Adnan Rajeh – Jummah Prayer Strength in Unity

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the ongoing crisis in society, including the lack of justice for families and the importance of acknowledging and highlighting the consequences of actions taken. They stress the need to reflect on the reality of the situation and see how far away we are from where we are. They also emphasize the importance of setting goals and advocate for long term plans to prevent future events. The speakers emphasize the need for comfort in life and avoiding negative language use.
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Alhamdulillah he's from Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Hina Madhu who want to study you know

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what a study he went to still feel woohoo when a stone seal

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when I will be law him in shadow Riang fusina Women say de Lena yeah de la ng fella mobile Allah woman yo lil Phelan taggi The Allahu Allah yum Murshida y shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah hula hula Sherry kala Isla hidden, hidden hidden saw muda limited he saw Hey Burton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who Khufu one had wash her do Anana be Jana or are we mana Mohammed Abdullah he was pseudo. Well, Sophie you home in Hawaii Wahhabi Allahumma salli wa Salam wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he also be a Jemaine What about your guru Jalla Jalla Lu female Cannington zeal what either of the two so ealert be a ye them being hotellet Subhana wa, tada and Sudipta clear.

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And when the baby girl who was murdered in justly is resurrected and asked why were you killed? For what sin that you committed?

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Were you murdered? And she will answer and those responsible will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment.

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As we continue to observe

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what's happening in the Holy Land.

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The number is just becoming at this point a token piece, or just every week I get here on the member and share with you a larger number than I shared with you the week before.

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I want to start by saying May Allah subhanho wa Taala have compassion and mercy on the absolved family

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and on all those who passed away, and were murdered senselessly in Gaza, Philistine men, women and children, and for all those oppressed all across the world

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Yesterday we witnessed a moment of justice for our London family with the murder, or being convicted.

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It's a very small step

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towards achieving justice for all those who are oppressed, but it's the beginning.

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The problem of justice that you'll find out, if you witness it is that it doesn't bring back those who passed away. It doesn't take away the pain, it doesn't take away the suffering, it doesn't take away the agony. It doesn't remove

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the tears, it doesn't take away the trauma. But it's a step towards righteousness. It's a step towards truth.

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And as we were able, the Grace of Allah subhana wa to witness a moment of justice and truth for our London family.

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We have

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11,000 people belonging to probably approximately maybe four to 5000 families. They need justice to

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their deserve deserving of justice as well.

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And hundreds of 1000s of people around the globe who are oppressed and die under oppression, in justly are also

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deserving of justice.

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It's really difficult

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to observe all of this.

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And watch them justify breaking into hospitals to find a fanny pack and a laptop

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or to kill children.

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It's difficult for me to watch this being justified because I knows in so many other different scenarios, it wouldn't be.

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If those who they were after were hiding in their own country, would they use the same tactics? I wonder what they just bombed senselessly neighborhoods, and ask people to evacuate their homes to go to the unknown only for them to be bombed there as well.

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It's difficult, but it's but to say the least, what's occurred over the last 40 days has been very revealing.

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The situation has revealed a lot.

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And these realizations that we are coming to from from what's occurring are really important. And they have to be

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they have to be properly acknowledged, recognized and then held on to

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because nothing ever goes on forever, everything comes to an end. And the habits of societies is that, oh, two weeks, two weeks as well, all long, it takes two weeks, two weeks, if people forget about whatever happened before, our collective societal memories, very short for everything. Almost everything. It's not just this, it's almost anything, but we can't afford is what I'm trying to say. To forget, at any point for the rest of our lives. The realizations that we are coming to during this this period of time.

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These 40 days of D masked so many

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showed us the reality of the world that we're living in is not a world that is governed by Justice, by truthfulness by righteousness by compassion. Now, most of us over the age of 30 already know that but just in case you didn't know that's not what governs it. what governs is its strength. Its power, politics, its wealth.

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Because if you have all those, you get to dictate the narrative. And then no matter how bizarre and unjust the narrative may be, because you have all that it still makes its way through. And we still read news headlines saying

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things that are just

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I don't want to come here and make you feel worse. That's not the point is hard. By the way, this job that I'm stuck doing here, during this period, it's not easy to get up on here and say things that won't make the person in front of me feel worse than they already do. To point out some of the atrocities and and as a collective group, reflect on it and see how far away we are from where we need to be.

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It's very difficult. The fact that as a community and as a society in Canada, we are feeling that if we can get someone to say ask Nazis or ask for a ceasefire is a triumph somehow. That's true. That's a moment of celebration, we got someone who represents us to ask for your pressure to stop murdering senselessly children and women and bombing hospitals and engine that's that's a triumph. Not to say that we shouldn't be asking for it. No, for sure. We should pursue that and we should put pressure applied pressure upon those who are

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employed to serve us and to represent us to do so. But that's how low the bar is. That's how low the bar is right now. If we can just get them to ask it's not gonna change anything. It's not like the other group is gonna say, oh, oh, you asked

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It's okay, then we'll we'll stop.

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We didn't realize you were murdering 1000s and 1000s of civilians SOS, since you asked, then maybe you asked nicely too. So we'll probably stop.

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But the fact that we can't even get that

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this should be very revealing to us, of where we stand, what our community actually what worth our community actually carries.

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That's an important moment in the history and the evolution of any community in any society on the planet is figuring out exactly where they stand, what value they carry, what they can offer, how much they are valued, not just to the world around them, but to their own, to their to themselves and to the governments that represent them. And I think this is an important moment, realizing that when it matters, no, your voice is not equal to the voices of other when it really matters. But you have to say is not welcome. But you have to say will be prosecuted and persecuted.

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On the other hand, others can say outrageous things, you can call full races of people, animals, they can suggest maybe new kingdom and ridding the killing all of them, including children, and that somehow just doesn't get the attention that it deserves.

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These realizations are not for us to complain, they're not and they're not to provoke violence, either by the way, or to make a disgruntled or to make and these are allegations are there so that you know, where your what starting points are beginning from. This is what the reality is. So if you don't like it, and you want it to change, then you have to know exactly what is you can't change something that you don't understand to begin with. If you don't have clarity on where you are, you can't go anywhere. Where Where are you going to go, if you don't know where your starting point is, just sitting in a simple, it's just simple logic. If you don't have a direction, then doesn't matter

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in which direction you walk, really, if you don't know where you are, also, it doesn't make a difference. Because you can't, you can't there's no measurement. If I don't know where I am and where to go, then I can't really make a decision in which direction I should walk to begin with. Understanding where we are right now is important. Understanding where we are is very important, these 40 days of the mask so much. Never again, will it be fooled by the hypocrisy or fooled by the words that have been going to be said to us by those who claim to care about inclusivity and care about tolerance and care about, we won't be fooled by that again. Because when it mattered when it

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mattered, we didn't hear them say anything. When it mattered, they failed. They failed to say even the simplest of things. The simplest of things was just can you stop? Can you stop killing children and women?

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Can you stop bombing neighborhoods where civilians are living? Can you just watch defeat of anyone who was broadcasting live from that area? Just take a look. It's self explanatory.

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Not being able to get that

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is important. It's important to me is very important. This is where we are.

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Let me know where we are we move forward. What is it that we have to advocate for, and how we're going to advocate for it, and how much of our wealth and time expertise experience and how many of us will dedicate themselves to doing that. Or else Mark my words, it's just a matter of time before we stand here again.

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Hopefully, I hope Inshallah, that massage it will never lose that at least, that these things happen in massage and at least will stand people will stand and say something about it. Because that's, that can go away too. I've seen that. I've seen that piece loss too. I've been in places where that just won't even talks about the message, it will give you a hook behind something else. And the importance of making a proper will do and whatnot. As important as those things are.

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The priorities demand us talking about things that that matter and that are relevant. So if you want to avoid that you want the future to look differently, we actually do that we have to realize where we are, where we stand, what our community actually has achieved so far, and where we need to go with it all. Because what we're what we're witnessing

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is just very difficult to digest. It's hard to wrap your head around and it's hard to accept. And it's alarming, and it brings in provokes a lot of emotions, for sure. But all of that is temporary. What we really need to think about is what the long term plan is going to look like. How are we going to prevent this from happening again? How do we make sure we can influence it stopping right now? These are the questions that have to be asked. And these answers. I don't see i as far as I can tell, we don't have the perfect answers for them. And then it's not clear to everyone. And not every Muslim has that crystal clear vision of exactly what we're going to be able to do to prevent these

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things and to stop them and to influence how the world views certain events.

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Want to share with you from Sortland file where he says Subhana which i This is the last page before the end of the page for the last Sorry, what Allah subhanaw taala tells the prophet that

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I have stood by you and I have granted you my your the strength that you have and what I granted you the strength of the believers

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and he says well I love being a Kenobi him who Olivia yet there can be no sorry he you have been meaning what Allah Verbena Kulu will be him. Lakota Murphy will also lead me on and I left the Boehner Kulu be him when I can hola hola Verbena whom he tells him I guide you to the strength of the believers. And I made sure that their hearts were as one

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that there was love amongst them that there was unity amongst them How do you he's just he's been you're the profile you're so how do you Oh Mohamed Salah Mohammed Al Salam is mean spent all over the wells on Earth to bring their hearts together. You would have failed to bring to bring to do it or to achieve it. But I can Allah Allah forbade him but as the Grace of Allah that brought their hearts together in the horizon, Hakeem Indeed he is the unfathomable and he's the all wise then the verse is talking about

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the value of believers when they when they are strong and Yokomen commerciaux Sabita when they have a label, when we attain the ratio is one to 10 when you have strong faith and when you have that piste. And then the answer is Alana Hazza. Allah Who Ankama now Allah makes it easier for you. Well, I Lima and Nephi conga, and now it has been exposed that there is weakness amongst you. And the ratio goes down from one to 10 to one to two. What weakness is he pointing out here? So I know what Donna is the weakness that he just talked about at the beginning of the page. It's what I love about him piste is the togetherness. Strength is not in numbers. It's not it's never been in numbers

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Islamically speaking you can believe whatever you want. Islamically is not in numbers.

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The Cardinal Salah Comilla who female wealthy Anika sila way Omaha naman is Ajibade comcastro to come for LM W uncom che while the market on a cool Arduino Rafa toma will later motivate in another day over honey Elisa is graduating victory many times oh Muslims, another day for Nene when you were

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impressed by your numbers. Because that day, they were exactly half of their enemy. It was every other time it was the ratio is one to three, one to four and one to five and one to 10 and one to 15 and stuff like that. But on that day was one to two. So for them like it is going to be easy. So walk in the park,

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it won't be a problem at all. And they were almost beaten. For them. Tony uncom che said they'd helped you in no way at all. Well, Doc, what are they gonna do tomorrow, but you felt the White Earth that you were on was

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very small and you were suffocated on it. So Manuel, Latham would you bring then turn your backs and you ran, there have been numbers, it's been the concept of unity. It's been the togetherness. Now more than ever,

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we should, for sure.

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Observe and take notice of the importance of Muslims standing as one of coming together, of uniting. And being a nation that actually looks out for one another. To set aside some of the differences that we claim to be really important to set aside all that which divides us and focus on that, which brings us together, because strength is in unity. And that's what we've been lacking for a very long time. We've locked it all across the globe is not just here.

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But our obligation as a Muslim community in the West, is to make sure that our voice is not silenced, that our voice reaches those who have the ability to influence policy, and political jargon. And since we are as a community here,

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on United, our number one priority is to seek that. That is our number one. That's the first priority on the list is to seek sense of togetherness, and to remove all that which divides us and remove the voices that want to divide us and stick together. And despite the many, many differences, our communities are very diverse when you look around right now. There's over 25 nationalities sitting in this room. That's a lot of backgrounds, a lot of races and cultures. And most Islam is beyond all of that. But what's the point? If we're going to let all of these differences divide us so that we're weak and our voices don't reach and we can't make a difference? It's only if we allow

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the concepts of Islam to rule the way we think. Setting aside all the trivial issues and focusing on the aspects of justice, of righteousness of integrity, which is what Islam stands for, to begin with. When we observe oppression of anyone, Muslim or non Muslim.

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Recent or back in history makes no difference. We know on which side we stand united. We stand on the side of the oppressed, always, always, if the even if the oppressor is Muslim and the non oppressor and the

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First is the opposite we stand by the oppressed. Because that is that's what Islam is about. And that's what it means to be Muslims. You start with your own cause for sure. As a Muslim, you start with the cause that is dearest to you, closest to you, that hits home the cause that has a religious meaning to it for sure. But only when we start seeing ourselves as I want as one nation, and the causes of oppression of justice to be something that relates to all of us that we're responsible for as a as a community, as a society as a nation, we'll be able to find our path again. According to Holy Hado is still a federal law he will come first off, you know, we offer local miracles and

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mustafina stockfeed Omar.

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hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam ala Bella like I'm a learner be early, he was a human who who have had, one of the things that have occurred throughout these 40 days is, and this is my biggest fear. My My biggest problem is the normalization of certain types of behaviors, is the normalization of things. When you normalize something, and it's no longer, it's no longer something that never happened before, or people will not do it, because it's a red line. When you crossed lines and nothing occurs. It's normalized. It's not. There's a precedents now for it. And yeah, it was fine.

00:21:34 --> 00:21:56

And a lot has been normalized in the last 40 days, unfortunately, a lot has been normalized things that that's why a lot of us are in shock that how could that be? Okay, how is this happening in and the world is kind of taking their time to talk about other stuff, and you know, suggesting things here and there and maybe planning a meeting in two weeks to talk about it again, where red lines have been crossed.

00:21:57 --> 00:22:10

I used to think hospitals were one of those things ahead of my session. I've always seen it that way. Not because I'm a physician, but because that's how it should be people who are in pain, people who are sick. They're not a part of this, they shouldn't be

00:22:12 --> 00:22:16

entering hospitals and bombing hospitals. And that's been normalized now.

00:22:17 --> 00:22:54

Nowadays, there's precedents to it, it happened with a video that showed a backpack and a laptop, we should be okay, now, it should happen again, no problem. If hospitals aren't safe, then what exactly is left? This is the problem with lack of advocacy, with lack of unity with lack of a voice really, this The problem is that the line will keep on being pushed, will keep on being nudged, keep on being nudged and nudge until until there is no more space for you to stand. That's what happens. It's not the issue of atrocities have always occurred. But as when people decide that no, this is not acceptable, you can't you can't you can't frost this one here.

00:22:55 --> 00:23:11

And that's occurring. And that's concerning for us. And I'm concerned that we haven't been able to muster a response on a political level that will change that, though, we have not been able to put enough pressure to actually make sure that that that doesn't continue to happen, that they're held accountable for it. And

00:23:12 --> 00:23:20

remember, at some point when this stops, and the realization is that you came to throughout this period should never be forgotten.

00:23:22 --> 00:23:23

And I'll tell you this, most people will.

00:23:25 --> 00:23:45

May Allah subhanaw, taala. Make that not true. So Yamuna shell, but make sure you don't. You can only influence yourself in this life. To begin with, I can only help myself and give some advice. So make sure that you never forget. And you don't allow yourself just to go on life, going through it and just act like that didn't occur. Because that's not fair. It isn't fair.

00:23:47 --> 00:23:49

Because if it was your child,

00:23:51 --> 00:23:52

because if it was you,

00:23:53 --> 00:24:09

you wouldn't be okay with that. You wouldn't? You wouldn't. This is not the first time this has occurred over the last couple of decades, how many countries how many Muslim countries, how many Muslim populations, how many Muslims died unjustly senselessly in the millions will lie all across.

00:24:10 --> 00:24:28

They had names, they had families, they had hopes, they had dreams, they mattered. They were important individuals, just as just as important as any one of us. And not just a number. As we slept on a on a poster or put on news and people respond to it. No, these are human beings.

00:24:31 --> 00:24:59

We have that human piece has to be brought back. We have to you have to remember. You have to remember that. I'm going to end this hope bomb. Well, it's very difficult to give these couples these days. It's very hard. This is the most difficult. I've never been lost for words in my life. I can run my mouth at any time. No problem. It's not even a bragging point. Something I'm ashamed of. But when it comes to this, I don't know what to say what do we say next? What is it what's worth getting on this moment and sing to you?

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

was worth your, your, your half an hour 40 minutes time allocation that you're offering Jomar I don't know.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:19

I'll say this the profit as oh seven the Hadith called Hadith Kashima Muhammad so no one Hadith where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam points out to tell burn, how a day will come where it'll be as if the Muslims are a

00:25:20 --> 00:25:58

need there a dish and those around them are just taking what they want. And so Ben and the Sahaba asked us to Allah I'm an affiliate in nanomedicine Is it because the numbers are small? Like there's not a lot of us I call it Allah but antem kasi you know, there's a lot of you. Well, I can not come without on sale. But you're like the white stuff on top of the water of the ocean where it's just it's it does nothing, it doesn't help anything. It's it has no weight, it's a nuances. It's useless. It's useless. So the asking metals would Allah why what happened? Bacala he says one, what happens that you are you're you're infected by anyone. So when there's a word that has meaning to it,

00:25:58 --> 00:26:30

obviously in Arabic, but they knew that he was using it and shout out he just slid off. I mean, he's using it, he has an understanding of it specific. So they asked him What do you specifically mean? So he said, How about Daniela Cara here to promote the love of dunya and the hate of death. And neither of them are wrong. Neither of these two things are wrong. You're obligated or you're allowed to live the life that Allah gave you not loving, it would be ungrateful. If you hated dunya, then you would be ungrateful because this is, this is the gift of Allah to you. And no one wants to die. It's mostly up in the Quran. And we'll see. But then what is he pointing out? He's saying that if

00:26:30 --> 00:26:44

you allow those two things to make you weak, to affect your decision making, to allow, if you allow those two things, to compromise your choices to compromise your fundamental principles and your values, then hear out a problem.

00:26:45 --> 00:26:55

When you're when I'm gonna being comfortable, is more important than being just then being confident when being comfortable is more important than being righteous.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:21

And stepping in and saying the truth. That's the problem. Be comfortable, of course, you need to be comfortable. Go home and be comfortable with your family with you. Of course you work hard to do that no one's getting that's not haram Islamically, you're obligated to do that Islamically you have to build a life for yourself and your family. But for comfort for the Sikh or the pursuit of comfort, to become more valuable than righteousness and justice, and justice.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:35

And integrity. That's a problem. What happens then is that innocent lives are lost and people are oppressed. People are oppressed. And two year olds walk around, wondering what happened to their families.

00:27:36 --> 00:28:16

And life goes on. And they're forgotten. And they're forgotten. womb is never forgotten. By the way ever, volume never goes away. It's a darkness that lingers around forever. Until justice is served, it never goes away. And some of these are going to be served in Dunia and that darkness will will be present to multicam. The volume will not it will come as darkness on the day of judgment that never goes away. It affects not only the people oppressed, it affects the generations to come. And the people who live around them and people who witnessed it and the oppressors. It's a curse that never goes away. Which is why Islamically we are not allowed. We are not permitted to look away from any

00:28:16 --> 00:28:31

act of injustice, no matter how small it may be, as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam explained when they when he explained this to them, and they asked him how's it even if it's small, Yasser Allah, Allah will probably been in Iraq, even if it is a piece of miswak.

00:28:32 --> 00:28:43

Even if it's a piece of miswak, that you took away from someone in justly that will be brought back, and you will be held accountable and you'll be punished for it. And that's what we understand as Muslims. So

00:28:46 --> 00:29:03

we take some time, I guess. And we think about injustice is around us. And we think about our obligation, our contribution, our participation, or we can do, how we can help, how we can support and how we are going to turn our lives around so that our lives have meaning and have purpose our lives will allow

00:29:04 --> 00:29:05

or will take away

00:29:07 --> 00:29:37

or decrease because I can't I can't use the strong words will decrease the possibility the probability of these happenings happening again, that's all we can do and that's all we're ever held accountable or asked to do to begin with. Hope that is of benefit for you. Please when you're leaving the messenger today, the front door for the brothers and the backdoor for the sisters to kind of listen to make the flow a little bit easier and to listen to so the others don't mind just using the front door it'll take a little bit longer but that's all right. And this This is gonna be from the backdoor in Sharla Why don't more than Allah I'm not gonna be hammering all Lehmann Faqad

00:29:38 --> 00:29:54

in Allah How am Allah you gotta who you saw Luna Alain de Yeah, you are Latina. Emanuel Salamu Allah He recently moved to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed No Ma so late Allah Ibrahim. Ibrahim, what about Medina Ali Mohamed

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Filomena in naka hamidou Majeed

00:30:00 --> 00:30:42

What are the Allahumma orbital hula for as the owner of a b backhoe well Omar Walrath Marina y li what are the Allahu man as well as you he overheard me in in line early hippo up in a bar he didn't want Sahaba to kill her in my Amin Juanita been in elementary our home yesterday Anita yo Medina one Rama Tikka or hammer rahimian Allahu COVID and Muslim Nina when a Muslim well meaning me not Allah here even whom what I'm what Allah who my favorite whom Allah Muhammad Amin when a fish Scoob and microbeam WaterFire la Manuel McLemore mean what variable Manuel mallalieu mean Western Dima and our Dima and Mussolini Allahu makindye Mountain Muslim universe, the Tofino Steen Allahu Mishima, da

00:30:42 --> 00:30:55

whom Allah whom I ve Musa tele whom Allahu Akbar shahada, whom, Allah Who Martha nakawa Baca and Noah and whom Yara Bella Alameen, Allah Who Montessori one and Morabito unifund Miss de la cosa Hola, como de Hui de and

00:30:56 --> 00:31:11

OBO. Bella Alameen Organa Gemma eco Isla de Nicola den Jamila What's up, Eileen? I'm in Germany reason Rubina Otto but I'm not so tall here in Bihar. Kolben. We just had an aha my mother Alec Alec Allahumma Aziz, Willa, Willa Quwata illa biLlah

00:31:12 --> 00:31:19

Allah in Allah Yeah, tomorrow when I delete Well, yes, anyway, eat evil CORBA 100 fascia you will move carry

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