Khalid Yasin – Marriage

Khalid Yasin
AI: Summary © The importance of marriage in the church's values and challenges is discussed, including the need for everyone to fulfill their roles and negative consequences of not doing so. The speaker gives examples of issues with women and the importance of privacy in the society of marriage. The speaker emphasizes the need for privacy and privacy for women and for men, as well as the importance of not weddinging non-M pizzas and not giving up on their religion. The speaker also discusses the challenges of marriage, including the need for everyone to be honest and forthright in their behavior.
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Hamden coffee run, forgiven Moroccan fee and hamdu lillahi wa Kapha salatu wa salam O Allah shuffle ambia Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well Allah Allah He was happy he was worthy he was among Walla wa stoeckel Hadees cateva lava hadal hodja hodja Mohammed in some Allahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon more more data to her wakulla Mahadeva 10 beta Baku beatin dolla dolla Latin phenol or you will echo to the Quran to say that a cinema alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato dear brothers and sisters, I understand that this morning and also tomorrow. You have already engaged and you will be engaging in some discussions on

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about the issues relative to marriage, and as I understand that these are sort of workshop discussions. So a workshop discussion is not a lecture it is where people can sit and they can talk and they can ask questions and it can be responded to and problems can be surfaced, and they can be resolved and discussed. And so because of that MLR reward the thinking and the wisdom of the organizers to do that, because if they didn't do it, it would mean they did not have the foresight to deal with a very critical issue. I say, a very critical issue because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, marriage is half of the faith, so seek the other half from your fear of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So we need to understand the significance of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying that marriage is half of the faith, why is it half because the faith can be divided into issues of a bad day, or it can be divided into issues of muamalat. So the burden of the acts of worship and rituals that we have to do that Allah subhanaw taala has audited such as the Salah, and the fasting and Hajj and the aqidah and other things, but marriage is part of that. And when the human being the male or the female is not married, in most cases, it makes them dysfunctional in the areas of morality, or we can say differently, that when they are married, they are able to fulfill the other

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social duties and a much better, wholesome way. So this one way for us to understand why marriage is one half of the faith. Now we also know the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had dimensioned and the Hadith that was comes in different rewire that marriage is a part of my Sunnah. And whosoever leaves off my Sunnah is not from me, it didn't mean that he has left Islam, or she has left Islam, because we know some famous, powerful, respected scholars of Islam for one reason or another, they did not marry. So we know that it wasn't because there was something that was unstable in their lives. No, we know from this Hadith, it means it is a very strong Sunnah, that we should do it. And

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unless there are some supporting circumstances that only allow me know, as a human being may know, or their family members may know that in almost every case, the Muslim male or female wanting to fulfill the novel sort of law, he's still a lot of us to them, they should also fulfill this responsibility of marriage. Why because it is a strong sooner, and it complements all the other muamalat. And it also gives credence, and it gives substance to the society, because the society is made of individuals and individuals are compounded by marriage into families, and then families form communities, and communities form societies and societies form nations and nations form the world

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understanding that from a social perspective, we can now see the importance of marriage, that it is not just the issue of the satisfaction of the two people who want to get or who are married. Marriage has an importance, and marriage has conditions. And marriage has its own set of challenges. That's what I want to discuss the importance of marriage, the conditions of marriage, and the challenges of marriage, some of the challenges which are well known, and other challenges, they're not so well known, but they are well discussed, meaning that there are people who are discussing them who themselves, they don't know, and many who don't know who say, and some who do both, they

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say they don't know, we want to see if we can cover some of those issues as a dialogue, meaning that as a naseeha, then we will try to steer you towards some websites that will provide you with further insight where you can get some of the religious rulings, decisions about these kinds of issues. But here, we want to sort of discuss it. Now I want to give you a little background on how I want to approach this and why I think I mentioned to you in a previous lecture that I had a discussion with my grandchildren, some of my grandchildren, and we spent a little bit of time together. And I noticed that they were being a bit restless. And they were being a bit provocative and poking each

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other and making little jokes and starting to make little signs that they wanted to go somewhere or do something else. And it was an indication to me that you know granddaddy is real nice, you know, this, we made a little slot together and we talked together and you know, it's been nice, but you know, we got some other things to do. Places where we want to go or things that we want to talk about and we don't know if you really ready to talk about those things because you are Oh head they didn't say that. But I can see in their thinking and their restlessness. So I asked them what's the matter with you? What's the problem? What's going on? What y'all want to talk about something so

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they laugh. So I said listen, let's let out

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Head down sisters know what that means. Yeah, I don't have no hair but I'm saying we say let's let our head down. This means you know when you home and you know what you got your hair all up and fixed up in a certain way because you're working or whatever you got your, you know, your scarf on. But when you get home with your husband and your family, you can let your hair down Well, in a dialectical way that means, let's talk about anything that you want to talk about that question to me was granddaddy anything I said anything? Now for a minute? I said, Don't forget, I'm your grandfather. So don't be rude. Don't be disrespectful. Don't be vile, don't be foul, but at the same

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token, consider me as one of your friends. Let's just kick it That's what I said. Cuz you know, the young people they understand kick it kick it. That means let's just throw it out there. They repeat it. granddaddy anything I say anything they said well, granddad actually we wanted to go see this movie called Get Rich and die trying or something like that. Some of y'all know what I'm talking about. Come on. What's the name of it? Don't lie fitness center you know the fitness app movie 50 cent 25 cent whatever sending it no sense Get Rich Dad trying they want to go see this movie. And then there was another one by DMX only young guy somehow not only the young guy some of the crazy

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picture is really just about *. Drugs. Robin killin? That's all it's about * and drugs, Robin chillin. That's all it's really about violence and blame, blame. That's all it's about the whole movie. So I said, No, look, we don't really need to go see the movies. You know, what we want to talk about? It's like, it's based on that. So I said, Okay, look, I don't want to be sitting up in a movie house with everybody else looking at that kind of stuff. Can we get the movie? They say? Yeah, I said, Well, we can get it from my grandson says, granddaddy, I got him. He got them from the black market pirate saying, well, y'all do you know, DVDs that you're saying what y'all doing? pirate

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black market. He got them in his bag. So I said, Okay, look, let's go get some popcorn. Let's get some Pepsi. And let's go to my hotel room. And let's just chill out. We're gonna spend the whole night together. We're gonna watch these movies. Then we go talk, they was happy. They were jumping up and down. It was Oh, man. Wow. You know, oh, man, granddad, you cool you to join this? You know, this is the first response that we get, you know, I mean, they love me, they hug me and all this. But now I'm the joint. So we sit up and we watch these three movies. I said, Look, wait a minute. Now, when that crazy stuff come on the screen. Now we got to fast forward that so my grandson, I

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know you already watched it. So for get to that point. Fast forward is okay. grandi. I got it. Now after we watch those two crazy, filthy movies that has set the trend that has set the mindset of the young kids that is entertaining them that they are riveted about that they want to watch over and over the language, the style, the clothes, everything they are doing, and the bling, bling and all the dancing and singing in the foulness that they're putting in their minds after what they gonna watch and your children. You might be saying yourself, why do you sit up and watch that kind of stuff with your grandchildren, I just got finished telling you they had already seen it. I just

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wanted to establish with them that I can go all the way down the road with you, and then talk about it. Because if I don't go down the road with them and talk about it, then they're going to close the door on me. And they're going to talk about it with somebody else. Am I telling the truth young people? Am I telling the truth, right? So after we watch this here, but 12 o'clock at night 1230 at night, we have finished watching these two movies. Now they want to talk about everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. We talked about abortion, the afternoon until we talked about *. We talked about same * marriage, we talked about homosexuality, we talked about

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lesbianism, we talked about oral *, we talked about everything. Now you say who we check how you talk about all that stuff, you got to talk about it, there's no shame in discussing the truth. And if you don't discuss these issues with your children, if you don't let your head down and set a night, I didn't say watch the movies. Remember, some of you not gonna do that. But if you don't sit down and talk about it with them, they're gonna sit and talk about it with somebody else. And that's somebody else is gonna set the stage, somebody else is going to qualify it, somebody else is going to quantify it, somebody else is going to explain and justify it somebody else. And that somebody

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else may not even be a Muslim, that somebody else could be another young person. And even if they don't discuss it with somebody else, the movies that they're watching, and the DVDs that they're watching, and these iPod songs that they're listening to has already put in their minds, themes that establish and answer those issues for them. And we as parents, we think just by telling them what not to do, and what they got to do. We think that by doing that we have done our job I say to you, you live in a different world. It's just like living with a bag over your head. You are just like the ostrich that when it hears a sound that is afraid of it put his head inside the ground until

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that sound goes away when the sound goes away. The ostrich didn't lift his head up the ground and all the

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His whole body is still outside the ground. That's how we are sometimes parents. So brothers and sisters, I want to talk about the issue of marriage from that perspective, not from the chalet perspective, not from the akam perspective, not from just from the rules and conditions and all that we'll discuss that but I want to go right to some issues that need to be dealt with in order for us to enter the arena of marriage and then to deal with that arena once we have entered it to come out with the prospect of what Allah subhanaw taala wants for us regarding marriage. Now, in the course of my discussing it, I might get a little graphic, I will not curse but I might be a little graphic

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so you know, some of y'all might want to cover your head like that, like one of the companions of the Prophet SAW Sam did when he was showing them how to make a stand Jeff, you know, the prophet philosophy was showing one of his companions how to make a stranger he did not he did not expose himself but he was showing them how to make the ninja so one Sahabi that he covered his head because he was shame that the prophet SAW Sam is showing the sign of how to make it stand out. The prophecy has uncovered his head and said there is no shame when you speak the truth. So before we proceed, I want our brother Gemma, Gemma Jana Mashallah young curry mela blessing student of knowledge I want

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him to recite two very important verses of the Quran and I will try inshallah my best to give you the English meaning and if I'm incorrect, our chef inshallah he will correct me inshallah.

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Amina Shea upon your

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happy Danny Ghana danika. foamy

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is very important I lost a pinata. Allah is saying to us here and among His Signs is that he created us male and female is the statement. We don't need science to support it. We don't need science to prove it. Allah has said it. And Allah has spoken the truth that everything in the heavens and earth, Allah subhanaw taala he has made it male and female, the plants the animals, you see here have made them male and female, even the microbes and the germs allies made them Vicar unfair, and the human beings have made them that are unfair, Allah has made them male and female, opposite, complimenting each other. And he says, and he have created among them, a union called as virgin

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marriage, A union A social union called marriage, and what is the purpose of that and all of that they just knew that they would dwell with themselves and he's saying that the male will dwell with the female to find among them Sakina rest repose tranquility, and that in this relationship, they would develop more what de love, passion, closeness, intimacy, and also Rama. Rama means mercy, respect and dignity between each other. And the law says, and in this is a sign for those that reflect this important idea that Allah subhanaw taala created us for this union mean that it is natural, it's not unnatural. It is natural for a man and a woman to deny themselves. It's unnatural

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for a man or woman to discipline themselves is natural, but to deny themselves is unnatural. So Islam is a natural religion, it is a religion of fitrah natural, it meets the disposition of the human being it meets and complements that disposition. So Allah subhanho wa Taala he placed inside of us our natural reaction, our natural attraction, our natural magnetism towards each other. So that boy and girl dickin, Jane, Susie, Johnny, all that abdulah Fatima that whole dynamic that takes place from an early age on to the old age is natural. What Islam does is Islam sets the parameters for the fulfillment of what is natural, Allah subhanaw taala then gives a description or

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qualifications qualification for how those relationships can be fulfilled. He calls it as well. So this is clear because the wedge in Islam, the wedge is the

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Legal meeting uniting of the male and the female according to the parameters, which Allah subhanaw taala alcoholic has determined for them in their best interest for them and their family and humanity itself, the wedge, then he gives us what is the objective that they might dwell together the test, you know, that they would have tranquility repose, that they would have a good feeling among each other, they can chill out, you know, Sakina means they can chill out with each other, they can relax with each other, they can hug each other, they can support each other, they can make love to each other, they can share with each other and walk and laugh and cry, and talk and do

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everything together in a relaxed fashion, and finding that tranquility for each other. That is the whole objective, Allah subhanaw taala. He's given it to us in a beautiful classical way. And then he says, two disciplines is what will bring that about me one day that they have a reciprocal love for each other. Now, this love is not just the love of like what you call *. It is not the animal passions. It's not just the * making and the * talking and this whole thing and being predisposed with having *. This is not the love. This is the love of the animals. That's what the materialistic societies want us to be preoccupied with. That's the kind of love Do you love that

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girl? Oh, I love my wife. Oh, I love this. I love that they want it on that level on the level of the passions. No, this is not what mawatha is. There's something different. You see, in Arabic, there's two words that can express love, one is hub and another one is more that is bigger than hub, because one is nurtured hub to love something to be attached to something but more what is like it is cultivated, it develops a cultivation. It's the relationship that a farmer has with the soil or relationship he has with his plants and with his animals, a relationship of growing and fostering them and developing them and taking care of them. So he develops an attachment for them, not just an

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attraction mode. And then Allah subhanaw taala uses the word Ruffner, here Rama, we know that the womb is called raw him you see because this is sensitive Rama is mercy. It is a way of dealing with each other. It is using principle it is being sensitive, it is using positive means and constructive compensation and having respect and honor integrity. This is the words Ally's choosing to tell us about this relationship. He says and in this is a sign for those who will reflect give us the other if

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see how beautiful a loss upon de la how he constructs his speech to us. And this is a last one that begins by swearing one law who see a lot of swearing here because he wants to emphasize to us what he will say next. Then he says, as you mentioned before, that He created us, He created us and amongst us, He created us for a union together. And from that union comes from beautiful things, things of responsibility, things of legacy, things of posterity things that we love, and that will project for us our ideas, our dreams and our vision and take us beyond even our own life. He mentioned and he gives to you through this marriage union sons and daughters and he gives you from

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this marriage union also grandparents sapana law. So now laws covering you see the husband and the wife, the children, the grandchildren a law is talking about the entire nuclear family. This is what he's providing. This is the issue here. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that through marriage, he is protecting the generations, Allah is protecting the society, Allah subhanaw taala is given to us the opportunity to have the most dignified society. Why because it is protected on one hand by the grandparents, the furthest generation, and on the other hand, by the future generation, the children and in the middle by the parents who themselves are between the children and the grandparents. See

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how beautiful Allah subhanaw taala he constructs for us

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This and then he says to us to let us know that the provision is not on us we should work we should cultivate, we should think we should plan but the risk is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and that we should not be ungrateful. The risk come from Allah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that we should have many children multiply, don't worry, inshallah, about how you would feed them. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't ask you for any risk, but Allah gives to you the risk. And the prophet SAW Sam told us in an authentic hadith Don't worry about supplying the risk. If there's enough for one there is enough for two and if there's enough for two there's enough for three you

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know, we have a scene just add a cup of water to the soup. So we see that the aroma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, in spite of the fact that we are in a crisis, in spite of the fact that we are smattered and shattered and that we are invaded and that we are transgressed upon and we are murdered in our houses in our homes and our lives are transgressed. In spite of that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed the Lord Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because the average Muslim family in the world has five children. So panela the average Muslim family has five children. That means average means some have 910 1112 as in my case, and in some of you here 15 1617 but most Muslims

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have at least five children, but in the non Muslim countries, because they are greedy, because they are stingy because they are frustrated because of the fact that they are confused and they don't know their social identity and they don't know the objective of life. Some of them they don't want to have no children. So the Muslims just because of the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Sam, because of the son of Allah subhanaw taala Muslims, they are out stretching the kuffar wherever they are just in the cost of marriage and having children by the year 2010. There should be 15 to 20 million Muslims in North America because Muslims are having children while listen to having children, the

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kuffaar they are killing their children, they are killing themselves. The men is marrying the men and the woman is married to women. They're having abortions. They're killing the children. When the children is eight months in the womb, seven months in the womb, they killing them, they kill them when the children is already starting to form. They're killing them. Why? Because they are afraid that they will have to share what they have with these unborn children. But Allah subhanaw taala told us that the risk is from him. Dear brothers and sisters, marriage is a protection against immorality and marriage is a protection against sexual perversion. It does happen from time to time

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that a Muslim is married, male and female, married and still even though they're married, still, they they still have some feeling to gratify themselves outside of marriage and they perform Zina it does not happen often. It is not something which is blatant and flagrant in the Muslim society, the practicing of opens in a no, but it happens among the Muslims because sometimes we are not socially stable. And sometimes we have been influenced by other ideas. But for the most part, Zina and sexually transmitted diseases that come from Vienna and adultery. It is very, very small and very insignificant among the Muslims, meaning that maybe only one and 100,000 Muslims who are socially

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functional, practicing Muslims will ever catch a sexually transmitted disease. And sometimes when that happens, it wasn't because they were sexually active outside of marriage, it may have come through a blood transfusion, or may have came to some other kind of way, because this is a blessing in a nygma from Allah subhanaw taala that he protect this oma from that. Secondly, I mean, it is a protection against immorality and sexual perversion. That means ideas of having * in ways that no creatures ever thought about meaning that human beings are now they have become now where it is no longer gratifying for a man and a woman to have * together. It's no longer gratifying. They have

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to have * now with children we're talking about now. infants, infants, they want to have * with one year old babies, they won't have * with animals, dogs, donkeys, chickens, rats, couples kind of crazy what kind of people could this be? They want to have * using cucumbers and tomatoes and pumpkin. What kind of crazy people is this? No, I'm saying this is real. This is the kind of people that we're living with some of your neighbors, some of the people you go to school with, this is what they want. This is what they prefer. And they say to each his own that everybody do their own thing like Nike say Just do it. You wearing the shirts. That's what it mean. Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gave us marriage to satisfy us to set the parameters for us for what is decent and what is dignified and what is wholesome and what is sound and what is within the parameters of the halal and haram which have been ordered by Allah

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punnamada Allah, marriage is a source of maturity, responsibility, and resourcefulness. Because the prophet SAW Sam told us that for those of you who want to get married, make the preparation for it. Don't just desire to get married, make the preparation for it. If you are young brother and you want to get married, make the preparation that means go to school and get a job. Now go to school and get a job doesn't mean you got to wait until you graduate from school, it doesn't matter mean that you got to wait till you buy a house doesn't mean till you go get yourself a little Roach net apartment or some furniture and whatnot doesn't mean that it means go to school, educate yourself, prepare

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yourself, get your little part time job, thought saving yourself up some money. And then the young sister wants to marry this young brother, talk to your parents and say that you like that young brother, be honest and say that the two of you have already been SMS, you know, SMS and that's like messing around, you have already been talking on the phone, you've already been in the chat room. So marriage is a source of maturity, because it forces the people to start making plans, preparing for responsibility. And I say to the parents, if you got a young son, that's in high school, but you already know that he's kind of mature. He's already looking talking, you know, he already admitted

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that he's kind of like already SMS and he's already on chatting, he's already talking and walking sometimes with her, I think you need to make some preparations. Tell your son to get yourself know part time job. And then after that helped him to get his room together, get his room together, that's his room, and then go to his girlfriend or Muslim perspective, right for whatever, go to her family and talk to them and make an arrangement for them to get married, and come live with you in his room, because that's his wife better for them to be in your house, or his house, his family's house halaal than for them to be somewhere else. Hold on. Now you need to think about that. Of

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course, they're just 15 they're just 16 they're just 17 they didn't finish high school, you know, they don't know what to do. They don't know responsibility, but you know what to do, and you know, responsibility, so take care of them, but also protect them. Brothers and sisters, the conditions of marriage are basically three. One is Java and Kabbalah, the asking the requesting the answering and the acceptance in Java and Kabbalah. This means there should not be any forcing of marriage, no one has the right to force the marriage. And if a young girl is forced to marry, that means her father made the decision for her to get married. But when she becomes of the age of her own responsibility,

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she has the right to know that marriage, but when she's of age to make her own responsibility decisions, a father cannot do that she has the right to choose for herself. And the young man has the right to choose for themselves. And the parents should not force their children to marry. This doesn't mean that there's no such thing as a arranged marriage. No, sometimes an arranged marriage by the parents is better than the arrangement of the young people themselves. Because the arrangement of the parents deals with issues of the How are they responsible together? What are their natural attractions, it's a non emotional decision that is made. And so in many cases, we find

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by statistics that arranged marriages sometimes, and in many cases, they last longer than the ones that are arranged by the young people themselves. But this is not a forced marriage. This is not a forced marriage. But at the same token, I tell the parents, if your arrangement or your choice for your son or your daughter is obviously not what they want. You got to listen to what they want carefully. Because if you don't listen to what they want, they will find a way to get what they want in an unnatural way. And that will be your fault in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The other condition for marriage is called mouth. Now one of the problems in the Muslim world with the issue

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of mouth that is dowry is that the parents is telling the girl or the family is demanding that demand he got about a woman of $200,000 house, he got to give off a $50,000 dowry, he got to buy the furniture, he got to buy the house, you know, he got to give the Father 10,000 he got to do this. He got to buy a diamond ring. He got this he got a song so so how's the man got married. And then after he does all that he becomes a slave. And because of that, in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the Muslim world, there are women who are 45 years old and 55 years old, and they're still virgins and they can't marry. Secondly, there are young men who are 32 years old, 35 years

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old, 28 years old, still living with their parents, and they cannot afford to marry. So what do you think may be happening in those societies, we don't have to imagine much the parents and the woman should make the dowry as easy as possible, as practical as possible, as easy and practical so that we can facilitate these people getting married, make the conditions of the marriage easy for

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facilitate it for them for yes through well not to ask you to

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make things easy and don't make them difficult. Another condition is that there'll be witnesses that these people don't get married in secret that they're not forced to be together and secret that the community knows that the family knows, and that there's pride, and there's dignity and publicity about the issue. Now, in some of the issues I want to deal with, or mentioned, it is like the issue of getting married early, we should, in a society like we live in today, we should encourage our young girls and young brothers to get married early, we parents can figure out what to do when they get married, we can figure out how to make it easy for them. They don't have to pay no rent, my son

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is already live with me, you don't pay no rent, let him get married, at least I know he's in his room with his wife, and that he's not in some other place with his girlfriend fornicating. And I know that if it's my daughter, I know that my daughter is in the house of her husband's family, are they in my house, and they're being taken care of and guided by us. And when they get up in the morning, and they go to school together? their husband and wife and they can walk and talk and all that and they are happy? Why not? Me and my wife is happy? why shouldn't they be happy parents is preventing their children from getting married. And we already been married for 30 years. What What

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have we forgot? We don't know what it is to be in love. We don't know about romance. We don't know about blink, blink and eyes and all the things that they've gone through. We forgot about all of that. We also forgot that there wasn't television and there wasn't movies. And there wasn't all these DVDs and all this * when we get married most of us so it means we should help them. Because if we don't, we're pushing them towards the fire. What about the issue of married divorces? What about sisters who have been divorced and nobody wants to marry them? But that's like a No, no, that's a that's the jaw out of Scotland? No way, man. No, she's been married now. And as I someone

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that system has been married before what she's supposed to do she have an operation and make yourself like a new version of me. She is an individual, she has children, she needs to be confident those children need to be guided, they need to be part of a family. They need to be socially protected and functional. So I say therefore some of us brothers here who would maybe prefer to marry a young virgin, whatever it is single sister, what you call like fresh, whatever it is now marry some of those sisters who have been divorced. Maybe they learned their lesson. Maybe Allah will bless you even more with them. They have more experience. Maybe Allah will bless you because

00:37:28 --> 00:37:59

also those children and you married them and taking care of those orphans. So some of us should marry those sisters. Of course, those sisters should also be willing to take a marriage of a brother who already has a wife. Why not? hamdulillah say sister say hamdulillah Mashallah, we should be married. All the sisters is over there right now should be married every single one of them. I mean, of course, unless they are too young to marry. No, if you shake your head no, that may be you shaking your head say the prophet SAW stands wisdom wasn't correct. Maybe you shaking your head and saying to the law, he doesn't have the right wisdom. Maybe you shake your head and say that you

00:37:59 --> 00:38:30

ain't a part of this oma, maybe you shake your head and say you ain't got no desires. Maybe you shaking your head, you say you something different. Maybe you shake your head and say that you got a special formula. Maybe you shake your head and say oh, no, not for me. Then what is for you? I asked. Maybe you're not affected by this. Maybe you got some special vicars you know, you don't look, you don't feel you don't have no emotion, you got yourself in total control. I don't believe that. You don't believe that. So don't fool yourself. Because the biggest fool is the one that fooled themselves a lot. He knows the best. Is that right? And the prophet SAW slim after Allah

00:38:30 --> 00:39:04

subhanaw taala know the best, he told the prophet SAW see what is the best. And the prophet SAW some also told us what is the best. So we want what Allah wants. And we want what the prophet SAW sent one. And the prophets often said, none of you can truly believe until you bring your wants your desires your Hawa, into accordance with what I have brought. Secondly, what about marrying non Muslims for the brothers here you say, oh, lots that we can marry the Christian woman, a woman in the book. But Allah also said, Yeah, you can marry women with the book. But those who have not had any power Moore's that means women of the book who themselves have not been sexually active before

00:39:04 --> 00:39:07

where you can find them that you might have to go to the hospital when they born.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:42

So a lot of give a condition, but the brothers they say, Oh, no, I lost that. We can man women in the book. And so a brother, he come here he looking for a new sister, he came out real easy. And then he wind up after he married her. He finds out now he got a problem. She don't want to be Muslim. She don't want to go to the mosque. You don't want to hear no put on the house. And she loved bacon, and she liked to drink every now and then. And when they have children, she tells him, okay, you take them to the mosque, every now and then I take him to the church. So now we got children in this room and brothers in this room who is married like that? Who got problems? Why?

00:39:42 --> 00:40:00

Because they found out that the woman never ever, ever wanted to appreciate or to respect his religion. And as a result of that the brother wind up having to divorce that woman and when he divorced that woman because of the society that we live in, in who gets two children so the mother gets two children. So now he has little African

00:40:00 --> 00:40:34

And little Fatima, they've gone to the church, you know, they don't took off the clothes, they eating ham, you know, they sit around people are just drinking alcohol, this and that. And so and so they have lost everything. And now these children are facing a psychosis, they don't know who they are, they know the father is a Muslim but their mother something else. So who did that who's responsible for that? It's that Father, you shouldn't have did that you should have thought about those children, you should have thought about those consequences. And you should not have put your citizenship and what you wanted first, now you got the problem. Now you're looking for the Imam to

00:40:34 --> 00:41:11

solve that for you. Secondly, for the sisters, it is absolutely haram and forbidden for any sister to even consider marrying a non Muslim, it is absolutely haram and it cannot even be considered for a Muslim woman to marry a non Muslim under any circumstances, we can look to the photographer about that. Why? Because Allah wants to protect that woman. And Allah wants to protect her children. The loss of $1 wants to protect the oma. And the last bundle, he knows the nature of the male and the female and ally has mentioned that the male and the female, they are not alike, they are not alike. In most cases, the male is going to dominate the female. I said in most cases, I know a lot of

00:41:11 --> 00:41:46

sisters, they are annoying like that in my house in most cases. So therefore it means that in most cases, the woman is going to acclimate herself towards her husband, she's going to accept the leadership of her husband. And if the system marries a non Muslim, then what will she follow? And what will her children follow? And what will happen to the home of the prophet SAW a lot of them and what will happen to that system, her children. Secondly, if you marry a non Muslim man, you also marry his family. So even if he's a decent guy, and he says, you can wear your hijab and you know, I'm gonna be respectful and I'm gonna watch you pray and you can do everything you want. What about

00:41:46 --> 00:42:20

his family and your children become the grandchildren of his family. So something happens to her who you think those children gonna wind up in the hands of something happens to your husband, this capital, you married, those children gonna wind up with his Kapha family. So Allah has forbidden debt, it is not allowable, it is not even thinkable. It is not even a consideration under any circumstances for a non Muslim woman to marry a Kaffir. So if you can't marry a Catholic, why are you looking at him? A Muslim woman? If you can't marry a Kaffir? Why are you looking at him? Why are you writing to him? Why are you chatting with him to say I'm trying to give him some dialogue. That

00:42:20 --> 00:42:58

will means inviting them if you're in a chat room, you don't even see him what you're inviting them to? No doubt the major responsibility of women is to give women dour men can give down to everybody. Why Because Allah subhanaw taala allowed men to go in and out and around and everything and expose himself because Allah has given him a different shield. Allah has given him a different nature, but because the woman she is fragile, because she is sensitive, because she is more sacred, because she is more gentle. Allah subhanaw taala wants to protect her. So when that Muslim woman opens up her hijab, and opens allows herself to start talking and exchanging with a Kapha what he's gonna do,

00:42:58 --> 00:43:34

he's gonna penetrate her mind first, once he penetrates our mind that he's going to start to attempt to penetrate in other ways. It's natural so it is haram don't even begin it Don't even start that if a non Muslim want to talk to you about Islam and he starts asking you about old systems no one knows somebody Islam Can you talk to me seems to be smart enough to understand he trying to be slick, tell him go talk to my brother, go talk to my father. Here's the number of the mosque, go to the Muslim Student Association office over there. Okay, that's what you need to do. go to this website and check that out. Don't have no further conversation because that's not your job. Protect yourself

00:43:34 --> 00:44:05

sisters. Now what about this issue of temporary marriage? You know, they got some some Muslims here who call themselves practicing metta. You know, some Muslims here they talking on some slick talk, you know, we can, you know, we can still have mootai we can still have temporary wives like I can marry a sister for a weekend. Yeah, you know, Mina says we should hook it up for a month, a weekend. We just hook it up, you know, I mean, it's, it's halau. It's called mu tau. So when the brothers talk to me about this Muhtar, you know, I tell him, yeah, okay, if you want to do that, I want to marry your mother for a weekend.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:38

I mean, why not? Yeah, I want to marry your daughter for a weekend. And why not? And what about one of your three or four words that you got? Since you man different women, why not give me one of your wives? Well, we can No, you would not give somebody your daughter for a weekend. You would not give somebody your mother for a weekend. You would not give somebody your sister for a weekend, but you want to marry you want to take and form a cake with somebody else's mother, daughter or sister for a weekend. See it's so graphic way of approaching this issue. The man get attitude when I say give me your mother for a weekend. You don't like that. So but that's somebody that you want to take for

00:44:38 --> 00:44:59

weekend. And as for the hokum on this issue, it is hot on it is Xena, there is no such thing as temporary marriage marriage in Islam is marriage. Allah subhanaw taala. He gave the believers at a specific time during the high bar. He gave them a special permission to do this for a limited period of time, out of knowledge which only he knows best and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

After that expedition, Allah subhanaw taala abrogated that permission, took that permission back. And on top, he dealt with that issue long time ago in the companions, they dealt with that position. And we Muslims, we don't do that. So there is no such thing as temporary marriage because marriage has three conditions, we said right? What are the three conditions Java and kulas? Right now the condition is what matters? Is that correct? another condition is what witnessing Is that correct? And another condition after the marriage is that is dissolved by Tilak. And in this issue of muda, none of them is there. There is no tullock doesn't have to be witnessed. Secondly, unsummon does no

00:45:35 --> 00:46:11

matter. So it is not marriage. It is nothing but Zina and this is brothers who just want to fornicate with somebody and give them a gift, like a prostitute and walk away someplace or Muslim. They want to do that to a Muslim girl. And in many cases, they're doing this here with non Muslims. Then what about the issue of brothers talking about right hand possess, you know, you got some crazy brothers, they call itself they engaged in Jihad 24 hours a day, you know, they read and she had a talk and she had, you know, they never been to jihad, but they read jihad, and they talk about jihad. They were in combat boots, and they talk about killing capitals, and Islamic State and blah,

00:46:11 --> 00:46:45

blah, this and that. And they said, Brother, we're in a state of war all over the Muslim world, therefore we can take right hand possess. So what's the right hand possess? malakut a man to him. What does that I mean, ain't no wall we didn't walk, but brothers are taking women and living with them. Brother tell me he got 10 right here possess a key Look, they shouldn't be left hand possessed, because you should get your right hand cut off, because you and those that you live in what is nothing but fornicators. There is no such thing like that in Islam unless there is jihad, which has been declared by the Emir of the Muslims. And this is war between the Muslim state and the

00:46:45 --> 00:47:21

non Muslims and capitals have been taken, according to the auspices of Sharia, and the auspices of war and jihad. And under this kind of discipline and environment, there are terms and conditions and agreements and things that qualify it and only under those circumstances can that be done. And what about welfare wives welfare wives, this is brothers who's married to three, four sisters, and they know that the sisters already on the welfare. So I said, that's the welfare pin. If you married sisters, and you already know they own the welfare, you're not taking care of them. And they haven't babies that the state is taken care of. I say, you know, sisters, and this is not acceptable in

00:47:21 --> 00:47:52

Islam. This is not moral in Islam. This is not responsible in Islam, this is not acceptable. Islam, if you want a wife, you marry her, and you take care of her. And if you haven't properly taken care of that one, you don't matter another system, put her on the welfare. So I say if you brothers got welfare wives, you need to keep one and you need to divorce the other ones. Now, if the sisters don't care, the welfare wives, then you good for them. And they're good for you, brothers and sisters, these are some of the challenges in regards to marriage. And I say that we have the wherewithal to meet those challenges you and I just be sincere, Allah subhanaw taala says,

00:48:02 --> 00:48:04

Be sincere, be straightforward.

00:48:08 --> 00:48:11

He will reconcile things for us, He will make things easy for us.

00:48:16 --> 00:48:17

He will forgive us our sins,

00:48:25 --> 00:48:35

then it costs us to be sincere to have a class it costs us also to feel a loss of $100 and after that, it costs us to be obedient towards the

00:48:37 --> 00:49:14

brothers and sisters. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to cause me to benefit from the medicine which I distribute to you. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give you good wives and give the sisters good husbands. And also to give me more I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for all the young sisters and the older sisters to get married, make it easy for the young brothers, older brothers to get married that inshallah that we have the aim that when we come together like this here, that every brother who wants to married, that he can get married, that within six months time that he wants to get married, that we can get him a wife that when a young sister shouldn't be married and

00:49:14 --> 00:49:46

wants to get married within six months time that we can make it easy for them to get married, and that we don't block the wait for them to get married. We asked the Lord to bless this oma with marriage. We asked the Lord to bless our understanding of marriage. We asked the law supposed to make it easy and move the difficulties and challenges out the way for us to get married. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that this ummah, that it be blessed and distinguished through marriage, as the other people is allowed to have distinguished him and Allah subhanho wa Taala he has blessed them and they have destroyed them because of their fornication and adultery and that disobedience to

00:49:46 --> 00:49:53

Allah subhanaw taala subchronic Allahumma Coronavirus shadow and that you don't want to stop for the corner to break supply and

00:49:54 --> 00:49:58

Mr. foon was Salam O Allah Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen me

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