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A representative from the Muslim world discusses the challenges faced by the Turkish people and their desire to support the peace process. They propose a proposal to give a vote of confidence to Mr. Erdogan's stance on the Turkish Lira, which will double his monthly payment in 30 days. The representative emphasizes the power of compounding support and promoting the Turkish Lira to achieve global presence and condition.

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the Muslim world is you, I, and every Muslim living on our planet today. Our challenges are many,

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but our responsibility is one.

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Accordingly, a small group of Muslim thinkers in the UK and USA have convened and scripted a proposal to support the Turkish people and to give a vote of confidence to Mr. Erdogan for his noble commitment to Islam and the Islamic world. Imagine if 20 or 30 million Muslims were to exchange $1,000 1000 Euro 1000 British pounds into Turkish lira for a 90 day period to give a boost to the Turkish Lira, and allow it to regain its fiscal confidence. This is what numbers can do.

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Dear brothers and sisters, if you want to join our campaign to support the Turkish Lira, for the reasons, which we have already given, I want you to understand this powerful formula. It is called the power of compounding.

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Let me give you an example. If I were to give you the choice between $1 million in cash, or a single penny doubled every day for a month, which would you take?

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If you're like most people, you would say I'll take the million and you'll miss out on a whole lot of money. Do the math. And you'll be very surprised.

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That Penny is two pennies. On day two,

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it is 16 cents. On day four.

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It is $1.28 on day eight, and that same Penny is $81.92. On day 14.

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That Penny

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is $10,485.76 on day 21.

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And on day 28. That same Penny is over $1,342,177.28. And by day 30. That same Penny is over $5 million.

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Compounding is incredibly powerful.

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Let's take that Penny and replace it with one person like you and I

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multiplied each date for 30 days, it will be more than 5 million Muslims in 30 days. So if just 1000 Muslims would duplicate themselves every day for 30 days 1000 Muslims just like you and I, the results would be phenomenal. And we can do this for any Islamic cause.

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Now you can see that there is power in numbers. And this is the example of compounding.

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Dear brothers and sisters today, right now. Lets you and I make a statement of unity let us compound our support

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for the Turkish Lira.

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Salam aleikum, welcome to law he will put a catch for my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam and inhumanity. My name is Shefali Jessie, and I am part of the team that constructed this presentation that you have viewed. We didn't just present this to provide you with vital information. It is vital. But we presented this because we believe that there should be a course of action that we take to improve our global presence and condition. It is our conviction that the resources of Muslim world if they were applied properly, we could assume our rightful position in the world today, presentation that you have viewed is a statement and a suggestion on how we may be able to pursue

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that great initiative. I advise you to follow the proposal and the course of action that we have suggested to you. Thank you very much. Have a blessed day.

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The Muslim world is you i and every Muslim living on our planet today. Our challenges are many,

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but our responsibility is one