Karim Abuzaid – Is paying off Debt inside the masjid considered buying and selling and Haram

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The customer is asking the agent about Jani's opinion on transaction two. The agent explains that Jani is interested in selling and buying within the meaning of a transaction two, but questions if it is possible to hand over money to someone without causing a marketplace. The conversation is difficult to follow and the agent emphasizes the importance of the heart to avoid transaction.
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Okay, we have annual numbers and imbues I know what it is not permissible to do by sale transaction and site msgid. But what about paying a debt? Is it considered as transaction two? So our questioner is asking about Jani. If you want to get inside msgid would that be considered a business transaction?

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I think she she is talking about, you know, we know that it's haram to sell and buy inside the machine. But what if you owe somebody some money? If you're somebody some money and you give her that give him that money inside the machine? I believe it's permissible myself as long as there is no.

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I think I think

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I think the spirit of the heart is not to sell and buy in the message that you didn't turn the message into a marketplace, right? That's the whole thing.

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But you know,

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right, but if you're gonna hand over somebody some money, that's a quick transaction as they say.

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But you

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