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Milla will hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah what an early he also had the H marine ama that the 25th juice or powder of the Quran ends off with a few verses of Surah facilite and then begins with soret Assura.

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In Torah to Shura, like the previous Torah and the sutras to follow revolve around the same theme of

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the truth of the revelation of the Quran. As well as calling the people to the Tawheed of Allah subhanho wa Taala and refuting the machinery cool.

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And among the things that was a part of what Allah mentions

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in the Surah In Surah, two surah is that there is nothing like Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no resemblance between Allah and His creation lay second meter li Sheikh, there is nothing like Allah subhanho wa taala. And so this verse is a foundation that we build our Arpita upon when it comes to understanding Allah subhanho wa Taala His names and attributes, that whatever Allah has mentioned of His names and attributes in the Quran, or that has been mentioned in the Sunnah we cannot resemble them to

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the attributes of Allah's creation, He is unique SubhanaHu Attallah in every way, and there is nothing that resembles him SubhanaHu what

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we have,

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in the Surah, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentioned towards the end of it.

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That basically he subhanho wa Taala is the one who

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blesses us with children, whether they be sons, alone, only sons, or daughters, only daughters, or whether Allah blesses us with both sons and daughters. Or if Allah does not bless anyone, with neither a son, nor a daughter, Allah emphasizes here that it all is good that it all goes back to the knowledge and the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa taala. And so we should always,

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we should always be referring back to the knowledge and the wisdom of Allah, when it comes to such matters. And we should not be thinking, Oh, why? Why has Allah blessed me with this? And he has not blessed me with this? Or why has Allah blessed so and so with this, and he has not blessed me with it. And so we should put our basically we should put this matter in the hands of Allah and say, Allah does what he does based on his knowledge and his wisdom. And then in the very last verses of the Surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala brings our attention to the importance of the Quran. And this revelation, and Allah describes this, this revelation this way, as being a rule, something that

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gives life to the hearts. And so, you know, ask yourself that how much have I benefited from the ground? You know, is my is my heart being revived? And you know, is there life in my heart

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as a result of me reading the Quran

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after that, we move on to the next hoorah and that is sort of a zoo growth,

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carry on with the same theme of you know, the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada

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mention of life after death, and the truth of resurrection. Also, we have Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioning the surah

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the story of Musa and fit around and how should I how I was arrogant, and you know, how

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he basically, you know,

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deceived the people by making him by by, you know, telling the people that look at what I have, look at this huge,

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you know, kingdom that I have and look at all this wealth that I have. But, you know, this is not how we measure things, when it comes to measuring who is upon the truth and who is upon and who is a poor falsehood. And that's why Fidel was drowned and his you know, he met his fate, but Musa alayhis salam, Allah gave him victory even though he had nothing.

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Also Allah mentions in various places in this

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Torah is Ali salaam, and how you know the Christians attribute

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attribute to Allah son and how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is innocent and free of such an attribution. Then we have the last two suitors of this juice Surah to de Haan and Surah two jatiya They are very, very short sorrows

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and they revolve around the same topics highlighting,

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you know, the fact that, you know, the Quran is a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala also addressing some of the arguments made against the Quran.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the fate of the kuffar. And so we have in these two sources mentioned of, you know, the blessings that the people of Ghana will have and defeat of the kuffar and how, you know, they will they will eat from the tree of the home, and also how they will call upon the guardian of the guardian of hellfire medic. So his name is mentioned here in in the Surah. He is an angel and he is the one who

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basically is the guardian of hellfire. And so, the people of hellfire will call upon him and say, you know, tell your Lord to just wipe us out, finish us off. And so you know, how he responds to them is they're mentioned in the Surah without we come to the end of this juice and until the next session Subhanak along Moby Dick

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and pestle Fuuka What are two elect who the washer he the

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women should hold Adina Alzheimer will do the

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Maddy they're the one we're holding if he might he have for rude well who might have if I

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mean I should hold what

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you mean we'll be learning nice easy Hamid I let it go some hour

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while long while actually shaking here Shaheed in leadin I

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mean I was I mean I do. Mala Mia Gu Vida whom either

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diamond Allah whom either wouldn't hidey hole in Medina

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Bali Heidi de la goon Jen

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that God mean that

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then he goes belzona gavi in about one shall meet Ganesha deed in Who are you by the way you're married? Well, why didn't walk all the way dude don't allow Sheila Majeed bow I only my URI the hell attack a highly nude Vietnam No.

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Valley leadin whoopee that could be but well Allahu New Moon on him. Mohave Bell who was oh and oh. Majeed, Fina. Whoo

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whoo Bismillah you want Matthew Walker? He

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you will call audio for one

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audience and Nigerian was the leader in collapsing Lem. Lay her field value

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methoni Airport only economy

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in Debian beautiful yes Rumi banal swill be one they're all even in who is a healer for the year woman to better sell or in Valhalla, homie. Oh, I do what I now said. What some?

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Either ideal Roger, one elderly that is one

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They're in a water

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fountain woman who was being hesitant in a home yucky do not Qaeda wacky who can use them I hear you guys do you move away

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a long

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Semi long Neiman How are you

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oh long

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long one

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long Miko

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Alhamdulillah your belied I need a Walkman you're laughing Murni Kia with Dean he will do what he got us there it is Dino swill

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Lee deadly sin along one Idina and nine Dynein warriors who will be either you

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or me

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Serbia her smell beacon

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lady and

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what lady?

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White Lady

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were sent oh boy who

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is in Marussia

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long enough who we are

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when we're still carrying you saw that kid in the vehicle so yeah, that gets me out where that journey

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all and

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now on Google

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to FY one i Yeah, Why the f la Harmon does a why that girl was smell on beef and

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then to steal higher than duniya 124 You fall in

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Soho via email on email

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Bismillah your man you're walking hadn't heard the last year would you we made in Clos yawn I mean now see by

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now on me and us stormy night in Annie and Elaine Salah who live in Love Your Body let me know what you need me to would you agree with my eating in

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visa you have all the V Jun 1990

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The smell will be had Alia be

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Jedi and be hassled oh me no before i What?

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Why? What am added bonus schools was LRB was

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born at Eden EDD gave

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what either summer

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he gave out will be I will either be bad he gave battle see but what either LD gave us will be high by that giving

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them with a good let's start hiding beams lately in them and one worker fell value why the wound

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Long with either been

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a long

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send me how long how

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long life

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long one

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long White

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Sara Mewat April to long

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long guacamole

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and handily nine year long build I mean a wash man you're watering Murni gear me dde Ghana boudoir Ghana stary India's soil on Mooster clean soil coin Lenina and Nanda either you won't even know OB I am one oh ball asked me

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well Virgil when I earn in Nigel was chef he was in what one lady either Yes. How do you feed

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them Oh Leni ages. Lm game

00:17:52--> 00:17:53

muka vi

00:17:55--> 00:17:56

l my dad

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I let em you want me to have you be

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was levena Jabu soft lobbying word what

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I lead enough on we'll be

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fell slump burning him your book so far

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in no back end mills laundered for many years and who eat them every day.

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Boo one hour I imagine they are bored or have be a common while I'm

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going down or I'd add these flows I am bored be a hand and get lab lead to clean moon and end while the

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moon out I mean miski What that we're gonna do it all the

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way to the moon and murder.

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Jemima Gila either do get in do that get that Why did you

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what G A young my ad be Johanna?

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Yeah Wilma, Ed. Calhoun said we'll

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be gone yeah.

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Danny point them to me higher the very over eating you i vivo are the womb I hide it. Wallah up what up on who?

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Oh hi there yeah I do have to Motoman in nine ill Jerry eat out Biggie all we know we

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only fear he baddie why they're holding Holly region ID

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along with

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Semia law long how

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long work

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Alhamdulillah you're behind me a Walkman Rafi mnemonic en mi DD II he got he got us dairy he did a swell on one was deadly sell off one leadin and non dieting him why you didn't know

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him 104 on me

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see movie hadn't been added what else

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be better then why why do you do oh man I wanna know what else going on in Santa Fe gang bending I lay on the line and he hide it yeah oh no I like to

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love your whole hide it

00:22:37--> 00:22:43

why you name what he said was a bad thing what

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00:22:49--> 00:22:50


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but going off on Ben Oh will you

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do will mean be my slumber yeah demon them out on

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me ski them I

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don't get I mean and Latina ama lol song Bill Sullivan. He weren't there was long been mo ha Iman. Hola, EGA I was five. My email. One lady Nika movie A Idina whom else eyeball Nimesh either you hear now

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slimdown Smilla your walk Mern your lobby what shows you all go?

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One on Eddie either Dinah one?

00:23:49--> 00:23:51

At bangin

00:23:52--> 00:24:06

one Laney either young Shanghai was 711 f c you

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have a half or you want to tell

00:24:14--> 00:24:15

why there as

00:24:18--> 00:24:19

well going down

00:24:20--> 00:24:26

the sand can damage them Movietone one

00:24:27--> 00:24:43

evening by the ash ball foul ball far more soul longing now going down long US employer had begun that move out ballroom for them then

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boom me then beat him.

00:24:49--> 00:24:52

One I have off for

00:24:55--> 00:24:56

a long

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Send me I will long Hooli man honey then

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