Lost Treasures #1 – Buying Herbs Made Easy

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The importance of prophetic medicine is discussed, including the use of hijama, Candida, and hemp. The use of hes hop, turmeric, and citrus are also discussed, with emphasis on the benefits of their Islamic heritage and the Jeremore protein. A light dose of Subhanallah is also mentioned, and the importance of Islamic heritage is emphasized. The use of hes hop is discussed as a means of digestion and health, and a demonstration of a light dose of Subhanallah is given.

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slums and peace. This is a video all about my passion for prophetic and Islamic medicine. And stay to the end because my special guest is going to show you how to make a tea that's going to cure all your family in different ways. Don't forget to subscribe and share, look forward to your comments. So

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most diseases

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This is my new great friend sister Eman atta. And she has been self taught in the art of prophetic medicine, mashallah, she's had her own journey, I want you to explain to me because I've noticed in my videos and you've picked up on this, that I keep kind of mixing up Islamic medicine and prophetic medicine. I don't understand the difference. Can you explain that to us. So if you have to think medicine has a long chain, it starts from either Veda and Chinese medicine and Hippocrates in Greek medicine, then there was a time where the problem homicide send them came. And he taught us the Quran. And he taught us that hadith. And within that there was components of medicines that were

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revealed. Now he didn't come with a book of medicine, he came to confirm the medicine of the time what was to be used and what was not for you. So for instance, he confirmed the use of hijama, which was already an existing medicine. But he also this, this allowed the use of cauterization. What are the kinds of herbs that we need to be looking at for our health? And how do we get to know them again? Well, I have to take your shopping for that. All right, let's go shopping, shopping.

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Michelle, I love this place. It's so great to walk around. It only took us about 10 steps to find that wonderful 60 year old place to find your herbs and your soaps and your teas. And the only thing is that I am herb fake. I am I admit it. You know what I like to do I go into stores and I go, oh yeah, this is lovely. And then just Oh yeah, definitely. I either buy stuff and I don't use it because I have no idea what to do. Or I just walk away because I feel overwhelmed. So I need your help. So what we're gonna do today, okay, have you all lovely. All right, and you're gonna take some sage, right? We're gonna go home and show you how to make it. Alright. Finally, two things. I'm

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actually going to use hamdulillah SubhanAllah. The things I do for you guys. I was roasting. It was so hot outside, wasn't it? Honestly, we're just we've had a glass of water. We're sitting down. It's quite cool in here. Now continue digestion of foods to improve your digestion of needs. Fats, just the liver function, the gallbladder function, all of that all of lipo is going to be the herb to go no, I need this. So I shouldn't be having this every day. And that will help gut life. Yes, you can. Now this actually also kills Candida. So if you have too much yeast going on in the system, this is going to help get rid of that. It's also good for colds and flus. So this is definitely a herb that

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you could use safely every day. It comes from melodica tree. This is from the blessed tree. It's mentioned in the Quran. It's mentioned in that hadith.

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And I think most people don't know that you can use the leaf most people know all about are you can you prescribe this for me go. So tell me what I should have. So you should be you should be taking one teaspoon to one tablespoon and a cup of hot water. You want to sleep it for about 20 minutes covered. And you can easily drink this three to four times a day.

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I always say test and measure your own body, right? We all have different imbalances. We all have different medical conditions. Where are you on any medications, all of these things matter. So test and measure, start with a cup see how you feel, then you can increase the dosage and sha Allah. And finally, now this is Sage, and it smells absolutely. Even through the packaging that I don't know why it reminds me of childhood. Do we have a lot of sage? I think it's an English thing. We don't have. We don't have chilies. We don't have ginger. There's a lot of things. We don't have an English cooking but we have saved UK we have saved. So that's a bit from me. I know, sage and onion stuffing

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chicken. Yes. It's very common as a culinary. All right. And also, of course, Palestine, Syria, all these lovely places where you go and have it to drink. But what is it medicinally? Now there's a scene in traditional herbalism that says Why would anyone get sick when sage is growing in their backyard? So really this could be used for anything. It's most renowned for women's health. So women that are struggling with menstrual cramps, menopause. You wouldn't want to use it when you're breastfeeding because it does reduce breast milk. And you wouldn't want to use it when you're pregnant because it would promote labor. A lot of the sisters are told and convinced that things

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like pregnancy and menopause are medical conditions that you are sick, you're not well, you need to be cured.

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How will How do you react to that and how can herbs help us through these changes? Allah subhanaw taala has created a herb for every phase of our life. There are herbs that increase

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As breast milk production, there are herbs that restore your body's health after delivering a baby postpartum. There are specific herbs like raspberry leaf that really helped with restoring a woman's health during postpartum, that you wouldn't even feel the negative symptoms of postpartum. I wish I knew about raspberry leaf when I had my first child, I only learned about it with my last child. And I thought, wow, you know, this is important knowledge that I wish we had and it was traditionally passed down from parent to child generation after generation, but there's been a break. There's been a breakdown in that in that lineage of knowledge and Sharla we're hoping that we can revive it. We

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are here to revive it. I'd love to have your comments below by the way about what works for you. What herbs you use at home, perhaps from your local tradition. What is your family tradition? There's there's so much knowledge out there and wisdom and all of it from our to Allah. Because at the roots, it's from nature. Subhanallah Should we try those teas now? Yes, let's do that. Okay, we're gonna start with the all of the first

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so we've started off with a light dose, you can see by the color that this is like, I want you to taste it. Okay.

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Light to the news

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very light, just a tiny tinge of bitterness at the end. And very much like a like a tea actually. Yes, it's nice or even just slightly peppermint tea at the end. Maybe my tongues are warm. It's very similar to green tea.

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has a very similar tastes.

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It's green tea. Yes, yeah. And we're gonna try the safe

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it's just gonna be like drinking stuffing

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gonna make me cry. It's mostly Palestine.

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You can tell by the color that we used a much bigger dose on this one than we did on this. So this the next time you could actually add a little bit more okay. Or

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do you want it that ideally you want the color to be a greenish color. Now just to warn you about sage sage starts off looking this color but then it turns into a maroon color. So if you were to leave this overnight until tomorrow, it'll be a maroon color to really purple.

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Like a deep reddish like a deep red. Okay. brownish color. Is there a problem with that?

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Color is that just I haven't been able to find out why exactly it changes color anybody out there know if you find out let us know.

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But you can still drink it even if it's absolutely. So I typically make for our house I'll make a jug of herbal tea. It sits on the countertop. It's good for two days so long as the weather's not excessively hot. And I don't put any sweeteners in it so that it doesn't ferment and then we access it you know anyone upset has a stomach upset at night, anyone who's not being able to sleep we just use it all day long. Nice idea. Okay, so I will be doing that. Thank you so much. I hope that this has been useful for you and that inshallah we can turn around our health with the help of wonderful prophetic medical experts like Sister I'll be linking below to where you can find out because she

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has courses I'm currently learning from them. And again, this is all about our heritage, our fine Islamic heritage and the heritage of the insan as the Khalifa on us and Allah has given us everything that we need, like and subscribe and see you next time inshallah family come