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This lecture was delivered at the 14th Annual Mas-Icna Convention.

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Without further ado magic machmood

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I believe there's bottlecap Allah Allah Mashallah.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, and the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala we seek escalada penola data to send us peace and blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Thank you all for your patience for your attendance, I asked God to reward you for attendance, you know, I mean, and as the amount of demand has mentioned, and may drop to a lot to forgive us, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to fulfill this promise for He has promised that if you come to such gatherings, the moment you're all done in sha Allah, all your sins are forgiven, regardless of your intention. SubhanAllah. So May Allah accept from all of us? I mean, no,

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but I mean,

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so what makes people not be so steadfast? Now we know from the talk, they just heard that Islam and submission to Allah is the way to go. But why are many people not consistent with their worship? We have extreme highs and extreme lows and a man fluctuate so many times, What's the reason? What's the reason for example, some people attend wonderful morning sessions like this educational ones, correct. But what happens at night? Some of you know and some of you do not know. Right? One time I had a phone call, actually, this weekend, we're not mentioning of names and if you are the person that I saw, may Allah reward you for allowing us to benefit from your experience. So I was in one of

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the floors having a phone call. And I was hearing a group of people who are really in the upper level really high high, not high, like high in an upper level and then walking down the staircase and they're like talking quietly and so on they're walking and walking down the stairs eventually approaching me and a guy was holding in that Gila

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and was other couple of girls

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since MOOCs apana was that nighttime was pretty late at night. wonderful people may Allah guide them say i mean i mean let me cut stats fast I mean Allah exposed us but what's the fluctuation for what do you think is the reason behind that? You guys give it a shot and what do you think maybe you yourself as an example, what do you what do you What's your take on this? Why are people not consistent? Okay

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Wonderful. Wonderful. So the life that attachment towards this life right? The worldly things What else? What do you guys think? Good.

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Wonderful. So that lack of knowledge or doubt, excellent. Mashallah, what else?

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desires in general, okay, someone's such a fun What else?

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Have a different definition of success? Wonderful. What else?

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Okay, wonderful. They're hasty. They want quick results. I didn't see I attended a lecture brother. Imagine this white boy didn't benefit me forget this whole thing. I want my I want a refund. Okay, wonderful. And someone said bad friends. Right? Excellent.

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Wonderful. Mashallah. normalization by society? Correct.

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Peer pressure.

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Instant gratification. Wonderful. Go ahead.

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forgetfulness of law, excellent. And there's many, many more reasons correct. But give it a shot.

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Don't fear in our last point, Allah wonderful. May Allah protect you all? And may Allah have you grant to the positive effects of all what you've said, say I mean, I mean, no, but I mean, you know, for example, he asked these questions. There's a true story. Actually, this is first person happened to me, I know if a sister who was really consistent with their hijab and so on, but then when the soul assemble phobia was taking place, she was complaining about how her professor is starting to actually discriminate against her. And she was really, you know, hesitant. What Mother, what should I do? I'm like, be strong, be steadfast. She asked her sister, she has brothers. We stress that

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fast. She went on campus that doesn't have any Muslims. No MSA, none of that stuff. So be grateful, safe. hamdulillah if you're around Muslim said hamdulillah. So what happened that discrimination was so hard on her that she actually she left her campus one time and she found her car, it was all scratched on purpose, and they actually took she took off her hijab

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is very devastating. But why is the lack of inconsistency to an extent, you have to ask yourself one time and my manager came to me one of the corporations I used to work at well lies True story. And that's maybe it's illegal for her to say that but she said it maybe because she cares about me. She said magic. I'll be very honest with you, you have an MBA degree which leads you to management positions, etc, etc. for you to go up the corporate ladder. You cannot have such limitations with your religion. You have to you have to let loose of some stuff. This is fitna where am I going to be steadfast or not? May Allah protect us say I mean? Well, all these that come in mind and read the

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segment that was a scientist

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Give us a story. Give us an example of someone who went through all of these and much more and see how he behaved. And then when you compare yourself to them, like if he did, I can do it makes sense. Because when you teach people, you have to all know that if there's one thing can take out of the session, at least, when you want to teach people things, there's a lot of methods. There's through fear, correct. There's through hope. And there are through stories. And the best ways to teach people is through actual example, good example. So let's say for example, someone was using their napkin, and then they threw on the floor. The best way, the best way I can ever tell them don't ever

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do that, again, if I actually went down, picked it up for them and throw in the garbage. I could have said, Okay, that's how you do it. I could have said this one time of brotherhood dropped a napkin. And then one day someone advise and that works too. But there's nothing stronger than that. But one of the best methods to teach people are through stories and examples because they will never be able to argue that yes, you can tell you know, smoking is bad. This is under like, No, no, no, it's fine. My cousin died because of smoking. Okay? We can't argue anymore. It could this happened and I even chose not to stop or I might even die because of that. The Sahabi or the men want to talk

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about this name is Abdullah Azzam is one of our last names. It's not as close to what name as these wonderful So what they did is Rosa was one of the idols which people used to worship so his name was Abdullah Rosa, where did he live? He lived in Rosina, where's was a nun.

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If this is Medina,

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Mecca south of it was zenas in the middle you get you guys got that song was in the middle between Mecca and Medina. Wonderful. So this man was very wealthy through his uncle because when he was young, his father passed away. And his uncle took full custody and took care of him fully a tizzy and Abdullah Rosa was so wealthy so numb some narrations They say he was 16 years old. He was so wealthy that no one entire Medina was as wealthy as him he would put that type of Cologne that would last for three days like if someone passes by bro. They just passed from here I swear by a lot. I was I just smoked from here. This is a very fancy type of Cologne. The clothing he has was the brand

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names we'll get it from Rome and Persia not made in Rosina, which is made like locally No, was something very luxurious at that time. People would have a goal would have a sheep have you know crooked donkey this isn't that. But you know what? He had two horses. It says if I'm saying someone has a 1980 Honda Civic with all respect to the Honda Civic owners, okay, and someone that has a seven series BMW in an S Class and Mercedes. That's how he lived. You have to appreciate these examples. Now how was the lifestyle as you heard top notch clothing and so on? What about religious life, there were no Muslims and all of them Xena 0% Muslims, all of them was aina they heard about

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Islam the uncle of Abdullah Rosa hates Islam so much so much, doesn't like to talk about it whatsoever. Now what happened with these religious beliefs which they used to worship idols, by the way an idols can be having physical features, some are just a rock, some can be whatever it may be,

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that was influenced by that in addition to all of that religious life, there's also the morality was very low. There were girls who had signs on their doors the way back in jelenia they would have a specific paint color on the door to signify so to basically have like a sign that open for a limited relationship if you know what I'm referring to. So this is a society that he lived is it's like hardcore Harlem all around him and look how he behaved.

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The point being is at one time as he was in Medina, someone start passing from Mecca going towards Medina Why? For immigration purposes, that's when the command came from Allah. Now you have to make higit on so does the haba are going one by one as quiet as they can from Mecca all the way to Medina. And then Zen people in Rosina are noticing like more people are traveling through this route until they actually stopped one of the guys in says, I saw a lot of you guys you know, walking from that path, what's going on? She said, you know, we're running for our lives. You know, we went to go and practice the religion the way Allah is pleased with, and the command king that we have to

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immigrate from Mecca to Medina and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has, you know, has received the revelation, and we're running for our lives. So this man was moved by that he asked more questions. The Sahaba is a little worried. Why? Because as a hobby was immigrating if he waits and he started talking to him, chorus may capture him correct when they find out that he left, but he's afraid for his life, and he's afraid for the life of Rosa. So there's the hope and fear. So how about this, you walk with me towards Medina, and I'll teach about Islam as much as I can, then you can return back so I just said, deal. Back and forth a little Sahabi comes by a third, fourth, back

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and forth until he learned more and more about Islam until What happened?

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He became Muslim a lot I should do Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, wa should also ask Allah to make this our last word say I mean, I'm terrible. I mean, so I've done original returns back and he's so worried to tell who his uncle right because uncle hates Islam and he's fully dependent on his uncle. So what happens it just brings up is like, you know, Uncle, what do you think about these Muslims you know, passing by is like these jerks this

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And cursing them is they don't even mention their names is like imagine if I tell him I became a Muslim. She's like, No, I'm just gonna drop that we'll wait for a little bit so we know what he started doing. You start to memorize the Quran. By every time he sees someone who's traveling, he walks and learns, you know the seeking knowledge we asked we have to learn from seek knowledge of Allah He struggled for that. Then he learned about Salah it took him three years he was living in Rosina for three years. He used to pray were in his uncle's house. Of course not. Some narrations say he had to leave the city limits to go pray. And now we're having a hard time to pray under a

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staircase in high school.

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So panelo is snowing outside we can do like inshallah we'll probably go home and so when I go pray on the snow for a little bit, why not? But he used to pray outside the city limits five daily prayers May Allah make a steadfast say, I mean, with all of that struggle, then he gets just kind of sick of it. Why? Because he wants to join also Allah He said a lot he was he said there was no Uncle, I want to tell you something. I will confiscate take away every single thing I've given to you. He's like, you know what, I actually am a Muslim on a converted to Islam, and I believe in Allah and also Alliance arson. He's like, then give me everything I asked. And I've given you

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before. So without hesitation, obviously, in a little worry. He gave him his car keys. He gave him his clothing. He gave him everything. And then after that, literally brothers, there's no exaggeration. Brothers and sisters. He left the house with no luggage whatsoever, about to walk another 150 miles up north towards Medina. Unbelievable. As he was walking out, you know what happened? His uncle told them what I read that I let the lake and your clothing that you're wearing as well. Then this brother took off his clothing all the way. He said even every single garment that is on you. Literally, he gave him everything until it became naked. And they just ran and he ran to

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his mother's house. His mother saw him she freaked out. Then she gave him a B Jad. What's that B jet a jet is a very harsh material, very harsh material. That's all what she had and she put a fan but the uncle didn't take care of the mother as much as the sun. So then she gave him that then ripped into two pieces. Then he covered the bottom and covered the top and for 150 miles with that irritating type of garment under the sun of Arabia for 150 miles with no shoes no slippers walking all the way through so ally salado center Allah May Allah make a steadfast say I mean as he was walking through the sewer lines of Allah Allah said let me know when he arrived he arrived at

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federal time. When he arrived the federal time he joined the genma me Allah protect us well we have so many shortcomings May Allah protect us. He went to pray Gemma when he could have said You know, I'm a traveler. I'm tired. I just pray at home or pray. He went and prayed with Jamal Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon the completion of the Salah, said Mr. Mottola. Assalamu Aleikum, wa Taala one of his etiquettes is to look around who is a traveler who's a new person. So he noticed this man he came to me also and lays on a lot he was alone with a smile. He said men and two are you said Anna Abdullah. Abdullah Reza, then the professor license at La Belle anta Abdullah he will be

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judging you are Abdullah no longer Abdullah Rosa is not the slave of the idle Rosa is the state of Allah. And then he said you are due to be Jeddah in the one with a to be judge that material. So he loved that nickname and he loved everybody called me Medina. Abdullah the big thing. What did the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam tell him? What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sent the first advice the Prophet ever gave him? You want to give it some time? A half a minute or so to forget to give it a shot? You want to do that? Let's go for it. What's the first advice the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have told them when an action has given him You name it, what do you

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So some would say for example, our time will give him like a booklet couple pamphlets. That's wonderful, wonderful. Life is wonderful. But what do you think this is the Koran we have written on some tree leaves. Make sure you memorize the Fatiha because it's a pillar of Allah to be accepted. By the way fasting is from you know, from February all the way to meldreth that make sure you do that. If you don't shave your beard because haraam is will give you a heads up and in case you're married, tell your wife to wear their hijab. What was the first thing you said?

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wants to give it a shot? Because you're gonna learn this Sharla Go ahead.

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pray five times a day. Wonderful, excellent.

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sila Hello, wonderful. Now he knows he's a Muslim because he prayed with a Muslim. It's wonderful. It makes sense. Excellent. Mashallah, what do you guys think?

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Take your time.

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If you remember, raise your hand again Chung good.

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Masha Allah Hillel high five. Okay.

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The Prophet

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Told him exam never couldn't man and that's it. Just hang out with us

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because when he hangs out with him he will pray five times a day when he hangs out with him he will do this when he hangs out with him you'll know about salah and so yeah and Zika and had yes or no when he hadn't so he told them his companionship ism network and by the way I'm not a camp camp fan you know there's a camps going on from Amina tuba, by esna and the mass youth and by the way M and all these organizations and local. I'm not a big fan of camps was recently one light. After this last camp I went to, I can almost confirm this is the deal to go this is the way to change your life, through camps. When you hang out with a group of people, strong believers. May Allah make a

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strong name and say I mean, well like life changing. We met two hours with the brothers and sisters for life for less than 24 hours. And Washington DC. The way we loved each other was unbelievable. The guy cried when I left and it was so emotional but to cry and take another day off from work to stay another what because that we had breakfast together lunch together dinner together. We had halaqaat together we prayed together we played together. We dunked on him he dunked unmin handla was was wonderful, such a beautiful examinable commander that's what the prophet said he told them what remember this examiner will couldn't manage stick with us and hang out with us upon that also Elias

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam, you have to appreciate this so this was roughly

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let's say he went into Islam he came to Medina year one as an example year one look how many years until he passed away. I'm delighted to be God no no longer use his name or what was his name. Abdullah no longer mentioned his name, as that underlie the big Dane was a very high level of worship and he was so poor he had to hang out with Allah sofa. But there was no sofa Hello sofa used to hang out right by the message of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they will known all across the city and the Arabian Peninsula, that Allah so far are the lowest of the lowest of the lowest and the poorest of people in society. I'm delighted to be joined in the one who people knew is from his

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fragrance is now amongst the poorest people. Yes. Because as you mentioned, a man said, may Allah bless and bless his family say I mean, he mentioned that when you know the value of what you're getting through Islam and submission to a lot is great, and the whole world and whatever it contains me allow us to have such understanding See, I mean, I mean, but I mean, he was willing to sacrifice all of that. Now one time I want to talk about the law and he was walking with us well lice Allah Allah wa salam sallallahu wasallam as he was walking with, up late at night, they saw some random guy reading the Quran out loud. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the asset and the

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akuna Maura, this guy perhaps may be showing off the Prophet has said that perhaps he has some signs jabril revealed them because no one knows what's in the heart. So that another night when they were passing by the passing by who Abdullah this time, there'll be Jane and Abdullah was reciting out loud and our Quasimodo daughter and he was crying Yara Allah is the father at nighttime. So Omar now says not the Prophet, it'll show love perhaps is showing off is like la Yama, not this guy. You know what I love about this hadith? It just shows you cannot know that intention. Someone can be sitting right here showing off and someone else can be sitting here right now. very humble, yes or no? You

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have no clue. He said no, this man is an exception. He said a NEMA duck Hofer no huddled over him. And our toddler would declare what drought is the fall. This man was continuously asking Allah for forgiveness. I'm delighted to be jetting. Then those with taboo came few years I'm not I'm not talking about a generation a century, none of that stuff a few years ago was when the book comes, then Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you guys know what a book is, was one of the most difficult battles that Muslims ever had to combat with correct? Even Allah called what's the most useful all right? This is a difficult hour that they went through May Allah protect us and make us

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steadfast. So then I'm delighted. BJ then joined the army and went to go fight against the enemy. And one of the Knights who says the head is now Abdullah

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Abdullah and Machado de la and he said I woke up at night.

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And then I saw the mattress right next to me, who was the prophet SAW salams mattress.

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I placed my hand and he was not there. And it was not really warm. What does it mean? That he left some time ago. Then I looked around, I didn't see I didn't see the lawn. So I left the tent. I was looking around, and I saw a guy holding like a candle type of thing. A very limited light. And there's two guys standing and one guy inside a grave. And there's one person wrapped in a shroud

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and he rented them the ones standing with a book and Yamato de la on. The one who was in the grave was Mohammed Salim, and the one who was dead was delighted to be jetting.

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So the Prophet was daring the grave with his own hands of Abdullah the BJD even showed was looking at this and he was could not hold his emotions. Then when he placed them, the Prophet told Leah Leah ha, Come on, give me your brother, give me your brother. So the Prophet said and held them with his own hands and Derek

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What an honor. May Allah loves Israel so laser center. So he placed in the grave, he faced a Lost Planet Allah made dua to Allah. He said yeah Allah I am pleased by him so yeah Allah be pleased by him. He said it three times Allahumma inni m Saito la de anon Allah. Allahu Akbar, Cydia Allah I am pleased by him so you're allowed to be pleased by him. You've been Mr. Wood, the one who we all know how heavy of a weight he is in the sight of Allah yes or no. His Shin is heavier on the scale and the mountain of overhead. You know what he said? He said to a man who became practicing for a few years only then he passed away. He said, two men need to end up going if he had,

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I wish if I was the one who's being buried because he knows what does it mean that the Prophet is pleased by you and Allah will eventually be pleased by you Allah Akbar. So now let's go back to all the excuses that we mentioned at the beginning of the talk. You know how we said the fitna companionship The last thing we know Abdullah had no friends yes or no had no friends are because it was so worth it when you mentioned about dounia and being attached to it he had everything in dunya you know most of us here perhaps never had the level of what Abdullah said yes or no? And if you did make sure become friends after the talk inshallah. Okay, so to truly appreciate and he had all these

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fitness around them in the role girls in high school so difficult to deal with. They offered him a full package, okay, not just like an eye gaze they may have they told him all yours first this amount of money, may Allah protect us. So with all of that we should quit having these excuses. Is it clear to all of us? Me alone? Once again, make a steadfast, immutable, I mean, you know, the question to all of you. And this is a very critical question. Is it possible for us to be steadfast all the way?

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Is it possible to be steadfast? Today if you remove the like love was a wonderful session handler. handler I want to further imagine today man, send him hamdulillah Would you be able to maintain this to the die?

00:21:52--> 00:21:54

No. But you guys think

00:21:59--> 00:22:01

You don't think so? Because your mind fluctuates

00:22:04--> 00:22:12

because your faith can increase and decrease time the whole time like being steadfast be steadfast be steadfast but you can't even be steadfast I just wasted your time.

00:22:14--> 00:22:34

Isn't that right? That makes sense. Because an old timer like become and be steadfast. May Allah make a steady like, I mean, like we can't be that by the way. You just said with me that makes sense. But what's the key here? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us his chemo, he told us this. He said it's the chemo. But the two words he said after that, you know what, but you won't be able to,

00:22:35--> 00:22:42

is the cream will on to so this is authentic, is the chemo will also be a steadfast will at mo 2011.

00:22:44--> 00:23:17

Muslim, do whatever it takes to die in the state of Islam. But the Prophet said with this hadith be as Tetris as perfect as you can. But then he said, you won't be possible then you'd also like what should we do? He didn't leave you hanging. You know, you mentioned other Hadith. Then he said fussa diwakar a Buddha and do your best. Do your best. You slip here, go back again. You had a gala last night if you're sitting here short tonight you have pm with the brothers and sisters that you were with in Sharla. Okay, this is how you behave. May Allah protect us immunoblotting because I did do a carnival, then also ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he gives you advice was there any level of

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activity what was it was she imminent danger? The best means to be as fast as possible is by remembering Allah and having Salah as much as you can especially the voluntary ones, as a fortress that you built towards yourself to protect you from that so May Allah allow us to have voluntary prayers as part of our life say I mean and this is one of the action items when it comes to Salah is to add the voluntary so is that something inshallah we can have that part in our lives? See inshallah, over the long run, he said our Sani Habibi who is also in Los Angeles my Habibi, give me advice and give us all advice Are you guys willing to take this advice inshallah

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three things he said outside he gave me the advice number one to never sleep except that I pray with it which can be as minimal as one blocker that's it and he told me too fast three days only out of the whole month every month that you face first three months and he said what was a 200 pray to her which is a time that you pray after sunrise and before the her time within that range to rock out has been that something Shall we can adopt in our lives? Because if you only do the obligatory acts Think of it as you have mentioned okay you have I mentioned as no

00:24:32--> 00:25:00

What do you want to call it like a fence and then someone wants to attack them and we'll go right to the door break in and kill you sir. May Allah protect us. But if you have a fortress or a fence around you and then a thief jumps in, you have the alarm goes off then you prepare yourself yes or no. So the fortress and offense Are you like your voluntary prayers. And then that's when you hold yourself accountable. Like you know what, I'm slacking off in my Deen because just yesterday one brother came to me is like brother

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I used to fast every other day martial law. And he's like, you know, I'm noticing I'm not able to do that. So now I fast on the Mondays and Thursdays was just wonderful. But now How was he noticing he was going downhill by the voluntary acts are dropping. He never even mentioned Ramadan did he mentioned the fact that he prays and that's how you should behave inshallah. And the last about three or four minutes that we have on display what I got for you, one workout for you. So anybody who has a phone, it's hard to use it now I want you to open up your stopwatch. Okay, get your stopwatch and let's calculate how long it takes us to pray worker.

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I'm very optimistic, very optimistic that every one of us in sha Allah will have this added to their lives. If not at least confirm it. We have it already. So you got your stopwatch. So when the moment I say Allah Baraka begins, okay

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Allahu Akbar Presta al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa rahmatullah Rahim Malik. Yomi Dean yaquina widow yaquina Stein. Dino serrata Mr. Kim salata Latina nom de la vida mobile VR Li mala Bonnie obviously you can read from what I had okay? But who Allah who I had a lot of summit admitted with a muted with a miracle no coupon Allah.

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Semi Allahu demon Hemi the benevolent attempt Allahu Akbar. Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhana wa tada Allahu Akbar rabbitfish he was in he was he was born in your hand he was Dini Allahu Akbar. Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah

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stop it

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how long

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44 seconds

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This is a legitimate rocker

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you know like i mean come on man. Give me the wild boar the Darlene beats the whole surah

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I think I got this I got this. So Holla Holla inshallah promise Doha and with at minimum sounds good before you sleep inshallah, in the last minute we have.

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Obviously companionship is something very critical. And knowledge is something also very critical. And no, I didn't even thought of it says knowledge benefits me more than wealth. Because I will have to protect my wealth. But knowledge protects me, somehow law genius about how we approach things. Only secret knowledge makes sure you're very continuous with that you cannot just use this convention and just drop off this whole educational system, or having any means and income of basically, knowledge. And also if you do get knowledge and be as humble as you can, because amendments to 2013 instead, one of the first steps of people getting knowledge is that they tend to

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end up being a little arrogant and ignorant. It gets a little worse of the first few stages. anybody here ever became practicing at one point in time? Most of you were really extreme at one point, right? It's a true story. I'll end with this one. There was a brother who attended halaqaat ba ba ba ba ba ba ba was a wonderful Sahabi to extend that his people his master took off his clothing placed a rock on his body to just to torture him right would be that is to say I hadn't had a last one last one last one. So there's this brother heard this. He says like Bismillah Allahu Akbar will lie This is I'm gonna change my life after this. He goes home he's like there's no more hot I'm in this

00:28:19--> 00:28:41

house. It's done no more hot I'm in this house. His sister was watching out of idle or something like that is like a lie. This is not gonna be watched in this house anymore. He grabbed the TV wants to take it off it's not working then he breaks the TV who comes his father come he's like what in the heck you're doing is that you know what Baba no more haram This house is a greedy no more haram come here, grab this belt and start hitting him and hitting him. He's like, I had an I had a hat on I had.

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So so panela people are sometimes may be a little overzealous and so on. So as you seek knowledge, be as humble as you can. And may Allah grant us knowledge that benefits us And may Allah protect us from knowledge that does not benefit us. I mean, that'll be I mean, just like Malala