Karim Abuzaid – Doubting the Quran is from Shayatan (part 2 )

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The issue of fraud in Islam is discussed, with some suggesting that shmening the idea of creating carry is a trend and advising against enteringtain the idea. The speaker emphasizes the importance of addressing doubts and questions about the Prophet's teachings through schools and advising people to ask schools about their actions. A man named Day claims to be a false god, but it is unclear if he is a false god or not.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is the one who revealed this fraud.

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And he is the one who

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vow to preserve it, to protect it. And we see this with our own eyes, you know, we have people who are not even Arabic speakers who memorize the Quran word by word. Some of the children do not even know the meanings of the words, they move, right? And that's what what makes this text so special.

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You know, how many of you attended congregational prayers, and

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that you, ma'am, made some mistakes in the recitation, and the people behind him correcting them.

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So have a lot of

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I think the broader issue here is

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you having the courage to come out and say that

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we know.

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And the Hadith is related to the names and the attributes of Allah subhana wa.

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Harris ebihara, rhodiola one and the Hadith the Muslim Imam Muhammad,

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that shaitan will come to one of you shaitan will come to one of you.

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And he will say, who created the heavens and the earth?

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Is he shaitan is building up.

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Actually, shaitan is going to give you the notion to say Allah,

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because obviously the one who created the heavens and the earth is Allah.

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Then shaitan will ask you another question Who created you?

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Then Allah, you're gonna say Allah, here it is, who created Allah?

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you see, when you have check or insinuation, or

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doubt, or suspicion,

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they are in three areas, three areas, the area of beliefs.

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Like a lot being the Creator, and he is not created.

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That could happen shaitan could come and make you think that make you entertain this idea. And that's why brothers and sisters in Islam, their wisdom, why we're not supposed to employ our intellect regarding the essence, like I said yesterday about Allah. We're not supposed to do that.

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Because Satan will have an access there to get you into details, which are blasphemous.

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What did the Prophet say to people who experience this? Because some people quite frankly, they have what is known to be a loose vessel carry? What is it this was a carry that you find yourself thinking about it already, that you're in that?

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You know, Eddie already.

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And by the time you wake up, and oh, what I'm thinking about this stuff a lot. So panela, then you back off, you're getting that. So the Prophet said to us what say, Amen to BelAir. He wore a suit, he say, I believe in Allah and His Messenger, and whatever Allah and His Messenger have said, and stopped.

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He didn't say go out there on YouTube and let the world know that you're having this quote. He didn't say that. No. And don't even think Don't even mention it.

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Don't talk about it.

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You know, I think that's the issue that we need to address regarding you know, the brother we spoke about yesterday, this is the issue.

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You see, if we go with the Hadoop then the zombie then the poor on another thing will come. It's It's It's It's a trend now. It's a trending now. But I think what we need to do is we need to look at the Foundation, or use of both to talk about this, too.

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Yes, you may talk about it. With the so called scholars you claim that you have access to individually, but not on YouTube, not in front of the world.

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The Prophet said, Don't even entertain this, don't talk about it.

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Pull men to biLlahi fomentar into a stop

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and matters like these brothers and sisters in Islam. You

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You need to wake up. You need somebody to wake you up right away. That is why don't even entertain the idea.

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Take for example,

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during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and and some of you asked about this hadith that I quoted yesterday in the broadcast, a group of companions came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they said, O Messenger of Allah, sometimes we think about a law in a way

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that we cannot say.

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We cannot see.

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Again, this is what you call what

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check? Doubt.

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You know what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to them, this is a sign of pure Eman, pure faith. By the way,

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the pure faith here is not about

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having the suspicion that out. The question marks about a matter of unseen which is a law

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and the way that you should think about him, or the Quran in our case here, the fact that anyone who belies the Koran, or doubts the Quran goes out of the fold of Islam. We're not talking about, you know, it is not that that's not pure Eman. No, but you know what the pure Eman is you know what the pure amount is that you're not talking about it that, you know, this is something that is great, something serious. I'm not going to talk about I'm not gonna run my mouth, but my bah bah bah, bah, bah, bah, bah bah mumble with it.

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I think that's really the issue that we need to address, the manner and the etiquettes of dealing with suspicions with doubts, with question marks regarding your Kenia regarding matters of certainty that you must have certainty about them.

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You don't go on YouTube and talk to millions of people across the globe that now non Muslims

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are using your work to compliment non Muslims are making videos now of his work saying look, this is a guy who's a PhD and he's doubting the Quran This is what we've been telling you guys for years that the Quran is not

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you know, that's the thing that's I think that's the issue we need to address it but but inshallah for the sake of just another example here I know I'm getting off on I'm gonna finish the subject today insha Allah Allah University 10 minutes longer

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a man by the name of a day Let me I believe he came to obey you've knocked out you know, we use the way of knockout in this context here over you knock up and he said your ob there is something on my chest, accept the cutter. Concerning the cutter they believe in the cutter. He said by a law we heard the profit if you spin

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that mountain of offered in gold.

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You it will not be accepted for me unless you believe in the other. But either way you you cut to the chase. You cut to the chase.

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But having this brothers and sisters in Islam this devious

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No, no. I think that's really the issue we need to address because this looks like is is a is a orchestrated, scheming

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trending, that is not going to stop. I think he likes it or something and every week he's gonna come up with something. No, let's just address the issue. The issue here that this is not how to deal with doubts regarding the fraud. First of all, this is from shaitan like I mentioned a minute ago, from shaitan. This is from shaitan so we shouldn't entertain it. We shouldn't get on

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you know the prophets Allah Sallam said to us that when you commit a sin and Allah concealed you don't come And likewise, when you when you have this bad thought that just to complete the that the three that I mentioned, if the doubt the suspicion is in the area of

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the ruling, then you need to ask schools

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if the doubt in the area of the Salah or something with a pseudo sound, so that there is a manner where we can deal with the with these things inshallah.

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