Days of Water in Beautiful Bosnia And Herzogovina

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The transcript describes a group of people on a hike or hike to see a picturesque landscape. They discuss the various layers of rock and stone, the various prayer rooms, and the importance of praying in a spiritual setting. They also mention a waterfall and a history of returning to the picturesque place.

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Look how gorgeous this is 30 minutes outside of Sarajevo

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to go boating on the lake today we're going to see musta mashallah Look at the scenery Allahu Akbar ah

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when it gets to them

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know the best thing about this is that you order your food upstairs and then we're going to sit here and eat it and it's

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it's basically just a little cafe with a tiny airport board engine

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is heavy in

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to store SEMA

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is up to you Jerry

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endo shmoney

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a Palestinian flag hanging from a person named bridge happy days

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you is up

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to the

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to store SEMA?

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Is up Jersey

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What year is it?

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I feel like it might be 2030

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Subhanallah I guess Allah just wanted me to see this for you to see it to handle it

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like it that's it

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climbing up the field spire over there

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you want to

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jump off the bridge amazing crazy crazy crazy people in a beautiful beautiful space it is gorgeous must star is I think I think more star is actually a bucket list place mela keep it up then peace Amina Amina.

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is amazing and insane

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even make

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the chips were so gorgeous. I just had to have a change of clothes also after climbing the stairs and brother Merseyside where we often

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Are we going to a place called blogger

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Sophie shine, blogger

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and sha Allah that's the perfect enter the perfect day something spiritual. Looks like it's going to rain might get some dramatic scenes up here on the mountain

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walking across the bridge and up the cobbled lane. It's really like traveling back in time.

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The black iteca was built around 1500 built into rocky soil at the right side of the source of the Buena River. Its primary aim was to serve as a dervish house of vicar that means, praise of God. There's this very palpable sense of peace. The dervish orders here, they believe the natural environment praises God.

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The waterfall adds a noisy backdrop to our walk until

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make sure you take time to take a moment to pray in one of the charming prayer rooms of traditional rugs and simple white walls.

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Big began long gone