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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Peace to you a welcome back. And what couple of days it's been one of the most exciting things for me as a Muslim, is that the fans in Qatar right now. And the way that Qatar has organized this World Cup are allowing us to find a little bit of Muslim confidence is our rules and regulations that are there that everyone has to respect. And and you know, if you are against that, and you don't feel like you're going to enjoy your time coming and you can't respect that, they don't come. It's as simple as that. It's almost like the Muslim world is exhaling for a minute and dare I say, enjoying ourselves. And you know what, laying out our parameters Take for example,

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those hilarious come out, they are love England fans dressing as Crusaders, in a Muslim land for the World Cup and just presuming that they're going to get in fit that was worn by men 800 and 1000 years ago, who used to actually cut the throats and burn babies and Muslim women alive for fun during crusades? Is that okay? Can we can we were that and you you have a sense of humor about it. Thank you on behalf of all the Muslims for actually having some lines and saying no, on all of our behalfs to what is not funny, not amusing, and hugely offensive behavior by those fans. So the answer is, it's a FIFA World Cup. Everybody's welcome. But guess what, like any country in the

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world, there are social expectations and laws didn't go the wrong side of them. The Arabs have waited such a long time just to have their say about the murder of Palestinians. And the oppression and the apartheid, that this is just a joy fest you do see a lot huge numbers from Middle Eastern nations, mainly Saudi Arabia, which is just across the border, but also a lot of people from Tunisia, from Morocco, from Iran. And a lot of Palestinian flags many many Palestinian flags. And I can tell you that Israeli journalists we saw other Hebrew speaking journalists getting getting some trouble there. I myself I got some dirty looks when people realize the where I come from while in

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Qatar I tried to get interviews it presenting myself as an Israeli journalist getting interviews with with with the Iranians and the Saudis. With the Iranians the vast majority of the number of the answers that I got, were very cordial, very nice pletely different story with the Saudis the Saudis wants you to tell them the from Israel I'm not gonna say an aggressive responsible clearly a rude one Israel No, but that's a question that's been on my mind. Why did Israel want to send 20,000 fans to the World Cup in an Arab Muslim nation anyway? When their team isn't even there? Now I know you can go along and cheer other teams you know if I was there I probably going Yes, Senegal. I go to

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lots of different games and cheer the the Muslim teams along and Brazil you know, they're they're a great teams there. Right. Carter had no choice but to allow a diplomatic mission to open for Israel under FIFA has

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expectations should we say not pressure during the World Cup, the categories say things will go back to the way they were as soon as the World Cup is over. We can all pray that that's the case. And while we're on the subject, there has been some false news reports from Jewish agencies saying that there is no kosher food and it's been banned. That's simply not the case. There is a company there delivering kosher food to hotel rooms in Qatar.

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And there was an epic fail. Oh my gosh, I just cringed at this. Just had to go through a

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in Qatar for ladies only.

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Don't feel that

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she will be allowed in the stadium. They're not stopping her from going into the stadium. They just separating the men and the women. desperate effort by a host for Fox News. Trying to make an all woman que line look like some kind of segregated evil. It's so cringy I almost have to apologize to you for watching it. She wore a hijab and she was entering a school in India and in France. She will be told to remove that piece of clothing. She'll be told to show her body just so she can go and sit an exam or just so she can go inside and become edgy.

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okay to just let that sink in for a while I've lived in Qatar. And it's one of the places I've most enjoyed living in. As a woman and specifically a Muslim woman. Like I said, I've lived here for six years I live within amongst Pretoria people and live in their country, which is welcoming and accepting and living with a lot of different nationalities or living together. It's a very safe environment. I've never felt so safe. And also when you get to Qatar airport, and you're a woman with children, and you have a special line to go in, if anything, I would say the men going to Qatar have something to complain about. Hi, how can we have to queue three times as long as women? Nobody

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is reporting on that are they? According to a hadith? That person is not one of us who is not merciful to our youngsters and respectful of our elders. And according to another saying of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. One who believes in Allah and the Last Day must honor his neighbors, one who believes in Allah and the Last Day must honor his guests all

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