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The speaker describes a culture where people forget the law and become their brothers in Islam. They describe this as a death sentence and a punishment, with consequences such as negative behavior and permanent loss of one's bodies. The speaker also describes a culture where people sit in a corner for a few hours and pray for a woman, citing the punishment as a punishment.

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The greatest punishment of forgetting along in this life before the Hereafter, a lot of social, he says, For whom

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he made them forget themselves, my brothers in Islam, the human being is weak. The human being is Paul, the greatest disaster that ever happened to you in this life is that alone makes you forget about yourself, and who you are, and who you will become my brothers in Islam.

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This is the this is the from the grave, from the cemeteries. And this is built from the street from the street. This was your beginning, this is your beginning. And this is going to be your end. Why so much arrogance against the law? Why did the people forget the law? When this was your beginning? And this is going to be your end? And the people ask why doesn't like call himself a cat bear, so he can wake you up? So he can wake you up and tell you who you really are? And what you really become? This is meant to rob ILA.

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This is the this is your beginning. Look at it. Do you see any value in it? Do you see any gold in it? Is there any worth to it? Would you buy this? Would anyone take it? Even for free? No one, worthless, pointless. There is no value to it at all. Don't from the street, this is your beginning. And this is your end? This was once a beautiful lady. This was once a beautiful man. This was someone Allahu Allah. Is he enjoying

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his his grave? A garden of the paradise? Or is he going through other quantum depends Him and who he is teach what he did in this life. This is his end. This is the beginning. This is the end. This is why Allah calls himself a bill, the great the supreme the mighty, so that he wakes you up and you realize who you are and what you will become. Why so much arrogance in your life. Why so much arrogance against the loss of Anahata why sin after sin and no repentance in between? Why always procrastinating the deeds? Maybe tonight maybe tomorrow night? But whenever I whenever I feel like it I'll come Well, I want to say is too much officious a little bit less. It's easier. Why

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don't you forget yourself? This is the greatest disaster. You walk around with a dead heart. Fan sir human foster home. One of the meanings of fancy home for some Do you realize today when people have a doctor's appointment, and they sit down and they're told look your weight is going to be another half an hour and he gets upset and frustrated? Why? But it's for your purpose and you're going to see the doctor in half an hour. Couldn't you sit with you enough for half an hour? You don't have time to sit with yourself and remember a lot for half an hour. God how can the human being can't sit with him so for a minute, he needs to be around people he needs to be active. He wants to see

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someone This is other time sir.

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llt calf is coming 10 mites, people find it difficult. What am I going to do for 10 days in the budget? sit in the corner do what do you know how to isolate? Sit with yourself sit between you and a loved one lucky the best days in your life is when you sit with yourself.

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Why? At night no one can get up at night and pray a few hours for Allah fuseboard What am I going to do to at night three at night to the people are sleeping. Why am I going to be praying for her? Fine sir human fuson This is a punishment. What at the punakha Lavina sola for Ansel home and foster home. ecoman firstborn, such as a rebellious corrupt people are socially says