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Are You Hurt?.. You Forgive,..

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The conversation discusses forgiveness and the importance of showing one's own values to others. Forgiveness is key for everyone, regardless of whether one forgives someone or not. The message is about forgiveness and providing a recap of a damsque's history. The segment ends with a statement of gratitude and a promise to share a video on forgiveness.

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This is your brother. Imagine mahamudra recording for the merciful servant. When someone hurts you or oppresses you, there are several permissible ways in which you can react to that oppression. You can go to allow with your weakness and make a supplication to Allah against the one who oppressed you. And also allies a lot he was lm said that there are of those who is oppressed will never be rejected. Or there's another option which you can do, and which is basically wait until the Day of Judgment where you demand some good deeds from the one who oppressed you, and they don't even hurt you, equivalent to the amount of oppression they caused you, and had that person have no good deeds

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to pass down to you, then you end up giving them some of your own bad deeds. And this is based upon an authentic hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. The third and the best of options and this is the point of the whole video, an option which only few people pursue and May Allah make me a new amongst a few. What's the option, the option is when you forgive and you overlook the oppression and the pain which that people have caused you. So you do not make dua against them and you did not wait to the piano to gain some of their good deeds. Rather, you simply forgive, you might ask but brother, what's the benefit of this? The benefit brothers and sisters, as a reward from who and how

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much from Allah subhanho wa Taala reward is limitless. That is something that your mind can imagine something that your eyes have never seen something your ears have never heard about a loss of power what Allah says which is to say he didn't say yes to the flow, and the retribution, that payback of an evil act is one like it, then Allah says Fibonacci. However, whoever forgives and reconciles for a Jew who Allah then their reward is Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahu Akbar, your reward, Allah tells you, I got you, you forgive that person, I got you. Brothers and sisters, when a king in this dunya tells you, I have a gift or reward for you, then you know for a fact that reward that gift will be

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equivalent to the wealth, power, majesty and capability of that King. When I tell you the King of all kings, Allah subhanho wa Taala has told you you forgive I got yours on me. And you know for a fact Allah has an amazing reward being saved for you. May Allah allow me a new taste the sweetness of that reward? I mean, no, but I mean, if you were to allow me, my beloved brother and respected sisters to stress on the concept of forgiving those who oppressed you and wronged you, and please do not rush and say brother magic, speak as long as you want, I will not forgive that person who hurt me and oppress me all my life. Rather, please, please, my brother and sister, give me a chance to

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tell you a hadith and ayah which will lie is for your own sake as your life may completely change within these few minutes, and you might basically take all the weight from your shoulder that way that is causing you not to move forward in life. Bismillah let's look at the point of focusing on how to overlook and forgive those who oppressed you by doing two things. Number one, showing you how low and cheap this dunya is, and then showing you how honorable and beautiful is the reward of Allah for those who forgive Bismillah Bismillah Rahim let's look at the reality of this dunya that we're living in. In an authentic hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam them he was passing by a

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dead goat and he grabbed it from one of its ears. The other ear was chopped off and looked really weird. So the pepper was holding it and he told us a habit who would like to buy this goat for when they harm a goat that is usually bought for 10s of Durham's. The profits are friendlier for when the home except that this time it's dead and has weird looks at CHOP here basically, the Sahaba della sola would not like it for anything, what's the benefit and so on. And the Prophet said okay, who would like to have it for free for free, does not have to do so, a lot will lie even if it was alive, we will not take it because of the way it looks in the chapter and so on. Then imagine if it

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was that little slice of law it will say lamb tells us the reality of this dunya in the following sentence. He says for law he and the Providence has to say what law he stresses on it. He says for law he that dunia whether Allah minha de la comme he swears by a lot of dunya in the sight of Allah is even a far lesser value than this dead goat is to you guys a lot about what is it in dunya that were willing to cut the ties of brotherhood and sisterhood for now after looking at the reality of this dunya let's look at the honor and the reward and the pleasure of philosophy panel that comes on those who forgive I already Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam teaches me and

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knew that one of the fastest and easiest ways to ever gain the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't you say a llama in The Godfather and have a laugh for me so desperately? Oh Allah, you are forgiving and you'll have to forgive so please forgive me. You sincerely want to maximize the chances of having this dog

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Any other dot where you asked a last forgiveness for it to be implemented and brought to forgive you are you sincere? Yes brother Tell me also a laser license and tells me a new he says irrefutable the law come. The fastest and easiest way to gain the forgiveness of a law is when you yourself forgive those who have wronged you Allahu Akbar. Listen to this workers of different Allah and we used to give a monthly allowance to his nephew Mr. Abernathy but he stopped. Why? Because Mr. Started to accuse the daughter of immigrants that they are a shadow delana of doing a major sin but Allah already showed her innocence and sort of normal, but workers were so upset and he stabbed a monthly

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allowance. But Allah revealed the verse and he says when I hear that he will Philemon Come, let's not those who have wealth to withhold it from their relatives and they need the and those who emigrated for the sake of Allah. Then Allah says a statement brothers and sisters, not just a vocalist, but everyone says de la la la. For anyone who truly loves for a lot to forgive them. Allah says well yeah for when you let them forgive an overlook a lot but you want me to overlook and forgive the one who accused my chastity and my daughter, but Allah says well yeah for when is Pharaoh alleged to have grown and Yes

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Don't you love for Allah to forgive you a lo Akbar? Allah says will lower for Rahim Allah reminds you He is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. Right away. Rebecca reacted to this. And he says Bella will lie in need or have been filled loudly. Yes, I will lie one lie a lot for a lot to forgive me. And right away you forgive Mr. FF and he started giving back the monthly allowance them a lot but May Allah grant that such a man where we are so eager to gain the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Taala by forsaking anything just don't get me wrong banana mean, brothers and sisters and additional reward to this is Allah subhana wa tada basically tells you, I love you when you forgive

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someone. When life Allah loves you, then what else in the world matters? What else in the world matters? Allah says in the Quran, when Laffy Nananana and those who are forgiven overlook those who oppress them and wronged them. When Allah says, well, lo, you have mercy mean? Allah says I love them or sin in sha Allah called the amongst the machine. And Allah says, I love you And may Allah make us of that category. I mean, the Robert alameen, Lucca also lays the law it was said that when there was an assassination attempt against them, when some meat was brought, for them there was poisoned. And when the Jewish lady was brought forth to the Prophet, somebody was sending them. The

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Sahaba said, Yes, shall we kill this lady who tried to kill you? Then the Prophet said, What What did the Prophet say the leader of all those forgave, he says no love, a loved one for an assassination attempt, brothers and sisters. In conclusion, please pay attention to some my message and one statement. There's nothing in this lowly and cheap dunya that is worth forsaking the reward, love and forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Taala. As of tonight, July 16 2014, I begin with myself a loss of a witness and you are my witness. I forgive anyone that ever wronged me since the day I was born, allows my witness I want his love forgiveness, and a large reward May Allah granted to me and

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to all those who are watching me know but I mean Bismillah it's your turn, go for it, you can do it. Brothers and sisters forgive and Allah forgive you forgive that your rewards Allah forgiven along with love you Bismillahirrahmanirrahim go ahead and share this video with your friends and family. And may Allah make you as means for people to forgive one another me know me. And while I had this happen, then the reward that comes from it is greater than the reward of praying a thorough prayer or any voluntary prayers or even giving in charity as this is based on authentic it. Share. May Allah bless you Baraka Luffy Kuma Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.