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Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a person on the Day of Judgment who wants to carry on their mission and wants to protect their faith. The message is about protecting their mission and not giving out information. The transcript also describes a surah where someone talks about wanting to carry on their mission and why they want to carry on their mission. The transcript discusses a person on the Day of Judgment who talks about wanting to carry on their mission and realizes they are only one of them. The transcript also describes a book called "The Day of Judgment" that encourages people to think about their actions and compare them to those of others.
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we come to juice number 23, where allows origin, he continues with surah Yaseen. And after that story about that individual who actually believes a lot then asks us to think about what he has created for us on the earth. So he's given us many gardens on this earth, He has given us the fact that we've got night and day and he asked to think about how wonderfully he's created this. And not only about the sun, but also about the moon and how he takes you through different stages. This is all in our number, 39 and 40. And why we should think about that is because what would make a moon in a stagger, and what would make the sun continue in a in a certain way where the sun has exact

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days, and exact timing, but the moon creates, creates, you know, certain phases where you can't actually say whether it's going to have a nice, it's not the same as the sun. What Allah tells us is that if you think about all the old bits of everything cool on FIFA, like me a star, how do you think about the cosmos and how each one is rotating, you will find signs that only a maker and creator has done this. And then he asks us to think about the final consequences of the human being, because just as his great role of this, and just as the people of know how he died, all of these things are going to come to an end and even the human being will find himself in a grave one day,

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another 51. And when the human being comes up, some will say, who's woken us up from from asleep inside our graves. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah said there will be no oppression I number 54. Allah said that he will give those people who have followed the faith, he will give them Gemini he will give them many different shades in Gemini, he will give them cushions to rely on recliner is number 56. He will give them fruits to eat from animal 57. But those who didn't follow, they even the shape aren't allowed to say look, I told you that don't worship the shape and the shaytan is there to delete, delete you and take you away and allow say, Well, here's how far you are denying

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this. And here it is in front of you item 63 and 64. And even the mailroom to seal the their hands and their own feet will actually speak against them on that day. And Allah says look, think about the human being that from whatever state you're in, you are going to go through old age and that old age will bring you to an end think about your own consequences. 68. And it tells us that there are those who think that a lot can bring life back to you know,

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bring out a life again, after death. Allah Allah says, Well think about how you take two cold things. Like when you're in a forest or something and you have to create a fire, you don't take a warm thing and create fire, you take two cold things and you make fire the same way Allah says that I will take dead things to dead things that I can make, I can make life I can make one dead thing. I can make life out of that. So anyway, we come to sort of Safa and sort of Salford, again, is a surah that goes straight into the Day of Judgment after discussing the people around the Prophet sallallahu denying this message. And on the Day of Judgment, he says that there's one part he says

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Hold on Hold his cue that is going towards hellfire. Now I don't see them helping one another. See in this world, there is a lot of helping of those people who are allies of one another against this message against the Quran against Muhammad Sallallahu against Allah. But Allah will ridiculous on the day of judgment and say, Well, I don't hear you talking to one another. And then he says that for only because they had to worship Allah and say light and law. They didn't come towards this, this pathway. And then he talks about the rejoice of those people in the next world who have the pleasures of drinking from silver cups and passing the cops around them. This is in Jana, and that

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they will get beautiful women in Ghana that will be like hidden hidden things and treasures that people have, you know, somebody has secured for them. And then it gives us a scenario about a person on the day on the Day of Judgment who will actually call on and say I had a friend who used to tell me about the you know about the not to believe in this message and allowing show the reality of his friend in Hellfire and him being in Ghana, that Allah azzawajal talks, talks to us about Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and musala Hassan, Hassan Ali Hassan and he talks about Eunice, la Salaam, all these prophets, why? Because all these prophets continue to persevere and they continue to call even

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though they didn't get as much of a response that they would have wanted to get. But Allah talks about that why he wants to give Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam that heart that he should carry on persevering with his mission. And in the end doesn't matter what people say around about this message. We have to keep our faith. This is what it what is about. We have

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To keep our faith and we have to carry on going until we come to our deaths. Now we come to Surah Saad and sort of saw talks about hulu's and talks about our good intentions. So it talks about the beginning about Tao la sala Salam and how dedicated he was to allow the origin. And this is what he used to keep himself in the chamber. And he used to worship Allah azza wa jal. And one of the scenarios Allah brought about and just to teach down la sala lesson is that we should be people who should not judge people before we hear both sides. So what happened once is that two people came, and they climbed over right into his chamber, and one set that I've got 99 us or 99 sheep, and this,

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my brother has only got, I've got an agenda. And the other one said, I've got only one and he said, Look, I've only got one, my brother wants to take this one from me. And he said, Look, your brother is a person who's actually you know, showing aggression towards you. And then he realized what he has done what he had done, because both of them just vanished. And realize that both of these are angels. And this taught him a lesson that even though you're close to Allah, you have to still remember to give people their rights. You can't just sit close to Allah and think you're close to Allah without giving people their rights and listening to both sides. If an argument comes to you,

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this is all around I number 2322, and so on, you'll find that a lot talks about Solomon and his restaurant, he has such dedication to Allah. But then one day he fell through by looking at his horses, and he was stroking his horses, and he forgot about Allah. He called back his horses, and he actually sacrificed and for the sake of Allah Azza, wa jal, he talks about

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Ibrahim is happy aku la sala de la how each one of them gave their all their time for Lazarus by making themselves completely free for the next life. And this is real hulu's and this will sincerity, that if we can be on this earth without having our hearts attached to this dunya but our hearts are attached to the agora that will give us the true sincerity that we need. And finally, what he tells us in the surah is that he believes was the one when he tried to when he deluded other Malaysia that Salaam, he said that I'm going to take away your servants away from you, and take them to jahannam. But then he added he said that in la vida middle class in this is an EIN number 83

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except for your servants who are sincere sincerity is one of those things that if you are sincere for Allah say that even the shaitaan would not have won over us. So surah Zuma is next. And Susana teaches us a lot about torkel Allah azza wa jal, and one of the things he tells us is a servant was supposed to continue to worship Allah azza wa jal and have our our trust in Him. And having a trust in allows you to come with a philosophy comes with sincerity again, which is mentioned in it number 11. And we're supposed to think about the fact that all that is going to happen will happen from Allah. So by staying with this message, if we are true and sincere with this message, and we have

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true devotion, a lot talks about that turning towards Allah. So one of the things is about our colloquy people want to have the dependence on God, and show that they trust Allah is to actually be those people who turn to ally in the first place. This is item number 17. And to listen to this core, and to follow the best of the advice of this for an Anima 18. And it makes us those people who are who then once we hear the vicar of Allah, or we hear the mention of Allah, it will give us goosebumps, this is number 22. And through this for an hour, you know, by listening to the messenger message of this Quran and pondering over this quarter and our skins, our hearts will turn towards

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Allah. This is a number 23. And this is in contrast to those people who will deny this message because they won't find anything special about this book, they will say, Why will this book even revealed in Arabic, this is an Islander 28. And they will they will say, Well, why was this book revealed in this manner? And they will always question this, and the questions will come to nothing because Allah says that, look, if you look at two different individuals amongst yourselves, one that is completely for you. Let's say you have a servant that is serving you completely. And you have another you have another one that is serving many different, different people. What's better, would

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you not have one that is serving you? Well, if that's the case, then you try and see and you compare this book in itself. And you will find that this book has no comparison to any other book whatsoever. And it ends the whole thing ends by saying that you are going to die and so are they going to die? And then on the Day of Judgment, you will find all of all of yourselves arguing in front of me on the Day of Judgment. So it's asking us to think about this scenario.

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