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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he would come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013 day 19 must haven't become a una hora how much

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higher como la over come over here come there's in a cc la madonia locality 239 agenda when idioma be mushy he left the AMI test dr Sharma Ramadan

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and the Ramadan National Book

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is open up that

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was him Allah

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Hakka Ramadan I am and do that rather than in shallow data soften up that fee. Our Allah subhanho wa Taala and yesterday Nana bill Fatima and hassanal was the whole subhanho wa Taala and

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you're fit another pm had to hit you need to lay early Ramadan at seven when you have a candidate to Malaysia to cuddle in sha Allah Eman and YT seven come up Allah Allah Sato ceramah, pomerado, Karima and YT seven all for the whole matter. Pardon me ambi Madonna Don't be mushy it less of a corner how Allah Azza wa Barak, Jamie Lee the whole iljin echolalia sort of Sarah with Heidi to say lay and huddle gentlemen kind of your lb myth con wiscon that mean given

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been given a hat will it end with a kabilang liahona gender, my brothers and sisters we're still talking about the series pathways to Jeanette. Today's shout out to Hannah. You know as we're today's date 19 of Ramadan tomorrow shout out to Anna we're going to start you know, the sort of like the final countdown because as of tomorrow, we'll start the last 10 days of Ramadan inshallah so

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I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to enable us to be amongst those who will you know, pray and do the pm of this last final 10 days of Ramadan, email and RT seven, you know, believing in Allah subhanho wa Taala and secondly the word from even lonesome Hannah with the HANA and also to help us out and enable us to be amongst those that will witness the night of the power that will happen, you know, in the final 10 days of Ramadan inshallah, I want to talk about it in sha Allah in future lectures.

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Today's topic is about a very important in fact lecture a very important concept, the concept of the word or, you know, and arrogance. And, you know, and the opposite of arrogance, which is, in fact, somebody who's, you know, as the Prophet Mohammed is opposed to them says, you know, he shall not enter the agenda. The one who's got mythical Ah, yeah, and he an atom away of an atom. An atom is something that you cannot see, you know, you need to have like, some sort of,

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telescope to be able to, or microscope that the telescope like a microscope to be able to see an atom. So the Prophet says, He shall not enter agenda, he shall not enter agenda, the one who has got in his heart, an atom like can we have an atom of of capable of arrogance

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in his heart,

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those Metallica belong

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those, you know, arrogant people will not androgen

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la Sufi, Johanna mammoth, we're living with a kabiri.

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To be humble, to humble yourself down on Earth. Why? Because that's in fact, if you look at the Sahaba, you look at the Prophet Mohammed as a Sudan, you know, he was always humbled, it is sad to see them. So where the Sahaba like Abu Bakar nama on with many others.

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It is such a very beautiful quality, the quality of humbleness, and those who are arrogant like again, like I said, like the last panel said, like the Prophet said in many a Hadith, they will not act agenda. And there are many types of arrogance. In fact, there are people who are one of the definition of arrogance is somebody who does not accept the truth on the Lubna Massoud when he was asked about arrogance. He says arrogance is of many forms. Now I'm some people who are arrogant, like you know, their nose up. There are things like they are better than others. They're better than everybody else. But there's another form of arrogance, which is the one who rejects the truth. He's

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arrogant, the one who does not accept the truth. He is arrogant. What's he called Latina? cafo illa Johanna mazuma had all her food she had her while calling to whom cousin or to her and then yeah Tikka Masala mikuma tuna la comida to become William zielona yummy kumada carlu Bella what I can help but can imagine either the idol Catherine

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Hello Peter Weber Johanna Masada Deena here for SMS when Muhtar kabiri in Alameda kabiri in the Kabbalah and in

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the capital,

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Allah subhana wa tada says, we'll see if God Allah Dena cafo either Johanna Zuma, and those who these believers will be brought to jahannam in groups collectively in groups have the ADA jell o ha once they reach the gate of Johanna

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Put your head above the gates of Shannon will open up Put your head above water while Carla has to enter the gate holders of Oceana will ask them and me It can also mean como una alikum it will become the in profits These are our messengers come to you to tell you about you know the truth to tell you about it's there to tell you about you know, imagine to amount

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about Jenna and Johanna. Yet Luna la la comida become what you call Yomi kumada and they warn you about this day. These Our Messengers come to you to warn you about these day karlova they say yes they have come to us what I can help Can you be idle caffine Ababa Johanna Buhari Deena via SMS one more with disability what will happen to them? What would happen to them now that they have admitted the fact that these you know messages came to them with the truth with the message and they have rejected the message so Allah as always, it was said that they you know what? Hello, Baba, Johanna Mahajan, Fei answered, the gates obviously had none of Hellfire in it forever and ever, for this mF

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one with the convenience. And this is the the consequence of who of those who were arrogant, they were arrogant. So this is one form of arrogance. But here, let us focus on, you know, on being humble down to earth, like the Prophet Mohammed is to them, like, I don't know, when he came to take the keys of beta Magnus, when he came to take the keys, of course, he was wearing some, you know, some some type of clothes and he was, you know, kind of, like, not the type of clothes that you know, that would allow some or would be that would fit a kink on me to meet the leaders of the time the Roman leader so that he can take the the keys of beta markers from them, you know, a way that

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Amazon Russia came to him and he says, Yeah, I mean, what meaning I wish you if you could change your clothes and and take a horse rather than, you know, you're writing this moon, you know, you're going to meet these people and whatnot, you know, and then and then I'm told him

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a way that I wish somebody else would have said it other than you. Yeah, yeah, VEDA, Allah Subhana Allah that we were the lowest of all civilizations, I must say. We were the lowest of all people. Allah subhanho wa Taala, elevated, elevated us with Islam, or our VEDA, if you were to seek, if we were to seek victory, you know, in anything else other than Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala would bring us down again.

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Allah what brings us and bring us down again, but then he didn't change his clothes. He didn't know. He didn't take up a horse. But then he felt that his heart changed.

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When he became an Emmy, Armando kebab for the law who he used to go and carry people didn't know him. He did not know that this is the middle of the Muslims and he would go and carry how people carry bags. He would go and carry their their bags and and help them you know, in the souk in the in the markets that led him helping people out about the lover and so as a worker,

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you know, and so's added an avatar and then has said nanny, who had marks in his back and has said the son of Annie marks of the fact that he used to carry things for people in his back. So much down to earth.

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Yeah, Johan so in Allah,

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Uranus in the Hanukkah comienza will Jana khushal obon wakaba elita Allah who in a karma come and ally attack them?

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Oh, you oh you people, we have created you from male and female.

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And we have made us euro nations and tribes that you when you meet one another and know one another. The most righteous amongst you are at Capcom. In the economic Amendola, those who are honored in the sight of Allah are those who are have who are righteous who are pious. There is no difference. lefur cabeza Allah be me.

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There is no difference in Islam in our faith about Allah B and non Allah be about a black and white. Well, all the same. The only difference is how much faith do we have?

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How can I cannot so to say

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How can that kind of boubakeur? matawa in any lesson Hannah who can handle any?

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Allah, Allah KTV You understand?

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I mean

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you're looking for soak Jimin Jimin the water and the lesson Hannah who tada as you're saying in any any under hood so that

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he can be caught McCann Yama, de

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let me know how the hula mini

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Hakuna can Abu Bakr radi Allahu wa

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salam o Bashar Bashar Salah Coolio for Aqaba Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Abu Bakar

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feeco khadim We are happy that he can cause this who anybody

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who was

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in Ghana

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you bring your silver ha you mean your de

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cada Allah

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Yeah, a bucket give you

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a bucket can

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go back and fix a lot. What can I do bucket so Pamela used

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to what do I need less?

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I'll be myth con VA

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has entered the US has the company gnarliness any method and in that case it matters to him or in the county Michigan and has a couple of unhandled hiding oh and had to give it back

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to Santa Catarina and how are they?

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How they

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can understand most are going to end up hospitals today.

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Merce Amir to mean who can limit Yeah, and he

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had a lot to say. Okay, can you tell him in my head nurse had them as a plot? Yep. And unless you send him her name, whether or not you send him her name, Allah hum machiney Myskina? Well, I mean, Myskina? Why shouldn't if he's about to Misaki Allah, how can I kind of do what I do.

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And they

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know who we are? Well, we wouldn't have it any better than what we're doing yet La, La La.

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Mancha de

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la, la de la, la.

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The profit would go shake hands with the poor. And he used to say, oh, Allah make me live as a as a poor man. And and, and, and and make me die as a poor man. And resurrect me with the group of poor people. This does not mean that one should not seek you know, seek, you know, a good living learner Don't misunderstand me, but it just that one has to be humble. You know, he has to humble himself down, you know, to Allah subhana wa, tada, you know, look to yourself down. I know, and this is against that have that much pride. Like we said, you know, and humble yourself down as the Prophet Mohammed is and was, as this the habit were like 1100 a

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month or whatever it led off. The Prophet says, Whosoever humbles himself down, Allah will elevate him. If you want Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to elevate you, humble yourself down. Allah will humble you. And that's an easy way to Jana has a very conservative agenda. The only lesson was

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that the Kabbalah Miss

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Fitzpatrick will bait fishermen laughed at balanus mythique mithila.

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Now for cabana, happy weather as well as what will appeal

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it love it.

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Until another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2013. I remind you again, there is no difference between black and white between Arab non Arab except with piety. So I remind you one more time, humble yourself down until another episode of rockin Ramadan. 2013. I say Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh