Jannah Gems #23 – The Company We Keep Impact Us

Haifaa Younis


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Peer pressure people affect us, the company affect us. So in fighting shavon I need to look at my company. I need good company.

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And you're going to tell me I don't have a good company. I'm gonna tell you asked a lot to give you one.

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Look for one, if not physical, on, you can find them hamdulillah with all the

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internet and all the groups and everything, look for, look for a group who reminds you of Allah, a group who helps you to get better, more Sahaba to Allah favor, they say, look for the good company. Now as you do this, the opposite and stay away from the bad company. Stay away from the bad company. They don't come together. There is no good and bad company. It's either a good company or it's a bad company.

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They don't one day they are good one day they are bad.

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And the more I am with people, I am like them as they say tell me who's your friend I tell you who are you? And last pantalla said that to Rasul Allah salatu salam wa ala Tupper men Oh fine. Now Allah one the cleaner with taba Hawa. What kind of camera who follow Paul, don't follow.

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Now, don't obey. men often now calahonda Craner the person who is heedless about the remembrance of Allah, Allah, not in his day or her day after bajawa they follow their own desires, don't have these people around you, because they will weaken me. They will weaken you. Absolutely.

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What kind of fall apart and then they are absolutely their Mater is shattered, everything is about dunia. So look at the company.