Striking Ottoman Coins in Trkiye

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everyone, I'm in Turkey. And I'm a coin collector as you know, okay. And I have seen this opportunity to mint a coin myself with my own hands and here we have a black coin, there is nothing on it and there is a dye here to strike the coin okay and the other side is here, okay, this is the top die. So the coin will be put in the into the die, and then this die will be put on top and then it will be hammered and then we will get a coin. Let's see how it goes. You want me to put this in? Okay.

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Okay, brilliant.

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How high?

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Two. Okay. So there has to be two strikes. Okay. Now this is the first time in my life. I'm striking and striking a coin, myself. And this brings back a lot of memories of here. I've been collecting coins for so many years. Never done this before. So I want to do this. So two strikes, it has to be two strikes. I'm going to try not to strike my hand. Or Bismillah is Allah Allahu Akbar. One Okay. And

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let's see what happened. Okay, we have a queen.

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Well, Allahu Akbar, we have a queen man.

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And this is what a queen from who which photon.

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Photon or Han Ghazi is queen has been struck.

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Wow, look, look at this. I just made a coin myself for the first time in my history. Allahu Akbar. So this will be a new addition to my collection. Thank you to the Bahamas is filming right now. It was a beloved guide to us from Turkey. And may Allah bless you all guys.

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What an experience. So this is how coins were struck back in the day. Okay, historically speaking, they would be warmed, sell silver, or gold would be warmed. And it would be put in days like this and then hammered on top just like I did. What an experience. Just wanted to share this with you. I'm in Turkey, on the ground. teaching history learning history. You want to join us stop sitting at home and watching me and thinking oh, I wish I was there. STOP WISHING join us. Okay, check out halaal halaal For more details for more future trips, one coming for Spain next month in December. Join us from the 25th to the 30th of December, and London. Spain will

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be there and you will learn history and get inspired slavery.