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Salam Alaikum, peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen show, which is a way of life. Try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand.

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I've been getting a lot of

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emails from people all around the world and like thank you. And with some of these emails, we get questions, and this is how we come up with a lot of our topics.

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We are trying to cover a very important topic here, we'll try to do the best that we can inshallah with it.

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And we hope everybody gets a chance to benefit from it. today to help us battle this because I couldn't do it on my own. I'm a student who's trying to learn and I like yourselves need help, like we all do to learn this beautiful way of life. Today, we have a guest who has taught in Mecca at the bottom.

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And he's been doing Dawa, here in the United States as a US citizen for over 30 years now. He's the mom at South Carolina Columbia center. We'd like to bring him out Mr. Shaikh.

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Lesson lessons. Oh my god.

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Have you heard me ask this question? I gotta ask a couple.

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free country free speech. Yeah, ask anything you want. And please don't take offense to it. Because we have a lot of non Muslims, who we're trying to educate them and invite them to this beautiful way of life to help them understand Islam and Muslims. And through education. We building tolerance is very important because you fear the unknown if you don't know certain things, and you start to develop a fear. So we're trying to get rid of that through education. Really appreciate what you're doing. Thank you very much. So when I cut when I had to do stresses shake, I don't want to I think that we talked about a milkshake. So why do we say shaking Islam?

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Number one, because I'm an old man. So this is the originality of the kind of respect and yeah, so this is way originally, but it's got to be known later on the Learn person exam. And now the question is, you have a hard time flying because of the beard.

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Not really. But in most cases, yes, I have to spend about 15 minutes.

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The check with me, I don't know where they call, but they took my driver's license and usually called someplace and say so and so's traveling.

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Do you think people like fear you when they see they get scared? Just because the parents because you got the beard and turban and your dress like no, because I'm dressed like this, but two people got to see the Jewish they have beards, hippies have beard. But when they see somebody with the soap, and the growth, he knows he knows that he's a Muslim. But nobody's got no reason to fear. You're such a nice man. Most of the time, most of the time. He's a nice man. So Alright, so nobody has no reason to fear. And Islam is something that is here to help make your life easy. And it's a way of life of mercy. Would you vouch for that? Of course, right? It's my way of life after birth.

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Yes. So we're going to discuss, we brought you on to discuss a very important topic. And we've noticed that we're at an age and a 21st century that everything is evolving. We're inventing certain things in society to help us progress in the culture and the the world that we live in. Right? We're trying to get places faster building a faster car, we're trying to

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learn quicker and have access to the internet. So we got speed stream. Everything's fast, fast, like right now, in the religion in Islam, what are some of the good things that are invented some of the good things in Arabic? It's Hasina was me Good?

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Good, good. Excellent. And beta means what innovation innovation? What are some of the good like did innovations in the religion like, you know, putting in the Quran on a CD? Is this a good innovation?

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It is good innovation, but you could not call it in Islam. This is not in Islam. No, this is a means towards a goal. You see, you have a goal and you have means all right, Islam as itself as a mission from Almighty God. You could not add or delete or change or you could not improve the Islam itself.

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But you may

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improve this is a way how you present it to the people through different so it isn't as a bitter hustler. You can call it better hustler but don't call it better hustle is a religion. This is a serious problem is to say that has no religion. So can you tell us because we hear this this word a lot? No. When I first heard it it kind of spooked me out because I was like list is badass so I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that certain people throw it around like to throw in a baseball

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and they get a little it scares some people sometimes. So tell us what is bid What are you actually trying to say when you say bid? okay first of all is the word VEDA which is utilized by Almighty Allah

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and utilized by the prophet Mohammed Salah la Selim as the most and will not have these two millimeter muslims for in Nakula desert in beta Baku lepidopteran Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah,

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the prophet of Allah Allah La Silla missing was the meaning is indeed every addition

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to the religion of Islam is misguidance and every misguidance will lead to hellfire. How are we supposed to evolve forward if we can but is this what I'm getting to we understand is the religion itself you could not you could not add or delete because this is not a man made this is godly is something godly? Something from Almighty the Creator, you only to receive it and practice it essays. Alright, let me give you an example. As an example, if I am a mailman, alright, yeah, I'm a mailman. So you send me this letter. So it's not up to me understand to open the envelope and read it Oh, is this literally understand he misspelled this word? No. My job as a main man is to deliver it. Okay,

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this is. So this is the job of the Prophet. And after the prophets, this is the job of the Sahaba companions. And every generation we only move is a message from one person to deliver it was as a person, but it's not up to me or to you to add or to correct or whatever it is, is only going to deliver it to the next person. Now we may improve the self is what I mean by this. As example you go to the post office and tells you okay, how do you want to mail this, you have media, you have first class mail, you have priority mail, you have express mail, but all this it talks about how fast it can go but you still take the baggage as is this in my ism I'm trying to get you Okay, so if you

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send it by express mail, and it's going to be next day in the morning is as of town if you go Priority Mail will be two days, but it still is giving us the same envelopes that I gave it to you without open it without adding without deleting. So the letters does get delivered to me. No one has the right to open exchange executive fairness to now the revelation that came no one has a right to add their input like changing nothing or deleting as is taken. So what is the improvement or is a bit of a hassle is that you're talking about as example today? The the Sahaba may Allah be pleased reserved to carry the Koran. They will carry the Koran in a whole camel. And maybe is not enough

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because it used to be written in BC bones and words in skin. So the whole Quran, you voted in a camel or a donkey. You see, but today you can have the whole Koran in your pocketbook. You can have it even between your two tapes in a CD. So But will this make the surah of the Quran 150 as example? No.

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We'll make follow along I had five verses in the state of Florida versus No. So how to deliver the message how to enhance short time and a better way to write a better way to read it like my eyeglasses as example. You see it enhance but I'm not going to do anything to my eye. We have to understand the difference between that somebody posted and

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now that came with a system call it the loudspeaker. Now instead only 10 people hear me if I put this thing in front of me on like lawn mower now, isn't it is that a bit but it's not is the D

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okay then you see what

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is the same it just means that two words and this terabit is a two times and this is but you did not say

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We want to make it simple. So our viewers can really understand now and instead I'm going one mile is my voice as a person given lecture. Only 10 people will hear me instead of going to every time it gives a lecture now I'm going to record it like what we're doing nowadays. Okay, now what is the internet? no cell phones that maybe other people will hear me? I have an idea. How about the SEMA? I got you? is it acceptable? If we get together because I'm into physical fit martial arts? So I have to scare me? No, no. So I have an idea. Okay, I have a good intention to and watch the logic here. We're going to get in shape. I know how to block kick, but we won't have to do that. And this, check

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this out. Okay, we're gonna get in shape. At the same time, we're gonna worship. So we'll do like 10 of us. We'll do some jumping jacks, okay. One guy will say a lot. But 50 times, the other guy will say a 40 times and then we'll drop into some push ups and say Subhan Allah, and then we'll get like some good deeds. Is this good? Okay, are you trying to pay? What are you and then we'll make it a weekly thing. Okay. And then we can come together we'll be getting in shape, sweating, burning calories, good. And every week, we can do this like every week. Okay, we'll do some jumping jacks. Okay. Praise God. And then we'll do some sit ups. Okay, and we'll say Suhana law and then we'll make

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it every week. We'll make a class. Okay, so you're like getting in shape burning calories and you and you're in a good dessert, good intention. What do you think good intention, but good intention does not have to be a person can kill somebody by good intentions. That's a quality, friendly fire. Okay, you can kill somebody with good intention. Basically, what I'm trying to say now when I so is this acceptable? What I said, No, it's not acceptable, of course, is not acceptable. Because it Debbie,

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Goofy to follow, don't invent. You don't invent the methodology of worshipping Allah. remembering Allah is a form of worship. This is a prophet sallallahu Sallam do it as a form of worship to make jumping jacks. No, if you believe this will bring you closer to Allah. And this is always supposed to be now you don't invasion into religion. But let's leave this alone for a moment about the jumping jacks. I'm singing about the event because I want this to be clear to the listener and the viewers. When you call the event you say a lot but four times. Now when you bring the loudspeaker what's the loudspeaker do with it? Take it farther distance, but still saying Allahu Akbar how many

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times four times so is this is a change in the originality there there are only to try to improve the surface. This what I'm asking you about? Yeah. Okay. Now for me to try to add something to that Dean itself, and tell you this is the way you're supposed to get closer to Almighty God. If this formality is not been introduced by the prophet sallallahu Sallam is not understood by the Sahaba you could not do it. For simple reason, because religion is not about what you want. What I like, is not a logic is what the prophet what is a prophet come to teach us if everybody wants to make his own way. So you're saying that we have to follow the example of how the last and final messenger

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taught us how to get close to God. Exactly. Otherwise, people like the Christians and other faiths are making up things as they go along. Exactly. So you got you go to one church, they're doing the jumping jacks Exactly. And then they sing somebody will be singing somebody will have the music but they haven't Yeah, so what's called guarantee that your school say Suppan Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah is the next single command to stand and as the music so the next person will do something else so next then the next person don't add a guitar to these jumping jacks. Then the next one was the way Do you know anything about so called Sophie's who Sophie Sophie's isn't as high

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Sufism and Sophia? Okay, they do this but they they go around we understand keeps swinging. This is a way to get more the higher towards your Creator. No, no, no, this invented way. Yeah, so why does it Why do they spin around? Is it I really don't know. I don't know. But But this has not been done by the process. You know what I'm saying? The Sahaba ever like spin and no, no way nobody can give any evidence about spring. Remember sofala need respect needy understand tranquility. These people want to go swinging like this. Okay, after a while. You get dizzy? Yeah. So now's the remembrance of Allah causing you to faint or is supposed to give you relaxation in the heart and the loss and

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ellaby victory light of my no poo. Indeed, by the remembrance of Allah. hearts will win satisfaction they invented this way. This was a way to get closer to Allah this way to get

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To close up the session

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so it's quite simple we have a blueprint, Islam means to submit or not to excuse me, I really like this word blueprint with the blueprint to come to you. What do you do? You follow? Exactly this what it is

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you hit it on the head.

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This is a blueprint sent by Allah

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presented by the prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam received by the Sahaba we are a builder Okay, we look to have to build on the same line okay? You cannot say oh but this understand it? No, it's better to do nothing you have a blueprint to follow it so you have a map a blueprint exactly follow this blueprint and this is the way you should I think we should change seats now because he does the right word is good. I mean, it's quite easy to understand Actually, it's nothing difficult you I myself, I want to get closer towards my Creator.

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And I want to do it not according to how I want to do it. I want to do it to the one who has the most knowledge and that'd be the one of the messengers of God. The last and final messenger was a prophet Muhammad peace. So I think any sincere individual executive being who wasn't close to the God, yeah, because now someone wants to learn martial arts, okay, he thinks he's gonna develop on his own. He's gonna have to come somebody who's certified, he knows what he's doing. But this is religion. This is a way of life that's going to save you from the Hellfire exactly get you closer towards your Creator. By the way, there is a hadith about this, reported by our inshallah galana the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam is saying upon an academic ambreen I had MLA sermon for who, who's who ever invented something in this religion? That is not part of it, it will be rejected. So whoever brings something here, what do you mean not part of it, that the problem is not part of this blueprint. Okay. Miami La, la sala hamana whosoever act of worship in a manner that is not according this blueprint is good to be rejected. So anything that you're doing prayer vehicle has if it's not according the way of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is rejected, for instance, like the prayer if you are deciding to there's four rockets and you start to add one fifth because you want this is

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unacceptable. Of course, you know, not according to the blueprint. Exactly. You know, what, all the air that if you do, Allahu Akbar and you add six times exactly, no, no, you're inventing now. Exactly. And then if you because I can start to see the sense because what's going to happen is a prayer prayer is something good or not and then the whole religion tells

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you something prayer is something good or not. That's the connection to the Creator is something good okay.

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For does God's love prayer or not? Oh, yeah, that's the quote. Okay. Now I'm going to come and say says God loves the prayer. Instead of making for God, because I am I am I am. I am man. I can do six I can do seven. So instead of

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going to tell you something, you cannot do this. Why? Because God loves the prayer but not because you have to so the message Exactly. This is to have to follow the nap. Now we are in the same page. I got you know, alright, milkshake. Shit. You got a blueprint? Because I've dealt with some inspectors, we built a house. And if you don't follow that blueprint, they'll tell you, they'll tell you get out. They'll do it again. You're not going to give you the license. If you said three windows one door and you put two doors now because you want to be funny.

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Getting more fresh ethically. No, you can't do it. Exactly. You're right. Yeah. Glad you isn't there a verse in the Quran that God Almighty has said this day have I completed my favorite to you and the oma acmella to la cadena que

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la cognetti hora de por la communities limited. So this day, I am completing my complete what is the word complete? Can I get it complete? complete, complete. If something complete while you added something to it. It's already completed. You pour me a glass of water. It's already full. Don't give me nothing else. No, there's no place for anybody else. Honestly, if you get a clean glass of water and you see a little yellow in it, you ain't gonna drink it right? You'd be like, come on. So we want our pure sue the word of Allah Almighty is is clear. It's a completed if something is completed by Allah, Who is you who is me to come to add something because they know when you add something

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that is sent to God that this religion is not complete. So I'm coming with my opinion, try to complete it.

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You're not happy with what he's giving you exactly.

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Tell me if someone says there's a Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him said

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Whoever brings something new will have the good of it all the way until that person follows us in the religion. I don't know you tell me this what I'm saying? Yeah. Have you heard this? So Nathan has an Islam fellow, AS Roma, as Roman Filipina, translate it and tell us what ever whosoever add a bone is sooner, act upon sooner, yeah, something already established something already established. And you don't understand the Hadees better you need to go to the occasion of the Hadith. Tell us about the occasions that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim invited the Sahaba to give in cherish. Okay. So we know that there is something already called charity analysis, lambs care, which is obligatory

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charity, there is a sadhaka, which is a volunteer charity. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he saw this man with raggedy clothes and his his cases so bad, as the seller felt bad for him. So he asked the Sahaba to bring the charity. So one of them he went, and he got a big, huge like a bag and she could not barely can carry it. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Men send assume nothing has an Islam, he didn't say better. You see, he said, Son, that mean already something is a deal from the deal, he will get the reward because he the first one among all the sitting, listen, he's the first one came and came was a large amount. So this became encouragement to others to do the

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same. But he did not invent something new, because there is a charity already established in Islam and the prophet may do it. So if I get this correct, he revived something Exactly. There was a sooner a way that the Prophet something was already that was already established. In the blueprint exam, someone revived it. So if you revive them,

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now you get the reward of that to that person. And he said sonet He didn't say, See, he segments and so NASA Okay, so it's something already? He didn't say get out. Check this out. Check it. Go ahead. What about the occasion? With a you know better than me You can elaborate

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about what was it Omar?

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Omar, are you going to tell me about the tarawih prayer and I don't know what someone mentioned that to me also.

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The people mentioned things to you, you see, and this, this is very

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humbling, that you're asking, okay, what is how does this argument go? And how do you refute this? Okay, first of all, let's assume the viewer can know what we're talking about please, that

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in his time, okay. When he became the head of the Islamic State, he went to the mosque and found five people here making prayer 10 people making prayer here with under one Imam and other three people, zeros as a man. So he thought about this, and he looked at it. And after this, he brought by kneecap and he made himself a man. And he said, for everybody to join this email. So when he came the next day, he see understand one Jamaat one oma one community, everybody behind one email, he said, what method?

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Okay, is that good, better? Good. Now, we have to understand what are the Arab, the Arabic language, okay? And the word that can be exchanged sometimes for the web sooner, but let's try to understand it because we will say hey, you just said there is no better okay? Remember when he said it, he's talking from linguistic point of view, our evidence, our evidence,

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I'll ask you a simple question. This a prophet sallallahu Sallam make the 100 before or not.

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We have to work this question for anybody. Yes, this a prophet sallallahu Sallam in Korea Malaysia or no? Yes, he did. This the Prophet sallahu wa sallam leaves the Sahaba. In preamble live for two or three nights before or not? Yes, he did. And anybody who will refute or refuse or object to this, the need to bring is richer evidence. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam stop

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continuation of having one Imam and everybody behind him, because what we close the mercy of the Prophet, the current list of the Prophet, he said, Hi, shih tzu and tofa alaikum. I have a fear if we continue on in this maybe Allah will make it obligatory on us, you see, so here, when Omar broad Xin to the original state that happened in the time of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, I wanted to start something new. Here you five what used to be in the time of the Prophet sallallaahu. Another revival Exactly.

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But because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his lifetime shediac can come and you know can come okay, but in time of Omar is no more way so now Omar he feels safe and secure he can revive this son again because Allah is not going to make it obligatory after the death of the Prophet so now this is our evidence that this is not what Rama did. He brought things back again to like it's a black number one or

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he put it back again in according the original way according to the way of the Prophet salla Lhasa Do you agree with me about I agree? Yes.

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Is there any other arguments that one uses to justify some things that they do that aren't according to music? Yeah.

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Yeah, I mean ways but yeah, I can give you one about my son as example. The collection of the Quran, okay, the man had collected all the Quran, he made it in one style and the burdens the rest of the Quran you understand and things like this. Now the simple question we asked them the abacha did the Baba Chris do or did Rosemary? May Allah be pleased with him? And anybody versus delete any verses? Did he add any sources? Now he didn't the same Quran so is the same Quran so what did he do instead of the confusion and people you understand reading was this dialect and somebody reduces dialects he brought it to what used to be the most famous and most reliable reading is the time of the Prophet

00:26:35--> 00:26:38

sallallahu Sallam and you make it standardized same Quran

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and he has the right to understand to see what both to bring about division in his community what you continue with him as long as he's not breaking the rules. Gotcha. Somebody comes about you understand Allah God Of course his name, but anyway, the originality of the Arabic alphabet there is no dots and vowels and things like this. Okay. So this man is this great scholar i think is early or something like this near my long time, I did not refresh my mind getting all of them you know, okay. So he came and did what he put that one that under the bed to dock over there. But the Arab the Sahaba they have the bear the tear the no dots, Jim and have

00:27:27--> 00:27:37

Makino Okay, there is no vowels, he made the vowels. Now this what you may call it, you understand, it means towards a goal.

00:27:39--> 00:28:23

So now me and you live in here in America are born in a different country. We're not Audible, we're not set close to the original language. If we see bear and Dan said, we're not going to be able to make a difference between that and fat. Gotcha. So he made it in a way that we pronounce it according the way of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his time, but he didn't add anything to the Quran, everything's the same, everything is the same. So again, to sum up to summarize a few of the points this quote by the way, there is a rule about it, or there is the expression that uses the scholar called masala Marsala Marsala Marsala is a a means for a goal that necessary to be obtained

00:28:23--> 00:28:35

to keep things that understand for the good of the community. Like I said, the microphone as example is the means towards a goal, but the goal is still the same. what's the

00:28:36--> 00:28:39

what's the situation when there was

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I think it was my suit. It was the companion he was had really thin legs, what was his name of the loving him? And one of his students, he had saw that there was a collective, a group, Vicar, and they were throwing pebbles, and then say 100 times.

00:28:58--> 00:29:03

Yeah. And then he ran back to his teacher. suit. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And then Massoud came

00:29:05--> 00:29:14

in What did he say? He said, what's wrong with you people? You're crazy. So Prophet sallallahu Sallam just recently passed away his his clothes is totally understand.

00:29:15--> 00:29:42

Free she understands that means he's not been for a long time, how you can be misguided as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam just recently, you understand why we still in in this time of the Prophet are those that is dead, but well not too far. how quick you can forget how awful how quick he can go straight. How you do something that is not been done by the prophet or taught by the prophet. So he

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has misguidance yes or yes, you know better than the Prophet. He says this is misguided. Okay. So, again, don't matter how good the intention is, you have to be going to have according to the blueprint, exactly. And Allah subhanaw taala

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In the Quran, a boon Allah factor the only

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if you really love Allah, so follow me is the prophets of Allah. And it's quite simple, it makes things easier for you exactly. Because you don't have to now conjure up and let your mind start to

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come from Egypt, they come from India, but all of us have found the same thing. Why? Because all of us follow the path, we have a disagreement. It's just telling me common sense that we can go back to the Quran and see if the Prophet did it, then if not, if you're sincere, you go back, yes, you don't find it. You say, Oh, sorry. So really, what if someone's been doing something for a long time? And how should you approach somebody to let them know that this is not correct? Or this is not according to the it's not an easy job, believe me, but we have to be very reasonable is the principle is are the only less appealing or applicable hickmott one more ethical has an invite them on to the way of

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your law with wisdom and good management is going to take they say under somewhat we'll call it manifesto is sometimes that means you have to have a long patient long brief, you don't have to right away like somebody will come and snatch a little beads from the people. And so you pick up but you can do this not correct. This is not to be gentle with the people breasts, you have to educate the people first, you could not because the people think that you're doing something pleasing to Allah, you have to be kind and gentle. And after this, if people don't see you doing the same thing, they may even start to approach you. You see, so don't to go is that wave? But you have to have a

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you have to be example by yourself. And sometimes if people start to question you, when you're not doing what we did what you didn't do like this after Salah when you don't understand. So your brother in shock because I I didn't see any proof about it. But I will I will appreciate if you can give me a brief about what you're doing because I would like to do what you're doing. But I always like to check the information theorists. So this way you give him you understand the opportunity to go to search, you see, but if you come and bombard him right away, this is wrong. This is better. Are you going to hell fire is no good to work like this. Yeah. So we got to have Hickman wisdom

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wisdom and he shows him the evidence you get the people and have some truth and this can be somebody else's test because yes maybe you following something that your forefathers were doing maybe they hadn't been good intention we can be doing the whole country can be doing it but the truth didn't come to them now it comes to you Yes. Now sees Do you love more with your forefathers are doing or do you love the way of your Creator and his last and final message?

00:32:56--> 00:33:36

So absolutely. We got to watch out because sometimes pride stopped somebody the Prophet peace be upon assets. If you have an atom with a mustard seed of pride, you want it to paradise? Exactly. This is very This one is very humble, and it really wants to get closer to his creator. When the truth comes. We should not be upset with the person we should go back and check. Is this really coming from maybe the Creator is trying to correct me Be humble not to get upset. And the person who's giving the advice should also be gentle. Exactly. It's very important. It's not difficult. You have to be like a doctor you understand. so gentle, okay, you go into both illegal in his skin, but

00:33:36--> 00:34:16

in the same time it right. Okay, I'm going to now give you a charge, understand, be patient, it's going to help a little bit. So we have to start to act like a doctor when we give the medicine okay and let the people know what is going on. Okay, it will be okay understand and like, Yeah, all right. Well, it's quite simple. Now follow the blueprint. Islam means to surrender to submit your will to the will of creator. So he's given us a blueprint. He's given us the verbatim Word of God the last and final revelation which is the Quran the Quran edition of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam which is it soon? Yes. And the sooner This is not enough for us. Hellfire will be

00:34:16--> 00:34:57

enough. You understand? Yeah. That mean if you are not going to accept this, and he says it's not enough for me. So there is something else can be enough for you which is very bad ending. There was one before we let's wrap it up a couple more points where those people come to drink from the well. And then there'll be a bear is stopping them from going the angels will drive them back or preventing them from drinking from the founder of the Prophet salaallah Salah Why? Because he invented his religion. And the Prophet peace upon him says he will call himself This is my fault this my people say no, you don't know what the Infinity invented the religion after your death. So

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

this is very big. You know what

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

tell you one thing before we close for very quick

00:35:03--> 00:35:44

inventing or acting innovation is more serious than acting on a sin, adultery, drinking whatever it is. Because when a person committed adultery or drinking, his conscience is still bothering him he knows that he's doing something wrong. And he looking for opportunities that Allah strengthen him to give up this Hara, but the person will act in innovation. He never think about repenting because he assuming is doing something to please God. So how is to repent? So you see can see how innovation is more serious than a committed sin? We raise up a lot of penalties.

00:35:46--> 00:36:27

together Yes, we have to be concerned for our brothers and sisters. And all these people have 30 cars and Sufi and all this stuff that we invent. We ask a lot of guys their hearts and opens their eyes to see the light of the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Salah like I'm trying to say I like to thank you for coming on the show. Is this my pleasure? Trying to help educate us, I hope that we can all benefit Thank you Hi myself, I just personally I want to get to Jenna to paradise This world is transitory is moving along fast. I want to please the creator and I simply myself and I think every Muslim, he should be striving everyone in humanity should be striving to get to paradise through

00:36:27--> 00:37:09

kind of life is short. So the Muslim especially who's accepted that there's no deity worthy of worship, except one God and Mohammed is his last Solomonic Prophet and Messenger in a line a messenger just in a fight for the greatest was it Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and the last of them is Mohammed. Yes. So he was the one who showed us how to get close to the Creator. And anyone who's striving to do this should follow his way. It's quite simple. By the way, in anybody have any comments about the show? How's he can get in touch with you? they can they can email you at Islamic center of [email protected] or Yeah, we're at the deen, show calm, we have a contact page.

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And if there's any comments, suggestions on the show, few you come, contact shake. Otherwise, I like to thank you once again for being on. Make them. Happy to be here. Thank you. And with that, we come to a close. Like I said, we have a blueprint. We should follow it. I humbly I'm trying to do that. Very simple. I hope that this answered your question to the one that had written us and continue to bring your questions so we can ask our guests. If we've made any mistakes, please let us know.

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And any suggestions for future topics on the show? Please visit our website. Check out the other topics the video page. We have the Quran there, you can read it. You have the Hadeeth

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