Muhammad Salah – Reward for Fasting 6 Days of Shawwal

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the month of Soleil, which is a reward for every person who fast during that time. They explain the concept of fasting and the importance of following the rules of fasting, including following the six-day schedule and not missing any days. The speaker also mentions a reference to a Romanian rhodiola tjit that used to postpone fasting until the next year, but encourages individuals to make up their missed days and finish their fasting schedule.
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want some explanation just to go guide through the six days. Sure, what are we supposed to do in regards to this fasting? How important are they, I expect most of the questions to be focused on the issue of fasting the six days of the month of showare. In order to gain their word which is described in the Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu said, Whosoever observed fasting during the month of Ramadan, then succeeds.

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At bear who follows it immediately with fasting six days of the month of shall, where he shall receive the word he or she shall receive the reward of fasting lifetime, for the entire day. The older expresses the meaning of lifetime lifetime of the individual who fast during Ramadan in the six days. Why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says that I'll have senatobia Shri m Salim. And Allah Subhana Allah says, and I'm and it has an anti fella who actually unfairly hurt, there is a minimum reward for a good deed 10 times more, multiplied 10 times. So if you fast during Ramadan, we'll assume it is 30 days times 10. That is 300. Then if you fast during the month of show was six days,

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that is six times 10 equals 60. So total fasting is 360. That's a whole year. If you keep observing that on annual basis, that means you have been fasting as far as a reward throughout your entire life. So Allah gives the reward of fasting on every single day for a person who fasts only one month per year, which is Ramadan, and six days of chawan even though the total fasting is 36 days, or maybe 235 days of the month of Ramadan was only 29 days as it happened this year. So now how can a person what can i Muslim observe fasting of the six days of the month of show? Well to answer also the following question of brother shaking.

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The hurry says somebody at a bar who then succeeds amongst from Allah who's fasting six days, so it recommends to follow the fasting for Ramadan, immediately. Of course, April 5 is only one day. It's called Yom wolfelt. Then the following days are regular days. So you may begin fasting the six days will show well as early as the second day of dairy, because there is no filter is only one day in many cultures. And they assume that they will for three days, because the government gives them a vacation for three days and enable up highs four days which is not true. 803 is only one day, which allows you to fast the second day right after, or the first day right after aid as a matter of fact.

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So if you can do that, that's fine. And whether to fast them consecutively, or spread them over throughout the month of show. Well, it is optional, but it is best to fast them in a row. So

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somebody likes to fast the six days, two days a week, Mondays and Thursdays that's perfectly fine. And the scholars by the way said if you do have a habit of fasting on these days, you will receive double the word the word fast in your regular voluntary fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. In addition to observe infesting the six days of the month of show well, same thing with the fasting the three wide days which we'll call them, the wide days, three days of every month 13th 14th and 15th of the lunar calendar. So if you happen to fast these three days and you count them as of the six days of the month of February with the intention of having the word of both inshallah, you will

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get the word of both.

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As far as what if somebody owes fasting that certain days of the month of Ramadan he or she did not get too fast? I mean, can I mean Kumari Urbano lsfo very doesn't mean a mean offer. So, you should begin by making up the days which you do not get to fast during Ramadan first, because the Hadith says man former Ramadan, some at bar who visited mentioned well, and Nana sama de hora Kula. So the Hadith stated that whoever fasts during the month of Ramadan, you have to complete the course then follow that was fast in six days. What if somebody if a woman's monthly period was 15 or 20 days it happens or if somebody was sick for 20 days.

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More or less, that means he or she heifers to make up the first six days. But if they get if they try to make up the number of days which they mess during Ramadan, it would consume most of the mass of showare. And they will not get to do the six days in this condition will say go ahead and make the 60s first and you're still allowed to make up lira. And I do have a reference to that Romanian rhodiola tadanobu have stated that they used to postpone making up the days of Ramadan until Shabbat of the next year. So that means we used to postpone it, but the us also to observe fasting during the month of chawan the six days Most importantly, if you can make a first the few days which you

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missed during Ramadan, go ahead and do it, then succeed them or follow them with fasting six days from the month of showare. But if the time does not allow, and the month of shall Well, we'll finish before you get to the boss didn't begin with fasting. The six days of sha Allah and Allah knows best I have to do make it brief because there are certain four cones waiting

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