Why Gaza is Undefeatable I Lessons In Unwavering Faith

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The speaker discusses the negative impact of rain on people in Israel and the dangerous dangerous river flooding in the city. They also talk about a recent visit to the city and a family member's emotional distress due to a difficult situation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting in Jesus and the need for people to trust him.

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You can be a stranger, a stranger in Gaza, but everyone's your friend. Somehow. I think it's Islam that trust is not broken, that people will still come in and love that the media wants us to be wounded and terrified right by the appalling and unhinged violence of Israel and the USA against the civilians in Gaza. But what is it like to actually be with the people of Gaza? Those that the mainstream wants us to believe? Are bombers and killers from the womb to the tomb? And what is it like to meet them? Inshallah, I want you to see the messages from the people themselves in recent days. Do they make you feel fear? Or does it make you feel love and respect? So it's been raining

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Gaza this week, the forces of evil stop the water so Allah subhanho wa Taala said beautiful, free and abundant water

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Did you know that bombing has to stop in the rain so it also gives the people a pause and this brother to summarizes the incredible gratitude of the believers for the risk of Allah to Allah over the 14th Evening Alhamdulillah we are getting rain. We are getting fresh water so that the animals, the plants, the human beings, can all bring all that fun with Ana is greater than anything for anyone

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who an airman Mola when

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he is our refuge, he is our provider. Now as we know too much rain can cause flooding in Gaza and it comes with great risks as well waterborne diseases because the Israelis have smashed the sewage system. This positive feeling towards our Lord is the essence of the Palestinian garden spirit.

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And it reminds me of a hadith curtsy. These are words of Allah reported by the Prophet peace be upon him outside of the Quran. Allah says I am as my servant thinks I am. I am with him when he makes mention of me. If he makes mention of me to himself, I make mention of him to myself. And if he makes mention of me in an assembly, I make mention of him in an assembly better, isn't it brothers and sisters do we ever feel this blessed when we turn on the hot water in the shower or drink a morning coffee or just turn on a tap for some water? Ya Allah guide us to treat to Wakil and Shaka.

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My last visit to Gaza I went to be Italian, which as you're gonna see is completely annihilated now and I met a family who were living in what you and I would consider gay marriage. And it was very profound for me

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in that dozens, probably hundreds of kitchens exactly the same as this just in Bay 100. At the moment, they're lucky. I guess they have some electricity. They have no generator. They're lucky tonight, to have this as I've met all the children in this really bizarre parade of injury and traumatic stress syndrome and, and yet smiles, attempted smiles really. They were in such a difficult situation. I went to a back room, it was Maghreb. And I realized I hadn't prayed and

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I started to cry, really, really sobbing. And one of the mums came in with a phone. That was the only light. And when I finished praying, she said to me, why are you crying? And I said, Because I hate this for you. I hate that Israel is doing this to you. I hate that I can't do anything I hate the world doesn't care. I hate the Arab leaders that are not doing anything. I hate our inactivity. And she said You're crying for us. She was genuinely surprised. Don't cry for us. Allah has told us that if we stay steadfast, and we believe in him and we trust in Him. Then it's Jana 100 villa was so happy. She meant happiness for the next life. She meant a happiness and Sakina though in this

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life that we will never know a certainty of heart Subhanallah

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these people will never be defeated because of that.

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Amen. Because of their love Allah

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Akbar, fill in bra bra Chanel puram and sign a fee sorry. Oh Misha did Tasha Gibbon Sharon forgot the top to come stash or stuff but instead I leave a man in his care and the dollar Mazuma has Ackerman Masha hadden Muqaam oh my gosh had said the Quran Inshallah, Allah from Oliver P masajid.

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Chief massage it has

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to be the law

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result of the

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issue of the fifth annual Tesira and the ROM had Akula Illa and no other features in her CGT Dan Allah attention now mobilenet tension, Salima potentiality in Islam it better serve the people our true leaders. Our true leaders in a man in this age the Palestinians