2 Rakaahs for him are better than the whole DUNIA and everything in it

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Sundays Dean,

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ask Allah azza wa jal to bless our daughters with righteous husbands and bless our sons with righteous wives.

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Just want to tell you an very inspiring story.

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There is a group of youth that are competing Subhanallah lay digital has suddenly and he gives you such a good feeling. They are competing, how many times they want to finish the Quran in Ramadan

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and listen to this ready

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one of them finished the first time already yesterday.

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Allah He I said, Are you kidding me?

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He said they started from one day Maghreb.

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Lai Allah He, you know, know how the fears that fell and the joy that I had, that a youth finish the Quran once already, he's 19 years old, Allahu Akbar. And the other brother was, you know, was competing with him was very upset because he's already finished 17.

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Like, it's a beautiful feeling. I want to just share it with the

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lessons, mostly rahamallah

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He was

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going to bury somebody.

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When they finished he saw a sheikh Khalid Sheikh

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and an old man.

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He said,

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attune and Heather, you know what doula Raja and you Catherine Lamelo saw the

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call up, Allahu Manam. He said, Do you think of this man yet? If this, that person will come back? Would he do a lot of good deeds? He said, Absolutely. Said for Lima, LAN Akun. Mr. hadn't made it.

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So he said, Why can't we be just like this that person?

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So the man said, amo ever had the, you know, because Hassan was he was very famous Subhanallah of his very short speech that has very deep meaning. So the person said, Wow, what kind of advice is this? So my brothers and sisters,

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everybody have so many wishes. The sick is wishing to be cured, the poor is wishing to be rich. The one who has no children is wishing to have children, the one who's not married, is wishing to be to get married. Everybody has different wishes. But there are certain kinds of people whom their wishes are completely different. And these are the wishes of the dead.

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the wishes of the people who passed and may Allah have mercy on all the brothers and sisters we lost. You know, as we all know, everybody knows somebody that we lost last year SubhanAllah.

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they would wish they could come back and pray one solid with us.

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They would wish to come back and fast one more day with us.

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They wish they could come back and read one page of the Quran.

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So, I will be mentioning few of the wishes of the dead

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starting by the Saudi when the righteous ones may Allah make us all among them. So what is the wishes of the Saudi when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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a very very long Hadith he said when the salah when the righteous person has been taken to the grave has been carried to the grave. He would say the moon in the morning.

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His wish is to rush me to the grave.

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rushed me to the grave. And when he is put in the grave when he's in the grave already. He say okay missa missa Annie I can't wait for the hours take place. I can't wait for the day of judgment. Allahu Akbar. These are the wishes of the Salah in but I want to concentrate on the wishes of the Mocha serene and fairly. We want to concentrate on the wishes of the people like me, who are behind their duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala what these people do, take one wish today in sha Allah Allah

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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He was passing by a grave

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and he said cobraman Haida whose grave is this? They said full on, so on. So he said earlier salatu salam hadith is on top Ronnie.

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Rakatan we have a failure on min Bucky, Yeti dunya come.

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He said an A please brothers lend me your heart. He said to rock as for this person is better than the whole dunya and everything in it.

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And if this person was given a chance

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We'll come back and he was given a choice would you like to have the whole dunya with all its gold and silver and diamonds and everything in it or pray to raka

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the saw they must do the old truthful, he said this person will choose to raka

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to raka so my speech today in sha Allah Allah is for my brothers and sisters who are behind in their Salat

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they delay this a lot

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I know it was brother he's talking to visual people. I know talking to visual people but every single one of us know somebody that is behind in his salon rehearsal not

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many people I don't know who told them that you can come home at night and pray all the Salawa together

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visual the whole hassle Maghrib all with a sharp

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and the shaytaan trick them by telling them isn't it better than not praying?

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I'll give you an example.

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If I come and tell you

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in Ruby HelloWorld

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the hash isn't in Asia. If I come in Ruby lol and I say brothers and sisters all of you are going to hedge

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on me I'm paying for everything five star packages

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but you know what? Indonesia is very crowded. So we're gonna go and Ruby and I will nobody in Mina out of has empty go enjoy it.

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Oh all expenses paid everything

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who would go

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what kind of hashes This is not on time. So Wi

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Fi should when you wake up as Okay.

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Pagers when you wake up is not okay. Whenever you wake up I'm saying wake up after shadowkhan No, no it's not okay just similar exactly like going to hygiene there'll be an hour or fasting in December because it's beautiful. 530

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right it's beautiful.

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No, no no no. The hunter firm embed him health adorable solid. With 10 OSHA what? For some fail Konev a year. The area right after the eight a surgeon saw that million that will come in time. People will come that they neglect the solid and they follow their desires. What happens to them for Sofia Kona year they will go to her year what is one of the explanation of Arabia it's a worthy in Jahannam it's a place in Jahannam that other places in Jahannam seek refuge in Allah from that place

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and if not best said these people did not neglect the prayer at all. They just delayed the prayer from its time for no valid reason.

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No reason whatsoever. And by the way, I am busy at work is not a valid reason.

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I am busy is not a valid reason.

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This a lot is five minutes

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five times 525 out of 24 hours we can have time for everything and I don't have five minutes as it's a must it's not an option.

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And um I see Mashallah. A lot of youth when when you are going for applying for a job and you asked for five minute break door and they said no, you have no break whatsoever. say Salam aleikum.

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Allah has the result not that guy is the result. Allah is that a zap, Allah will provide for you, when you give up something for Allah, Allah will replace it many, many folds.

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So the first wish, can you imagine the f1 How many Salawat we have neglected how many times that we have so many options to pray as much as we can. And we prefer something else. So please, in this blessed month, in this blessed month

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how many of us got the COVID and thought that they were not going to make it? I am one of them. And I'm standing right here. So I could have one of these people that you are now making the app for.

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Right? And many of us Subhan Allah so Allah gave me and you another chance. Am I better than the people that passed away Lau Allah there are millions of people that test away that are way much better than me.

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So Allah gave me and you another opportunity in discipleship month. Please, please do not waste any time. Take advantage. Rakatan to look as for this person in the grave is better than the whole dunya that we are fighting for you

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But are we neglecting the salad for that I'm cutting my ties with my relatives for better than the whole dunya and everything that's in it. May Allah make us from the people who take advantage of every moment in this month and every moment in our life. May Allah make our last deeds, our best deeds, and may Allah azza wa jal make our last words La Ilaha illa Allah subhana, Colombo, Pendik Masha Allah Allah, Allah and the staff Euro cabinet Toby Lake and inshallah we continue our halacha in the gym for Hajj and Ramadan, Sharma said