Zakir Naik – Jihaad in the Quran and Hadith

Zakir Naik
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The best way to understand

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the meaning of jihad is to understand what the Scriptures of Islam have to speak about jihad. What is mentioned in the Quran and authentic hadith of Mimosa Lasala.

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When we read the Quran we come to know

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it's mentioned in the Quran

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in surah, chapter number 22 was number 78.

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strive and struggle in Allah scores, as you ought to strive and struggle, do jihad, in Allah's way as you ought to be jihad with sincerity and discipline.

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For Allah has chosen for you, and has not put any difficulties in your religion.

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Allah says in the Quran, surah Tauba chapter nine, verse number 20.

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As for the believers, who suffer exile, and strive with the mind and mean

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in Allah's Cause, with the goods and the lives, be that the ones who shall attain the highest rank in the sight of Allah, and they shall go to Paradise, they shall achieve Jana, they shall achieve salvation.

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A beloved prophet masala Salam said, it's hadith of April, Friday, while number four in the book of jihad, Hadith number 46. Abu Huraira, Mandela repeated them said that ALLAH messenger said

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that the person who does jihad in Allah's way, and Allah knows best, who is doing jihad, who's striving and struggling in Allah's way.

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The person who strives their struggles in Allah's way, and Allah knows best, who is striving and struggling in his way, is like a person who continuously fast and praise.

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And Allah has promised him paradise if he's killed in the battlefield, or Allah returns him safely with rewards, and Barghouti.

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It's mentioned the Quran in surah chapter 29

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Verse number six,

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that as to those who strive in Allah's way, they do it for their own souls.

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For Allah if free of horns, he is not in need of his creatures. So if you strive and strive in unless it is for your own benefit, it is not for Allah, Allah does not require the help of any of his teachers.

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It free of all ones worthy of all praises.

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It's mentioned se Bukhari, why number four, habit number 2784. Holiday Shambhala up the top, the wife of the Prophet masala Salam, she asked the Prophet, can we join jihad? And the Prophet replies,

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perfect courage

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is the best jihad for you.

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As mentioned Abraham,

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I did number 597 To

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a man as the Prophet, that can you go for jihad? The Prophet asks him that, do you have parents? He says yes. For you, serving your parents with Jihad

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just mentioned something nice I had it number 4209 A man as the prophet, which is the best of jihad. And the Prophet replies, the best jihad is a person who speaks a word of truth against the tyrant ruler.

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It mentions I've never been added number 4682 that the Prophet said, A Mujahid the the person who strive and struggles against his own enough his own desire for the cause of Allah.

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And Mahajan is the person who migrates from falsehood to the truth.

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From all these Hadith we come to know that the best Jihad keeps on changing depending upon the situation.

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When the Prophet told the man that do you have parents, the best yards to serve your parents? The Prophet knew that his parents required him. It does not mean always

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serving up into the best of God for that particular person, because his parents required him. For him, the best Jihad was serving his parents. So depending upon the situation, the best Jihad changes.

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Allah says in the Quran

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in surah, Furqan, chapter number 25, bottom 51. If it was a will, we would send a warner in every center of population.

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Next verse, sorry for current chapter 25 Verse 52, says, That's why do not listen to the unbelievers, but thrive against them strenuously.

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With the Quran

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your Quran is talking about Jihad Bill Quran strive and struggle against the unbelievers with the Quran.

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Quran is talking about doing jihad with the Quran that means you have to convey the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala to the non Muslim. And today I think the best Jihad according to me today is jihad with the Quran. strive and struggle against the unbelievers by spreading the message of the Quran.

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