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Jumuah Khubah: In today’s hyper consumerist societies, where effortless instant gratification is the norm, it is easy for those whose faith is weak to stray from the path of Allah. Those whose faith is literally “on the edge”, weighed down by unanswered questions and unresolved emotions, are ready to fall off when faced with life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. But at such times of personal and public crisis, says Nouman Ali Khan, we must remember that the purpose of those tests is to draw those with strong faith closer to Allah, who has a plan for everybody. Both Yacoub (AS) and Musa’s mother lost a child but despite their agony, and because they both had unshakable faith, the former was reunited with his son after many years while the latter was returned to his mother within hours. When we question Allah’s design we miss the core truth that reality will only submit to us when we submit ourselves to Allah. This is ultimately the path to inherit paradise.

2017-06-23 – Ramadan 2017

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hula hula Azerbaijan Chiquita hickory Medina hula hula homina shaytani r rajim. Woman Hala Hala have faith in a Saba who hyaluronate will be wearing a sorbet who fitna tone in Colaba. Allah wa t casilla. dunia will. Farah Veronica who el pasado bobina la mulata Jana gentlemen home. Ruben Gunilla Himalaya guru Alliance mama and Pharaoh Lika Hua Bala buried the ruler man Babu, acaba, de la Sol Mola, when a big Salafi in the La Jolla, Xena mano a mano solly heritage and not interested, even tactical and hard, in La Jolla, fou Marie de la Medina, Mina, Latina, homina, homina, sorry, hurt, whatever. So we have so many urban Harlem in

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today's code bar revolves fundamentally around one I have so little hedge. This is something I've been thinking about for some time. Now, I haven't gotten a chance to give a clip about it or share any thoughts on it for some time, and the reason I've been thinking about this idea is because of the several conversations I've had, either on social media or meeting with people around the world in person, people coming up with their challenges and questions, and I wanted to first paint a picture with you have the kinds of conversations that I'm talking about, and then share with you why I feel this ayah is necessary for all of us to keep in mind.

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You know, we're living in a time that is riddled with a lot of confusion. There are lots of questions that we have of all kinds, for instance, people are going through very difficult trials in their personal life. And you know, when a believer is well acquainted with their Deen, and they understand the book of Allah, and they understand the comfort. Moreover, the heartfelt counsel, and the healing that the book of Allah offers at the center of His Messenger offers a little more value for them, then they can find comfort in the deen of Allah. But we're living in a strange time we call it the information age. But for most of us, we don't really know much about our own religion.

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We don't really know how our book and our faith and our scripture is supposed to give us healing, how it's supposed to help us through difficult times. And so when that happens, we are prey very easily to shape on. And when people go through hard times, and shutdown brings all kinds of thoughts to them. You know, somebody's sick and they're in the hospital, and they're getting all kinds of worthless about faith itself, questioning Allah Himself questioning itself, you know, people lose a job, people have a hard time in a marriage. You know, there are difficulties in studies, whatever you may be going through, or maybe health related. And it's very easy to start questioning whether

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or not Allah even cares. Why would he do this to me? What did I do to deserve these problems? I made so much Delilah didn't even answer me. You know why he doesn't even care. You know, I prayed all of Ramadan, I even went to do hombre and I still asked a lot to heal my child or to get rid of this problem. And I still have that problem. And that's in your personal life. But that if and that's hard enough. But on top of that there are crises in the world. There are many of you who have family, for instance, in Syria and places like Syria all over the world that are on fire, where families aren't safe, children aren't safe, where all kinds of human disaster is happening. And

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people are being killed. It's almost like fulfilling the word of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam where the killer will not know why he's killing and the killed will not know why they're being killed. And so in that kind of crisis, some people start not only questioning why is this happening in my personal life? They started questioning why is all this crazy stuff happening in the world? And how am I supposed where is the line all of this? Can't you just fix these problems and we it's not like we're not making

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you know, polluted nozzle every night in so many massages around the world. Allahumma Salinas Lama well muslimeen you know, I sell Islam or Muslim in a de Muslims, eight Islam. give strength to the Muslims. You have strength Islam, Allah as against the enemies of the deen, but it seems like the enemies are just getting better and better at spilling more blood. So at that point, somebody gets really frustrated with their religion and they start thinking there's no point why why do I even make god what's the point of it? Nothing's gonna change and this is actually a very common problem as a result of this problem, a few things happen for a number of people they stopped praying

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altogether forget draw, they even stopped making salad. They don't care about prayer anymore. And the thing about Salah is that it's a what a law describes is it's a protection in the Salah Tottenham manufactury. One welcome the Salah itself, in In fact, prevents you from all kinds of shameless shameless in decent behavior. And it prevents you from all kinds of evil.

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So when Allah says that and somebody abandoned Salah, now they're actually prayed directly to shed on all kinds of bad things are going to be done. And one won't even realize why they're doing it. But then there are those who haven't gone that far. They're actually still holding on to the deen. They're still holding on to it, but they're holding on to it barely. They're barely barely holding on. You're barely making

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into Juma prayer. It's even that's a struggle for you. And for some people even, you know, it gets so bad that they can't even spend too much time inside of a machine. Or even if they do they start getting uncomfortable to leave quickly. That happens. And so about those people and I've met many, many such people, and I don't think they're evil people. I don't think they're evil people. I do think, however, that certain fundamentals were not correct certain ideas, certain concepts, certain feelings are misplaced. And because of those misplaced feelings, one goes down a very dangerous path all the way down to guidance. misguidance in the one hand, is sort of hedging the beginning allows

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me to talk about people who, who have an agenda to misguide other people, even people who want nothing better than to just argue against a law without any knowledge when you do not have to be a feeler he'd be ready admin Walla, Walla kitabi money. Somebody who argues about God and debates and hates on religion hates on a law hates on the profit slice out of and has no knowledge why they're arguing, nor do they have any guidance, nor is in in light of any enlightened thinking. It's just complaints for the sake of complaining. And those kinds of people there, it's not just enough that they are messed up, they can't sit still, and they mess until they mess somebody else up. They have

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to actually misguide somebody else, that's one group of people, but that's not the group of people I want to talk about today. It's the one after that group, the ones that are on the edge, literally on the edge. That's how the Quran describes them. wamena Nancy menyambut de la hora, ALLAH hafiz. I would translate that as among people. There's somebody who worships Allah. At the very edge health is actually the edge of a cliff also.

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They're worshipping Allah, they the worship of love at the at the edge of a cliff. What does that mean? That means sometimes here, sometimes they're almost ready to fall off the cliff. They're not quite stable in their faith. They're not quite stable in their worship. They're not settled. They have unanswered questions, unresolved emotions. And so how does that manifest itself Allah describes himself for in asaba, who hiren Atma and NaVi if some good comes to them, if something good happens in life, they're doing better now. Okay, okay. I'll actually listen to this dos. I can pray now. I feel better. We're in a Saba to fitna tone, and if some fitna hits them, fitna means some kind of

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trial or something that tests their faith. It not literally means a test. So I did not put the opposite of hate as sharp. Right, the intercourse would have been shoved. So you would have expected a lot of safer in asaba, who hiren it might be in Sabah who Sharon? Nope, we're in a Sabbath who fit Nutan? Why is that word important? Because Allah is letting us know that when something bad happens to you, that is just Allah, putting your faith to the test. Allah just wants to see whether you're willing to believe in an in an ally that still loves that still cares, that is still man that is still out of him. That is still around. He's still the provider. He's still the protector, and he's

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still the caretaker even though you can't see it. Even though in front of you, you see, like you've got HIPAA problems. And Shannon wants you to question Where's Allah? He wants you to ask that question. So Allah wants to put you in that circumstance sometimes, to see how strong your faith is, by the way, this demon begins with an Athena, you'll be noona will have a believe they believe in an Allah who they cannot see. And but that doesn't just mean we don't see a lot. We don't see a les plan, either. Allah doesn't lay out for you. Here's how he's going to have you go about your day. And here's what you know, you're going through a difficulty now. But there's another East coming in

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a few weeks or a few years, or what are few hours, we don't know, if things are going to get better in the next minute, or things are going to take 10 years, we just don't know. A lot will not tell you that. Well, not kind of La Julio, please come and LA. Allah is not going to be one to inform you of the plans of the unseen. He don't, he doesn't owe you that. All he's asking you to do is trust him. Trust Him that He loves you more than you could possibly even love yourself. That he gets nothing out of punishing you or torturing you. You know, Allah says, My final love will be either become, what am I going to get out of punishing you? Why do you think it was out to get you?

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Allah literally asked that question himself. So even you and I go through trials, that's actually to check and see when we because it's easy to believe in Allah when things are good.

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And just it's easier. But it's harder to believe especially some of those names of Allah, the names of a lot of you hold on to in difficult times. It's harder to hold on to them. When when we get hit. You know, when we believe Allah is the healer, that Allah owns all of Shiva.

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And his book is Shiva and then you're sitting in the hospital with a terminal mother or terminal father, it's harder to believe it becomes difficult on someone. Now, how can I wanted to dedicate this whole bunch of two things? One, just fixing a little bit careful

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celebrating our thinking about da itself,

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the vast majority of the doors in the Quran and the vast majority of the DA in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you can find one common thing among them. The common thing among them is there in a way in some way or the other. You're asking Allah to give you better ability.

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For a lot to give you strength for a lot to give you guidance for a lot to give you forgiveness for a lot to give you gratitude. Oh, is there any and Ashkelon, aromatic allottee and Antalya. Give me the ability empower me so I can become grateful. I'm gonna give you an analogy to help you understand what I'm trying to get it I haven't made my point yet.

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Somebody was out at sea, and their ship had a rock and the ship sank. And this guy is holding on to a piece of wood.

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And he's out in sea. And he's making dua to Allah.

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Now at that point,

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you can make $2 Yella, transport me from here to an island immediately. Make the rain stop, make the storm stop.

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Or you could say Allah give me the strength to overcome this difficulty.

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Now, when he makes the Yala send me a helicopter right away, pick me up into the sky and get me to an island. And he makes all over and over a helicopter helicopter helicopter. And no helicopter came. And then he says Allah didn't even send a helicopter. I made so much law for one. That's not fear, I'm forgetting I'm not making door anymore.

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In other words, he's making door or for example, he wants to read the the ocean to turn into land. Yeah, look, just you have the power to change anything into anything. You made all of this. So you can just convert this ocean into a land right now.

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So I mean, you turned Ibrahim alayhis salam is firing, you made it cool. So you can do that for me.

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And it doesn't turn, it's still the ocean.

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And you're still drowning slowly. You know,

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the point I'm trying to make is oftentimes we think the purpose of the law is to change the reality around us.

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We focus on changing the reality around us. But if you study the dogs in the Quran, and the majority of the dogs in the sonar carefully, you'll notice that the change actually you're asking for is the change in yourself. Yama, I'm in a difficult test, give me the ability to change the test, it's just I'll give you a simpler example. Some student is about to go take an exam, you can make two kinds of laws, you can make the hajela Give me the ability to understand the subject matter. Let me concentrate, you know,

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give me the ability to not be nervous while I'm taking the test. Let me not get lazy. You don't have about yourself or Yala, make this I know it's a medical school exam, but you are converted converted into a second grade math exam for me. So I don't have to have this problem.

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Either you want to change reality, or you want to empower yourself. For most for people that are weak in their faith. They don't think about empowering or changing themselves. They just want to change one reality around them. And they keep asking a lot of changes in reality around them. And does it change? No. And when it doesn't change, they blame a lot.

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They turn to a lens of how come you didn't change the world around me. How come you didn't turn everything you know on a silver platter for me. You want reality to submit to you. You truly have to learn first to submit to a lot. And you don't come to Allah when you need something. You don't just come to Allah when there's a problem. You come to a law all the time you come you you're submissive before a lot constantly, until that attitude is developed. And by the way, there will be a time when reality will submit around us. And that time is actually when we meet with Allah. Allahu Maya, we're going to have whatever they want. The problem is we want whatever we want right now. Let's just I'll

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give you that right now you're going to experience sometimes of good and other times of test. And the only reason he gives you a test. The only reason he gives you a test is because he wants you to pass so you can qualify for that General.

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He wants you to go through these trials because they will bring you closer to him. And that brings me to my next point before I finish this is

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the purpose of difficulty. You know, in this life, we want certain things you want to have. A young man wants to get married or a woman wants to get married. You want to have a good job, you want to have a house. You want your family to be okay. You want to provide for your children. You want to give them a good education. You want to get your kids married off. There are things we have priorities in our life. There's things that are on your mind right now. You've been thinking about it for the last month, the last year, the last two years, the stuff that you want to accomplish in your life. Allah azza wa jal teaches us in his book, that there's one thing if you can get it in

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this life, it's more valuable than everything else.

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Everything else will be okay if you have this one thing and that one thing is a closeness to Allah

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is being good with

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Allah, and truly developing a connection and a bond with him.

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The problem with people is when life is good and only good for a lot of people, they get distracted.

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You go from a video game, to a movie, to checking social media status to hanging out with friends to a restaurant to sleep, Allah is out of the picture. There's no love left, there's just you, chillin, that's all there is. And then times get tough.

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And the friends aren't there. And the game doesn't feel good anymore.

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And the car doesn't look good, because the health is gone. When the health is gone, none of those things mean anything anymore. All you care about is I just want to be out of this hospital bed. If I could just walk again, that'd be fine. People are bringing your favorite food, you don't want to eat it. People don't want to show you show your movie, you don't want to watch it.

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All these things that you lived for everything that you went from A to B to C to D, all these things are gone. I don't care about none of them. Because there's one blessing Allah has always been diminished for you a little bit.

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And then at that point, you have two options. If you are of these people that are on the cliff on the edge, you can start complaining to Allah, why did he do this to me, I was having he just didn't like that I was so happy.

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Or you can earn the greatest treasure you and I can ever earn.

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And that is a humility and a closeness to Allah.

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To actually realize even when I was healthy, even when I was wealthy, even when I was doing well, everything was fine. I didn't realize even then that I was on life support Allah was actually providing for me every moment I didn't earn anything on my own.

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None of it was something that I deserved. This is why Eliza which I will say when I say when Mima Kesava will not

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allow so which I will describe even fun while the whole problem in Allah.

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Not cassava minima, you don't you can earn something, it's a favor from a lot, whatever he's giving you what you don't realize it at the time because you just it just comes easy. But then you start begging a line asking a line crying to Allah, and praying to a lot like you've never prayed before feeling closer to him like you've never felt before. And then Allah heals you. And you realize those moments you had when nobody was in the hospital room, you were just by yourself crying to Allah, were the sweetest moments of your entire life. Those were the few moments of your life that you actually had nothing between you and Allah.

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And those might be the moments that save you in the era. That might have been the biggest gift I ever gave you. There's those moments.

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But for some people who are on the edge, when times get tough for in order to fit not only in Allah, Allah when he turns on his face, he turns his face away. What does that mean? It means I want nothing to do with a law. How can he abandoned me? How can you give me a hard time?

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Why would he do that to me, you see what happens to and this is actually very easy to understand in our times. We live in a in a hyper consumer society. So everything comes quickly you want to be entertained, just open up an app on your phone, you want to buy something just ordered, and Amazon will show up at your door. Everything's become effortless, and everything's become instantaneous. You want something it'll come to you don't have to go to it, it'll come to you. Everything's Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. Look, we're used to getting served now. Work used to constantly getting served. And if one order of yours is two days late, three days late, you're going to give it one

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star thumbs down bad rating. You're used to this now.

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And now you make dua to Allah

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or you want it you expect a lot of take care of somebody or problem but you're so used to getting things done so quickly. And immediately. And when it doesn't happen, right, this is poor service, I need better customer service. You know, I'm not gonna go to a login and now place an order.

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Because you're a customer now you're entitled now, he turns his face from

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you know, he didn't even listen to me. He didn't even solve my problem. Understand that a lot is that we don't has a plan for everybody.

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And just to give you a comparison, in the case of jacoba his Salaam who lost his child,

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Allah returned his child to him after years, many many years. And in the case of musala salon, his mother also lost her child. She put him in the water. And he returned that child after a few hours, because by the time the child got hungry, the next feeding was from the same mother because he wouldn't drink from anybody else. What am I trying to get out? Sometimes in this world sometimes a level answer that that that pain of yours or level relieve it immediately. Sometimes he will relieve it after many many years. But in all of it, there's good in all of it. There's good

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I love the story of Masada and particularly because the heroine I think about the heroine in all those years this father cried Yes, this father almost lost his his his eyesight and eventually we'll be able to inaho Quran says some of the other Monica Lucy Rahim Allah comment, you know, I mean, and he became blind

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from crying, but all this time where was used to use it was in a prison use of this being held in, you know, he was a child servant. When he got older enough, he got thrown into prison, he spent many of his years in jail. So either he served as a as a servant, or he served as a prisoner inmate in jail, not a good life. It's not a good life. And but at the end of it all, but he interprets the dream of the king. And that dream means that our entire economy is going to collapse in seven years, and people are going to die of starvation. The only one who knows how to handle that crisis was Yusuf, had he not been in jail, he would have never had helped the king, you understand this? If the

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use of was with his father, though, the whole time, he said, that never would have happened. But now the use of is there to interpret the dream and says, it may have failed on me, I am the one who can take care of this responsibility. make me sick, the treasury secretary, give me this responsibility. When he does that. And he takes care of it. What happens next? What happens next is 1000s, if not hundreds of 1000s of parents don't have to cry that their children died of starvation.

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One father cried for several years. But his tears, Allah made them a way of saving 1000s of families from crying, because if he didn't save that economy, and he didn't save that crop, the entire land would have been in drought and people would have died of starvation and war would have had all kinds of crisis would have happened.

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Sometimes the difficulty you go through isn't just better for you. Maybe through your difficulty, you will become a subject area for so many others. You don't even know. You don't know. But if you're on the edge, you don't have that kind of trust in Allah. So you turn your back to Allah in Nevada, watch TV. And then Allah says hasira dunya will ask Allah This is what I want to leave you with.

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When people do that they have lost this world and the next what does that mean? This person lost this world and the next, if you can hold on look,

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inside Africa, but human beings were made and toil and labor and difficulty. Whether you believe in a law or not, you will still have challenges in life yes or no. Whether you believe in a law or not, is still going to be tough to make a living, it's still going to be tough to to battle sickness. You know, this life. It's not like for believers, they get luxury and disbelievers get difficult, you know, eliminate all human beings in struggle. That's what he said. If you could go through this struggle with a man, then you will have the best of this life. And while you are making the best of this life, you'll be making the best of the next life too. You'll get a kind of peace nobody else

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enjoys, you're sick, and the disbeliever is sick. But in your sickness, you still find peace and they find no peace. You're in financial trouble they're in financial trouble exactly the same kind of trouble exactly the same kind of hunger. But you are you're still the hardest still Eddie's alive, still giving you tranquility. ls still rewarding you alive, still protecting you and they're miserable. You made this life worse for yourself too. And on top of that you missed out on the next life. Consider dunya Wanaka This is why we ask Allah or abana artina for dunya has another qualification of hustler means when you ask Allah for good things in this life It means good on the

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outside and good on the inside. Good as in beautiful tasty, enjoyable from the outside and good for my next life. actually good for me in the long run building my outfit at the same time this is not enough Indonesia

00:23:29--> 00:23:51

and therefore will fail after Lottie Hashanah. And as a result good in the next life something that's beautiful and good on the inside as well. So Lazarus says he lost this world and the next Delica who will mean that is the ultimate loss. The you know the the Koran uses three words for loss. Allah Zohar uses horses in an insanity horses.

00:23:52--> 00:24:22

He uses Hassan and he uses for salon in the salon is a Muslim see little mobile about the worst kind of loss, the worst imaginable loss of all the kinds of loss Allah talks about the worst of all losses is this one. Somebody who was actually a believer and lost their faith when times got tough. And as a result, they lost this life and the next slide and they had it all a lot have everything laid out for them. Everything was laid out for them. And so I leave you with the following. Allows available describe

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Allah Xena URI Sunil filled out about believers he says they will inherit paradise. strange word Allah didn't say in many places it says they will enter Paradise, but it certainly won't be known. He says they will inherit paradise. Now you know that inheritance is actually something that, you know is handed down to you because you already your family owned it already. And that's actually how the prophets like Selim described it. Allah azza wa jal literally there's two explanations of it. Jana was actually given to our father, the monies.

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And so already we're qualified for it already.

00:25:00--> 00:25:27

So we're gonna get it in Mira, we're going to inherit it, but another beautiful Hadeeth that I read when I was studying the meaning of vilasa and actually studying for those incredible statement of the province size of them. He says Allah azza wa jal made a house in Jana infidels for those is the highest Jana alumnado house and fellows for every human being. Not just every believer, every human being, but some people just didn't want to go.

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So when believers get there, there's going to be a lot of empty homes.

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And so they're going to inherit those homes

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may allow those just make us of those who inherit homes in Canada, and not those whose homes remain empty of the house Allah has built for you and the House of Lies built for me is already there.

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The expectation from Allah for you to enter the highest place in Ghana is already there. Don't mess it up. Don't fall off the edge. Don't lose your faith in Allah. Just think of these tough times as just Allah wanting to see what price you're willing to pay for that house. May Allah azzawajal help us through our difficulties and never allow us ever to lose our faith in him. barakallahu li walakum superadded Hakim when a family will he or combine it with liquid hockey

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa salam O Allah arriba de Lena Safa Hussain alpha Lima, bottom in the bin Hamad Al Ameen wa aalihi wa sahbihi edgebanding the hula hula

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hula hula ministry Kanaka gene in the LA Mola Kotaku saloon Island, maybe you live in Salalah he was Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Tomas Allah tala Ibrahim

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naka de Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in Mecca hamidah Majeed by the la urashima como la la in the La Jolla San Juan Ito is in Cordoba when her Anil fascia it will Moncure while adekola he will La Jolla la moto snarl of Allah in the salata, canon Talon, mini Nikita makuta