How to benefit deceased parents or loved ones

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the loss of their father and the impact it has on their life. They also mention a project related to helping someone make money by giving sadhaka to a project. Speaker 1 emphasizes the importance of remembering family and friends, as well as leaving behind projects to benefit people.
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Second, my father has passed away last year and anything I can do which will help him in the action I please

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the wire

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when the son of Adam dies,

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he's no longer receives good deeds except from three sources. What Adam saw the afonya dolla

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that you make, especially if you're a righteous son make dua for your father. Allahu Allahu Allahu Marham who Allahumma Eskin who fasciae genetic sada cartoon geria that you give a sadhaka to a project which will stay

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like cmcc Alhamdulillah if you help us tours, you have an acid deal because this is a project you're paying towards the acid itself, not the operation. saga pattern geria el moonjune tatha ob he is moon Yun tuffa. ob he acknowledged that he left behind which will benefit mankind will benefit people after him. All right. So all of these things, remember them and Ramadan. Remember your parents and Ramadan. Brother, me Raja Deen Mohammed