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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of affirming a culture's affirmation of himself and his attributes in order to achieve their success. They stress the need to stop the visualization of the attributes and stop the negation of certain aspects of Islam to obtain proof of their legitimacy. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of using the "has" meaning "has" to negate negative attributes.
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What do we mean by tau hadeel? asmat it was the fact

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though he didn't smell y'all was here to eat or we don't even know here. What is though he didn't smell? How can you achieve the heat oneness of Allah in the area of the names and the attributes? Here it is.

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What is the halal as Matt was saying that to affirm that which Allah has affirmed for himself, or that which his messenger has affirmed for him from the names and the attributes in the most perfect manner, without which suits His Majesty and greatness? Lay second cliche, without turning to any thing from the Hadeeth distortion that appeal negation that Keith asking how Tim feel, resemblance, Ah, man, this is heavy, heavy duty stuff. I know some of you are going to leave and go man, this is stuff. But understanding the subject brothers and sisters in Islam is a key is a key to understand the product.

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Imagine this, let me let me break that definition down for you. And the definition is not done yet. First of all, you need to understand this, no one can talk about a law except Allah and His Messenger

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wants you to be shy in mean

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they have no access to his knowledge

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except that which He wills which is the way that he released it what he revealed to His Messenger the Quran and the Sunnah music.

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So that's why I look at the first piece of the definition to affirm that which Allah has affirmed for himself, and that which his messenger has affirmed for him from the names and the attributes to spit, Matt, betta who love Hulu, enough sci fi palani he, our island he said in a V fish, wouldn't it?

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Alex it I hear, then he hears, I see that he sees Okay, now, you affirm it in the best, the most perfect manner

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which suits His Majesty,

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his greatness so can

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you cannot understand it in a way that is human.

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Because Allah is above everyone.

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No one is like him.

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Now he said Camus Li Shi,

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y la mia Gula. Who Khufu one

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no one is like him at all, once it comes to his divine essence. Once it comes to his names, once it comes to his attributes, once it comes to his actions, no one. So you affirm what Allah affirmed for himself in the most perfect manner, which suits his greatness, His Majesty

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doesn't play with it without what distortion, you cannot distort it.

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You cannot change it. That's what distortion is. I'm gonna come to these terms. You're not supposed to figure out how.

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And the first

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statement that I want you to memorize today.

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leja lm ke for law Illa Allah.

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Only Allah subhana wa Taala knows who Allah is.

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How does Allah here? How does Allah See?

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You don't know. We don't know. And don't try, you must cut off all hopes that you can reach the reality and the nature of the attribute of the names of Allah.

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The What if shaitan comes and plays with your head and does

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say thunders he makes a turn comes and he makes you visualize a lot in a certain way. So the

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first thing that that you should do, stop the thought. Stop the visualization, stop the comprehension and say Chapin a law.

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What does what the subpoena law means meaning allies above that

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could Luma da

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The belly from law who beefy Laffy Valley, whatever your brain produces, of how Allah is, his names are His attributes are, say Subhana, Allah says upon Allah says upon Allah because Allah is above that Allah is above that.

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Learn to do it cool, those are

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cool. Those are our

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visions, minds cannot comprehend them.

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So, you affirm without distortion,

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without resemblance, without Akif. And without that seam, and we're going to come to this. So you affirm, so this is the first half. So without what resemblance asking how, without negation without distortion. Lets us to the second half of the definition, which is the white bullet, to negate

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that which there is a table here Allah has negated from himself or his messenger negated from him. What do we mean by that?

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You see, brothers and sisters in Islam. When we affirm an attribute for Allah we must have an evidence meaning what for me to say Allah has a semia I must have a Quran are authentic. So not to say that

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why did I say Allah semia because there is a version shoulder to shoulder which says laser chemically he shall own well as semia is the old hearing. That is why I'm telling you a lot is the old hearing because I haven't never. Likewise the attention ear a lot of a lot of you may hear this for the first time. Likewise, if we if you want to negate What does it mean negate nothing.

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If you want to dismiss if you want to deny an attribute from Allah, if you want to say Allah is not that you must have an evidence to