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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including its use of symbolism to signal the beginning of the 20thious month and the use of the holy month to signal the beginning of the 20thious month. The transcript also explores various surahs and their origins, including the deaths of various people and their families. The speaker discusses various people and their families, including those from the Middle East and the United States. The history of the "the Greatest People of the world" is also discussed, including the loss of various people and their families, and the stories of women losing their family and power due to their loss.
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Mohammed, voila,

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we come to the beginning of the 19th Jews and this 19th Jews, again continues with these people and it opens up with on the Day of Judgment. People are the lolly mean the people who are oppressed, they will bite their own hands, because they never actually follow the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and they make an argument. They say, Well, why wasn't the Quran actually sent in one go? This is number 32. Why was he sending one going? Well, Allah says that he sent it to us gradually, because he wanted to make our hearts we confirm with this message. And then he mentioned that these people they will continue to make their excuses you know, of making mockery of the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam, making a mockery of the Quran. There's no difference of what happened in the time. But the purpose of the law is that and from what is happening right now. And the very signs Allah says those signs if the people of today where to think they would actually make belief and have belief in this court, for example, the law says, look at the shadow, look at the sun, look at how our extend one thing look at how I make the night and look, how am I good day, and the perfection of what Allah has to do with these different stars in the sky to come closeness and the exact proximity so that it can create the exact type of, you know, light, the exact type of heat and

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so on all of that than that, and the actual winds that unlock creates and so on. This is this, there's no way anyone can explain that it is not coming from a great creator. It's not just a coincidence that all of this has come together and for us to live comfortably on this earth. Allah then turns around to the very followers of this of this world. And he says those that will embody the poor and will be the true holding true people representing the poor and who are they animal 63 a bamboo Brockman. So the one of the key things Allah says by saying this is that people out there might deny the poor, but if they see you have hole in the Quran, then they will look at you and they

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will want to follow the Quran just like they did when they saw the Sahaba of the Allah. So these people who who are they there are people who are humbly a walk on the earth is 63 there are people in the nighttime, they're standing in front of a law they're making sudo the prostration wonderful law, there are people who are spending their money in in in good moderation and number 67 the people who are not in bad social conduct of committing Zina and committing adultery and so on. Anime 69 are killing people. There are people who frequently turn to allow tober and with repentance I number 7071 that people who don't get false witnesses are number 72 that people who always are listening to

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the good of the Quran and trying to become people who are open it and open it and taking the benefit from that. And then people will good families I number 74 and they seek the greatness of the afterlife. These are the evangel braakman. These are the the servants of Allah of the earth. Anyway, straight out to the suta Shara comes and so surah Shara is going to show us the reasons why many different people and nations in the past actually denied. So you start straightaway with the people of Musa alayhis salam, and Musashi around the story is mentioned where musasa has a lengthy debate with Iran and he tells him you know about about Allah's belief, and he denies he denies he denies.

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And when he does that, then the whole thing about them having a challenge of the magician's coming that comes. But he's still denied. And he tries to even go after the magicians who believe in the faith. And Allah xojo says that the true reason why is because the power, the amount of power that Fiona had with his men, with his army, with with his monies, and so on. That's the reason why he actually went straight. Then we come to the next one, which is, which is the story of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam and his his father and his nation. And this is mentioned from number 69, or pseudo Shahada. And what we find here again, is that his people don't accept it. And he gives a reason why

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because these people want you to follow the forefathers. And because there are certain people who are absolutely adamant on following whatever was before like the culture or the society or whatever it demands, that becomes the reason why they actually go astray looking at number 97. And you will find that all around. Then Allah mentions the people of New Zealand and what was what was different with the with the beaver mohalla salaam is that they were the people who started to have some kind of arrogance where they saw themselves were they actually focused on the follows nor have they said, you know, these are these are lowly people. How can we actually follow a lowly people? And that was

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one of the reasons why they went astray. Let me come to

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The people of who Delilah and because they had muscular power, so if you don't have financial power and he had the power of armies and so on, but these people have muscular power because of that, again they went against the commands of Allah and they will destroy it. Finally, you will find that from number 123 onwards, when it comes to the people of Sally Sally Solomon, what was what was their problem? their problem was that they were actually in a luxurious life because of luxury itself. They went astray you look at it number 146147. It was the it was the luxuries of life that lead demonstrate, then we come to the people of Moodle Isilon, in from anumber 160. What was their

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problem? That problem was Shahar it was, it was the internal carnal desires of man that made them go astray and they couldn't control their desires. Let me come to the people of Shriver Listen, what was their problem and their problem was was having your business and trade and trying to make more and more money led them to become corrupt and start to cut each other off and rip each other in business and trade and that was their problem, money was the thing that blinded them, they were worshipping more or less money. And you you will find the mentioned from EIN number 176 onwards. And in the end, Allah azza wa jal wraps up by saying to us, that we need to be of those people who who

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to look at the truth and try and take our family members with us towards the truth, warn them as well and number 214215, to take them towards the truth. And this revelation is the one that if we listen to the revelation will come to the truth. But if we listen to other people's stories and their poetry and other things, they make one Stark warning Allah gives because this whole series active shooter Sharma, it's a suit of the poet's. Allah says that is because poets have become one of the reasons why in the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, they deleted a lot of people. And today media is in the same equivalent with the poets because they spread so much information and

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so many things, that many people get mesmerized by that. And they started to move away from the actual truth itself. Then we come to pseudo numbers. Now pseudo nominal is a beautiful sewer to show us about the you know, there's quite a few kings and queens that are mentioned in this in this surah. And one of the first you know, Kings that are mentioned, is king, king David, and King Solomon, King Solomon, Elijah cinnamon, their power that Allah gave them. But their power, though they had this great power, they were people who are sugar, and they are people who show gratitude to Allah. So there's nothing wrong in having a kingdom or having power, as long as you show your sugar

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and gratitude, this is you will find that mention it from anger 15 onwards of this surah then they come across a queen that now this is the great king of this of this world. So the man and hour that this great king comes across the smallest Queen of this earth, which is an ant and have this conversation in between number 18. And the whole series named surah. Number why because even though you might have that great kingdom, there is a there is a small and there is also the sugar and gratitude of a lot of the ground, and also has an army and is looking after its army on the ground. And Solomon Allison come to this army about to train them she warns her comrades and tells him to go

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under, I would have a beautiful thing where sooner when he stops there, he thinks about it. And it turns to Allah realizing how much Allah has given him because just as he's given that to the to the queen, and is given him a great power, and he turns around to Allah and talks about Now where did Where did all his power come from? He realizes that if it wasn't for the smaller insects of the earth, than the greatest powers on this earth would not actually survive. And the same way he turns to online saying if it wasn't for my parents, then I wouldn't be here today because from your parents, you will commonly turn to Allah and ask Allah that He can show true gratitude towards his

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parents. Then Allah azza wa jal talks about another Queen that is Queen Sheba and she's a queen that has got a great empire under understood Mr. Elisa, but because she never knows and doesn't know of her. He's only told through the hood of the hoopoe. And once he finds that, he tries to brings her and a whole nation under his power. Why? Because they are worshipping the sun, and they're not worshiping Allah azza wa jal, and eventually, he brings her to the beautiful part here in the solar where this is an eye number 44 where he tries to bring her to realize that Allah exists. And how does he do that? Well, he makes a hole in his palace. He has a chamber in the chamber is basically a

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room and this beautiful room, he puts water underneath and it was glass over there and on top

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Basically when Bill Hicks comes, she thinks it's water so she lifts a garment up. And then she steps onto glass and doesn't realize that wow, what is this? And she realizes that Suhana law like this How? Because all this while she thought Seeing is believing she saw the sun, she thought that's it, what am I see? That's what I believe. But she didn't see that in there's an invisible God between her and the sun, that is actually controlling the sun controlling her just as she never saw the invisible glass that is between her and the water. So she believed in Allah azza wa jal, and it comes to another set of people at the end, that had power who would like a mafia in the in a time of

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solid, solid, solid solid, and whom Allah azza wa jal destroyed in the end because they wouldn't believe in the message

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of love

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and happiness

Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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