Are Human Beings Made from Dust or Sperm?

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My name is Javad and I'm a student

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would like to ask him question

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at one place the Holy Quran states that man is created from spawn

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which is in conflict with modern science. But at another place, it also states that man is made from dust.

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Now, isn't the Holy Quran contradicting itself? Or is it consistent with modern science?

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The Buddha called the question

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that one plays the Holy Quran says that human beings have been cured from sperm, which can save modern science, the other place, human being escaped from dust. Can you prove it scientifically escaped from dust and within the contradiction, one platform, one place, it says dust.

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The Holy Quran does say, as I mentioned my talk

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in predicting ama, Chapter 75, was number 37 to 39. It says that human beings have been created from sperm which has been proved

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by science.

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The Holy Quran also says in Surah Hodge, Chapter 22, was number five, that we have created the human beings from a quintessence of dust.

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Today science tells us that

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all the elements that are there in the human body, they are present in lesser or greater quantity in the soil, in the earth.

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statement that human beings have been created from Earth is scientifically proven, that whatever components are there in the human body, the constituent elements, they are present in the earth in the soil in lesser or greater proportion.

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The second part of the question, isn't an accommodation. One place the Quran says man escaped from sperm, one say from dust, is there any contradiction? See, a contradiction is two statements, which are conflicting with each other,

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which cannot take place simultaneously.

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The Quran does not only say man has been created from sperm, and the other place from dust, it also says in Surah Furqan, Chapter 25, verse 54, that man has been created from water, you will tell me that three conditions.

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See, science has proven that man has been created from dust as well as from sperm, as well as from Otto. If I tell you in one statement, that to make a cup of tea, I require water. In the second statement, I say to make a cup of tea, I require tea or tea powder. It's not a contradiction, I require both.

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If I want to make sweet tea, I add sugar to it. If I want to make panicum tea, add less water and more milk.

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If I want to make full humanity, I add only water.

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So there is no contradiction when the Quran says human being is paid from sperm

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and dust and water. It is actually contract distinction. What is the meaning of contract distinction? contract the speech in means speaking two or more things about a subject which are not conflicting with each other.

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For example, if I say that this man is honest, he's kind and loving.

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It is contradistinction but if I say this man is always a liar, and a truthful person, then is contradiction, because both opposing if it's not opposing, it's called as contradistinction.