Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #20 – When You Noticed His Poverty

Omar Suleiman
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One of the greatest proofs of the prophets license Prophethood is his character. It says a lot. I mean, you saw him sell the law and he was selling them. You are witnessing the sincerity of the Prophet slicin them to align to the creation, and you can't help but walk away from a certainty that he is the prophet of God. And if you think back to Mecca in Mecca, they were trying to compromise with the Prophet slice. Um, they were sort of feeling him out, testing him out, you know, is it that you're doing this because you want some money? Is it because you want this? Is it because you want that? What do though totino failed, he knew and Allah says, they wish you would compromise and they

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would happily compromise and the profit slice of them continues to endure persecution and not take up that offer and it shocked them because these were morally bankrupt people. But now you're in Medina, and no one would bat an eyelid if the prophets lie Selim lived a decent life. But here you have the Prophet slice alum, living in absolute poverty and you are witnessing it in front of your eyes. And it's even worse than what meets the eye.

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The prophets lie Selim could have been probably one of the richest people in history, he may have been the richest man in history if he just snapped his fingers of Allah hottie was alum to have that amount of money Oh, for the allow on Whoa, or it's not all the Allahu anhu or it's all have all the Allahu anhu he could have had all the palaces that he wanted. And again, people would have felt like he deserves the Scylla heartiest that he is our leader, we adore Him, we want him to live in this way. But the profit slice and I'm instead chooses to live this extremely humble life. And because of how giving and caring he was sallallahu wasallam it was easy to miss just how hungry the profit

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slice and M was and how much poverty he was actually insula hide he was selling for one and a supermodel the law and who says the profit slice I'm never had food for the next day, not once did the profit slice and I'm have food stored for the next day. So every day, the Prophet slicin was just getting by. And the only person that recognized him one night was actually I will back to this the vehicle of the Allahu tada I know the Prophet sallallahu wasallam goes out in the middle of the night and he runs into a little Beckett or the Allahu anhu. And as they bump into each other, there's a realization that they're both out looking for food. And you think to yourself, how is it

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that the most beloved men in our society is hungry and nobody noticed the signs that the Prophet slice them is driven out of his home at night to get a few bites to eat so that he can survive? So the law when he was alone, but you go on and you see that as time goes on, and especially when things are very difficult. It's very obvious that the profit slice on is suffering more than everyone else. We talked about the Hon duck and the trench and jab it all the time who seeing the profit slice some stomach bloated it his Salatu was Salam out of hunger in those days, and recognizing that the prophets lie some had not had anything to eat for days, I will tell hetal the

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Allahu anhu saying to Amsterdam, or the Allah Juana, I heard the voice of Allah, His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you could hear the hunger in his voice. Can you imagine that when someone is so hungry, that you could actually hear the hunger in his voice sallallahu wasallam and he asks him, Sudan or the Allahu anhu, if she has anything to serve, and she says, of course for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam and anisul, the Allahu taala. And who says that sometimes the profit slice some would reflect on this hunger and how it was. And when you saw him on what you thought was his worst day, the profit slice and would actually tell you that there were days that

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were far worse than this. And he said, the profit slice and I'm once said that I experienced 30 nights and days that were the hardest nights and days of my life. Were billable. The Allahu anhu and I were together, and we did not have a single thing that was suitable for a living creature to eat, except for the little that was hidden under the armpit of bedazzled the Allahu tada I know, how Allah I mean, can you imagine that 30 nights, the prophet slice, and I'm with billaudot, the alonside on home, and they had nothing suitable for a living creature to eat. And they would just take the crumbs of whatever they could find and they would eat whatever they could find sallallahu

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alayhi wasallam or the Atlanta animal and that's why you have this famous incident of almost all the time, entering upon the Messenger of Allah slice Allah and seeing his situation and it's shocking on level the a lot of time. Now, the most detailed narration is the one where almost all the law actually describes the house of the Prophet slice alum. He said I entered into the house of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And he was sitting on his house he had he had this mat, and by the way, the prophets license bed was his couch. Okay, so what he would sleep on Salalah Hardy was to them at night, he would fold it up and he would sit on during the day, and you would come and you

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would sit next to him on that in the profits license.

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Put a cushion between you and him. And that was his furniture sallallahu wasallam. So Amaro the law on Who said I walked into his house, and I sat down, and I saw the profit slice, I'm laying down on his mat. And he had nothing that was between him and the mat, except for his waist straps are the law and he was selling them. And there was nothing else to protect him from that, how see it. And because it was made of branches, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam rises up, I saw the marks on his body, we're not even talking about a comfortable mattress here. We're talking about the marks of the branches on his body. And I looked around his house. And all I saw in his room saw the law, how

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it was solemn, was a handful of barley, and a few leaves in the corner. And then he had this waterskin that was hanging up in his room, and it barely had enough water in it, and almost all the Allahu tada and he said, I couldn't hold myself, I started to weep. And the Prophet slicin themselves may have keycap, no hubbub. Why are you weeping over the hubbub? And he said he had a sort of lot. How can I not weep? That Matt has put marks on your body, and this is all that you've accumulated. And I can't see anything other than these few things. While kiss wa and Caesar live amongst gardens and rivers, and you are the Prophet of Allah, you're the chosen one. You're the

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beloved one, you are so much more deserving of these things. And this is all that you have. And what is the prophets of Allah hottie was that I'm saying, and I totally I'm not an alarm engineer with an afro, aren't you pleased? allama that for them is the dounia and for us is the hereafter she the profit slice of them did not want all model the alongside and who to just walk out of that room and come away with while the profit slice on lives in poverty. He wanted to impart a concept upon our own model of the Allahu Allah and Whoa, that is binding upon the oma binding upon the Nation of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam that for us is the hereafter we are a people of the hereafter. We are a

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people that strive for the riches and the wealth of the hereafter. We don't bother ourselves with the wealth of this dunya in a way that would distract us and preoccupy us. So Aren't you pleased, though almost, that we have the Akela and they have the dunya let them take the dunya we have the ARCA we have the Hereafter, and the next time you're feeling entitled. And you're feeling like Why don't I have more? And why isn't Allah giving me this and why isn't Allah giving me that? And you're feeling a sense of sadness and maybe even that you're being deprived? I want you to remember this narration from Allah Han. Ah Isha Allah, the Allahu anhu would never eat a full meal after the death

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of the Prophet slice on them, except that she would start to cry. And they would say, Why are you crying? Get on with what money? Why are you crying a mother of the believers? And she said not asheboro and aplomb and Illa and Aki, beyond the earth guru Hannah Latif, our Kali has Allah Allah while he was selling the dunya I don't eat any food, except that I start to cry. Because I remember the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left this dunya she said, Well, law II Masha I'm in hopes in will I'm in Mauritania yom. I swear by Allah that He never got to eat to his fill sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of bread or meat twice in a day, he never had two meals in a day.

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam so I saw the Allahu taala and her was remembering the difficulty that the profit slice I'm lived with. So whether you live in his society, or you live now, and you start to think about the entitlement to this world, remember that the most beloved person to Allah subhana wa tada experienced the most difficult poverty, and that was only the beginning of his pain. So Lola Harney, he was so

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He was

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