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They just choose anything they follow anything they pursue anything with good or evil is just something to do. They don't care about their families, they don't care about their wealth. This is another category three, the dishonest people whose greed cannot be concealed, even in the case of minor things, greedy, dishonest people. Number four, and those who would betray you in the morning and the evening with regard to your family and your property.

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And the fifth area he mentioned misers, people who have money and they don't give them the path of Allah

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lyase people who are telling lies, and those who are in the habit of abusing people, and using obscene foul language. This is reported in Sahih Muslim. And so these these are some of the areas of Islam that we need to repair ourselves. And this month Alhamdulillah is one of the best opportunities to develop in a strength, to resist evil,

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to be serious in choosing good over evil, to be concerned for our families, to be honest, to not betray the trusts that are given to us to not withhold in the spending, To tell the truth, to God, our tongues and to God, all the limbs of our body. This is a great opportunity for us. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength and the ability to make it through this month. May Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength and the ability to stand up in the night to pray to Him. May Allah subhanaw taala make this month a source of unity, a source of forgiveness, a source of the raising of our status in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal And forgive us ultimately

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For what we have done for we know not what we do aku Polly howdah was stopped for lolly welcome when he sat in a Muslim medium and Coulee Dam been stopped Pharaoh in now who holds a photo right

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Alhamdulillah Allahu Ahad alpha to summit, I let the lamb yell it while I'm EULA while I'm yakko la Khufu one I had well suddenly what was the matter of hotmail and bi were more selling Nabina Muhammad while he was happy he edge mine were bad. Yeah Ebell de la taco la heist, Omar quantum fear Allah wherever you are. And know that the prophet SAW Selim has told us intellectually Omar fitna will fitna to Almighty Allah. Every nation has a trial and test. Trial and test of this nation is well

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we have suparna Mk piranha Amira, Nala Malaika, who soluna Allah Nabi Yeah, are you Hannah Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah AB de cada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa de la la Rashi Deen

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Abu Bakar, Omar s Manoir Ali, wannabe aromatic Jamar amin Alhamdulillah hinda Donnelly howdah Mr. coonelly Natalia Lola and her Donna la Rabbana LA to see kulu banaba it had a Tana will have Linda Mila do kurama in the council waha. Allah Houma is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Rabbana Taco Bell Mina Rabbana Taco Bell qiyamah Nawaz yamana Ravana takapa pia mana was yamana wabanaki yamana was yamana Melina Kula beshara Ramadan Allah homophilic Muslim ina one Muslim at me Nina one minute yameen home well parametrical Amara amin Evangeline Hama como la la la jolla mobile as a sandwich as a Porsche Wang ha Anil fascia mon

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Kawasaki yeah is a con la la la la karoon akima salon