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The first step for you to achieve unification, oneness, though he learned in the area of the names and the attributes you must affirm,

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to be to match us better, how much better loveliness you affirm and if Allah said he is that you affirm your sermon, but be careful, there are four things people went astray, stay away from them.

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affirmation of every thing which Allah affirm for himself in the Quran, or his messenger affirmed for him for Allah in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam without avoid these four things.

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Number one, negation the appeal

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to distortion to Harry's the red one,

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distorting their meanings completely or partially.

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Three without can feel that you seem to be

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which is saying allies face looks like that.

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This attribute is like that. That key without techies seeking to know the nature or the reality of the attributes. Well, good. Okay, I'm gonna keep this on the screen for a little bit for you.

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So you're affirm without What? Stay away from negation, lacuna Mattila.

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Without the Harris letter criminal Wheeler,

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without edge seen, let me just Sema

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without the Keith Latta couldn't mean and mocha which is similar to the scene that you, you say, the attribute of Allah is like that, Allah does this a lot descends like this, a lot comes like this. That's why sometimes brothers shift, you know, you ask us this, you know, just to show you what it is subject and you hear that question often. She's, you know, you say, Allah descends the last third of the night, according to who according to America, according to Europe, I mean, I'm still here at 636 38 here and in Denver. Some people are dear to the other. Which which third is you're trying to seek? how better to find no, you're not supposed to do that.

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You're not supposed to do that. You see.

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Let me at a better color law who built a fee? Allah did not ask you to figure out how his attributes are just believe in it the way it is. That's why we say he descends in a way that suits His Majesty and His greatness. I leave it

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maravilha like they say, and remember this light, layer alum k for law Illa Allah only Allah knows how Allah is still playing around with that.