Doubting the Quran is from Shayatan (Part 3)

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I have been asked by many many people

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regarding the Hadith

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the brother used in that video

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to justify his doubts

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saying that over you know cup of your loved one who himself had these doubts like me? Yeah and he want to say

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Jani what Obi He did? What over I love your loved one who did

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just justifies you know what what I'm doing

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brothers and sisters in Islam

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first of all who is over a blue cup

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one day and just go and open a blue Kathy's or open sight elbow fatica double deaf ear to that fcf of solitary Baqarah

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one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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called the one obey.

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And he asked him, Do you know that greatest verse in the Quran?

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obey immediately just to show you that obey you have the comprehension of the understanding of the Quran.

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Obey immediately he said, I will kursi Allahu La Ilaha Illa Hua and how you will you lead who sinner to one No.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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touched him like that. And he said to him, Leah Hannukah lol moon, yeah, a balloon, this

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the knowledge you have become

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the source of your happiness in this world and the hereafter.

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You see, look at the

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knowledge can be brothers and sisters, Satan had more knowledge than anybody else. But

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when you admire your intellect

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too much when you admire your piety and righteousness too much.

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That is why it must outset Ll Malasia that knowledge must make you inherit

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humility and humbleness for this is obey. Imagine he was asked, that is another howdy different than that. just just just to show you here.

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One day also this is also an ketubot FCO site Bukhari rizzolatti beginner, one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called double Naka, the caller who Yeah, he said to him, yeah, over in Aloha, Mr. Ronnie, and of Korea. Okay. We love an app karateka surah to begin surah tell Bina Allah subhana wa Taala commanded me to recite above new obey Surah tobyhanna

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you know what obey did?

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obey by the way that taken by the statement? He said, Yeah Rasool Allah or messenger of Allah smme Allahu Allah.

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Did Allah name me to you? Did Allah say my name to you?

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And he broke in tears. Imagine a law seeing your name

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to gibreel and then to the prophets Allah Allah Allah sent them imagine this was also olavarria Selim when he said who the reporter and I mean Alba learned the Quran from who

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learn the Quran from for Abdullah him so obey you look up Salim Mola Abbey thought I'd have no job but maybe the older I missed it here but those are the folks he named over, you know, cup of your loved one. And when the Allman Brothers and Sisters in Islam, gathered the oma

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in own one Imam of Torah we you know the story of Torah we guess who was the Imam of the Muslims over you look up.

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We know that there were three schools of halfsies

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which were initiated in the Muslim world, right after the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Abdullah Abner best started one in Mecca. Over you've no cap started.

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in Medina, Abdullah of nosode started one in Kufa in Iraq.

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Do you think

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this over you're talking about still have doubts about the Quran? And actually, you see brothers and sisters in Islam, when we when you use a hadith when you use a Hadith, Hadith meaning and narration by the prophet sallallahu wasallam you always have to look into something called Maori dual Hadith, the occasion in which the Hadith was said set

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the circumstances which equals as Babel newzoo in the Quran, the reason for the revelation of the verses in the Quran.

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What is the occasion here? brothers and sisters in Islam?

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The term of our dialects, accents,

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one language but different accents exactly like the language is Arabic.

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But there is a Moroccan Arabic. There is Algerian Arabic, there is a Tunisian Arabic. There is an Egyptian Arabic. There is a Palestinian Arabic, there is a Lebanese Arabic, we call these dialects. That's where the confusion is. Because the people in the past they used to call that they elect languages. Lula. Listen,

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they didn't use the word accent. They didn't say ledger.

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And they that term is lower is

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by the way, some of these delegates are completely different.

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I'll give you an example.

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Some of the tribes in the Arabia and these tribes used to live in closed areas there were no

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the mingling was not there. It was separated communities. So each tribe developed its own accent.

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The only accent which was blue dominant is the accent of kurush.

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Look at chorus listen polish. Why? Because a lot of people used to come to Mecca to perform hajj and they used to hold these competitions.

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So if I am from Tamim from aos, which are not Qureshi from outside place for me to go and compete in Mecca, during the season of Hajj in one of the in one of these competitions, of poetry of volume and all of that I must compete with the tongue of Christ. It's like me go to the states to compete in a competition afternoon English.

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You're getting that. So, the blue dominant or the most knowing tongue of the Arabs at the time was the tongue of polish. Look at polish. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and just this brothers and sisters in Islam shows you

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how the Prophet cared so much about us understanding the revelation.

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When he received the Quran, he asked Allah, he asked you please can you please I have those people in the US that they will not understand. You know, like, take for example, had there been,

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you know, had had some tribes cannot say the letter hat. It's, they will say what I mean?

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I mean, that's a daylit accent. Now, if you go and tell them how to hate they're not gonna understand it now. The Prophet wanted the Muslims the initial receivers of the message, because he knew that his message will be complete with the Arabs accepting Islam after that the Arabs are gonna take it beyond that. So as they evolve

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as they evolve, okay, we're gonna Ulla revealed it in seven different dialects so that these tribes can understand that revelation so they don't just so they can be

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joining the message joining the mission with understanding you're getting that but later on when the message was complete, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam died, huh.

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He immediately Allah appointed off man of Northen to unite

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These are of these different dialects in the dialect of price, we go back here, you're getting that

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it's exactly like the ruling on an alcohol.

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We know that for alcohol, tobacco, evolving, evolving. But now the final cut is almost half an off, man, you're getting that you're getting the point. So now, when you come to Oh, by the way, you've now got someone who's familiar with one accent. So he said, there is something in my chest because this daily business will change. And we know from other accounts that the Muslims used to fight because some of those people who used to be from these tribes, they would leave the Salah with the Dalit, and that's how

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the vanilla man is here forever was bringing Islam went all the way to Azerbaijan to

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what we know by Russia now. And he was praying behind the one of the Imams and he decided using one day like the others behind him started fighting, not pirot not karate, not recitations. There is a difference between there is a mixing you, they elect, so they started fighting.

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He came rushing back to Earth man, automatic NASA.

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Yeah, amirul momineen, a Commander of the Faithful Africa deal, oma, please, rush into resolving this matter. Before they disagree on the book like that Christian and the Jews disagreed on their books we have now how many Bibles how many know that he brought that same individual?

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His name is Zaid ignaz habit of Allah one

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who used to write the revelation.

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And he used

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be a head of the committee. He was the head of the committee which collected and gathered the Koran. During the time of Abu Bakr, the same one was brought back. So he used to be number one, he memorized the Quran. That's one,

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when abac wanted to combine the Quran in one book, he appointed him and he's the one who choose the rest of the members of the committee. Also a man called him again come back. Now we want to unite the oma on the language of price on the dialect of price on half polish, English and price, the accent of price. And that's the word of Allah. This is how the evolving brothers and sisters in Islam, I say to the brother, you're using OVA, you have no cap. You see a wave, no come

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talk to who? He doesn't go out there and the Muslim Ummah on YouTube and spread

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doubts about the revelation he didn't do that.

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He didn't do that. He spoke to who? To the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the source. That's what we're asking you brother. You need to go and talk to the shape Who taught you not the shape and you know that shape the Muslim shave?

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Who taught you?

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And you know what? He should do the what the Prophet did? Would he come here? masala Ji made dua for him. kick out these thoughts from shaitan man, kick it out. Don't entertain them.

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Look over his bat. Nothing. That's the Hadith. You're using it now 1400 years ago. We have 35 companions memorializing this revelation, my brother,

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word by word, letter by letter. And they passed it on. We have millions of Muslims who memorize the Quran now.

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Now you want to come and

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is not right. I'm sorry. Again, I got taken by this but a lot of you asked me to place this hadith in context, this is the Hadith. Imagine you come to somebody Omar himself.

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If I was smarter, I would have used Omar actually imagine or beating somebody

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because he recited the Quran in a certain way. And he brought him to the Prophet he took him from here. You know how almost off is okay? But he used his Dalit. He said recited the Alma recited a sham. His name is Aisha.

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I received it the same way. Both are correct.

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Why brothers and sisters in Islam, there was a stage where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam wanted the Arabian Peninsula because that was his initial

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to target

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that's the evolution of Islam that are so solid. That is why when, when, when, when, when the Arabia was was complete when the Arabia was done either j and us rely heavily on what I said he didn't get ready or done, not best understood diverse. I uttanasana this way he said, okay, your mission is all

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the Arabia is now in Islam, you're good to go and until them in the field will hatch, go and config go out to the world and complain. But the prophet wanted those people to understand that revelation and the only way, the only way for me to understand that revelation is in my tongue one out of seven rhassoul in a lab it is anyhow me, Leo, by Yin Allah whom

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we have not sent a messenger but with the tongue of his people, so that they can understand the revelation brothers and sisters in Islam.

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This is the context of this hadith. No more than that is not a justification to have doubts, like I mentioned and previously shaitan insinuation and whispers of shaitaan will come to you but once it comes to matters of certainties, aka it yaquina yet we call it the Athenian you cannot entertain it

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say men to be led to maintain I believe in Allah and His Messenger

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I'm sorry again i you know i this subject has been on my mind but I wanted to answer because I received like 15 calls today so panela and multiple emails wanting me to clarify this hadith because now he's using obey you know that and that's the thing you know, that's the thing that you use a companion to justify. That's terrible. That's crazy. That's really mean. Yeah, inshallah.